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Have I missed SomeThing ... ?! I do not Know ... Because I was Sleeping and Dreaming that I was a
Stupid Jerk whom was always Insulting the Jewish People ... It was the Fault of my People that had
modeled me like that ... And ... at a Moment an Angel has appeared to me asking why I was so
Malicious with the Jewish People ... So I have repeated each stupidity that my People had learned to me
about the Jewish People for Sending me to the Battle Front ... And the Angel, with a Lot of Patience &
Love has said ; '' You know Eric Pascal, You do not have to Believe everything that the others say ... '' ...
And you know what ... ?! The Angel was a German ...
After that, the Gods have appeared & they have made me falling Asleep ... Even if I was already
Sleeping ... That is Weird ... And I have made another Dream within which I was a Stupid Jerk whom
was always Insulting the German People for 39-45 ... It was the Fault of my People that had modeled
me like that ... And ... at a Moment an Angel has appeared to me asking why I was so Malicious with
the German People ... So I have repeated each stupidity that my People had learned to me about the
German People for Sending me to the Battle Front ... And the Angel, with a Lot of Patience & Love has
said ; '' You know Eric Pascal, You do not have to Believe everything that the others say ... '' ... And you
know what ... ?! The Angel was a Jewish ...
So I have called my Fathers & my Mothers in the Sky, asking ; '' What is the Trick ... ?!! That Sh ... has
happened or not ... ?! '' ... They have Responded ; '' The Only thing that you have to Remember is that
the Sh ... has Happened ... But you will Even never know the Name of the Sh ... ers ... '' ... To avoid
their self-glorification & new Persecutions on their Children ... '' ...
And they have continued to Talk ; '' Look at that World that has put all those confusions in your Head ...
One Side for Pushing you to Blaspheme on Jewish People ... One Side for Pushing you to Blaspheme
on German People ... And No One of them is a German or a Jewish ... And they have All, both Camp,
concerted themselves to send you to the Battle Front as the Dice Thrower that would determined if the
Job would be finished on the Jewish People, or if the Avenge would be applied on the German People ...
And I Repeat Eric Pascal, No One of them is a German or a Jewish ... '' ...

'' So they have all, against-Jewish & against-German, encouraged me to Kill one of those ... Even by the
Side-band, they knew what they were trying to put me to do ... And that Crazy People must Count ItSelf
pretty Lucky to not be Passed by the Hell that they have passed other ... They are Criminal & have
made Potential Murderer of MySelf ...'' ...
So Elohim Declared ; '' Well ... Eric Pascal ... You were too Intelligent to Fall in the Trap ... But it sadly
Looks like that you have understood the PainFul Truth about your People ... To make Short ... call them
'' Stand managers '' ... call them '' Cowards '' ... And to make Short, and just for you, Forgive them & let
us make the Clean-up that does not concern you anymore ... But Remember ... Remember Hard Eric
Pascal ... '' ...

I have been Tortured by the Gods … and I say '' Thank You … '' to Them each & every Time that I
Miraculously think about it …
I have just been Hired to Fight Satan … I am sent to its kingdom, on Earth, to capture it & to Exorcise it
… I Fight & I Fight & I Fight Again & Again … against its Demons to Finally find Satan in a Dark
room … But I am then captured by it and Bound on a chair in front of it … I scream on it … Laughing
Out Loud & saying that never it will have the Last word on me … I Spit on it … I Vomit on it while
crying at the same Time … I am so determined to Hurt it & to Destroy its kingdom on Earth … in the
Name of God …
Then it starts to submit me to a lot of Injuries … It Hurts so Bad !! So it Looks at me while Hurting me
so bad … right in the Eyes … Then it starts to talk to me with a Discourse that I consider as
Blasphemous … But I am not able to have the Last Word on its Arguments … I am Always without
word … asking myself why God has left me Down in the hands of Satan … Satan starts to explain to
me its Point of View … I do not even Remember what it was Talking about … and I would … Because
the only thing that I Remember is its Final Argument … ; Is God would really have to refer to me to
Save His KingDom from Satan … ? Would He Really need to send one of His Very Lambs to Fight
Satan & its Demons … ?

