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New York City 7 - 10 May 2018


This project has received funding from the European Union's COSME programme under Grant Agreement N°783403

Location: Urban Future Lab, 15 MetroTech Ctr, 19th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

The Urban Future Lab (UFL) is New York City's hub for smart cities, smart
grid and clean energy. Website: http://ufl.nyc

9:30 am 

Welcome and Presentation of the Program 
Pat Sapinsley & Frederik Thure

9:45 am 

Presentation by Danish Energy Management & Esbensen:
Sustainable Development Goals
Kirsten Mariager

10:00 am 

American cleantech organizations

11:00 am 

Coffee break

11:15 am 

Company pitching: Presentation by European SMEs

12:00 pm 

Networking lunch

1:00 pm 

Tailored B2B Meetings. Opportunities to meet:
41 North Securities
Hodgson Russ 
151 Advisors 

5:00 pm 

National Grid
Con Edison
NY Power Authority
WSP New York 

Cocktail Reception 


Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard, 63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 

9:00 am 

Nordic Delegation workshop:
"Smart and Sustainable Buildings: Experiences from the Nordics"
Other Smart Cities workshops: 
Track 1: Resiliency
Track 2: Mobility
Track 3: Sustainability
Track 4: Quality of life

Track 5: Workforce 
Track 6: Infrastructure
Track 7: Inclusive economies
Track 8: Disruption

B2B meetings at the Smart Cities Expo with the Brella.io App

12:00 pm 

Lunch break

1:00 pm 

Nordic Delegation workshop:
"Smart and Sustainable Buildings: Experiences from the Nordics"
"Integrated IoT - based Technology for Decision Makers in the Water

Other Smart Cities workshops: 
Track 1: Resiliency
Track 2: Mobility
Track 3: Sustainability
Track 4: Quality of life

Track 5: Workforce 
Track 6: Infrastructure
Track 7: Inclusive economies
Track 8: Disruption

B2B meetings at the Smart Cities Expo with the Brella.io App
Opening reception Smart Cities Expo
8:00 pm 



Location: LO3 Energy, 573 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11 217
LO3 Energy is developing blockchain based innovations to revolutionize how
energy can be generated, stored, bought, sold and used, all at the local level.
Website: https://lo3energy.com/

10:00 am 

Welcome coffee at LO3 Energy

10:15 am 

Presentation by LO3: "Power to the people: Brooklyn microgrid & meeting

10:45 am 

Q&A session

11:00 am 

Visit of the microgrid

12:00 pm

Lunch at Whole Foods Market Brooklyn

Location: Smart Cities Conference, Pier 36 NYC, 299 South St, New York,
NY 10002 

1:00 pm 

Smart Cities NY, themes : 
Mobility : Intelligent Transportation Systems, data Sharing, Internet
of Vehicles, Modal Integration, Sharing Economy, Transportation
Demand Management.
Sustainability: Circular Economy, Climate Change, Smart and Safe
Cities, Sustainable Energy Economy.
Quality of life: Civic Tech, Startup Incubators, Data for Good,
Entrepreneurship, Urban Innovation, Technologies, IoT, Innovation
Districts, Innovation in Schools, STEM.

B2B meetings at the Smart Cities Expo with the Brella.io App
7:00 pm 



Location: Smart Cities Conference, Pier 36 NYC, 299 South St, New York, NY

9:00 am 

Smart Cities NY, themes:
Workforce: Civic Tech, Startup Incubators, Data for Good,
Entrepreneurship, Urban Innovation Technologies, IoT, Innovation
Districts, Innovation in Schools, STEM
Infrastructure: Digital Construction, 3D Printing, New Face of
Retail, Tansient Economy, IT Infrastructure for Municipalities, Data
and Tech Beacons
Inclusive Economies: Platform Co-ops, Poverty and Welfare,
Affordable Housing, Citizenship, Democracy Rights, Digital Divide,
Age-friendly Cities, Healthy Cities, Job Creation 

B2B meetings at the Smart Cities Expo with the Brella.io App

SCNY on the Go: 
Introducing the Official Smart Cities New York 2018 App
1. Download the Brella.io App from the App Store & Google Play
2. Once the app is open, join using the code smartcitiesNY
3. Sign in through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or by creating a Brella
4. Once signed in, answers a few questions about yourself and who you
would like to meet (offering and  seeking). After this, Brella's unique
algorithm recommends the most relevant connections for you
5. View attendees, scroll through the connections and begin scheduling
your meetings.
6. Book meetings, once you find a person with whom you would like to
meet, click on Suggest Meeting. After clicking you can select a potential


Herbert Gösweiner, CEO
BLUEPOWER, Schlierbach, Austria
Website: www.bluepower.at/

Zandelin Niklas, Managing
Cabnet, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Website: www.cabnet.se/en-GB

BLUE POWER is a quality supplier in the market
segment of small wind power and produces
and sells highly efficient wind turbines in the
areas of B2B and B2C.

