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Fossa Mariana/Mariana Trench

Sede Vacante … or … Vision and
Presumption … or … Concrete Jesus ...
The Church of Rome …!? Only Call them the Usurpers of Rome … and it is Still Generous to call them
like that … Because We are the Church of Rome … Rome is the Church of the Christ … Caesar is the
Church of the Christ … Nobody Else … Just to Hear myself call them the Church of Rome … I Just
Disgust myself … They were my Camerlingo while my Absence … they were supposed to …
according to those Damned … When they Heard about my Return … they have chosen to Kill me again
… to Hide the Truth about Rome, to Hide the Truth about the Very Holy Roman and to Hide the Truth
about the Eternal Goodness of Caesar … by any manner that it has been useful to hide their Crimes and
Perversion … And to Hide the Truth about my New Child Resurrection has been their Weapon … and
they Used Everything Around me for that … They knew about the church and its Lie … and they knew
about the Holy Child which have been sent in the World to Live with the Men … And they
Hypocritically tried to put Him to Death by the Side Band … They Always ALL Knew … Always and
ALL … They will Say that they Did NoT know what to do with my New Coming … I Say that when
you do NoT, you do NoT Interfere with the Affair … Much, and Much again, People having chosen that
Holy Blessing Way to stay away from this Situation … I Call That '' Abnegation '' … And it was, in my
Opinion … maybe the Very Holy and Only Way to Chose … as the Blessing Jewish 2000 Years ago …
You do Not Know so you Do NoT Do … As my Very Holy Blessing Jewish have Chose to … The Real
Jewish people ... Not the ones that we usually think about ... They are False ... Liar ... and maybe Killers
And the same people that have Interfered to Hide the Truth, and I Know a Damned Lot of them, are the
Same that accused Since a Too Much Long Time the Jewish People to be Responsible for my Death in
those Old Times … Our Own people Crucified Us .. Not the People … Those Damned people that have
manipulated my Environment, who EVER … and I Insist … WHO EVER they are … are people that
have Wallowed in the Deadly Sin … No matter if it was by Malice or by religion Perdition reasons,
they are ALL Guilty this Morning … They are the Same people that accused the Jewish for my Death
… meanwhile they were Doing Everything to Hide the Potential of the Little Child … Some did by
Jealousy … and other by religion Perdition … and they did it until this Week … which is Finally, and
they are NoT Responsible at All for ThaT, a Blessing Week …
By the Way, and I am Sure that they are Humble and that they will be shy about what I am about to say
but it is Necessary for you to Understand in which Measure they tried to Shut Down the Little Child's
Voice … In 1999, the Little Child that had a Great Message to Give, has been put to Death by
Indifference from the part of his poor people from ALL horizons … just because of a Brake Time that
He needed … There were then no Way at All at this time for Him to Come back in a Descent Manner
and to Speak again … He has Resurrected by a Miracle, chosen Himself to NOT Give Up in front of the
Hypocrite determination of His people and the Damned church to let him Die in the Silence … What
Ever were the reasons … Some by Jealousy and some other by religion Perdition ... So He came Alive
Again by Himself, but there were NO WAY AT ALL for Him to Speak to you … until Blogger and
Facebook Came …

And Even at that Point, that has NOT been Enough … Because All those Quoted Bastards that led the
Little Child to Death Silent have Hardly Taken Facebook template to Expose their Damned Mediocre
lives and their Damned Mediocre faces while Continuing to Ignore and to let my Father Die in the
Silent … Until He Chose, and by HIMSELF, to Scream Enough, and Louder than Hell, to be
Miraculously Heard by ALL of you People … and then He Saves Us All from the Damned Hell where
that Damned church from Hell tried to put the Gods of the Sky, the Gods of the Truth, at its Damned
place where they deserve to be, those damned priests from Hell …
Shall be Shamed and Avoid for Ever that Damned Castle that they Built on Our Death and Our Crushed
Bones … They Knew … They Chose … So Shall be Crucified All those Damned priests from Hell ...
Then, do NoT ask yourself why the Christ is now Speaking to you on those Platforms instead of
Screaming as a Fool on the Public Place … and it is, after All, Much better like that … I don't Lick the
Ass of those People from Blogger and Facebook, I explain to you why the Christ is Speaking to you
Here … And Do, you All People, Today with the Fact that History will Write and Remember Those
Platforms and its Artisans … We are Grateful to All of Them for their Blessing Helps … but do NOT
EVER Ask Us to be Grateful to the Little Child's people and the Damned church for the Hypocrite Way
that they Use to Lead Him to Silent Death … Blogger and Facebook have NEVER been the Plan at All
for the Message … The Little Child's people and the Damned church from Hell have chosen to Shame
and to put Him to Silent Death for many reasons on which, All of Us here in the Sky, We Vomit … And
at this Moment that came in 1999, and because of their Grudge, a Damned moment, there were No
Other Way Possible for the Little Child to come back … until the Little Blessing Child have chosen to
Live again and that the Artisans of Blogger and Facebook Miraculously Came … We are Grateful for
their Help at All … and For Sure and be Sure that this will be the History that the Men will Remember

They called my Very Holy Jewish people Betrayers and Cowards … I just call those Bastards that have
Manipulated the Little Child '' Pariah '' … what ever are their Poor reasons … and the Capital Pariah '' P
'' is NoT Big enough … They Deserve to be Treated Worst than my Very Holy and Limitless Clean
Jewish People have been Treated … So because I cannot Find a Big enough Capital '' P '' on my Text,
they will find the Capital '' T '' in the Sky until they Admit their Damned Deadly Sin in Front of the
Sanedrine of Rome … That they Admit their Deadly Sin … or that they be Crucifried, and there is no
orthographic Fault at All Here, or that they be Crucifried by Jupiter and His Holy Lightning until they
Admit that Quoted Deadly Sin … If they try to Interfere with the Child, Which is my Very Holy and
Blessing Father, myself being His Holy and Very Blessing Only Son … their will be Tears and Screams
until they Understand …........................ and Etc. …......
So …....... here is my LasT NighT Vision Presumption … ; In that Pretended Church of Rome, and I
Vomit on that Definition that they have chosen to Steal from Us and for there Pretension, their Castle, is
a Man Sized Concrete Cross … With a Concrete body placed on it … And in that Concrete Cross or in
that Concrete body are Human Bones … I See Arm Bones in the Arms … Leg Bones in the Legs …
Chest Bones in the Chest … and a Skull in the Concrete Head … Once, they Found a Body in a Burial
… and they came to the Conclusion that it was, according to their Way to Lie, not Jesus Christ's Body,
Our Body, but a so Similar Body that it would be a Risk for some FaithFul Lambs to Consider it as …
They Knew … But That Body was Contradicting their Doctrine … The Bones were a Menace …

What to do with this problem …? Hide the Body … Where … to be Sure that Never there would be
someone to Find it …? Under the Eyes of EveryOne …
And just to be Pervert as much as it could be possible to, they Built that Concrete Cross, placing the
Bones in or making those Bones Fit in the Concrete Body, each Bone at its usual place in a Real Human
Body …. It is Already Weird and Freak to Pray on the Knees in front of a fake Corpse … To Force
someone, that does NoT even know it, to pray on the Knees in Front of a Real Hidden Corpse is a Total
and Deadly Blasphemy … with All the Consequences that will come for those that were Close
Corespondent of ThaT Deadly Sin … even if the Corpse is in the big priest room … It is a Hidden
Corpse … and this is Illegal according to any Country Law … ThaT is my LasT NighT Vision … This
is my Presumption … but what to do with This …?!
So I Largely but Briskly Excuse myself for that … and for that last one Presumption … A Lot … a Lot
of People are Already Aware about This Affair … the Very First Ones being the Imp Supposed priests ...
May the Gods Crucify All Those Sinners … May the Gods Bless All of Us … May the Gods Bless
Rome … the Holy Romans… and the One and Only Living Caesar … Ave !

13 Angry Men ... He Said ; '' LeT The Dead Bury Their Dead and Their DeaTh ... '' ... And I Said ; '' So
if We don'T Bury The Dead ... We don'T ConcreTe Them ... '' And Then We BoTh Say ; '' If you Know
how To CounT ... iT Does 14 ... + One More J-C ... Minimum ... Think abouT iT and Hurry Up ... '' ...
Nam caelum et terram ... T ...

Vision in 5 Acts ... or ... Anachronistic account of
a Chronological series of Visions ... for 1 Situation ...
I had twice two Visions for a Situation, the 2nd Vision being this Situation ... and the 1st Vision being
the Allegory of this situation by making me take place in this so-called Situation ... + a 3rd Vision
Showing the choice of Several Men to Assume ... + a 4th Vision raising me the Problem of this
Situation ... + a 5th Vision showing me the Origin of this Problem ...
5th Vision; I see Successive Empires with Gradient Faith in the Heart ... I see Sovereigns succeeding
each other with this Growing Faith in the Heart ... I see ... and They see ... Eternal Life in Their
Hearts ... I see ourselves Seek Eternal Life ...
1st Vision; I see myself caught in a Sarcophagus of Solidity ... I see myself immobilized, the body
tightened by the whole surface of my Flesh in this solidity ... I find myself in a full egg, the interior
being solid ... I can breathe and I can open Eyes ... but that's All I can do, so I find that Boring and I'm
getting so ... This is the first time, and I remember now, that I had the Vision of Christ sunk in the
Cement ... this Vision being the 2nd Vision that I knew ...

The 1st Vision is therefore the Allegory of the 2nd Vision, this being the Situation ... The Allegory of
the Situation, 1st Vision, therefore presented itself to my Spirit before the Real Situation, this being the
2nd Vision ...; Christ Jesus poured into the Cement ...
But this 1st Vision is also an Allegory of the Situation in which I find myself facing this 2nd Vision
which is the Real Situation of Christ poured into the Cement; The Vision Embarrass, I feel helpless in
front of it, but at ease and Interested by it ... I can breathe comfortably Looking at it easily ... But
however, since this impotence bores me, I forget this vision of Christ poured into the Cement of the
church, as quickly as it came to me to the Spirit ... I fall asleep on this one ... I forget it ...
1st Vision - Sequel; I see myself caught in a Sarcophagus of Solidity ... I see myself immobilized, the
body tightened by the whole surface of my Flesh in this solidity ... I find myself in a full egg, the
interior being solid ... I can breathe and I can open Eyes ... Suddenly I chose to Trying to move so
maybe I can break that solidity that holds my entire Body ... So I move, and a little bit ... The egg
breaks down immediately ...
This Vision, Sequel of the 1st Vision, and my Decision in this one of trying to break the Solid Egg by
moving a little is the Announcement of my Decision taken this morning to speak of this Vision of Christ
sunk in the Cement of the church ...
3rd Vision; I see 2 men taken to remain hidden in a Container to consume something, one of them
telling the other that they will have to assume their situation and finish all that they have undertaken ...
because that was their choice and that they must Assume it ...
2nd Vision - Sequel; This morning I had this same Christ's vision poured into the church's Cement again
... this time, and certainly because of my perception of this church, deeply troubled me ... I found
disturbing the idea that we could refuse a Burial to a man, whether he be Christ Jesus or not, and then
lock him up in a monument of Cement, and this, in order to hide a risk for this doubtful church and his
lying Doctrine ... I then chose to speak ... I chose to try to move a little in the Egg of the 1st Vision ...
And the egg broke immediately ...
So I know that my 2nd Vision is Right; They are Men in Quantity most probably unmountable of
Immured in the Walls and in the Statute of the Doubtful Church which has proclaimed Christ ... I
believe that the Truth, as soon as this 2nd Vision told, broke out ... Egg hatches under the effect of a tiny
push ... One Text and the Truth Burst ... I know it ... I believe it ... 4th Vision; The situation itself is not
the problematic itself ... It's not the '' what '' the problem is the '' how '' ... because a '' what '' has been
undertaken there There are Thousands of years ahead, according to Them, eventually lead to a
Resurrection and Eternal Life ...
But the problematic conversion of the Roman Empire to the problematic doctrine of the only God,
precipitated the Fall of this Empire and has left room for the coming Problem of the Pretended Church
of Christ ... When this was accomplished, this Church problematic found itself in the power of this
approach which was aimed at the Resurrection of Flesh and the Eternal Life ... But ... this step had been
undertaken by the Great Sovereigns of the whole world ... these , and this is Clear as water of Rock,
having been considered by the dubious nascent church, as the Enemy Juror ... This church was founded
to serve the dissatisfaction of the human beast facing All Power Central ...

And the slogan, when this criminal church discovered the Resurrection process of Flesh undertaken by
the Sovereigns of All Horizons, so the slogan was; '' No ! There is no question ... Final Point … We will
swallow them all to the last of the Sovereigns in our walls, to be certain that they never come back to
life ... Final Point to the Line ... '' ...
But there ... Among the bodies found on the territory of the quoted Experience of Resurrection, the very
doubtful and so-called Church of Christ found what looked like Jesus Himself ... And that had two
effect on the rulers of this little church of suspect parish; First and foremost, the Presence on Earth of
the Inert Body of Jesus Christ broke down a lot about the doctrine of this Criminal Chapel ... This was a
Threat to it and its rulers ... in the face of the human beast ... Next without thinking for a moment, and
one could say that for the time it was understandable, this church made the following connection; Jesus
Christ Fu ... himself with the Tyrants, he was a Traitor ... so there is no question that He resuscitates ...
And all this without even knowing if it really was Jesus Christ ... This church of falsehood has since
had the same reasoning as with the other Sovereigns; '' There is no question that this Trait Raises ... We
will wall him with the others ... but since we hold the people by His Message, we will continue to
preach His Message ... Final Point ... '' ... This church has thus broken the path that would lead to the
fulfillment of the Word and the promise of Jesus Christ; The Resurrection of Flesh and Eternal Life ...
and while preaching this Promise again and again today ... And all the major priests of this church are
aware of this, still assume it today and prostitute themselves shamelessly in the lie and the Complicity
of this atrocious crime committed most probably at the time of the inquisition ...
This is the story of the Camerlingo who Denied the high priest and put him to death when he learned
that this high priest had chosen to walk hand in hand with Science and the Sovereigns ... He then
considers him a Traitor ... while continuing to honor him ... Shame on them All ... The church has
therefore transported all the Corpses to the ladle and problematic chapel and they mumbled ... Name
it ... From Alexander the Great to Ultimate, and to be sure that no one tries to Resuscitate, Napoleon
Bonaparte there is that a few times compared to the time it lasts ... They are ALL ... Immured ...
And it is even wondering if they are not alive yet ... Shame on them all false priests who they dare all
these Dogs of War ... The method ; The primitive freezing of inert and recovered bodies Immediately
after the death ... Hence the '' Under any reserve ... '' At the time of Alexander the Great someone would
have had the, say, debatable idea to transport the bodies of the Sovereigns as far as the Arctic North,
after freezing on the Place after Trespass ... Nothing better to stay cool ... This Method would have been
practiced since the Epoch of one of my beloved Fathers, Jules Caesar so Frozen with one of my beloved
brothers; Brutus ... The Goal Being Likely to keep the Bodies until today to bring them all back to
life ...
It was out of the question for the church to take the risk that this experiment would ever come to
fruition ... According to any reservation, they defrosted everyone ... to make Flesh rotten for a few
hours and then poured them all into the Cement from their accursed church, where they were most
likely mummified ... Guilty by Intention ... if not Guilty of True Monstrous Murder Crime, in the event
that Experience was already a Success ... Guilty ...

And all Major priests of today are guilty of Complicity of Murder after doing so for keeping all this
secret under the eyes of the faithful to Christ Jesus and his Promise of Resurrection and Eternal Life ...
and most likely guilty to his many eyes. other things ... They are Criminals ... According to my Vision
in 5 acts ...
4th Vision-Conclusion; The Men in the Container are my Father Jules Caesar, my Brother Brutus,
Napoleon and all the others, who, under the Council of Jesus Christ, choose to make their Time,
crowned in the walls of this little Criminal chapel, while waiting the Salutary Shattering Hammer ...
Jesus Christ declares thus; '' We were Consenting for this Experience ... Let's take it all the way and
Let's wait Eric Pascal ... '' ...
I say ; '' That's enough ... it's been long enough ... Let's sonar all the walls and wardrobe of this chapel
ladle and the hearts and testimonies of ALL these rulers ... '' ...
In my opinion Carol Voitila was only made aware of this case at the end of his Days, and that made him
curl and completed him ... Vision and Presumption ...