And While asking all that to me it puts its hands to its eyes that turn immediately to Blue … It puts its
hands to its head that immediately loses its horns … And it puts its hands on its face that turns
immediately to normal skin … He is there with a Tender Look in His Eyes, in front of me … He Looks
at me with a Little Smile because He sees that I start to Realize in front of Who I am … Because I start
to Realize that God does not, at All, need me to save His KingDom from anything at All … So I cry
while explaining that I agree with Him … And I Explain to Him WHY I Understand & I agree with
Him … ; I Pray the Living God at the Falling Night … and I Fight against Him by the Day, convinced
that HE is Satan … God does Not need me at All to Save His KingDom from Satan … To Believe other
else thing is a Sin …
Because God has Prevailed ...
I Realize that I have been hired by Satan to Fight against God & His Brothers and Sisters … to Destroy
the KingDom of Heaven Leading on Earth … I Realize that I have just been Exorcised by the Living
God … seated on the chair … Vomiting on His Face … I was a Demon … I was a False prophet ... sent
to Fight against the KingDom of Heaven on Earth ...
I Cry … And Slowly, and Gently, He brakes my Chains and He lets me standing as a Son in Front of
Him … I am Free … and He is Happy ...
Become a Son ...

Last Night, 3 Worlds have Reunited Again ... and the 3rd mouse is Leashed ... Congratulation ... You
have Resurrected by the Flesh ... Welcome Back ...

The Cavalry has arrived

I saw a lot of people in a monastery basement ... I am outside and I can see them by the basement
windows ... I know that I have been there ... I have a remembrance seeing myself in that monastery
basement ... I left this place ... Once I had a vision of a little bright green plane left in a little
commercial center parking ... I landed this little bright green plane there, landing between the cars on a
boulevard ... Then I had a vision of myself in that monastery basement in front of a skinny head man
that was looking at me in the eyes in a severy manner ...
And then I had a vision, immediately after, seeing this man sitted on a bench and reading a newspaper
in a relax manner ...
Right after I saw myself leaving from there on the street in front of the monastery and at the border of a
river ... on a big bright green motocycle that started so fast that it has been hard to hold it right on the
street ... I did not see him, but I know that the skinny head man was looking at me while I was going
from there ... This motorcycle was called bright green mustang ... not grey anymore ... Because once I
have been with the grey one, and that is why the skinny head man has been forced to verify me ... My
vision is inverted ... I have gone from there as I came ... on a fast mustang ... But I finally gone on a
good manner ... by myself and not anymore in the arms of someone else ...
That he looks at me with a severy way ... or that he looks relax and reading the newspaper is a good
sign ... I did not see him when I have been verified ... But it has been a formality because the skinny
head man has always knew that I was Legit ... It is just that I took a little ride with the grey one, in his
ams, so the skinny head man has been forced to verify me a little bit ... but never in a severy manner
because he always knew ... People face their Sins in the monastery ... until they understand ... I am
happy to be not there anymore ... They are grey ... They are just manipulator that have been caught in
the act ...