Cabnet solves accessibility and communication
between you and your equipment in a safe,
accessible and cost-effective way.
All management is done through a web
browser. Functions for alarms, reports, data
export and integration with other systems are
ready for use from the start.

Cenaero is an applied research center providing
Cécile Goffaux, Business
Development & Innovation Manager to companies involved in a technology
innovation process high fidelity numerical
Cenaero, Charleroi, Belgium
simulation methods and tools to design more
competitive products. Mainly active in
Website: www.cenaero.be/
Aeronautics, Cenaero is also involved in surface
transport, energy, health and sustainable


Fabrice Giuliani, Head of
Combustion Bay One E.U.
Combustion Bay One, Graz, Austria
Website: www.cbone.at/

Jørn Lykou, CEO 
Danish Energy Management &
Esbensen, Denmark. 
Website: www.dem-esb.dk/en/

Tanmoy Bari, CEO
Greenely, Stockholm, Sweden.
Website: https://greenely.com/

Charlie Feron, Communication &
Project Manager
Infopole Cluster TIC,
 Namur, Belgium.
Website: clusters.wallonie.be

Combustion Bay One is an engineering office
specialised in advanced combustion
management. They provide consulting and F&E
towards solutions for less fuel burn and less
pollutant emissions, as well as more operation
flexibility and safety.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen
provides Energy Consultancy World Wide
within the areas of Policy, Regulation, Finance,
Institutional Development and Information and
During the last 20 years, we have delivered
consultancy services within the energy sector to
a vast number of national and international
cooperation agencies, lender and recipients,
and we have implemented energy projects in
more than 50 countries.

Greenely is the next generation energy
management tool. Using the Greenely mobile
app, households will be able to get an overview
of their energy consumption and personalized
feedback on their energy behavior, all with
minimum effort and with no additional hardware

Infopole Cluster TIC is the business cluster that
brings together and unites professionals from
information and Communication Technologies
(ICT) in order to promote business innovation
through partnership. Through its network of
more than 130 companies, Infopole can help
companies to find the ideal partner whatever its
IT project. 


Dines Barsøe, Owner

Just - measure ApS Just - measure ApS, Denmark
Website: www.just-measure.com

Vinay Venkatraman,
Founder & CEO
Leapcraft, Copenhagen, Denmark
Website: www.leapcraft.dk/

Haris Kadrispahic, R&D Manager
Liqtech, Ballerup, Denmark
Website: www.liqtech.com/

Pieter Dermont, Business
Development Director North
Modelon, Lund, Sweden
Website: www.modelon.com/

“Just-measure” develops a peer-to-peer system
focusing on delivering data of water quality –
from sensor to cloud and in real time on a
subscription-based business model including a
Startup fee. Just-measures product is basically
“Measurement as a Service”. We sell data.

Leapcraft is a globally operating provider of
innovative solutions at the intersection of
design, big data and technology. Their core
competence is to transform high complexity
into intuitively applicable and appealing
solutions through a combined user-centric

Liqtech is the leader in the development,
manufacturing and supply of revolutionary
silicon carbide ceramic technology, including
nano filtering membranes, for the purification of
liquids and gasses.

Modelon has extensive experience with
simulation and optimization applications for
energy and processing plants.  The company's
software and services help customers develop
new techniques to increase efficiency, improve
production, and satisfy regulatory requirements.


Karsten Viuf, Sales director
Nabto, Århus, Denmark

Website: www.nabto.com/

Leila Rebbouh, Founder
Liege, Belgium 
Website: https://www.nrmine.com/

Alexander Königseder,
Customer Service
Redwave, Gleisdorf, Austria

Website: www.redwave.com/

Olivier Salasca,
Head of Sales & Marketing
Save innovations, Grenoble, France
Website: www.save-innovations.com

Nabto provides a full communication
infrastructure to allow real-time direct,
encrypted communication between end-user
clients (tablets, smartphones, PC) and resource
limited devices (< 1kb RAM and up) - the Nabto
communication platform.