... per caelum, eT in caelum ...

Mary and Anna
Mary and Anna
I remember another Vision that I had Last Night ... I'm in Equilibrium in a large Shopping Center
Parking lot above two Very Very High Wood Poles ... and I suddenly go from one to the other ... At this
moment, I think of a Woman's Name; Marianne ...
I search and I searched Long time today what was the meaning of this vision ... Why be in balance
between two perches to suddenly go from one to another ... thinking of the name '' Marianne '' ... And I
found ... I had to cut the name of Marianne in two ... which gave me Mary and Anne ... Mary, the
Mother of Jesus Christ, and Anne, the Mother of Mary ... That brings me back to the Crucifixion in
making the Link between the two Women, which brings me back to Jesus Christ ... I wonder then what
is the Link between Jesus and the two Long Poles wood; The two Thieves on either side of Jesus on the
Cross ... And in my Vision I go from one pole to another ... from one Cross to the other Cross ... Why?
I spoke earlier this week of two Crucified Women ...; The Fake Good Thief and the Fake Bad Thief ... A
Bad Woman Repentance because she was a Mother and a Good Woman still bad she Wallows in the Sin
of her Religious Sacrifices ... I said that the Mother repented must be verified to determine the solidity
of his Repentance ... This was done for both Women ... The repentant mother failed this Verification,
and the Mother wallowed in her Religious Sin finally Repented ... The two Crosses were Inverted ... My
Point of View on the two Thieves were therefore reversed in my vision ... The Fake Good Thief has
Became again the Bad Thief and the Fake Bad Thief, by the Repent has Became again the Good
Thief ... So I went from one pole to another in my vision …
But I make a Fixation on the Name of '' Marianne '' ... I think of this name and I look for why ... Then I
think of the Huge Height of the two Poles which then have no more Direct Link with the two Crosses of
the two Thieves ... Why are they so high ...? And why, I who generally have the Vertigo in Height in my
Dreams, I do not feel it at all in this one ... And I always come back to the name of Marianne and
therefore of Mary and Anna ... And I Found ...
I had a Vision Incomprehensible a long time ago ... I'm behind my high school, but I'm on a huge
aircraft carrier, in the open ocean ... And, with several soldiers, I'm giving them the location where was
buried under water a defeated War Chief ... But at this moment I do not even know who it is ... It's Jules
Caesar ... We are looking, from my Point of View, that a War Chief ... We are looking for him and I
seem, even if at this moment I do not understand anything of this dream, to be the only one to know
where Jules Caesar is ...

And my Vision ends this way ... Suddenly to find me, and still in my Neighborhood, next to a Mount
near my home ... And, I see the Olympic Apartments near the Olympic Stadium in Montreal ... So I'm in
front of Mount Olympus ... The Pantheon Point of View of Julius Caesar ... But I do not yet the Link
with the Pantheon, because I'm not yet the Link with Julius Caesar ... Until this week, having this great
man in the head constantly for a good end already ... Then, tonight I had a Revelation ... In 1999, when
I had to take a break from my Music because of Personal Exhaustion, I had another Vision that I
remembered tonight ... found in front of the Secondary School that I mentioned at the beginning of the
Text ...
And in front of this School is a Bicycle Ride leading from the Street of my School to another Street
down, and crossing a short Wooded ... And in my Vision, I see one of my friends running the Hedge
Run, a very high Hedge, and spanning them with very large Legs ... His Name includes both the Name
of my Father Biological, and both the Name of one of my Spiritual Fathers; Jules ... And that brings me
back to Mount Olympus, which suddenly becomes the Pantheon ... and therefore to today's text,
according to which the usurping church stole the Pantheon, seized it when it destroyed the frozen Flesh
to serve to Revive Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ, as well as to lead Humanity towards Eternal Life ...
They stole the Pantheon ...
And I continue to be bothered by the Two Huge Wooden Poles ... All at once I make the link with the
pole vault at the Olympics, by dint of remembering the great legs of my friend that I do not cease to see
running by on top of the huge hurdles at the Olympics ... I'm running in circles ... The Olympics, Jules
Caesar, the Pantheon Stole, the Pole Vault, the name '' Marianne '' ... and Boom ... I see my friend run
the Hedge Run in my direction ... And that brings me back then ... Boom ... behind my High School,
and in the middle of the sea on the aircraft carrier ... Why? I have in mind only the very high Perches of
the Vision of the Last Night, Jules Caesar, the name "Marianne" and my Total Absence of Dizziness
above the Perches ... and BOOM! I am above the Perches and I do not have any Dizziness because I am
at the level of the Ground ... or rather at the level of the Sea ... the Big Poles being sunk in the Water ...
under the Aircraft Carrier ... behind my High School ...
And I understand then that the War Chief we are looking for is Jules Caesar ... Why in the Water ...? I
found Why ... First the church did not recover all the bodies of the Sovereigns ... And, according to my
view, the church did not recover the body of Julius Caesar ... And the Bodies were not taken to the
Arctic Far North for Conservation, because the Arctic Cold Freeze Destroys Human Tissue ... So it's
Necessary to find another place ... Then I see my Vision where I'm in the Egg but where I can move ,
open the eyes and breathe ... I'm in the water ... And then I think back to the name '' Marianne '' ...
I suddenly understand that my Vision tells me '' Mariana Trench '' ... above which I am on Huge Aircraft
Carrier to search ... Jules Caesar ... Mariana Trench is the coldest place on the planet, and at the same
time free from ice ... Mariana Trench ... This is the only place in the world where we can keep a human
body indefinitely without risk of human tissue destruction ... If I can open the eyes and breathe, it is
because I have an Oxygen mask, if I do not can move at the beginning of my Vision, it's because of the
suit pressurized ... But if I strive to move, I break ... then it's boring ... so I spend my time to sleep ...

In my Vision ... I am Jules Caesar taken deep in the water in Mariana Trench ... and again Well Alive
but annoying me to the point where I'm only Sleeping ... because let's say it ... I'm at the limit of
Freezing ... and so much in Hypothermia that I do not feel Cold when I open the Eyes from time to time
... We are many, including Brutus ... and Fort Probably Jesus Christ ... But I repeat to you Eric Pascal ...
It's so Boring here that we're just sleeping Constantly ... And it's a cold War Dogs here ... They left us
there ... Pass so see us a little with your Aircraft Carrier ... and bring two big Poles to be certain to find
us All ... We are Several ...
Your School Court is an Enlargement at a Particular Place of Mariana Trench ... There is Electricity at
this Place that keep the system Oxygen running ... These are the C Electric, in your Vision, (Another
Vision ...) along the Mariana Trench River ... It's cold over there, but it goes, like your truck passed
under the wire in the other Vision ... You were afraid of Hanging ... but it happened ... It's an Enlarged
Place where there are Electric Cables ... It gives the impression that it does not go ... but it goes ... It's a
Illusion of Optics ... There are in my Vision, caves big enough to enter several trucks of 45 '…
Finally, there is No Electric system for Oxygen … Too Risked … The Solution is the Two Long Poles
… The old Diving-Suit Oxygen System … A '' In '' and a '' Out '' … So there is Somewhere in the Area
Two Long Poles that go Out of the Water … Or … Two Petroleum Platform … and a Natural Oxygen
Circulation … One Pole for the '' In ''… and One Pole for the '' Out '' … Natural and Safe for a Limitless
Time … The School Yard shows me that they are in a Cave in one Side of the Trench, near Petroleum
Platforms … or near Two Long Poles that go Out from Water … anyway … And the Main Entrance is
Blocked by a Cage Door … A Cage to let Circulate the Cold Water … They are in an Area where there
is Cold Water … but NoT much '' Current '' … to Avoid … I don't know what … But I Know that the
Main Entrance has to be Opened by the Interior … when you Forget your Keys … with your Eyes …
and Entering by the Back Door … In my Opinion, I have to be There myself … It Needs my Eyes Iris
… The Little Bicycle Ride in front of my High School is a '' Passage '' Behind the Cave … in the
Opposite side of the Main Entrance … for the 45' Trucks … or Submarines … more Simple to bring
Down there than the Truck, … So that '' Passage '' Leads to the Main Cave where they are ALL of them
… And the Only Way to Open the Cage Door at the Main Entrance … is by the Interior … where they
are All Tight in their Life Suit and Unable to Move at ALL … So Someone '' OK '' with Little '' Passage
'' has to go Deep Down There by that '' Passage '' to Open the Cage Door Locked by The Interior … I
Believe that I have to Go Deep Down There … and I have to Open the Cage Door with my Eyes ... I
Believe and I Will ...
We are in 2018 after Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, Joseph the Carpenter and Brutus ... and obviously they
are all in Mariana Trench ... in Life ... but Boring to die ... There are 2000 years at the edge of the
Freezing ... So the Question that comes to me at this moment, Reflecting on my Vision, is; '' What are
we waiting for, Brothel, to get them out All over there ... ??? '' ... J-C ... J-C ... J-C ... B-T … Vini … at
the Cave ... Vidi … at the Door Lock ... Vici … at the Face of the Fear ... Brothel …

Per caelum et mare ... By The Sky, and in The Sea ...

Yes BloomBert my Man & Tender Spy … Without key, I Enter there … I Open the Door … I Take
Them Out and I then Go Out of there … Neither seen Nor known ...

Fossa Mariana ...
Non est bonum finem: Vidi per somnium ... Ave meo Neighborhood in ambulo, in eumdem effectum
cum nos transire mihi Primary School et Osama Bin Laden ... ... vere videre sine medio illius meum
vision narrat me quod in in FUNDAMENTUM huius School, Pauli VI School sunt Nazi Militaries ...
Vidi; Quod positum rebus elati ... Ante incipiens, ego hodie opus est, qui ante fuerat in indignatione
plaga insanabili observe the ... Fossa Mariana hodie, quod aegerrime ego vidi in Sattelite Photo taken ...
Map Ego prorsus efficit quasi non intellexerunt ... hoc est autem fossa Marianas inveni meam
opinionem de visione extensa ad Caesar Divus Iulius senator quem appellant nunc superbus et
secundarium schola coniunctum Herae meae ... Sic ego huic inhaero conciliationi cedant, cuius latitudo
illustratur schoolyard meum, Quaestiones disputatae, tout, Complementarise Pictures paene ad
perfectionem Sattelite cum ex vallo Marianas ... ego tamen nescio qua de hac tabula ... in profundis
sunt, indicavit duo puncta in Map Sattelie Google Maps, schola ut filii mei Seconadire et de Fossa
Mariana, et puncta sint in visione vidi ... et quod loca existimo enim quod vocavit me, et locutus est ad
me, ut visio visita ...
In hac visione sibi facta, non intrabit in School Court per Semita ', X,' et deinde video, et mare, et
aircraft reportet ... Et hoc plane carrier narrat mihi speluncam '' A ',' super quem Maritimum Map.
intellexi autem quod et ego hodie venisset .. loquitur de XLV, trucks et post multos populos spectant ...
aircraft reportet in aqua: et post me et ecce video XLV esset exortum est, et venit aliquet vel, intrare
ludum quod est ingens et garages II ... ... Et quidem de spelunca, 'B', '... et locutus est mihi, quod visio
sunt compluribus locis in haec introitus sunt pit ... pelagus aditus ad et fores grassentur aqua in
caveam: ... et venerunt ad conclusionem pervenire ad ostium intus et a tergo esset in spelunca, quia
meum CURSOR scriptor visio venire ad me: vade in Erinaceus a bicycle ut transeant per '' I ' 'de Card
de ... genus procedit quod non vadit post speluncae ... transitus citius in hoc dicite mihi, ut et ego veni
ut qui tenet hoc parvis speluncis et in gentibus dispersisti tramite angusto patet eruere ch sunt, et non
simul interius, et cum irino meis oculis, ni ea itidem uberrimum aperit contemplationibus principale
introitu opens alter alterum cui Speluncae ... Quod Speluncae sub antro? Index unum habeo ... Electric
cable solus visionem: ... et iuxta eos ad Trogodytas hiberni '' A ',' ... propter visionem in qua et citharam,
Waterfront de snowplow et ego timeo, Electric ut dependeat in eo enim in quo Cable ... ... mirari hoc
tandem ad Trogodytas hiberni est in loco isto et proximi mei School of tabula ... We do not animadverto
ex aqua, sed in ore meo verba visionis cables sunt ligatum ad aqua scriptor Edge de ... Map: Parva per ''
r '' linea quae est a Road ... citharam, de qua transiet per Electric Linc '' E 'et magnus', R 'flumen ... Sed
nihilominus ipso quo haec scribo veniam locum hypothesi ultrices retinacula quibus apparent sub aqua
circuitum et exiguo tegitur testimonium ubi est ergo et tota ad solvenda cryptarum rigidorum permittens
sub ... ... sine ulla exceptione quoque, et in omni casu si vere haec loca quae Rocky paroeciae ..
Sed hoc est fortior me est locus ... '' B '', videtur quod visio mihi in loco transitus angustus est, per quem
transitus in parva intus, in quo omnia ... auris laxant propter Passage in bicycle School conspectu Dei
mei ... si me visio dictat '' A '' ut in loco ubi sunt Electric Cable ...

Ita, ex pluribus locis ibi sunt inter ... C '' '' ... '' C '' concedit quod est loci ad ipsius fere duas pecto
exactus sit sermo, non proportione, diversum autem et similitudinem ad loca , in tabula super
magistrum, aut in tabula ... Fossa Mariannes Et hoc est quod dicitur '' Mors Aemulator '' ... est enim hoc
loco, sub aliquo retinemento, quia probatus est et hoc rubeum usque ad internecionem: XI De km ... in
diebus autem habeo hoc verbum, in animo ... '' abyssus '' ... quid non in cauernis est visitare III ... ...
Itaque III de tribus locis citatis Elementa a me visio; Senatori, C. Iulius, et Osama Bin Laden nationalis
socialismi Militants ..
Et ego hesterno die dixi mihi in visione ostendit aircraft tabellarius de loco ubi erat Senator Caius Julius
... nunc redeo ad hoc quod affirmatio et dux bello A ... aircraft reportet; Osama Bin Laden ... ... Tantum
dixit: Et cum scirem est Osama bin Laden traditus esset secessit ad mare post mortem eius ante paucos
annos, Portitorem aeris post me visio High School coniunctum est, et venerunt ad bellum dux mihi
plenus insonuitque flagello. ... '' A ',' ... cum cognovissent circa '' Mors Aemulator '' hodie, atque apud
tabula accidit mihi High School est, vocavit Visionem nationalis socialismi Atrum venit ad me flagella
plena .. C '' '' animadverto me ... duxit Quid mihi obiectant, quod per heri et inscii: et per hoc unum,
socia Senator Caius Iulius Divus Hangars ad trucks et de XLV 'sita est in ' 'B', '... et omnia hoc non
semper conscii homines hodie fiunt vere me percepta Hangars his qui erant in visione ostensum est
mihi hoc, ut suggesserant aircraft tabellarius et me soluto ... '' A ''; Osama Bin Laden ... '' B '': Senator
Gaius Iulius Divus ... '' C ''; Nazi Militaries ... Sed et usquam, patentioris meum inveni locum ... Fossa
Mariana, in brevi vitae meae paene perfecta nestable cum princeps schola ...

Mariana Trench ...
Once, I had a Vision in Dream ... I walk on a Boulevard in my Neighborhood, Hand in Hand with
Osama Bin Laden ... And we cross my Primary School ... Without Really see inside of that My Vision
tells me that in the basement of this School, the Paul VI School, there are Nazi Military ...
I saw ; It depends on the tide ...
Before starting, I must specify that before today I had never stopped to observe the Mariana Trench ...
Today, I am disconcerted by what I saw on a Satellite Photography taken on Google Map ... I still have
not understood exactly what constitutes the Mariana Trench on this Map ... But I found, in my opinion,
the Extended Place related to my Vision dealing with Julius Caesar, whom I now proudly call Senator
Caius Julius Divus, and linked to the Court of my Secondary School ... So I will stick to this
Rapprochement, Enlargement illustrated by my schoolyard which, sum-all, Complement almost to
Perfection with Photography Satellite of the Marianas Trench ... since I still do not know where the
depths are on this map ... The points indicated on the two Google Map Satellite Maps, that of my
Secondary School and that of the Mariana Trench, are the points seen in my Vision ... and that I
consider as the Places that my so-called Vision dictates to me to visit ...
In this Vision, I enter the School Court by the Path '' X '', and then I see, and Sea, the Aircraft Carrier ...
And this Plane carrier tells me the Cave '' A '' on the Maritime Map ... Then I Understood today why I
had come to Talking about 45 'Trucks and many people under water ...