Then, after having taken a look at them by the windows, I have gone in the backyard of that house of
pain ... I walk in a cemetery transformed in a golf yard ... A young man walks in my direction with a
computer in a side schoolbag ... Because this golf yard is a school yard too ... Youth is reviving ... My
vision is inverted ...
I continue to walk until the end of the cemetery that leads to a house a little bit down of the cemetery ...
I enter by the backyard door of the house ... I walk through the house until the front of it ... There is in
the living room just at the front door of the house a lot of people listening to the television ... A man in
the living room tells that they arass him and that he is not ready for something ... I go out by the front
door ... That front door is too the back door of a house that I know, leading to a street in front of a sea ...
But in my vision it is a front door leading to a street in front of a river ... So, once out I turn to my left ...
A woman appears coming out from the house she just left ... I take her in my arms ...
And by just a little move I jump, with her in my arms, on the roof of the house ... easily ... This house is
too a gas station ... It reminds me another vision that I have had in the past ... I am in the street of the
house in front of the sea ... I take a look in the sky and I see several canoes floating up to me ... I am at
the buttom of the sea ... That means rescue and a safety place even if I am under the sea ... My brother
is with me ... There was a flood ... and the rescue is looking for us ... It is the Mariana Trench ... I hear
the bell of Santa Claus sleigh coming from the mountain in front of the house ... so in the backyard of
the house at the beginning of the first vision ... so in the cemetery from the point of view of that
beginning of the vision ... That is why I feel highest than the house while in the cemetery ... The
cemetery from wich I came is the mountain ...
I know that a flood of fire is coming too, from that direction ... I am then Santa Claus and the flood of
fire that comes from the mountain and so from the cemetery ... I am the flood for those men and Santa
Claus for the youth ... I am the Death and the Resurrection ... I saw too, in another vision, a man at the
end of the quay at the border of the sea ... He has a french fries stand ... He is at the end and cannot
escape ... Thus, that is his end ... He knows it ... That is the end ... because this man is the people in the
monastery basement at the beginning of my vision ...
The man at the end of the quay (end), the people in the house (middle), and the people in the monastery
basement (beginning) are all the same ... Accusing each other for their Sins ... pretending to be harassed
... They are at their end and they know it ... caught in the act ...
My vision is a Middle Inverted Loop ...

I saw myself in car with my parents ... we have passed in front of a funeral home ...
Once passed, and near of a highway intersection I looked back and ...

I saw a Huge China twelve
feet High on the roof of
a funeral home, demolishing it ...
Why are you Looking for the
Dead who are Alive ... ?

Hey Guys ... Finally there is no Chaos at all Out There ... Just a Fu ... ng Damn Good KO ... But do not
be in a Hurry to go, they Hate when you get there without a Ticket ... and the Waiting Line is Boring to
Die ... See you ...

I Honor the Woman ..

Super UltraSonic Whistling … or … PowerFul Child … or … The
Longest Yard … or … Each of Us gives SomeThing to Each of Us ...
Last Night I saw an Angel in a School Yard playing with a Ball that had Escaped his Hands … I have
Taken the Ball and Gave him back, saying to him that I was Remembering him & that we had Already
played Together … He Told me ; '' Hey … Once you have given me SomeThing … Look at that … '' …
Then he has taken a 12'' Green Neon in his Hands & put it in Front of my Eyes … It had a Little White
Light on the Top of the Green Light Extremity … I have Immediately became Dazed in my Whole
Body, I have Taken Off my Eyes from, but Tried to Look at again, while Panicking a Little Bit 'cause it
was PowerFul …
I heard then a Song sang by a Young Man Gently Voice singing ; '' … White Light, Pink Light, Green
Light, White Light … '' …
I have been Awakened MeanWhile, Dazed & still Hearing that Song in my Spirit & in my Heart … in
my Soul … thinking ; Gatsby …
And I have Realized that I was, at my Awakening, Hearing my UltraSonic Whistling …
Thinking about my Vision, I have started to Cry & my Tears have Transformed my Room's Little
Christmas Lights in White, Pink & Green Trumpets …
People saying that they have been Kidnapped by Extraterrestrials, have been Actually Brought Back …
It is the Secret of their Dazed State while the Encounter … They were SleepWalking & they have been
Awakened …
Extraterrestrials ... Cherubs ... Elohim ...
Merry Christmas … White Light, Pink Light, Green Light, White Light ...

Cloning, Bionics & Extraterrestrial Human DNA Carbone Light ... Evolution ...

Elohim has Said ; '' You Look Down ... you Fall Down ... You Patronize ... We Sterilize ... '' ... Elohim
has Said too ; '' The Lesson is for EveryOne ... '' ...

You Look Down ... you
Fall Down ...

