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The Systemic Functional Linguistics Association of Tunisia, the Laboratory on Approaches to
Discourse, the Doctoral School in Letters, Arts and Humanities and The English Department,
Faculty of Letters and Humanities of Sfax are pleased to invite you to a training session on:

Conducted by: SAGE and JUSTECH
Presented by: Hazem Khallaf

A. Background: (15 Minutes)
This part will cover a general background about
SAGE Publishing, its history, the content provided,
and where we are at the publishing society.
B. Live Demo - SAGE Premier Platform: (30
Minutes in questions)
During this part of the session, we will go through the
trialling journals platform showing how to use the
platform and its features efficiently.
C. How to get published by SAGE: (60 Minutes)
This part will cover the different types of publishing,
why and how to publish with SAGE, the writing
process, choosing the right journal, the publication
process, tips on how to proceed when rejected, and
where to find other tips and help throughout the
publishing processes.

Date: April 10, 2018
at 10 a.m.

Venue: Ibn Khaldoun
Room, Faculty of Letters
and Humanities, Sfax.

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