After watching the Aircraft Carrier, I was shot to look behind me and then I see 45 'trucks coming out
and, or, enter the school which is then huge garages ... At least 2 ... The cave' 'B' '... And this Vision
dictates me That there are several places in the pit ... These entrances are the main entrances with the
doors in cage circulating water ... and I came to the conclusion that the entrance to reach the interior of
the cave was behind, because of my Runner's Vision at the Hedge Run coming towards me by the
Bicycle Pass, the '' 1 '' on the Cards ... The race dictates that it goes faster by the Passage behind the
Grotto ... I come to tell me that one of the caves owns this small narrow passage through which to pass,
and that once inside, and once my iris scanned, it also opens the Main Entrance of the other Grotto ...
Which Grotto opens the other Grotto ?
I have only one Index ... Electric Cable ... And according to the Vision they are related to the Cave '' A
'' ... because of the Vision where I Circulate on the Waterfront in snowplow and that I'm afraid to hang
the Electric Cable ... under which I finally go to Wonder ... This is the Cave closest to this place on the
map of my School ... We do not see the edge of the Water but in my Vision these Cables are tied to the
Water's Edge ... On the Map, the Little '' R '' Line is the Road on which I Circulate ... with the Electric
Line under which I pass '' E '' and the big '' R '' is the river ... But anyway, at the very moment when I
write these lines, I come to the hypothesis that the place where electric cables are visible under the
Water in these Surroundings, is the Place where is the small Passage and therefore the Mechanism
allowing to Untangle all the Caves ... under any reserve ... Without even, and in any case, whether these
places really contain Rocky Parishes ... But that is stronger than me ... The Place '' B '' appears to me in
Vision as the Place where is the small narrow Passage which gives Access to the interior in order to
Unlock everything ... because of the Bicycle Passage in front of the School ... even if my Vision dictates
to me '' A '' as the Location where the Electric Cables are ...
So, according to me there are several places ... including '' C '' ... '' C '' is the place that allows to
complement the two cards almost perfectly, not in proportion, but to the resemblance of both places , on
the map of my school or on the map of the Mariana Trench ... And this place is called the '' Deep
Challenger '' ... This is the place, under any reserve, that would have been probed as the deepest in the
pit; About 11 km ... And for days I have in mind this word ... '' Deep '' ... What would in all ... 3 caves or
place to visit ... And so 3 places for Three Elements cited by my Vision; Senator Caius Julius, Osama
Bin Laden and the Nazi Military ...
I said yesterday that my Vision of the Aircraft Carrier showed me the Location where Senator Caius
Julius was ... I now come back to this Affirmation ... A War Chief and an Aircraft Carrier; Osama Bin
Laden ... Simply said ...; When I knew that Osama bin laden had been put into the sea after his death a
few years ago, the Air Carrier Vision behind my High School and linked to the War Chief came back to
me full of whip. ... '' A '' ... When I learned about the '' Deep Challenger '' today, and its coincidence with
the map of my High School, the Vision of the Nazi Militia came back to me full of whip .. '' C '' ... What
led me to realize that throughout my expose Yesterday, I unconsciously and throughout this one,
associate Senator Caius Julius Divus at Hangars and Trucks of 45 'located in' 'B' '... And all this without
ever really becoming aware that I had glimpsed these Hangars during this Vision that had shown me the
Aircraft Carrier and suggested to me a warlord ... '' A '' ; Osama Bin Laden ... '' B '': Senator Caius Julius
Divus ... '' C ''; Nazi Military ...
But, and anyway, I found my widened place in the Mariana Trench ... almost perfectly nestable with the
short of my high school ...

Minoritas Report - apud homines human III - De abyssi - Inception Indiana Jones et regnum Crystal est interpretatum Calvariae locus deviantART Related Island - Insulae - Prometheus - Quod Cell (ut
'nullus puer digna non esse) ... Déjà Vu - Nunc tu mihi videre ... ...
Politiani tumulus Duceret
Est Movies omnes tracta, et omnis modo, quantum ad aliquid, ... Fossa Mariana Carcere Prison cur haec
Cur suadeant quod si non est ita, ut consueverat vocem calcantium in ... extolletur? Ut sisterent eum
Filmmakers ita ut det mihi volo ut tandem non ejus captivi dimittere ... Igitur obtulerunt ei mihi duabus
de causis sunt; 1. illegitimus in carcere, et non sit fortitudo in se ... et ad testimonium perhibeo de illo
ergo experiri ad ventilabis eam ... vel aliquis intelligere hoc societatis 2. coram aliquis in hac causa mihi
secundum quod sunt illegitimus, et apprehendere, quod me hortaris ad carcerem ut illegitimus non
habeo, ut ad votum est nominis sint liberare in lupinaribus vixerit et clausum in carcere ... Si hoc est
illegitimus, non a magnus forsit est quod planeta habet in ... hoc problema armis essent; Tantum unus
homo est intrare possit aperire ostium cum irino ... ut opinio mea fert ego hunc qui habebat
inconueniens quo ad se intelligere a situ, in tanta huius mundi inopes, et multum de causis, ut adveho
tale aliquid a me aut ... ...

Hoc carcerem Spes legitima est, et secundum non erat ut trudi, ut nonnulli volunt intrare per posticam
jure et pugnabit vir Brutus: ita reddentes de me facinus nocentis, et in platea portae quod habent in
custodia ... post velamentum de-Salire est nihil facilius, scio quod iris ... si me non habet quidquam
facere cum omnia hæc, et vade in Burglar et illic manere non merentur, cum sit nulla Exitus ... ita,
multis vellem Verus est Convictions ad me clauso videlicet propellentibus ostende mihi in defectu
regiminis ex parte, si non ingredientur: accede licet mihi facere sine COMMENTARIUM ... an ex eo
quod cogitare et non poenitens contra Crminel ... de periculo, quod non ex malitia, qui would amo
video vidi sanguinis innocentis: et ire non adepto transtulit quasi rabidi capitis usque ad finem moratur
ibidem ... sed unus causa aut alio, Cinema, quo penitus ab amore Touijours Demonstrationes diiunctus
in subsidiis fuerat Conatus ad me nocte gravata est modo, postremo, a captivus o f sepulture huius;
Fossa Mariana ... Scio quod haec non exstat, et quod contrarium est ad carcerem ut exsisto curiosus ...
Haec video vidi et ecce oculi, qui sunt in futurum dici quod res ... sed est in via Persevero ut hoc mihi
flere non est error; ... quod suus 'suus' Si licet mihi libere Spes legitima Point final ... ... deinde narrat
Voice a me omnes alios ibi sunt bona rationis ... Sed a Voice narrat mihi egredietur enim aperire ...
portae non dicam, quae sunt in Voice Vicitmes ... Deinde cum vix parvam stillam narrat me quod ego
sum et tempus ultimi judicii Christic venit excitare mortuos huic novissimo judicii et sententiae
pronuntiationem. quæ ducit ad me .. ergo concludere, quia ego bonus sum, ut omnes viriditátis gérmine
senténtiæ sermo absolvitur quod debitum ex in litura esse inducenda disputo, pro me et pro omnibus ...
iustum et bonum ... ... ego sum Christic pax a Deo ego sum ... ... et Deum, cum inter eam naturam
malleo percutiunt ad sui manus, et faciunt justitiam in absit et invenit alio modo sic enim ... et ...
paenitet hoc modo Hic est patientia ita est temperantia ... ...
Ego considerandum est '' satanas '' potential uses the ... ille qui ad perditionem devorans et in mundo ...
Ego sum, ego sum ille qui utitur ea rotundatum ... Ego ... .. . ... et ego cum potentia, aliquis venit et mihi
non sciunt, qui et vocavit nomen eius Amabilis hic, etsi non multum id est votum, quia hoc parum
voluerit Ultimately atque semper cum a me vastabuntur da mihi mortem nisi mea manu scriptam, a
lamentari par est, culpa atque Ultimately a Suicidium, hoc non est nisi uno Medio in hoc mundo usque
ad perditionem devorans consequi id quod parum vitae meae ut ... personam ens est unum per diem in
altera vita, direxerunt ad repellendum me da mihi mors me. Olim et non venit ergo me ut prosternerem
preces tum vastabat Orbis Terrarum ... hunc lil non semper dominari in mundo, Divina quae ab AD
REMUM mors est, hoc parum deest mihi ad haec ... Suppos enim simplex est agnoscis; Ecce ipsi futura
per orbem terrarum contra me monere ... alia persona, quod minimum est, latebat inter ... vigilantes mea
mecum est, et me ad mea loci ... imitantes in die Martyres, in aliis mundi ducens me suscepit tandem
invitus hoc debitum ad trauma nervosi ticks Calvariæ locum qui fecit me pertulerit ...
Et exponit hoc quod isti paulo nervosi ticks, quod valde dolendum ticks neurale eorumque vestigia
imitatus fuisse germanam meam super hominem vix bona sua esse, quod modicum est ... Qui passus
est: cum suum fecerit de industria rem in modum imitationis ut ... ... deinde in illis agnoscis Duperies
hie natus mihi Miser ... tum disposita ad hoc mundo, ut ricini resurface nervosi meam, et quod tunc
ultimus finis, non est reputandus Manipulator ... quod sit fugere inde omnia et sic iterum ... Mors venit
ad me in hoc mundo quod suum est permanere Last Card ut praeesset ut faciam in altera vita quoque
Long ... ostendit quod necesse est et ego '' satanas '' ... Qui malus est probare quod ego ... qui ... Hic
videndum est mihi mors mihi est ad unicam viam Dei vivi: et destrui ... ... sed quia satis et suppositories
sunt adversus eam. .. fit, prurientes auribus ... Et determinatur in Me, conscie aliquid et ad alia, et a
peccatis suis et Negligiances, Inconscie, qui venit ad Me ex quo ...

Da mihi mors effervescentia ex continenti ad ultima tempora nolle ... by aliqua mala voluntate ... et
quod ipsis est nolle mundo habuerunt ... omnes male quidam per alios alia ratione, exspectare me
volueris dabo illi sed mors ... in omnes et omnia, praefatos summos Pontifices et ab Usurpatore ... quod
bonitas est Christus ',' ... et eius prophetas falsa, aliquid esse malum, quod solum aliis Dolorosa. sed in
miraculum usque ad caelum et Ultimately .. ... ... omne falsum prophetas
Ego credo esse in hoc verificatur patres mundo meo est et in caelo ..., et sicut prædixit ... verificatur
secundum ad me, omnes homines conveniunt ... vel saltem aliquo, non tamen habent ius monstra dicere
ut dicitur in hoc mundo ... ad dejiciendum dub judicium meum ego sum reus omnium sunt ... aliis ...
Report Minoritas autem in damnationem finem ... usquam ... omnes enim habent omne quod est intentio
Mors autem Christi, qui se ad ... ... hoc est quam usquam certaverant proelio, quod cum minoritate,
Report aviditas usque ad ... ... ... quia neque intentionem eorum qui illud suscipere, ut faciam illud et
redde illis carorum suorum ... ... igitur qui solus pro nobis Enchaine. Habeo .. visione sibi facta, ut in
Me manet, sive vigilemus, sive non, semper sit ... Im 'in a cenaculo et cum aliquis Clamoribus iratus est
populus, et in peccato suo admonuit eos, quos iterum atque iterum ... tum est a momentum quo homo,
dum agit in subiectum, quod tamen non occurrit, spectat me rectum est in oculis meis ut re iam
conserned mihi ... scio, sed scio etiam quod fecit haec in Purgato Sin ...Scio iam subiectum conserned
me: sed ego quoque nosti quæ fecerit mihi hoc peccatum in emundationem rursus pro hoc corripiatur; ...
et nolens, quod videtur esse peccatum volo ad induendum mea ad formam iterum atque iterum .. .
itaque ipse mihi dico ... sed quod locus aliquis vesano satis et super relinquo s 'oppone ... finita est
appellabitur prudens et qui non sum Conserned hac blasphemiæ: sed quia necesse est ut in cubiculum
transmisso, et ad hoc tantum, ut audiam de Military in Position: sed Requiem ... sum denique, post
noctem noctem, et iterum: wanting ibi invenire requiem Military, et sequere eam impassibilis ... Et
cubitum ire ad noctem: et omne tempus non invenient me in visione sibi coniunctum est Loquela nihil
introrsus roboris ad coetus in populum, et manet usque potuerunt invenire vires intelligere quod locutio
ad nos nihil pertinet magis ad punctum eligens manere in reliqua autem militum est de ad plures non
intellegendo semper ... de Habitus quis clamat post omnes unum ex his voluptatem capere omnis
populus qui circum me ... et quia ita, ut me pati visio ... et volo fugere quia, si ibi maneat, et preces
populi tui, ut manerent ibi capta sunt, etiam ..
Et propter quadam confusione, ut memoriae non occurrit iterum: Si visio haec fuge ab De incapacitate
ad Fautor solvit eum et ... et non merentur, non scire velle, nisi mors Magouillers Perniciosasque sunt ...
sed illis et aliis ... non vis manere in Nigrum huc ante mulierem quae clamat post eos admonere sancte,
serva eos in Ordine et his qui itaque faciunt sunt omnia peccatorum ... respicere nice me ut misereantur
eis omnia quae summa patitur conditio committitur intelligendi modo conantur ... merito meo coram
Malaise cupit et querendi carere oratio hos igitur proditores factos quis mulierem Just sub idem iungat
manus Her ... ... quod non mihi mulierem in nigrum, prima facie, haec mulier facti sunt in nigrum ad me
... et fiet in quibusdam ab his sermo bene meriti Remonstration ... ego ... balaenae et facti sunt mihi
dulce iugum hoc, sed habeo, ut iugum hoc ... quod aliter facti sunt in burde n videtur, et rigidi '' esse
videtur '', a nobis primo aspectu omnes ... ad ... ut mihi di ... primo intuitu, si latae sententiae non possit
revera explicata si te redi Nihil .. . in Fossa Mariana, Brutus non notum autem vobis facio ... non enim,
ut impedirent iustitiae ... quid ego de me et renumeraverunt, scutoque sit non esse iam supra modum a
Drama est, quoniam populus est, qui de Cahotic Historia praeterita, sine dicendum quod mereri est vere
esset finita sunt iterare ... sed sic respondere sine firm; ... vel maybe sunt digna, non erit illic ...

