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Thank you for purchasing a Shimadzu TW/TX/TXB series
electronic balance.
The TW/TX/TXB series models are high performance electronic
balances that we confidently recommend based on over 80 years of
precision balance manufacture. While these models are of course
capable of fast and accurate weighing, the TW/TX models all
use the Unibloc cells that Shimadzu started using for electronic
balances in 1989, and the TXB models use our unique, newly
developed and robust load cells, improving the reliability of the
balances still further.
The new TW/TX/TXB series balances also feature operation keys
for four directions, improving operating convenience and making
the balances easier to use.
These balances also feature a variety of other functions that
make it more convenient for customers to use them for their
own applications, including the WindowsDirect communication
function, which enables measuring results to be transferred to a
PC without installing any software.
To ensure that you can make full use of the performance
and functions of your TW/TX/TXB series balance, read this
instruction manual carefully and use the balance correctly in
accordance with the directions in the manual. When you have
finished reading the manual, keep it in a safe place together with
the balance so that you can refer to it at any time.
For information on the following points, please contact your
Shimadzu Balance representative.

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