Adults are just Idiots …
I have had a Horror Vision from the Hell last Night … The Torment that makes you want to be
Crucified rather than having to undergo this Vision another time … I have seen one of my BeLoved
Little Daughters Candidly Explain to me that she was going Crazy because of the indifference of the
people towards Her … and I have seen them Mistreat Her … I have seen one of my BeLoved Sons
Candidly Explain to me that he had Seen me do the same thing, and so … And I have seen Him
Candidly take a steak Knife 20'' long, cut a little part of his Wrist … then slowly take the steak Knife
20'' long to his Throat and Cut it while Candidly looking at me in the Eyes …
Elohim has Spoken to me & They have said ; '' Here is the Interpretation, Son of My Love… And Tell
Them EveryThing … If you commit suicide in Any Way, We will Firmly attach & for the Rest of their
Life, your Very BeLoved Children to Avoid them Imitating you & your Stupidity … They have to Live
at All costs … even if it Means to see Them sink into deep Madness, Attached in a Padded cell …
Crying & Screaming like Hell … We will Crucify Them while keeping Them Alive if necessary ... The
History … Their History & their Very Blessed Flesh & Life have to Subsist at All costs … Tell them
EveryThing my Very Loved Son … '' … Crucify me Twice rather than having to undergo this Vision
another time …

Crucify me Twice rather than
having to undergo this Vision
another time …

A Trip to Hell … or … Finally, exception done of
some Little ass to kick, it has been Ordinary … I am
just Kidding … it has been Delicious ...
Going Out from Hell this Night, They have asked me to close the Door and to Lock it BEHIND me,
while the Alarm System was to go on … I have to admit that I have had a Little Difficulties to Lock it
Dead … 'cause I could not Find the Key on the Door … I have to admit that I have been a Little Bit
Scared for the Alarm to go on Before I go … So Elohim has Sent me a Jewish Girl, my Girl, to Help me
… She has Arrived in Bicycle with a Little Smile … well, Actually she was Laughing in her Heart …
Maybe because of the Steam that was Going Out from my Hair … or maybe it was because I was
Looking for a Key on the Door while it was just a kind of Weird Latch to Turn … Well, to think about it
now, I Think that My Lovely Jewish & Sexy Baby Girl was not just Laughing because of my Hair …
That was HardCore … A Chance that Elohim has sent Her to me … The Store is Now Renewed … but
Dead Closed for a Little While …
I have seen one of my cousin Down There … with another guy & his '' Dogs of War '' Fu .. friends …
They are much Irritated NOW ... I have Taken a Great Pleasure to Irritate Them … Well him & his ''
Dogs of War '' … They are SO much Irritated NOW … Much Irritated, them, the '' Dogs of War '' and
their RACKET … They sat Down at the Table ... They Came In Before Christ … They, Now, are Under
Him … I have made Jam with them … The Dumbest ones have called one of my CORRUPTED uncles,
saying to him ; '' Do Not EVER call us AnyMore about your Nephew … We do Not want to ever Hear
about Him AnyMore … That is a Crazy Fu … ng Crazy Guy … I Forgive them for that Insult … But
They shall REMEMBER well that they have Insulted me and to NEVER Touch my Holy Name
AnyMore … Finally, I have Asked to my Little Jewish Sexy Baby Girl to let me the Bicycle to go Back
from there … and to go with Elohim that was Passing by there in Bus at the Same Time …

On the Way Back, the Bicycle Melted … I was Rolling on the Rim … and without Steering at All … So
I Threw the rest of the Damn Bike into the Damn Hot Ditch & I Walked the Rest of the Damn Way …
It was Damn Hot … but I Love so Much Walking … Ask to the Corrupt People of my Town … they
will tell you …
Oh … Yeah ! I was about to Forget … While Down there, and cleaning the Floor, my Good Friend,
Travor J. Nathol has Arrived to Help me … I asked him how he had Came so Deep Down there … He
Told me that he had been UnderTaken there by my Man … Byron … and some Other Big Muscled
Friends of Mine … I Love Them All So Much …
Well … That's it … Oh … Yeah …! I was about to forget that too … Their henchman has been Very
Scared … He has Cried so my Fathers asked me to let him Tranquil a Little Bit … I have said … ; ''
Okeeey … '' … In French we say, as we would be a Little bit Irritated … ; '' O.K d'Abord … '' … And I
left … a Little Disappointed …
You know what …?! I Remember a Little other Thing Right Now … I Stopped at the Convenience
Store on the way Back … to buy a Good Damn Pack of Cigarettes … and … Damn it … just when I
Arrived at the Cashier I Realized that All my Money Melted in my Pocket … The Cashier was Smiling
… No Problem … She was my Little Jewish and so Sexy Baby Girl … A Trip to Hell … Bet that I will
have to do some More Clean up Down There in the Future … but the Bulk of the Work is Done I am
Sure … Thank You to All the Trippers that Prayed & Came with Us in Hell to Kick their Damned
Butts ... Fu … ng Nice Trip Man ... Eric Pascal XXX ...