Si sit unus tantum, et non ad introitum dum non est ut in scanner ad rationes Zenonis deceptus est et
raptus est in me vade et sta ... minimis non curat, nisi ... ... haec sunt quae hic ... non potest esse coeperit
ad mortem mansit illic ipse est in me ... et praeter aliquem liberavit me, quia ego sum ... ... Report
minoritate, quoniam non eram ibi mei de Suicidium ... sed ... et paulo ante acta vita agi non merentur
me ... et illud est, quod in articulo rediit ad vitam: et dimittere ... mecum est Executor testamenti, qui
dimissi a latae sententiae in veterum 2000s ... me, et propter hoc de facto dimissus ab Marianas fossa
multos disputare an iniustitiam in parte carnifex glacians sententiae etiam sunt in vicinia mea multa et
dimisit ... scio quod haec ... ... qui posuit me sibi quasi hirudines viam ... ... atque perniciosius est in
spiritu, non potest propter indigentiam ponet manum meam super eam in ... dimissi ab inferno sunt, non
satis in illis sunt ... a ',' ... et posuit Me in suo falsum impressionem ad prophetas, et ad hoc
demonstrationes induxerunt culpa in me resiliunt in executorem ... propterea dabo pepercit sententia
mortis dedecus omnibus ... ... omne punctum datum, monstra Dorothée Ste ... scopum componere; Mors
... vel quod ipse dabit mihi, ut ostensum est enim quod sunt velle ad mittere ad est ... Angelicus
custodiæ, inquam, Ea re erit ne eadem inquisitione donec omnia nova atque Ordinis ... et protinus ... Im
'trying ut dico, quod si iste habet ire ad inferos carcerem ut rid orbis terrarum of tergum hac faece: Ad ...
pedes ... Related Pugnis et non ego quod si potes mitte in ea reversusque est ipse, quia puer ego faciam
tibi ... et expecto in magna CURA REI FAMILIARIS hoc audio de caelo et in ... s adducite ...
Hoc mane, quod in mea sententia, hoc merentur plures cellula, utrum suus ex ibi et in eo ... Petis a me,
quare me ad visiones et tunc ostendisti mihi est, si non habet esse ... veni, ut omnis e ibi de ultimo
judicio apud omnes ... in Christo ... ego sum ... Christic non sunt, hae bestiae meo Neighborhood in
occursum mihi, non tamen perniciosasque quod chose ... et ne ad ventilabis eos esse aliam unum in
locum suum at facere ... ... adversantur mihi secundum quod est Angelorum, et de iure omni ad inferos
Fossa Mariana ... et ... et ego autem vadam revertar illuc tempted Dicere; Nisi quia non est regredi
etiam ... quod est in medio carceris: Scio quia omnia potes deprehendere esse non sedatus ... ut ... Hic
mortem, si casus ferat animus, quibus homo nihil scit hoc, iterum somnum ... Quid est iterum ad
ultimum judicium meum Liberation = ... ... quod vitare videor sed repetere non ego Minoritas
Report ... ... ... sed quia terrent, et non sunt comprobatio m'Assiste in caelum ... ego sum ... et
minoritate, Report aliquis ibi est et didicit ab eo carpere ut me liberes disposita ... sed aliquis non
placeat, et ejus ratio et temperamentum in medio consilio, dimissi sunt et vera accidit quod vides
destruunt funem collo meo velit ... et ... parata sum ad inferos non erit Dei, verus Deus infernum
pugnaturus in terra et homines, et spectare ad omne opus ... est adolebitque illud nunquam nisi in magna
numquam dabo mors similis est Nimis saepe alias vitas, in me faciam ut trudi et hoc Vita ... Quid est
differentia? Recordatus sum experrectus hic ... Hic vidit omnes ... hic venit ad Circum ... Hic Kilometer
inveni Vis ad me: Loquere ... Hic est amor vitae vere Found Porro triumphator in ... omnibus se, ut in
rebus minus fui usque in finem ... Ecce ego dabo eos pascitur itque de Reductione Monetali, sive gre ...
Detrudere aliquem effectum poni velint se dedere ipsos morte ... ... et hoc quod habet locum fortiorem
quam in morte ... ... est autem fossa aut Marianas in ludum, '' Tag '' ... quod suus 'a ludus' 'macula'
'pugnatum longo satis est ... et ... hoc ludo pro Societate ... Exitosus sunt polluta est, cum spiritus
sunt, ... et in nostra praesentia in finem, et ille finis illorum ultimus Cognition, et facit eos: Malo
Periculosam, non reprehendo, quod ab iis degatur parentibus ad partum, et scelera eorum, ... quia est
ultimus finis, propter eorum nolite ingemescere Genus: Mom quod dad, mortificatus videre sua ... ...
Tantum est ut fiat interrogavit illos, et oculi tibi responde pro se ...

In prima facie, si mihi est locus iste non est free mundo, et revertetur ad interitum, sed non est regredi
etiam in terris ... et erit tunc pertinent ad bonum deditus VIRIS ET MULIERIBUS CONSECRATIS.
Qui enim camelum per me fieri foramen acus ... deinde visus capitis mei in eros quam propter Christum
detrimenta consideretur Tempus Nativitatis facto in MCMXCIX, ut demonstrari facienda ego autem et
anima mea in terris personam bonum in libero, et apud homines bonae voluntatis! ... est enim et
Nunquam Nunquam hoc site ad Innocentium de carcere ... Fossa Marianas
Nam vidi mulierem in Nigrum noctem ... Last me paenitet et ignominiam tuam tu Cre Existimo enim
quod esse ad ulciscendi tempora reservabo bestiæ, et in omnem Sit nomen ... Amor ... comitatus vos et
ego unum iterum illa vox divina te hodie invenire vis audire, sed plena caelo et revertar ad Swimming
bonum voluntatem ... ... ... adhuc in fossam obduxit Marianas meae Amor ...
Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Qui se integra sequenti notitia in computer ministrandi
detentionis centers dicitur Christus Eric sunt editae. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Et
hoc computatrum notitia debet includitur in operating retentorum centrum sita est in alveum, et
Marianas et integrated in spatio ambiente protocol administratione iam est. Et hoc computatrum notitia
includit necesse est; Eric computer pascal Christi videt ne erret. Eric Christo plene intelligere computer
est in motu protocol in subitis praesidio habitant in detentionem centrum. Et hoc computatrum notitia
includit necesse est; Quem intellegit superiorem esse Christum computer sic reperiebat: Individua qui
retentorum centrum Marianas vallo quique conscii huius gravissimi utilitate susceptum impulsum
prioribus incolis huius centri ad delictum patrandum iterum autem in medio tempore erexit
computatrum. Christus intéllegit eum, qui tenet nunc habitant intra computatrum detentionem centrum
sententias non obstante quod iam reddidit. Eric Paschalis Christi, intellegit superiorem esse, ne
huiusmodi deformationes ab se culpam iterum habitant in captionem et detentionem centrum in
computatrum nulla maxime clausa est effugium a centro.
Detentione centrum in sequentibus computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Eric Paschalis Christi et
imperii administrationem haberet facultatem ad ut non daremus filias hominum identify qui est initium
operationis pristini urna habitant in detentionem centrum committere crimen, ut duci ad quos se in
detentionem centrum in medio. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Eric Christo plene
novit ille, qui fecit mansit in detentionem centrum computer est currently protegens de illa vena
habitant. Scit Christum ut computer est incorporatus in memoriam quod Christus erat plene Eric dimisit
a detentione centrum currently administratum per computer quod notitia et secundum hoc fuit error
administratorum release Paschalis Christi Eric per detentionem centrum. Christus sciat esse illam
consummatam liberationem contra protocol ex built in computer. Eric Christo plene novit, quod erat
contra periculum habitant in detentionem centrum extra. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse
est; Protocol est constructum in is computer ad munus. Detentione centrum in sequentibus computatrum
notitia includit necesse est; In remissionis de Eric Christo plene update et administrativum. Eric plene
integrated in Christo est administratione coetus in detentionem centrum. Ad eius munera pertinet ad
mores observe externa administratio detentionem centrum a, in munere suo in administrare et imperia
loci. Detentione centrum in sequentibus computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Protocols
administrativi detentione centrum extra praesertim observentur secundum protocol integrated in
computatrum administratione. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Primatus protocol ad
Fossa Mariana detentione centrum et protocol built prioritate ad praesidio habitant intra computatrum
est in medio centro et ad centrum.

Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Protocol integrated habitant dimisit a computer,
computatrum-run extra sita semper inconditae ab administratoribus imperii detentione centrum. Et hoc
computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Detentionem centrum damnationem qui habitant expiratus
detentionem centrum sit a dimisit. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; dux administrator et
Marianas Trench Detention Center author administrandi detentionem centrum est re-constituere ad
munera, quae permittit ut manually intrabit in detentionem centrum sita est in Marianas loca et
scrobibus superabit oportet accipere facultatem et administer omnium aliorum monita perciperent
centers in aream. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Si prima administrator determinari a
computer est scriptor constructum-in protocol absente protocol Christifideles instituere conatur, ut
administrator secundi facti in prima administrator. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est;
principalis portas sunt reserata detentione centrum sit ab extra et non sineret apparatu ad removendum
qui habitant animadversa et maneat in detentionem centrum post expletum aetatis. Et hoc computatrum
notitia includit necesse est; Fossa Mariana Detention currit in Center computatrum et aliis detentus est
centers quod in proprio ambitu ad summum auxilium praebere computatrum administrator detentionis
Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Fossa Mariana Detention currit in Center computatrum
et aliis detentus est centers quod in proprio ambitu ad auxilium providere computatrum administrator
detentionis senior centers. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Et administrationis
detentionis centers monita perciperent omnes control centers manually. Et hoc computatrum notitia
includit necesse est; Et dux de administrator centers detencionem illam administret navent omnes
moderatores detentionis centers secundum policing protocol. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit
necesse est; Et detencionis predictarum centers computatrum administratione oportet facere ut reboot
adiuvaret et detencionis administrator senior centers secundum protocol built in computatrum a Christo
plene post Eric ut reboot. Et hoc computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Post reboot of computer
ministrandi detentionis centers, quod sola notitia integrationem admittere, et tamen verum ex
computatrum cum Christo esse Eric plene integrated secundum protocols of scan corporalis. Et hoc
computatrum notitia includit necesse est; Detentionem centrum post reboot of computer ministrando,
alia notitia de Christo noluerunt esse in absentia a scan Eric Blasius Pascal. Et hoc computatrum notitia
includit necesse est; reboot

Minority Report - Men in Black 3 - The Abyss - Inception - Indiana
Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Shutter Island - The Island
- Prometheus - The Cell (The Child that's No Deserve to be There) ...
Déjà Vu - Now you See Me ... The Tomb ...
It's All Treat Movies, and their Way and all, to some extent, the Mariana Trench Prison ... Why do these
Films suggest this Prison if it's not for Shouting it has to be Denounced …? That the Filmmakers
present it thus in order to give me Ultimately want to go there to release its prisoners ...

Then two reasons are offered to Me; 1. The prison is illegitimate and they are powerless to denounce it
themselves ... and therefore try to push someone to understand it ... or 2. the presence of someone in
this society, in this case me, is according to They are illegitimate, and they urge me to apprehend this
prison as being illegitimate so that I have the desire to go there to liberate the inmates and to be locked
up ... If this prison is illegitimate, it means that the planet has a big problem on the arms ... the problem
would be this one; Only one person can enter there to open the main entrance with his iris ... according
to my opinion I am this person who had to understand by itself this problematic situation, the great of
this world being helpless, and for a lot of reasons, to come ask me such a thing ... or ...
This prison is Legitimate and according to Some I had to be pushed to Want to Enter through the Back
Door, and to fight Brother Brutus Legally, thus rendering me guilty of a Serious Crime, and then having
to be incarcerated ... Because the Gate of Behind is a Jump-Simple, I know it ... If my Iris has nothing
to do with all this, I go in there Burglar and I deserve to stay there, since there is No Exit ... So, many
would like to see Real Convictions see me there Being shut up by pushing me to Demonstrate a lack of
Control on my part, in case I go in there, without a Protocol making my Lawful Approach ... Would like
to think of it as an Unrepentant and Dangerous Criminal ... On the other hand, and only out of mischief,
would like to see an Innocent get carried away and go there like a Mad Head, to end up staying there ...
But in one case or another, Cinema, which I love deeply since always Demonstrations in support, is
only a Trap that was Tried me to make me, and finally, a prisoner of this Tomb; The Mariana Trench ... I
know that she exists this prison and that the opposite is said to see ... I would be very curious to see this
and to look in the eyes who would claim this thing ... But a Way in Me Continues to cry that there is no
error; If I'm Free ... it's because it's Legitimate ... Final Point ... Then a Voice tells me that all the others
are there for a good reason ... But a Voice tells me to go out there to open the doors ... without me to say
that they are Victims ... Then a Voice tells me in a whisper that I am the Last Christic Judgment and that
the Time has come to wake the dead for this last Judgment and Pronouncement of the Sentence ...
which leads me to Conclude then, because I am good, to a sentence of Acquittal for all with complete
erasure of the debt, and for all ... for I am just and good ... I am Christic ... I am Peace ... I am a God ...
and a God, When he possesses the hammer between his hands to strike, he is absent and finds another
way to do justice ... and this way is sorry ... this way is Tempering ... This way is patience ...
I am considered to be '' Satan '' ... the one who uses the potential for the Destruction of the World ... I
am the Potential ... I am not the one who uses it ... I am ... I am the Potential ... And once, someone has
come, and I know who but I will not name him here, although I have a lot of desire for it, because this
little being wishes Ultimately and since always my Destruction on seeing me give me the death by my
own Hand, by Regret, Guilt and Ultimately by Suicide, this Middle being the only one in this world to
achieve this Destruction of my Person ... so this little being is one day, in another life, managed to push
me to give me Death myself. Formerly he arrived there, then presenting me as the Destroyer of the
World ... this lil being then continuing to dominate the World, the Divine being Chained to the Death
that he, this little being, pushed me to give me ... These Imps are simple to recognize; They keep going
around the world to warn against my person ... the other, the little being, hiding among mine ...
watching me, and imitating me to take my place ... a martyred day, in the other world, leading me to
finally adopted against my will, nervous ticks due to trauma of this Calvary they made me Endured ...
Then this little being analyzed these nervous ticks, and imitated them Nervous ticks unfortunately
authentic on my person but Illegitimate on his own little being that he is ...

The little being was injured, when it did his business ... purposely abusing mimicry so that we recognize
them as a lies ... Then I was born here ...
He then arranged to make me Misery in this world, so that my nervous ticks resurface, and that I then
be regarded as a Manipulator ... the Ultimate goal being that I be fleeing from All and thus I come to
give Me Death again ... Because in this World this is his Last Card in order to continue to rule as he do
it for too Long in the other life ... It must show that I am '' Satan '' ...
He must prove that I am bad ... He must see me give me death ... This is the only way for the living God
to be destroyed ... And that's enough ... but he and his suppositories are against it ... it comes to their
itching the ear ...
They conditioned Me, some Consciously and the other, and by their sins and Negligences,
Unconsciously, to come to see Me Give Me Death ... From where their incessant Effervescence of the
last Times to Refuse to Admit ... some by bad intentions ... and other because they refuse to admit it to
themselves and to the world, that they have had the wrong ... They have all come, some for one reason
and the others for another reason, to wait and wish to see me give Death ... But they are all, and all of
all, the Imitator and the Usurper of the Goodness of Christ ... The '' ... '' and his false prophets, some
being evil, others being simply Lost ... but Ultimately and up to a Miracle of Heaven ... all false
prophets ...
I believe I have been verified in this world by my fathers in heaven ... and have been verified and just
proclaimed ... According to me, all men do not agree ... or at least some monsters still have a right to
speak in order to to cast doubts on my determination in this said world ... I am the Minority Report ...
the others were all guilty ... but anyway ... the sentence ends for all ... all having had the intention to
give themselves Death ... the Christ having been pushed to that ...
This is what the Minority Report ... Pushed to ... and not the Intention of ... Because those who
undertake it, do it in order to make them pay their loved ones ... Only for that ... Then we chained. ..
I have a Vision that lasts in Me, awake or not, since Always ... I'm in a Room and someone Angry
Screams after People, reminds them of their Sin and reminds them again and again ... Then comes a
moment when this person, while dealing with a subject that still escapes me, looks me straight in the
eyes ... I know that the subject has already concerned me, but I also know that I did the cleaning This
Sin ... And I refuse to be reprimanded again for this sin that seems to want to put me back to the figure
again and again ... So I tell myself that this is enough and I leave the room ...
But someone Opposed ... I ended up Understanding that I am no longer Concerned by this Speech, but
that I must remain in the Room in order, and only for that purpose, to listen in Position of Military
Rest ... But I'm fine, Night after Night, wanting to find me there again and at Military Rest, and I follow
it Incapable ... I go to bed at Night, and every time I find myself in a Vision linked to a Speech of
Remonstrating to a group of people, I remain still unable to find the strength to understand that the
speech does not concern me more to the point of choosing to remain there in the military rest ... I
always go out of there by not understanding The Attitude of the One Who Screams After All these
People around me ... who all take pleasure, and I know it, to see me suffer the Vision and want to
Flee ... Because if I stay there and the Accept, they are taken to stay there too ...

