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Titre: Newsletter
Auteur: Marie Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex

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23rd Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

Looking Back!
High up in the Armenian sky!
February a month of meditation too!
Back to Luxembourg, there came also a time
of looking back on our achievements and fix
the new challenges of the year 2018.
At After April 24th 2015 we are writers,

The Magic Armenians!
AM Music Productions
Artur Galstyan +374 91 476 632
Marie Van Marcke +352 621 16 38 11
The Magic Armenians!

Dear all!
Back to Armenia in February felt like
heaven. Our singing team again was
reunited and we really appreciated the

songwriters and we are

sunny sky of magic Yerevan while rising

not afraid to move large

always higher at the Mayr Hayastan Ferris

furniture with a modest


car! We think quick, fast
and we always opt for the

But first, back to

logical solution!

And so we did… on
our new duo song.
Recording the new
composition of Artur seemed easier than
usual since for the first time - at last - I could
sing in my language, French! A love song
that will surely bring much hope and

Back to our roots!

Tun Al Chi Gass! Get Out Of My
Life !

And what more could we ask for than going
back to our wonderful Zürich! Always as
mesmerizing, The Magic Armenians loved
to rediscover the town where their mother
grew up!

strength to all of us who desperately look for
their soulmate! So impatient to share with
you the final version! Coming soon!
Then, oh what a surprise!
The Mayor of the district of Nor Nork

handed out a Certificate of Honor for our
movements’ work on Armenia. This is now

And on the way to Switzerland, there was no

our 3rd certificate since we launched our

way we could have skipped the famous

movement in Armenia. How grateful we

German Schnitzel & Rösti! Welcome to Weil

Շնորհակալություն Նոր Նորք Համայնքին եվ
պ-ն Արմեն Ուլիխանյանին գնահատանքի

am Rhein!

Tun Al Chi Gass! Remix DJ Artush

համար !

See you next month! Marie

Newsletter Edition n° 23 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by D.Ed. Marie Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2018
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