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What You Can Do
This section lets you search for a method you would like to try or a function you want to know about.


 I want to weigh up to a fixed quantity by adding
increments of the same sample (item to be weighed:
powder, liquid, etc.) a little at a time.
Pouring Mode

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 I want to make fine adjustments during weighing,
like increasing the reaction speed of the display or
stabilizing the display.
Easy Setting

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 I want to use the balance to count items.
 I want to set unit weights (the weight of a single piece of the
item being weighed) for multiple samples in advance.
Piece Counting

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 I want to weigh in percentages.
Percentage Weighing

Zero point,
and taring

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 I want to weigh a fixed amount of each of a number of
different samples (items to be weighed: powder, liquid, etc.)
and to mix these samples according to a formula.

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 I want to check excess or deficiency with respect to a target
value and make "pass or fail" judgments accordingly.
Comparator Function

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 I want to adjust the conditions under which the stability mark
lights up.
Adjusting the Stability Mark

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 I want to stabilize the display at zero when an empty
sample container is placed on the pan.
Zero Tracking Function

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 I want to automatically return the display to zero after
Auto Zero Function

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 I want to automatically tare the balance (set the display to
zero) after outputting a weight reading.
Auto Tare Function

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 I want to tare the balance without waiting for the stability
mark to light up.
Zero / Tare Timing Change Function

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