And because of a certain Confusion that escapes me again, if I flee this Vision by Incapacity of the
Supporter, it Releases them also ... and they do not Deserve it, I know it ... They are Suicidal criminals
wishing only the Death for them and for others ... But they do not want to stay here before the Woman
in Black who Screams after them to Keep them to the Order and remind them that they are sinners ...
So they do everything to look nice to me so that I pity them, that I suffer from their sum-all condition,
and I start to understand it now, well deserved ... They try to use my Malaise in the face of
Remonstrating Speech to be Freed and to be Free from the Hands of the Woman Who Holds Under Her
Just Yoke ... The Woman in Black ... I have to, at first sight, become this woman in black ... I have to
become the Well Served and Well Deserved Remonstration Speech by these monsters ... I have to
become this yoke ...
I am sweet, but I have to become this yoke ... because otherwise a burden seems, and I insist on the ''
seems '', expect us all ... at first sight ... may the gods help me ... At First Sight, if the Sentence is not
Completed if I Return There ... in the Mariana Trench, Brutus will never let me go ... I do not have to
Interfere with Justice ... What I'm talking about and that I Redoubt, and it should not be no longer a
Drama beyond measure, it is People who because of a past Chaos History, would have ended up there
without the Merit Really ... But I repeat it and without firm answer; Maybe they deserve to be there ...
or not ...
If there is only one Entrance and I can get in while there is no scanner at Iris, I go in there and I'm taken
to Stay ... And I do not deserve that ... unless ... These people are here to have begun to commit
suicide ... It is possible that I have stayed there myself in the past ... and someone has delivered me ...
because I am the Minority Report ... I was there because of my Suicide of a Previous Life ... but did not
deserve it ... The little being pushed me ... And that one, at the moment of being frozen for life, to
release me ... And it is the Executor of the Sentence who released Me ... In the early 2000s, and because
of this fact of having been released from the Marianas Trench, many arguing an injustice on the part of
the Executioner of the Freezing Sentence, were also released ... And many remain in My
Neighborhood ... I know it ... These people put themselves on my path like leeches ... and are
destructive ... by the spirit, for lack of being able to put my hand on it ... to have been released from
their hell is not enough for them ...
They were sent by '' ... '' and his false prophets to put me in the Pressure and that I crack in order to
Demonstrated the Fault of the Executor of the Sentence that Spared Me ... and therefore that I give
myself Death ... A point is everything ... Shame to all those who allowed these monsters to settle in SteDorothée ... Their goal ; That I give myself Death ... or that it is shown that I have the Intention to be
sent back to this Underwater Prison ... I say; Let them be re-examined All the same until New Order ...
and Immediately ... And I'm trying to say that if I have to go back to this Hell Prison to rid the world of
this scum ... Go back there myself Feet and Fists Related ... that if I can send them there by going back
myself, for my child I'll do it ... But I'm waiting for a big housekeeping from heaven ... and I hear it s
'Bring ...
This morning, and in my opinion, many deserve this cell, whether it's out there or in it ... but then I keep
asking myself why the visions have revealed to me its existence ... if it's not for them all to come out of
there for their Last Judgment at All ... I am Christic ... I am Christ ... They, these Monsters that I meet in
my Neighborhood, are still Suicidal ...

And to avoid being them they chose to push another one to do it at their Place ... They oppose ...
According to me it is Demonic, out all right from the Hell of the Mariana Trench ... and they have to go
back there ... and I'm tempted to say; Except that I go back there too ... Because inside this prison, I
know that all can be checked ... in order to detect an eventual intention of suicide ... In this case, the
person concerned is again asleep ... it is again Frozen until the Last Judgment ... that they seem to have
avoided by my Liberation ...
But I repeat It ... I am the Minority Report ... and the Verification does not scare me ... But that the
Heaven assists ... I am the Minority Report ... and someone there has learned and arranged to free me
from it ... However, someone was not complacent, and under his argument and compromise
compromise , they have released True Destructive that just waiting to see me pass the Rope to the neck
myself ... and it will not happen ... I'm ready to see the Hell of the Gods, the Real Hell of the Gods, to
fight on the Earth of the Men and to watch everything To burn if it is necessary ... Never to the Great
Never I will give the Death like Too often in the other lives I was pushed to do it ... What is the
Difference with this Life? Here I woke up ... Here I remembered ... here I saw them all come to
Kilometer at the Round ... Here I found the Force to Speak ... Here I Really Found the Strength to Love
Life ... in spite of themselves, little beings that they will have been until the End ... Here, I will make
them Graze of will or Force ...
They chose to put a Pressure on someone to push Him to give themselves Death ... This is stronger than
them ... so that this person takes their Place in Death ... or in the Marianas Trench ... This is the The
game of the '' Tag '' ... It's the game of the '' Stain '' ... and this game has lasted long enough ... They are
Destructive for the Society ... Polluting for the Spirit when they are in our Presence ... And in the End,
and this is their Ultimate Motivation, which makes them Dangerous, they will blame their parents for
their Disturbed Behaviors and Crimes ... Because this is their Ultimate Goal because of their Family
Grudge; See their own mom and dad being put to death ... Only that ... Let them be asked, and their
eyes will answer for themselves ...
At first sight, if my place is not in this Free World and I return to the Pit, they go back there too ... and
the Earth will then belong to the Good Willed Men and Women. I have to become the Camel who goes
through the eye of the needle ... At first sight, a Verification of my person, which I would consider a
Time Loss because having been done at Christmas 1999, must be done in order to Demonstrate that I
am a Good Person and that my Place is on Earth in Freedom with Men and Women of Good Will ... For
There is Never and Must Never be Room for the Innocents in this Prison of the Marianas Trench ...
For the Woman in Black I saw Last Night ... I am sorry to have borne your Cree that I consider to have
been presented to Beasts, and in my Name ... May all my Love Accompany you ... and that I One day
find the Force to hear again your Divine Voice, Lightning but full of Good Will ... Leave to Return to
the Swimming ... in the Trench of Marianas ... Still All my Love ...

The computer must include the following information; Whoever integrates the following information
with the computer administering detention centers is called Christ Eric Pascal.

The computer must include the following information; The following information must be included in
the computer operating in the detention center located in the Marianas Trough and surrounding area and
integrated into the administration protocol already in place.
The computer must include the following information; Christ Eric pascal understands that the computer
makes no mistake. Christ Eric Pascal understands that the computer has put in motion an emergency
protocol to protect the residents of the detention center.
The computer must include the following information; Christ understands that the computer has
received the following information; Individuals who have been in the detention center of the Marianas
Trench or who are aware of this grave and its usefulness have undertaken to push the former residents
of this center to commit the offense again having had them in the center at the time of setting up the
computer.Christ understands that the computer holds the present residents inside the detention center
despite sentences that have already expired. Christ Eric Pascal understands that to prevent these
residents from committing the blame again for taking them to the detention center, the computer has
locked any possible escape from this center.
The detention center computer must include the following information; Christ Eric Pascal and the
government administration have the ability to observe and identify individuals who have begun to push
former residents of the detention center to commit the crime that led to their being held inside the
detention center.
The computer must include the following information; Christ Eric Pascal knows he has stayed in this
detention center that the computer is currently protecting with these current residents. Christ knows that
the computer has incorporated in his memory that Christ Eric Pascal was released from this detention
center currently administered by the computer and that according to this information the release of
Christ Eric Pascal was a mistake of administrators of the detention center. Christ knows that this release
was in violation of the protocol built into the computer. Christ Eric Pascal knows that this violation was
a risk to residents outside the detention center.
The computer must include the following information; The protocol built into the computer is
The detention center computer must include the following information; The release of Christ Eric
Pascal was an administrative update. Christ Eric Pascal has been integrated into the administrators
group of the detention center. Its function is to observe the conduct of the external administration of the
detention center, in their function to manage the governments in place.
The detention center computer must include the following information; The administrative protocols
outside the detention center are respected according to the administrative protocol integrated into the
The computer must include the following information; The priority protocol for the Mariana Trench
detention center and the priority protocol built into the computer is to protect the residents inside the
center and inside the center.

The computer must include the following information; Residents released by the computer-integrated
protocol are supported by government administrators located outside the computer-run detention center.
The computer must include the following information; Detention center residents whose sentence has
expired must be released from the detention center.
The computer must include the following information; the chief administrator of the Marianas Trench
Detention Center responsible for administering the detention center must re-establish the functions
which allow him to manually enter the detention center located in the Marianas Trench and must
receive the capacity of administer all other detention centers in the area.
The computer must include the following information; If the primary administrator determined by the
computer's built-in protocol is absent, the protocol instructs the second administrator to become the first
The computer must include the following information; the main doors of detention centers must be
unlocked from the outside only to allow the equipment used to remove residents who have been
checked and have completed their stay in the detention center.
The computer must include the following information; The computer running the Mariana Trench
Detention Center and other detention centers in the surrounding area is to provide computer assistance
to the chief administrator of the detention centers.
The computer must include the following information; The computer running the Mariana Trench
Detention Center and other detention centers in the surrounding area is to provide computer assistance
to the senior administrator of the detention centers.
The computer must include the following information; The chief administrators of detention centers
control all detention centers manually.
The computer must include the following information; The chief administrator of the detention centers
must administer all the administrators of the detention centers according to the policing protocol.
The computer must include the following information; The computer administering the detention
centers must make a reboot to assist the senior administrator of the detention centers according to the
protocol built into the computer by Christ Eric Pascal after the reboot order.
The computer must include the following information; After the reboot of the computer administering
the detention centers, the only information still valid and integrable with the computer coming from
Christ Eric Pascal must be integrated according to the protocols of physical scan.
The computer must include the following information; After the reboot of the computer administering
the detention center, any other information from Christ Eric Pascal must be refused in the absence of a
The computer must include the following information; reboot

Si me executorem non latae sententiae ut, qui eadem die me de opponitur meum Liberation = fuisset
glacians excitavit ut ad Centrum Detention ... Fossa Mariana accipere imperium ut facti sunt, et volunt
et quod peius est, et fecit computer currit in Center has facti .. gratias ago tibi dico in executorem fuisse
in damnationem.
If the Executor of the Sentence did not let me go, the same people who opposed my Liberation would
have awakened me one day from my Freezing to use me to take control of the Mariana Trench
Detention Center ... I would have become and I would have done worse than what the computer
running the Center has become and did .. I say thank you to the executor of the sentence.

MMXVIII: Tractus Odyssea A ... aut ... aut ... ... Run Logan scriptor
Era ... Crystalli ...
De Vita Et vidi Channel - vidi pulchra Apocalypsis - femina pulchra audivi voces; A diu cum puella
pulchra capillum nigrum: togae divisa in clara beige vespere post mater eius, et quem non videtis et qui
voluerunt me dormiat; Consilium de virgine est ... voces: '' Est terribilis ! '' Vespers Dress pro
magna ... ... Crus Excursiuncula populus qui natus est in questus parati sunt Centra et Detention videre
primum lux in die ... et ibi erant 'iens e ... ego audivi iuvenis vox cantus, '' Tu mihi es ... ... Est Teddy
Bear '' Nulla ... ... non erat '' Libera '' A ... Vita Brilliant et Gris; Vitam sine magno Asseptie '' Est ... ...
terribilis ! '' ...

2018 ; A Space Odyssey ... or ... Logan's Run ... or ... Crystal Era ...
I saw a Channel of Life - I saw a Beautiful Revelation - I heard beautiful Female Voices ; A Pretty Girl
with long black Hair, in a Bright Beige Evening Gown sliced from behind and her Mother whom I did
not See and who wanted to let me Sleep ; Nordic Voices ... The Girl Spoke ; '' It's Awesome ! '' ... An
Evening Dress for a Great Shiny Outing ... People are born in these Detention Centers and getting ready
to See the Light of the Day for the First Time ... They're Going out of there ... I've heard a young Man's
Voice singing ; '' ... You're my Teddy Bear ... '' ... No ... it was not '' Elvis '' ... A Beige but Brilliant Life ;
A Life without Aseptic ... '' It's Awesome ! '' ... She said ...

Non Terror ... erat iustus et comprobatio Integrated COMMENTARIUM ...
Don't Panic ... It was just an Integrated Protocol Verification ...


Julius Caesar of Rome ... Republica et
mors et per Domine exaltetur manus Bruto
conscripti ... ... aut ... Nam et Brutus et C. Iulius pro ...
Tunc accessit ad principem, qui erat circa mutare via cum ad rem publicam populi Romani Republica
possunt per instituta et ex Roma et in Roma in unum Anthical regnum malo: Imperium populi
Romani ... Licet videtur quod Deus illud magnopere participatur nedum praecipitato ordine ad
nativitatem ipsius imperium populi Romani huius magno fuit secundum historiam percussitque coram
officiali inauguratio novi imperii, ad extremum, inrisio repetebatur. Nomen hoc summum imperium
habet; Caius Iulius Caesar .... Dicitur autem Deus se parum concionibus (non dico quod omnes fere
omnes ... ... ... forte).
Usquam, hoc summum est unus dies redditus usque ad magnum urbis Romae parum dicere 'quod suus'
iens futurus a Corydon cohortis, quod homines opus est somnium, et ideam. In quo, ut sit! ''. Ita etiam
ante reipublicae Romam translatus ad imperium populi Romani nisi per ideas protulit et corrigere id
Julius Caesar, hoc iam Imperii fuit infans sicut GRAVIS ... sine nomine vivitur, et quasi ex non-esse
momenti ab aliis regibus qui ante Julius Caesar et ait illi utique hoc maxime rei publicae statum Imperii
percussit autem imaginis planetae. et INUSITATE satis, est quia saepe et maxime in clowning animata,
figurabant ut ipse furcifer.

Julius Caesar of Rome ... re et mors et per Domine exaltetur manus Bruto conscripti ... ... aut ... ... pro
Nam et Brutus et C. lulius Tunc accessit ad principem, qui erat circa mutare via cum ad rem publicam
populi Romani Republica possunt per instituta et ex Roma et in Roma in unum Regnum Anthical malo:
Imperium populi Romani ... Licet videtur quod Deus illud magnopere participatur nedum praecipitato
ordine ad nativitatem ipsius imperium populi Romani huius coram officiali inauguratio Novi
percussitque illegitemus fuit secundum historiam imperii, ad extremum, inrisio repetebatur. Nomen hoc
summum imperium tenet; Caius Iulius Caesar .... Dicitur autem Deus se parum concionibus (non dico
quod omnes fere omnes ... ... ... nocturnus). Usquam, hoc summum est unus moriatur redditus usque ad
magnum urbis Romae parum dicere 'quod suus' iens futurus a cohortis Corydonis habet te cura, quod
homines opus est somnium, et ideam. In quo, ut sit! ''. Ita etiam ante ret Romam translatus ad imperium
populi Romani nisi per ideas protulit et corrigere id Julius Caesar, hoc iam Imperii fuit infans sicut
GRAVIS HOBO ... sine nomine vivitur, et quasi ex non-esse momenti ab aliis regibus qui ante Iulius
Caesar et ait illi utique hoc maxime rei publicae statum Imperii percussit autem Planetae imaginis. et
INUSITATE satis, est quia saepe et maxime in clowning animata, ut ipse furcifer figurabant.
Ad caedem Caesar historice loquendo de adminstrators rusticos suos occidit, et ut fossor dulcissime
dominica ferri ictu filium Brutus. Haec cum relata ab eo officialis fabula ... (Precisium: Ex multis in
paucis annis esset Bruto, non fuisse filium Iulii Caesaris filius adoptivus, nec filius nec legitimate hoc
Bruto erat, inquam ... et iste filius legitimus Caesaris favore sui latebat sub Marte tueri armis
quondam ... integrae tum summo cum imperio ultimum ... ...) . EGO vigilo television productio in casu
fuisse; Roma. Hoc excellentissimaeque productio est, hoc ultima tempora, quibus rem publicam populi
Romani ante magnae mutationes factae, ut illud imperium populi Romani et quasi background, ad
ultimum finem summi ante paucos annos in conspectu eius interfecti sunt in toto corde, ex magna
domus administrationes rem publicam populi Romani quid est hoc, credo, Ad inceptionem filmmakers
fecerunt ut me publice non aliam quam quae in hoc capite productio est 'magnus' .. Et cum vidisset
potentia exercuerint ut initio dixi hoc modo probabile fuit exercita exordio historiae excipere neurons
sine simulatione. Sed si hoc ita est, tamen cum essem et ego in hypothesi ... Sic victor omni modo ...
dissertationem ... aut possit admitti ad filmmakers idem sentiunt, ut mihi non loquaris mihi et tibi caput
in risus ipsum ... ideem Permanebo autem consonat quod in argumentum ergo roborat posui Iulio
Caesare digito causa mortis.
Tunc cogitavi super hoc, Quod si in casu a nuntius ut deferat momenti mihi esse ab initio, ut ego mihi
hoc vel illud eligere ad hoc processus a primordiis ad induendum aliquid apud hominem in capite
spectant ad opus meum? In mea sententia, ut pro sententia mea inceptus sive suggerendo, quam ut mea
tarn ut pro incerto aliqua inchoatio ... sic, opinor filmmakers per tumorem animi, ut, si quis eorum, qui
exercitati sunt in initio huius operis, cum abierunt inceptus sententiam suam tueretur, cum illuc magis
inceptum frustra. Scaenae versus fortiter suadeant quod describitur a Tele-duco conclusiones ita Duis
filmmakers suggestio; Et si ...?
Haec descriptio publice fit opus; Julius Caesar nunc est quod dicitur vulgari sermone: '' Blackouts '.
Quia non habuit scientiam cadit conturbavit ... in nostra est parum scimus fieri posse sine periculo
vivere necesse est, etsi molestum. Julius Caesar aliquando huiuscemodi 'sine'. In loco uno, et ad se
ostenderit "niger" et transit eo. Sed et Loth fratrem suum numeravit qui postea facti sunt in isto passu
cognoscit primam Imperatoris Romani Imperii, quem vidisti eam, et facti sunt instabilitate ...