The NRMine startup recovers the excess energy
produced by photovoltaic panels and water
turbines, in order to feed powerful servers that
process crypto-money. This clever project (i.e.
transforming Solar Energy into Bitcoins)
highlights the unsuspected environmental
impact of bitcoin.

REDWAVE is your reliable partner for profitable
solutions in the recycling and mining industry.
Advanced optical sorting machines and
complete plant solutions grant highest recycling
rates and maximum profit. We guarantee the
most advanced sorting solution with the highest
yield for your recycling plant. REDWAVE optical
sorting machines through excellent industrial
design achieve high performance and quality
recovery of materials.

Save Innovations designs, develops and
markets highly efficient low-voltage power
supply solutions recovering energy from lowspeed fluids, in particular water.
Save Innovations seeks, in order to develop
faster or more efficiently, partners whose
technology or access to market are
complementary, each party keeping its knowhow in its core business.


American Partners
Urban Future Lab (UFL) is a non-profit clean energy hub
based in New York City with a key focus on Smart Cities,
Smart Grid, and Clean Energy and houses the ACRE
Website: http://ufl.nyc/

Hodgson Russ, based in the United States, has been
involved in renewable energy from the earliest days of
hydropower, to the first successful defense of a permit
denial due to excess greenhouse gas emissions. Hodgson
have counseled clients on every aspect of the unique
policy and legal issues facing renewable energy projects,
from earliest project concept through regulatory
approvals, financing, construction and successful
Website: www.hodgsonruss.com/

151 Advisors is the leading IoT consulting firm that
provides companies across all industries with real-world
go-to-market strategy and execution services that
monetize the connected world. Our expertise is built on
decades of helping enterprises and vendors define,
execute, and accelerate their market positions to drive
commercial success. 
Website: http://151advisors.com


EC2i Consortium
Frederik Thure, 
Head of Secretariat, International Cleantech Network
+456124 3316
Charlotte Labbé
Ec2i intern
+ 33 6 25 99 13 24

Michelle Snarberg
International Business Manager
+46 (0)766 100 530

Ben Jorgensen,
Junior Project Manager
+46 (0)73 852 8000

Maria Ortner,
Research cooperations, International markets and projects Green Resources
T +43 316 407744-18

Cédric Brûll
+32 475 23 54 77 

Ingrid Milcent
Innovation Project Manager
+33 679 38 60 02 
For further information please visit our event website: 


Urban Future Lab
Adress: 15 MetroTech Ctr, 19th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201.
UFL is located in the MetroTech Center plaza. We are in the
same building as Cafe Metro. The most convenient stop is Jay
St/MetroTech off of the A/C/F lines

May 8 : Brooklyn Navy Yard 
Address: 63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205.
BLDG 77 is located at the intersection of Flushing Avenue and
Vanderbilt Avenue. Via Flushing Avenue, attendees can take the
B57 or B69 buses or take the B67 bus and arrive inside the Yard
(a very short walk to the back entrance of BLDG 77). Attendees
can also utilize the free Yard shuttle bus service, which has a
stop at Sand Street and Jay Street(near the F and A/C subway
May 9 - 10 : Pier 36 
Address: Pier 36 NYC, 299 South St, New York, NY 10002.
F Train to East Broadway 
Take Rutgers St./Madison St. exit from station- Exit Walk east on
Rutgers Street towards the water. Turn left on South Street
heading north. Once you approach the Dept of Sanitation (on
your right), Pier 36 is adjacent on the north side of Sanitation
From FDR Drive - Southbounf
FDR Drive South to Exit 3, towards South St/Manhattan Bridge.
Stay straight to go onto FDR Drive. FDR Drive becomes South
Street. Pier 36 is located at the intersection of South Street and
Montgomery Street


Holiday Inn 
Address: 150 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002, USA
Telephone: 1 212 4752500
Use the address 96 Suffolk St, NY, NY 10002 when navigating via
GPS. Hotel is located at the corner of Delancey St. & Suffolk St. 
This hotel is 50 meters away from Allen St - Delancey St bus stop
and within a 5-minute walk from Bowery underground station.


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