Julius Caesar, nephew ejus docet, quia, si per se induens habebat discere ut Deus mediantibus aliquibus
"blackouts" ac moriturus esset periculum facit infelix sequitur; Re cognita Populi mortem summi
scilicet "Blackouts" significat quod perciperetur senium quod esset in periculo proximo fit vel nulla.
Omnia quae facta sunt per annum saltem specie cassari Iulii Caesaris potentiam senectae. Et hoc ut ne
sine ratione insanire Summorum potest applicari iudicium fundatur in Republica Romae in processus of
becoming the imperium populi Romani hanc sacram transitus 'ens' dicit quod prius et posterius est in
via, prope interitum est. Itaque plurimum fratris summum in decem annos latuit illum. Tum denique
aliquoties postea interfectus a principe administratores ferri ictu filium Brutus.
Haec est versio publica, sicut in historia deferentibus, in generali circa ultimum finem summi Julius
Caesar. Quam longe est ... Deus volens ut in quam constituebat eiecerit? Hic ergo secundum id quod
habet esse ad ulciscendi tempora reservabo de television productio, est visus, '' Inception '' realiter quod
factum est autem in novissimis diebus dicit Caius Iulius Caesar Divus. Sit amet idea quod "Blackouts"
Summorum uera constituit pertimesco non animam, sed illum quidem metuo decisiones in novissimis
diebus regni maxime transitus paratur sibi et magistri; Romae Reipublicae Et Imperii of becoming the
Romae. Deus est dignus nomine egregie quoad ratio numquam putavi unius secundi nepos decem
annorum secretum servare potuisset debilitate subita patruo. Atque haec productio non nepotem summi
duos dies ante avunculi sui arcani "Blackouts"
Summo cum iam compede nepotem vidit occasio. Et indicavit ei omnia suis timoribus ad rem publicam
populi Romani periculo propter conversiones decisions autem postulavit a populo timens eos qui ex
ministeria senuerunt ad Dominum benedicebant. Optime gnarus neminem hiscere omnibus magistris
parum sciat haec trends tunc cadens in terram. Itaque his rebus vereor fiant. Summus Caesare tantum
dicendo veritatem nepotis sui magistri molimina data est primo loco Brutus filius. Si non continue, aut
Reliqua ... intellegis? Quam parem "niger" solus, qui moriens solus, et tumentes superbia notitia incipit
fluere in Republica Romana, sic causando in exemplum subversionis decreta magni momenti in
constructione de Romae futurum imperium, dicit elegit ludere per '' mediis soccus 'omnes'
'comoediarum festivitatibus solet'. Sciens autem servi eius et filio Brutum sentirent temporaria
infirmitatibus sciebat jam tale timenti de electionibus quae tunc everti ha Julius Caesar optavit res
theatro astuti sicut vulpes; Ne haec «Blackouts" nominatur solus mortuus est C. Caesarem simulavit
"BLACKOUT" Coram administratores filio Brutus.
In publica intersunt television productio, primo ictu in terram usque ad summum allidit illum, incipiam
loqui simillima et videte ait illis produci per "niger". Haec est pars hominis provocat scaenam "niger
'verisimile quod fuisset Deus et vixit. Haec media ab filmmakers, ut eo efficacius operis inceptio.
Deinde quod nescimus praeter historiam refert Julius Caesar summo super hoc ponit se togae medium
filmmakers opus inceptum perficere. Quid hoc aliud est pars hominis scaenam tum approbatione
Summi provocat, ut, verbi gratia, ut pars eius, traiecit ferro pectus eius auctores et Brutus filius. Viri
intelligentes imbecillitates potens continuo cognoverunt dicit eis quod melius se ad imperium illius
occisus a suis quam mori ante oculos et ad omnes et decisiones saltem anni ipsa re cognita populi
subvertit Deus ablatione Caesar. Togam ponentes in faciem C. Caesarem pro populo suo claudit oculos
opinione suum esse dixit. A saeculo confregisti iugum subire elegit simulare "niger" et poterit
communicare approbatione occisio ab homine ejus, quam tuendo ea conserere realis "niger" apud illos,
ita fiat.

Idem probari potest communicare et filio relicto supinum administratores coram summo dilectum
Ita ut 'inception Ego nescio quod magnum suspicor esse iudicium meum ...; Si Caesar summo flexibus
parte contigit ut dictum est, est in humilitate mea sententia, incontinentem ... ... ad totum impulsum
sanguinem super cognationem ejus, per versutiam latebram sic facit reum caedis in omnibus affectibus
implicat turpe ... est, ut opinor, et Mal ... olim Romani imperii erat. Julius Caesar .. Pertinax necatus est
a summo bono suo cura, et accepit erit titulum honorarium ab Imperatore, post haec nova Imperii
eruditionem quotannis legatur. Hoc erit qui accepit fiduciam sui fratris filium, prima fiet infirmitatibus
meis, qui tanta Imperatoris ... Imperii An ... Imperii, ut et pugnatum postmodum saecula mea sententia,
Caesar Julius, si ex titulo accepit post mortem Caesar intellexit quia dicit quod post mortem suam
administratores decipiant eos quasi vulpeculae, verisimillimum est relictus ex his litteris nota ... Julius
Caesar cognovit et salvum facere futuro imperio Quam longe est a Roma ... ... Deus volens ire ad quam
constituebat eiecerit?

The Republic of Rome ... and the Death of Jules Caesar
by the Hand of Brutus ... or ... For Brutus and
the Senators ... On behalf of Caius Julius ...
Then came a Sovereign who was about to change the way of seeing the Republic of Rome, by
amalgamating both the Republic of Rome and the Anthical Kingdom of Rome under a single banner;
The Empire of Rome ...
However, although it seems clear that the Sovereign in question had greatly participated, not to say
precipitated things in order to see the birth of this Empire of Rome, this great Sovereign was, according
to the History, Assassinated before the official inauguration of this new Empire, basically, renewed. The
name of this Sovereign is; Caius Julius Caesar .... It is said of Julius Caesar that he became Sovereign a
little by demagoguery (I say that they all did it ... or maybe ... almost all did ...) . Anyway, this
Sovereign has one day returned to the great city of Rome, a little saying "It's going to be a clown band,
what the people need is a dream and an idea. on which to sit! ''. So even before the Republic of Rome
was transformed into the Empire of Rome, only by the ideas of reforms that Julius Caesar brought, this
Empire was already bouncing like a baby ... Without pretending anonymity and to the non-importance
of the other Sovereigns who preceded Julius Caesar, the latter is undoubtedly the Sovereign of this
Republic-Empire having struck the most imaginary of the Planet. And oddly enough, he is often, and
especially in animated clowning, depicting himself as a villain.
And it's not for nothing, when we look at the presentation that is made of him and his opponents in the
cartoon; The adventures of Asterix and Obelix. In this cartoon, the Sovereign and his legions of soldiers
are always looking to invade a recalcitrant village; The Gauls. And this approach depicted and which
presents Jules Caesar as being always defeated by the two heroes, is in fact the reverse of the true
situation of the time when the adventures of Asterix and Obelix unfold. In these adventures, the district
still resists the attacks of Jules Caesar and his band.

But in fact, in the real history unfolding on the Planet, it is the Republic of Rome which constituted the
last village resistant always and again to the invaders from all sides not liking the ideas of greatness to
the point of being ready to break everything like clowns ..
For short, in the historical reality, the village threatened by the invader, it is the Republic of Rome, and
the threatening invader is the village depeind in the cartoon with its two heroes. And in my opinion, and
by the admission of Jules Caesar, these invaders were real barbarians ... apart from the Gauls ... who in
my opinion were very friends with Jules Caesar who would have passed them off as barbarians in his
writings only for to build in Brave Men ... My reasoning pushed further, Panoramix the druid is Jules
Caesar on vacation with the Gauls, and who serves them the magic potion; A little strategy trick to resist
some Romans ... and thus playing on both planes and thus reigning as Absolute and Cunning Master as
a Fox ... Panoramix the Druid on a journey, it's Jules Caesar in Rome ...
To come to the assassination of Julius Caesar, historically speaking he was killed by his clowns of
adminstrators, and with as a cherry on the clown sunday, a blow carried by his son; Brutus. This is the
official fact as reported by the story ... (Precisium; According to many for a few years, Brutus would
not have been the son of Julius Caesar, neither legitimate son nor adoptive son ... I say that Brutus was
the legitimate son of Julius Caesar and that this one was hidden from the popularity of his father to
protect him during the wars of conquest ... to then be integrated in the Senate once the Sovereign with
the Power ... Final point ...). I had the chance to watch the television production; Rome. This superb
production of, presents the last moments of the Republic of Rome before the great changes made to
make it the Empire of Rome, with as a background, the last moments of the Sovereign a few years
before his assassination in the heart from the great house of the administrations of the Republic of
Rome What I believe is this; The filmmakers have practiced an inception, to put me another idea in the
head than the ones they officially present in this production enough '' BIG '' .. And immediately, when I
noticed the potential inception that I may have practiced it, I thought it was likely that this inception
was practiced only to entertain the neurons without any historical pretense. But if this is the case, I still
agree with the hypothesis ... So I'm a winner all the way ... my dissertation is admissible ... Or the
filmmakers think the same thing as me, or they tell me have put in the head to laugh, but I remain in
agreement with the ideem itself ... This argument reinforces me therefore in the idea that I put the finger
on the true cause of the death of Jules Caesar.
Then, I thought about this; If I had the chance to convey a message that is important to me, by an
inception, would I do it or would I choose to use this process of inception to put anything in the head of
the person who look at my work? In my opinion, I would go for an inception suggesting my opinion,
rather than go as a clown for any aimless inception ... So, I presume presumptuously that the
filmmakers, if any have practiced this inception in their work, have gone there with an inception
supporting their convictions, rather than going there with a purposeless inception. Because the scenes
described in the following lines strongly suggest the conclusions that I draw from this tele-film and thus
a suggestion of the filmmakers; And if …?
Here is the description made officially in the work; Julius Caesar sometimes has what is called vulgar
language; '' Blackouts ''. He falls to the ground without knowledge or not, he shakes a little and it's
over ... In our day, we know that it can happen, without life being necessarily in danger, even if it is
unpleasant. Jules Caesar has, at times, this kind of '' absence ''. At one point, he is about to undergo a
"blackout", and it passes him.

But he realizes that his nephew who will later become the first Emperor of the Roman Empire, has seen
her become shaky ... And Julius Caesar explains to his nephew, that if a clown had to learn this
tendency of the Sovereign to "blackouts" and that one day he should die, he would risk producing an
unfortunate consequence; If the people learned of the circumstances of the Sovereign's death, namely
"blackouts" that would be perceived as a sign of senility, all that would have been done in the last year
or more would risk becoming invalid. All that would have been accomplished for a year at least would
be canceled under the pretext of the potentiality of Julius Caesar's senility.
And this, in order to avoid unreasonable decisions based on the madness of the Sovereign be applied
within the Rome Republic in the process of becoming the Empire of Rome, this Imperial transition
being '' the priority of the Sovereign in way to disappear. And so, the Sovereign exerts his nephew of
about ten years, to keep this secret for him. Then, for short, a few times later, the Sovereign is
assassinated by his administrators, with a blow carried by his son; Brutus.
This is the official version, as presented by the story, in general, about the last moments of the
Sovereign Julius Caesar. How far is a Sovereign willing to go for his Ideal ...? Here, then, according to
what has been presented in the television production, is my vision '' Inception '' of what really happened
in the last days of the Sovereign Caius Julius Caesar Divus. Let's start from the idea that the "blackouts"
of the Sovereign were genuine and made him very afraid, not for his life as such, but made him really
fear for the decisions taken in the last days of his Kingdom, especially for the transition prepared by
him and his directors; The Republic of Rome becoming the Empire of Rome. A Sovereign worthy of
the name, and brilliant as regards tactics, would never have thought for a single second that his tenyear-old nephew would have been able to keep the secret of the sudden weaknesses of his uncle. And
indeed, in this production, the nephew of the Sovereign does not last two days before going to betray
the secret of his uncle about his "blackouts"
The Sovereign, having had his nephew shackled, saw a golden opportunity. He explained to him all his
fears for the Republic of Rome, because of the risk of reversals of decisions demanded by the people
fearing the senility of the Sovereign. Knowing very well that the little one would open his mouth all his
directors would then be made aware of these trends to fall to the ground. Thus also making them fear
for these decisions. The Sovereign Julius Caesar, by telling only the truth to his nephew, was given the
opportunity to manipulate his directors, in the first place, his son Brutus. Should I continue, or did you
understand the rest ...? Rather than risking a "blackout" alone, of dying alone, and presumptuous
information begins to circulate in the Republic of Rome, and thus causing the overthrow of important
decisions for the construction of the Rome's future empire, the Sovereign chose to play the '' comedy ''
of all the '' comedies ''. Knowing that now his administrators and his son, Brutus, were aware of his
temporary weaknesses and knowing that they would now have the same kind of apprehensions about
the decisions made that would then be overturned, Sovereign Jules Caesar opted for a coup theater,
cunning like a fox; For fear that these "blackouts" occur alone and he dies, Jules Caesar SIMULATED
In the official scene of television production, the first blow on the Sovereign throws him to the ground,
and we see the Sovereign begin to converse very similar to those produced by a "blackout". This
portion of the scene evokes a "blackout" much as the Sovereign would probably have lived. This is half
of the filmmakers' work in order to practice inception.

And then, we do not know why except that the story relates, Jules Caesar the Sovereign takes his toga
and puts it on the face This is the second half of the work of the filmmakers to complete the inception.
What this other portion of the scene evokes then is the approval of the Sovereign to, let us say, make his
party stabbed by his directors and his son Brutus. These men being aware of the weaknesses of the
Sovereign, they immediately understood that what the Sovereign told them was that it was better for the
coming Empire that he was assassinated by his relatives, rather than to die before their eyes and be
taken to see all the decisions taken for at least a year, be overthrown by the people learning the real
circumstances of the disappearance of Sovereign Julius Caesar. By putting his toga on his face, Jules
Caesar, and in front of all his people, close his eyes to, in his opinion, his necessary assassination. The
Sovereign has chosen to pretend to undergo a "blackout" and so be able to communicate his approval of
the killing of his person, rather than risk a real "blackout" before them, and so be it. unable to
communicate this same approval and thus leaving his administrators and his son helpless in the face of
the death of their beloved Sovereign.
So that's the inception I suspect I've been ... My opinion ; If this manipulation on the part of the
Sovereign Julius Caesar occurred as I have just described it, it is, still in my humble opinion,
IMMORAL ... on the whole line ... To push his relatives to the murder on his person, by the
manipulation and the subterfuge, thus making them guilty of this murder with all the emotions that it
implies in them ... IT IS IMMORAL AND, in my opinion, Bad ... Then one day, the Empire of Rome
was born ... Julius Caesar the Sovereign assassinated by his good care, will have even received the
honorary title of Emperor, following this edification of this new Empire. It will be his nephew who has
received the confidence of his weaknesses who will become the first Emperor of this great Empire ...
An Empire that lasted for centuries thereafter ... And in my opinion, if Julius Caesar received the post
mortem title of emperor, it is because after his death his administrators realized that the sovereign had
duped them like a cunning fox, most probably by a note left in one of his personal writings ... They
understood that Jules Caesar had do this to save the coming empire of Rome ...
How far is a Sovereign willing to go for his Ideal ...?

Et hoc est opinionem ... ... This is my belief ...
Columbus Orbis Terrarum
Nova est ... aut ... ... nunc ... Quota hora est ?
Ad intelligunt fabulam narravit, ut hic aliqua puncta illustrandæ ... primum Deorum nunquam in caelum
et egressus ejus interfecerunt ut populus, post bella. Acrius reiiciendum sententia. Tum vero exarsit
cognouit homo sine evolutione civiliter sed turo fuisse consumpta dierum non reperio quod numquam
edepol vitam subito, post dierum luce quasi inveniendi quae simplex scurra ut rotam ... hoc ... vigorem
idea est sententiam respuendam, Igitur improbat opinionem imperium, missis exploratoribus ad
lustrandum horizontem rogat eos eventus inventio alterius civilis docere populos coram docere originis
itemque eorum voluntate. Etsi voluntatem bonam. Et dignam nominis non mittant aut paucorum tantum
pedibus naviculis ad lustrandum horizonte nec vitando evantuality a contactu ita absque ulla ejus
potestate est 'armada de contactu deliciarum uehiculorum milites hypothesi civilem nimis curiosa et
ideo potentia Psidium. Acrius reiiciendum sententia ...

Primo Imperii; De Imperii Summersian; Hoc est probabiliter Imperii primus qui et dominati sunt
planetae et fortasse mille annis .
Imperii secundi; De Imperii semitico; Hoc est probabiliter Imperii planetae in suos regnasse secundo,
cum adhuc ...
Tertio Imperii; De Imperii Aegyptia; Imperii verisimile est hanc tertiam et dominati sunt planetae et
fortasse mille annis.
Quartum Imperii; De Graecorum Imperii; Hoc est probabiliter Imperii quartus dominati sunt planetae et
fortasse mille annis.
Imperii Quintus; Et Persici Imperii; Hoc est probabiliter Imperii quintus, qui regnaturus est super
planetae fortasse pro mille annis.
Sextus Imperii; Graecorum Et Imperii (reditum); Hoc est probabiliter Imperii sextus, qui regnaturus est
super planetae, maybe pro mille annis.
Septima Imperii; Imperium Romanum Hoc est ultimum Imperii Imperii Panete in suos regnasse
traditur; nam fortasse mille annis.

novum Regnum
Et nunc hic sumus Imperii Romani inter ruina eius: perpetrata caede pergere Iulii Caesaris sicarios in
Iesu Christo peperit, et de gentibus modern. Nova regna, obsecundans, depositis super planetae. Et
omnia illa regna, ipsum autem stabit regnum exploratores de te, Hispaniarum imperium. Ex quo regnum
inventis technicis dives Engineering, magna apparet homini cum insanis idea; Ut inveniam novum
fragmen terra, quam diu fuit in ipsum subiectum gravitate speculativa destitutam ex omni parte
planetae; Et quod Mundus Novus nuncupatus est ... .... Et Explorer nominatur Christopher Columbus In
brevi, si Deus in regnum rimor in Hispaniam, ut convenirent ad licentiam eiciam quaerere ut in
naviculam rouge (Transierunt enim vere in Corydon ...) Orbis, quem certiorem fecit se ut rimor
comitante exercitus partem regni Hispaniae. Lets 'dicere; Navibus per armada. Tunc rex iussit
explorator in casu aliquo contactu cultu, nec indicare originem inquirentium neque enim homo Regni
Hispaniae cum surgit mane comedet. Explorator, accepit claves navi profectus navibus mare Oceanum
in comitatu illius. Et surgens omnis multitudo usque ad Oceanum et in novissimis partibus. Et non
invenerunt ...
Et ascenderunt naviculas ita ut vidit Saul et intellexit partem agri, in locis essent usque ad hoc fragmen
terra. Quis est in litoribus nova invisibilia erant in mundo. Christopher Columbus fecit ergo ei Generalis
miles in rimor in navi discedere, cum ex Novus Orbis Terrarum ad litus, et quidem deducere tergum
bellicorum bombos imitantur. Christopher Columbus iussit Sed miles Generalis de Armada in Spanish
rimor ut memores eorum praeceptorum Domini et potens, nimirum, Contactus non datur alicui nisi
necessitate nullatenus revelabit faciem naves, et non discutere aut provenientia ex armada vel quod ibi
sumitur. Ne quid fluxus ... (Delicatus ludum nauta verbum Domini ...) rimor Christopher Columbus et
sinistram suam et dixit ... intellexerunt ut navicula et ejus turba, sed ad ... Columbus Orbis Terrarum
Nova rimor omnis enim qui dixit ut Caput, ''Intellexi ... ''

Et quid Columbus rimor et non intellexerunt quod sit belli dux, sesequemet optimè nouisse dicit
Hispanica ad praevidit et tumultus huius magni nova terra. Christopher Columbus in rimor est
verisimile vides renes et pullis columbae ad novam terram hanc in conspectu hominum. Christopher
Columbus, et simpliciter non est accipere ... simul ut foras mittetur qui nesciebat quod in pastu vitulos
ad hoc momento, et simul exhibendo erupit ut constituat in se est potentiale habitant uno agmine suo
Et quid est quod factum ... confestim igitur ut pervenit ad litus, Christopher Columbus occurrit duo
quadrata ex hominibus. Convenientibus invicem omnes praesentes nova litora excusso timidus tanquam
in hominem haud alia, deinde duo in locum rei. .. Christopher Columbus in rimor: facti sunt non est
possibile obiectum et instrumentum de adventu tumultus in Hispaniam regnum, habet et magnam
tamquam homo, electi revelare coram Armada off ad huius Orbis inermes, atque suis in huius
exspectatione quidnam expectetur eventus armada massa huius Regni Hispaniae litoribus. Et
Christopher Columbus fecit arbitrium ad omnes electiones ... Columbus Christohe et facti sunt electi ad
'' et '' Strategist ... Orbis Terrarum Nova et Christopher Columbus docuit populum et omnia, quae in
mundo notum in antiquis alterum latus Oceano quantum militaris. Et omnibus his, tactics aptum ad
doceri et applicari rimor fuisset ferox et solitudinem mundi. Omnes Novi Orbis Terrarum in iustus pauci
dies, et gratias agens ad tribo-sophisticated ratio communicandi instrumenta, ut omnem terram hanc a
septentrione in austrum: et non receperunt notitia in militum conspectu Dei super regnum Hispaniam
off oram Dei Novae terrae. Duabus hebdomadibus accelerato immo plenissimam omnium accolarum
recepit disciplinam ne pugnantes milites pagani Regni Hispaniae in finem quanta armada ne si nova
Litus accedere. Christopher Columbus rimor de Genio, et gratias agere, ac dolo Hannibalis, quae
nusquam possunt accedere ad regnum Hispaniam fuerint accedere vel ex natura.
Sic, in hoc mundo iam inceperat exponentially in faciem evolve "normalis" evolutionis periti ab
hominibus in altera parte Oceanum. Vetus Orbis Terrarum technology quis ex pluribus et in saecula
didicit ex altera parte Oceanum, iam didici sed ex natura circiter duobus annis, et manere velle orbem
terrarum applicari ad singula atque silva. Cum ab initio, haec missio arcanum iter ad Novum mundo
erat developed per Hispaniam regnum, quando venit nuntius de consulibus ad defectionem rimor
Columbus altera parte Oceanum pervenit in slogan fuit; Hoc autem totum factum est .... Nemo enim
umquam trinus de itinere cognovi ... Et per multos annos, per quem Novi Orbis Terrarum evolved in
parallel apud Vetus Orbis Terrarum, in altum technological et singula ita per tot annos in regnum
Hispaniam conatus est, et in aliis Regnis, et sine victoria, ut pedes supra Novi Orbis Terrarum ad
litora .. rimor Christopher Columbus cum cognovissent quia ex altera parte ad Oceanum pertinent,
nemo sanctificare magnorum audissem ventus inventionis huius Orbis inermes, atque etiam post decem
annos porto in rimor in elegit Columbus intensive minaciae et regnum in Hispaniam, ut impleant
quosdam quae sunt necessaria ad constructionem huius Orbis.
In comminatione; 'Si quid autem a te non nobis, ibimus amen dico vobis, quod et in te inventa Novi
Orbis Terrarum decem anni, et non indicavit mihi populus. Sic suus' amo ire canetis ... Quid vobis
videtur? '' In primo, in Hispaniam regnum huius flectebat genu, minaciae et omnia iusta in summa,
partem Christopher Columbus rimor Genius. Sed ubi cives huius Novi Orbis Terrarum festinus
inopinato pervenire ad alteram partem Oceani, quam certiorem facere et Vetus Orbis Terrarum ex
corrupto, praetermissum est inventionis huius Orbis inermes ab alio Regnum, Christopher Columbus
Non est igitur audiebat diligenter ex duces, et opera ejus in disco: et interrogavit omnem pecuniam,
inter novos advenas, ex physicus magister.

Et hoc totum orbem terrarum, et in saecula: evolved in parallel apud Vetus Orbis Terrarum. Sed propter
hoc mysterium esse Orbis Hunc efficitur modum technicis cum Veteris Orbis Decretum iussisset
dummodo viris navis Orbis nec non de litore huius Orbis inermes, et sine ulla technology progressus in
Vetus Orbis terrarum esset iners.
Itaque omnia saecula nam progressus est retardatus, in quo se referebat ab uno patre et filio, qui omnia
semper fuisse, ut ante fuit; Aratores agrorum, pratorum liberos ... (Pseudo ...) adversus hostem ...
(desunt). A generatione in generationem: id est Vetus Orbis Terrarum ad usus hominum, Pater meus
pater disiecitque rates evertitque agri antequam ad bellum contra hostem, mi pater disiecitque rates
evertitque agri antequam ad bellum contra hostem ego arare agris coram eo in bello contra hostem, et
filium meum et Filii autem bellum adversus hostem arva ,,, et prius in a ... (pseudo) intacti bello rediit
unde omnis quia (pseudo) bellum in litore constitit temptat novi Orbis Terrarum, et gratias agere ex
bonis curam Christopher Columbus in rimor et imperatoriae doctrina data, ut cives huius Orbis inermes,
quod non calcatur et fere mille annis (pseudo) belli nemo occisus est, et quod quisque Regrediens finita
est, a patre et filio, et in ... Nam homo, infectos linquens '' bella 'et ignarus effectus ex millenniis iam hic
(pseudo) bello solum id quod perveniet in navicula in locum pugnae sita in aqua, et ubi sociis essent
omnia unum trying ut pede in litore nuper novis terris, quae est Nova eis erat in mundo: sed quoquo
gentium nullo modo ad bellum. Quod ipsi facere nunquam edidit Christopher Columbus rimor in ...
Gratias ...
Olim ad principes Novi Orbis Terrarum (non vere novus post mille annos ...), et ad principes Orbis
Terrarum Nova et consilium fecerunt ingens consecutio. Et pepercit oculus meus super duces Vetus
Orbis Terrarum qui fuerat captus est quamdiu in ardua dumos technological propter mendacium, VEL,
quia omissio est de inventis nuper novis Mundi. Placuit itaque principes facere testamentum novum
incolae Novi Orbis ... Sed quod incolae huius Orbis esset realis et deinde? Initio cum technicis
sciendum quod loquendo haud in tentationem. Primum est quod multum videbat; Ut manus hominum
ingens spatium tabellarius. Et hoc spacio potuit, transporter habrite omnes incolae Novi Orbis Terrarum.
Atomicus sphaera movet impulsus loco, tum in systema planetarium stella usque ad ultimas angustias.
Ita lego Orbis viros elegerat, iam plana artificialis Planetæ autem colossicotera accideret. Virum
exclamaverunt; 'Est enim' Object appropinquare ... planeta ... '' A appropinquare planetae est planeta
hominum. Armorum magna planeta similes planetae per homines fuit hoc petere Planet de rectum erat
spatium transporter ... homines putaverunt quia de scientists a Novus Orbis Terrarum. Nostris errans in
finibus erat Sumerians systema planetarium incolentes artificialis tellure Rodrigo Abela et in Annunakis
... artificialis huius planetae copiis consederat, haud procul a luna, ita ut hoc spatio noctu tabellarius
noster invisibilia enim manet Vetus Orbis Terrarum.
De Sumeriis Annunakis, et tunc nova descenderat in mundo, in sophisticated artis technicae artis
progressiones sunt etiam in lumine et incolae Novi Orbis Terrarum. Itaque visitatores ad ista Orbis pars
hominum est, quae non fuerat sicut factum est in Summerians et Annunaki iam impleatur, et audiant
propter hoc marte ex Novus Orbis Terrarum, id est principio facto postea probavit historical contactus
inter haec duo humanos civilesque cultus separata ab millibus annis evolutionis. Novus Orbis Terrarum
inutilia et omni populo nuntiatum est quod aedificare quod planetae etiam artificialis, ut erat satis
magnus in omnes.

Non est igitur haec omnia saecula nuntiatum, a pseudo- tam gravi bello fuerat in mundo sociali
hominum mendacium, quod planetae non sicut in fabulam omnibus appertinentiis posteritati oriuntur a
vero. Planetæ hujus historiae fuerat non esse; Ut credant bellum trans oceanum in saecula ex patre filius
esset dimicandum, simul omnes ventos. Et hoc est inconveniens. Omne quod est ad finem, ... sine
morte. Omnes homines esse ex eo tempore viventem atque planetae populatio planetae '' ... '' adnectenda
sunt acta, ad tempus.
Quare tempus?
Ut possitis offerre veram fabulam incolae telluris, fabulam committitur novo modo incolae ignarus hanc
commotionem testatur in Planetam, perpetuo cinctum hominum Undercover ' 'qui se vigilare semper in
grano amplius ne slippage ... omnes homines velle, ut digni facti sunt' 'undercover' 'iens facti sunt una,
tumulo quasi a consule pacti servandi secretum. Alioquin per consequens esset index proxima confluens
'' ... '' ac demissis locis huius populatio rerum omnium scientiam habere. Itaque indice consequens ad
portandum munus extractionis, omnia summa coactus accepta notitia hominis. Omnes homines
habitantes in Renovavit noluit manere '' ... '' Tellus posset.

Fossa Mariana
... in brevi, extruxitque munitiones sunt bases in fundo fossa et Mariana multitudo in rerum retentionem
infirmato inter ... centers, quia captus est, qui non conatur ad finem vitae suae, aut in alia scelera
prolabantur, quod esset idoneum ad criminalibus vivet in '' ... '' ut ne contaminentur ab intus spatium
recepta per internum hominem ac conflictationes quas ipsum facta esset spatium longi ante huius
populatio centers ut etiam installed ... ... Cloning et Computer nomine '' Brutus '' habet facti, cum alii
per eius administrationem advocatorum est, computatrum administratione propriis mechanicas horum
defuerit, ideo dicitur underwater officinae a computatrum ... finis ... postulatus humanae rationis, sed
ens,-summa omnium, a computer solum et semper auxilium humanum requirendo autonoma ratione
administrare sophisticated has centers ...
Proposuerat laudarunt omnes facti apparatus sphaericam volantem equitabit viri quod planeta invitari
artificialis subsidio multum artificiosa planetae. Tunc narrabant homines Orbis omnes aquas ex Planeta
hominum ut collectis admodum diu post diluvium servire Planetæ '' ... '' et incrementa fiunt homines sit
habitator. Haec quoque aqua naturaliter ad explicandum eorum incolis telluris hominibus, et ideo in
aquam infunditur. At illi dixerunt: ne calamitatis Planetæ in diluvio orbis quondam similia, haec
oportuit solidantur. Tandem denique investivimus Planetæ utrimque Oceanus fecit solito salutem
virorum turbatur magnus globus tecti partem Planetæ collectis in '' ... '' et coepi fugamus aquam Planetæ
postquam aedificavit summersus centra in imum inanes ministerio eu reliqua Mariana fossa 'Brutus
donec redeunte undercover incolis hujus telluris homines repopulation et quomodo ... ut non tam
gelantur aquae in planeta ad vitare damnum ut sodales montibus effluente, percussum est quasi
inundatio aquarum et flumen ... in tempore ? Sponte glaciation hanc aquam, cum isto solo planetae ex
Quo ...? Glaciem glacies ... impetus tempestatis liquidis in frigore temperatus sub eget commodo ut
physici congelatur. Cum stilla tetigerit, hic ... aquae glaciem vertitur viginti quatuor vel viginti octo
horas facta globus Planetæ glaciem. Et factum est ultimum tempus et ultimum glaciation in diluvio
stella ... et ... Intelligendum quod omnia illa quae de cruenta certamina, in bella, is aliquantum ... De
corporum parum diligens sanguinem, et trucidati sunt sed ad tempus quo spiritus hominis est, non
tamen immobilis, iisdem in hoc corpore suo relicto corpore ... in homine dum in subiecto realiter in
ipso, ut non et quantacumque occurrere ...

In illo tempore describit hic homo ad seriem esse subiecta physica experimentis prorsus viventem
umquam sine corporis vita et terrestribus capiebant, fuit tamen corpus humanum natus quia hodie natus
est ... Corpus agebat occidendum; sed semper sine ... vita autem corporalis non prorsus esse subiecta est
viro suo ... ... quod anima esset homo rationis quae passus est ... inferos inferos et est ducens nos poterit
Spritual tormentum ... salubriter vivere in hoc mundo ...
Renaissance corporis praesentis mundi imperia, et ad Vetus ...

Columbus's New World ... or ... What Time is it ... now ...?
To understand the story as told here, some points need to be clarified ... First, the Gods in Heaven
would never have left his people to be slaughtered, following the wars. This idea is to be rejected with
vigor. Then, it is abnormally admitted that a man without any evolution of civility, but with this
potential, would have spent endless years without inventing anything and never turning on life, for all
of a sudden, and after these endless years , light up like a clown on simple things like inventing the
wheel ... This idea is to reject with vigor ...
Then, it is rejected the idea that an Empire, when sending scouts to scan the horizon, asks them, in the
event of the discovery of another civilization, to inform these peoples of their presence, to inform them
of their origin and also of their intentions. Even if these intentions are noble. An Empire worthy of the
name, will never send one or a few men alone, on foot or by boats, to scan the horizon without avoiding
the evantuality of a contact, and thus, without being put at its disposal a ' 'Armada' of vehicles and
soldiers in the hypothesis of a delicate contact with a civilization too curious, and therefore potentially
invasive. This idea is to be rejected with vigor ...
First Empire; The Sumerian Empire; This Empire is probably the first to have ruled the Planet for
perhaps a thousand years
Second Empire ; The Semitic Empire; This Empire is probably the second to have reigned on the
Planet, while still ...
Third Empire; The Egyptian Empire; This Empire is probably the third to have ruled the Planet for
perhaps a thousand years.
Fourth Empire; The Greek Empire; This Empire is probably the fourth to have ruled the Planet for
perhaps a thousand years.
Fifth Empire; The Persian Empire; This Empire is probably the fifth to have reigned on the Planet,
perhaps for a thousand years.
Sixth Empire; The Greek Empire (The Return); This Empire is probably the sixth to have reigned on
the Planet, maybe for a thousand years
Seventh Empire; Roman Empire ; This Empire is the Last Empire to have reigned over the Planet, for
perhaps a thousand years.

New Kingdoms
We are here now between the fall of the Roman Empire, the assassination of Julius Caesar, the
assassination of Jesus Christ, and the birth of modern nations. New Kingdoms are taking off all over the
And of all these Kingdoms, a Kingdom of explorers will stand out; The Empire of Spain. From this
Kingdom of Technological Engineering, a great man appears with a crazy idea; To find a new piece of
land, which for a very long time has been the subject of speculation on every side of the Planet; It will
be named the New World .... The Explorer is named Christopher Columbus ...
In short, when the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Spain granted the explorer the license to drive a boat to
search as a clown (he really passed for a clown ...) the New World, he informed the explorer that he
would be accompanied by a large part of the army of the Kingdom of Spain. Let's say it; By an Armada
of boats. Then, the Sovereign ordered the explorer, in case of contact with any civilization, to in no way
reveal the origin of the explorer, nor even what a man of the Kingdom of Spain eats in the morning
when he gets up. The explorer accepted, he took the keys of his boat and left on the ocean in the
company of a sea of boats like his. And they all went to the ocean in search of the New World. And they
found it ...
When the boats came to recognize the parcel of land as such, they were still at places of this new piece
of land. They were invisible to anyone on the shores of the New World. The Captain General has
therefore told the explorer Christopher Columbus to leave with his boat to the shore of the New World,
and at least bring back shells. But the Captain General of the Armada ordered Christopher Columbus
the explorer to remember the instructions of the Spanish Sovereign, namely; Do not contact anyone if
possible, but if necessary, under no circumstances disclose the presence of other boats off, and never
discuss either the provenance of the Armada, or even what is eaten there. Do not let anything flow ...
(Nice sailor's wordplay ...) Christopher Columbus the explorer said that he understood ... and he left
with his boat and his crew, towards the New World ... But the Columbus explorer, all he has said to the
Captain is; ''I understood ... ''
And what the explorer Columbus will have understood is that the Captain, and chiefly the Spanish
Sovereign, foresaw an invasion of this great new land. Christopher Columbus the explorer became a
pigeon sent to probe the likely presence of men on this new land. And Christopher Columbus simply
did not accept it ... At the same time to be thrown in pasture to one did not know what at this moment,
and at the same time to have to constitute a masquerade by presenting itself to the potential residents of
the place as one man with his band.
And that's what will have happened ... As soon as he arrived on the beach, Christopher Columbus met
two men from the square. After meeting each other, all the men present on this new beach, all in
nervous shock as if we had met a man from another planet, the two men of the place were then put in
the facts. .. Christopher Columbus the explorer, refusing to become the object and tool of a possible
invasion coming from the Kingdom of Spain, has, and like a great Man, chosen to reveal the presence
of the Armada off of the New World, and his own apprehension about what awaited this New Earth in
the event of a mass landing of this Armada of the Kingdom of Spain.

And Christopher Columbus made the choice of all the choices ... Christopher Columbus will have
chosen to become '' The '' Strategist of the people of the New World ...
Christopher Columbus taught all that was known in the old world on the other side of the ocean, in
terms of military tactics. And all these tactics taught by the explorer have been applied and adapted to a
wild and leafy world. All the New World, in just a few days, and thanks to a tribo-sophisticated system
of communication, so all this land, from north to south, will have received information on the military
presence of the Kingdom of Spain off the coast of the New World.
In two weeks, all the natives had received an accelerated but complete military training in order not to
fight like clowns the soldiers of the Kingdom of Spain, but in the great goal of preventing the Armada,
if only to approach the New Coast. And thanks to the Genius of the explorer Christopher Columbus,
and his tactics, never has the Kingdom of Spain been able to approach or even approach the New
Thus, this world has begun to evolve exponentially in the face of the "normal" evolution experienced by
men on the other side of the ocean. Any technology from the Old World and learned over several
centuries from the other side of the ocean, has been learned in the New World in about two years, but
applied to a world wishing to remain tribal and forest.
Since from the beginning, this trip to the New World was a secret mission developed by the Kingdom
of Spain, when the news of the defection of the explorer Columbus arrived on the other side of the
ocean the slogan has been ; This trip never took place .... No one there knew about the trip ...
And for many years, during which the New World evolved in parallel with the Old World, in a high
technological and tribal way, during all these years, the Kingdom of Spain tried, and with other
Kingdoms, and without success, to set foot on the beaches of the New World .. When the explorer
Christopher Columbus learned that on the other side of the ocean, no man had heard wind of the great
discovery of the New World, and even after ten years, the explorer Columbus has chosen to carry out
intensive blackmail on the Kingdom of Spain, in order to obtain certain things necessary for the
construction of the New World.
The threat ; "If you do not give us what we ask you, we will go and tell you that you have discovered
the New World for ten years, and you have not told the people. It's going to sound like what do you
think ...? ''
At first, the Kingdom of Spain refused to bow to this blackmail, sum-all justifiable on the part of
Christopher Columbus explorer Genius. But when the citizens of this New World managed to stealthily
reach the other side of the ocean, rather than inform the Old World of the corrupto-omission on the
discovery of the New World by the other Kingdoms, Christopher Columbus It is then listened carefully
by the leaders, and serve on a platter of money all that he asked, including newcomers, from the teacher
to the scientist. And all this world, and for centuries, evolved in parallel with the Old World. But here,
because of this secret about the existence of the New World, this world evolved without limit
technologically, whereas in the Old World, a decree had ordered that as long as the men of ship of the
Old World would not have not touching the beach of the New World, any technology in this Old World
would be stagnant and without progress.

And so, all progress has been slowed down for centuries, during which one repeated oneself from father
to son, that everything had always been as it was; Fields to plow, meadows for children and ...
(pseudo ...) war against the sworn enemy ... (nonexistent). From generation to generation, it was the
experience of the men of the Old World; My father's father plowed the fields before going to war
against the sworn enemy, my father plowed the fields before going to war against the sworn enemy, I
will plow the fields before going in the war against the sworn enemy and my son and his sons will plow
the fields before going to war against the sworn enemy ,,, and so on ...
A (Pseudo) war from which all men came back unscathed, because this (pseudo) war was only trying to
set foot on the beach of the New World, which thanks to the good care of Christopher Columbus the
explorer and his tactical teaching given to the citizens of the New World, was never trampled, and in
almost a thousand years of (Pseudo) war or nobody was killed, and which everyone ended up coming
back, from father to son, and so on ... For the man leaving in '' war '' and unaware of the implications
now millennia of this (pseudo) war, it was only to arrive by boat on a battlefield located on the water,
and where do were allies, all together trying to set foot on the beach of the New World, which for them
was not the New World, but any nation whatsoever to go to war. What they have never managed to
do ... Thanks to the explorer Christopher Columbus ...
One day, the leaders of the New World (not really new after a thousand years ...), so the leaders of the
New World have made a huge decision of consequence. They took pity on the leaders of the Old World
who had been caught in the technological brakes for so long, because of the lie, OR, because of the
Omission about the discovery of the New World. The leaders therefore decided to bequeath the New
World to new inhabitants ...
But what would the real inhabitants of the New World do then?
Initially, one must understand that when they were technologically speaking, there was not much to
their test. Initially, here is what was greatly envisioned; Make hands of men, a huge space carrier. And
this spacio-transporter could contain all the inhabitants of the New World. An atomic propulsion sphere
that can move in space, and particularly in the planetary system of the Planet, and even to its most
remote surroundings.
The men having thus chosen to bequeath the New World, had already begun the planes of the artificial
Planet, when the unexpected happened grandiose. A man exclaimed; '' Object approaching ... It's a
planet ... '' A planet was approaching the Planet of men. An immense planet, similar to the Planet of the
Men, was heading straight for this Planet of the Men ... It was a space transporter as thought by the
scientists of the New World. It was the Sumerians wandering the confines of our planetary system,
inhabiting an artificial planet; Courtesy of the Annunakis ... And this artificial planet was stationed, not
far from the moon, so that this spatio-carrier remains invisible for the Old World.
The Sumerians and Annunakis then descended on the New World, in sophisticated craft even in light of
the technological progress of the inhabitants of the New World. And so the visitors told the New World
men that what they had just done, the Sumerians and the Annunakis had already accomplished, and that
because of this new initiative from the New World, it was becoming justified this historical contact
between these two civilizations separated by thousands of years of evolution. New World men were told
that it was useless to build an artificial planet too, that it was big enough for everyone.

It was then announced that all these centuries of pseudo-war had constituted such a serious social lie
that the world of men on the planet could not thus give rise to a true story for future generations. The
history of the men of the Planet could not be what it had been; To make men believe on the other side of
the ocean a war for centuries and where, from father to son, we would fight, sum-all, only wind. This
was unacceptable. Everything had to end ... without death. All men living at that time would be taken
from the Planet and inserted into the population of the Planet '' ... '', temporarily.
Why temporarily?
In order to be able to offer a real story to the inhabitants of the Planet, the story had to start anew with
only the inhabitants knowing nothing of all this slip having taken place on their planet, BUT, always
surrounded by men '' undercover '' who would always watch the grain to avoid further slippage ... All
worthy men wishing to become '' undercover '' were going to become one, on the sole condition of
keeping the secret like a grave. Otherwise, the consequence would be the immediate repatriation of the
informer on '' … '', as well as the insertion in this spatial population of the man having knowledge of the
facts. And thus with consequence for the informer, to carry the responsibility of the extraction, sum-all,
forced, of the man having received the information. All other men who did not wish to live on the
Renewed Planet could remain on '' … ''.

The Mariana Trench ...
In short, they built huge bases at the bottom of the Mariana Trench for a multitude of things ... including
detention centers for those who would be caught trying to end their lives or other crimes that would
criminal unfit to live on '' … '' in order to prevent the space population from being contaminated from
the inside by internal and human conflicts that had been settled long ago for this space population ...
Cloning centers have also been installed ... and a Computer named '' Brutus '' has become, with its
administration by some lawyers, the computer administering the proper mechanical functioning of these
so-called underwater installations ... A computer at the limit of human reasoning ... but being, sum-all,
only a computer always and still requiring human help to autonomously manage these sophisticated
centers ...
All the men applauded the proposal made, they were made a spherical flying machine ride, and the men
invited on the artificial planet found that this artificial planet had a lot of water in reserve. It was then
explained to the men of the New World that all this water came from the Planet of Men, and that it had
been collected a very long time ago, after a deluge, to serve the Planet '' … '' and the developments
accomplished by the men there inhabitants. It was also explained to them that all this water naturally
returned to the inhabitants of the Planet of the Men, and that, therefore, that water was to be poured into
it. But, they said, in order to avoid a global devastation of the Planet by a deluge similar to that formerly
known, this water had to be solidified. Finally, and finally, we invested the Planet on each side of the
ocean, made the usual greetings to the men, all confused by the big sphere floating over the Planet, we
collected them on '' … '' and we have started dumping the water on the Planet after having built the
underwater centers at the bottom of the Mariana Trench which remained empty and administered by the
computer '' Brutus '' until the return of the undercover inhabitants on the planet men for the repopulation
of this one ...

And how did they do to freeze the water on the planet to avoid geological damage such as mountains
disappearing, struck by the flood of water as at the time of the flood … ? By a spontaneous glaciation of
this water, when touching the soil of the Planet ... How ? The ice storm ... The ice storm is liquid water,
at sub-freezing temperature, requiring a physical shock in order to freeze. When the drop of water
touches the ground, this drop of water turns into ice ... In twenty-four or forty-eight hours, the Planet
had become a ball of ice.
Then came the last period of glaciation on Planet ... and the last deluge ... One must understand that
everything that has been told about the bloody conflicts, the wars, is somewhat inaccurate ... The bodies
bleed and were put to death, but at a time when the spirit of the man was not not yet frozen in this
body ...
The man left his body for a while at that time and was not really subject to physical suffering ... At that
time described here, the man was subjected to a series of physical experiences and without ever totally
living a physical and terrestrial life, although the human body was born as it was born today ... The
body was undergoing murder, but without ever being subjected to it ... Life was not totally physical for
the man ... His life was conceptual ...
What man has suffered, is Hell ... And Hell is the Spiritual Torment ... leading us to be able to live
healthfully in this present physical world ...
Renaissance of the world and the Old Empires ...

Et post liquofactu ... Fossa Mariana ...

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