I am Je suis
Hi Jesus ... !

I Honor Hades ...
I Honor Pluto ...
I Honor the Devil ...

Imperialist Domination Vs. Domination by Corruption
It's Beautiful Peace in the World and I Strongly Believe ... already Established and Immutable on
Earth ... Peace Firm ... Pax Romana ... But it's False to say that Peace is in the Spirit of the World ...
They have finished off raping us over there ...
Let's keep the military rest ... Let's trust our employers ... Let's Trust in Our Governments ... Let's Trust
in Her Majesty and Her Faithful Subjects ... Let's Trust in Heaven and Our Gods ...
The next night I return to Hell ... I forgot my little panties ... When someone is addicted to this, do not
expect to see him weaned overnight ... And there is no question here of Marijuana, and not even
Heroin ... even if ... I speak of Corruption ... The demons of Corruption are not demons living in
Heaven or Hell ... They are demons having seized a part of the Sky ... thus violating part of our beloved
and beloved soul by our Father up there ...
I made the personal choice to be an integral part of a necessary household because concerning the
earthly existence ... the demons of which it is Question here are individuals dwelling on the Earth ... By
some means, these people have managed to consult each other in the day, and on Earth, to work in a
dubious way in what is now called, and Alas, Hell ... Nothing is more Corrupted and Infernal than when
a part of the Paradise is Full of Dirt by the intention of Decadence towards the Human Epistle ...

This Night I will be a Demon ... with my Brothers Angels and Demons, in order to pass a Message ...
Humanity exists to Abide ... Humanity is a Lamb who will not be enslaved to Blackmail, Fear and
Destructive Corruption ...
This Night, I enter Hell made up and dressed in my Horns ... This Night they will hear my voice ... This
Night I'm going to spit Fire ... That you name him '' The Devil '' ... that you name him '' Hades '' ... or
that you call him '' Pluto '' ... Do not Mess with Him ... He is the Great and Loved Guardian of Hell and
guards whoever undertakes to put himself on his path ... He is our ally ... He is a Prince ... He is one of
Our Brothers ... He is one of Our Fathers ... If He introduces himself to Us by being so named or by
being named '' The Guardian of Here-Low '' ... We Let us salute, We honor Him and We let him go if
Good Him seems ... But let's not move ... neither Right nor Left ... We do not back down ... and above
all ... We are not moving forward ... If the Guardian of Hell must pass, that He crosses us ... Hell is not a
place to circulate ... The Demons are our Allies and He is the Most High and Most Holy Director Do
not Mess with Him ...
And anyway ... Remembrance Ardently what I explained to you last night before this trip to hell;
Once down, and in front of the beasts, We do not move ... We wait for them to jump to the Gorge ... If
they Cry, We tell them to Cry again ... Then, We tell them to Cry even more ... and Encore ... and
more ... and more ... even more ... until they jump us to the throat ... we do not move forward ... we stay
in military rest ... we do not retreat ... we stay in military rest ... we do not Let's move neither to Left
and Right ... If they speak to us, we respond ... But we, and under no pretext whatsoever, do not think
and never to what they are told to us ... once entered ... The Voice of Our Fathers in Heaven only sounds
in the Heart and in the Spirit ... We respond to them with firmness and without reflection None ... If We
Squirt, We do not Resume ourselves ... We Squirt again if we have to ... If We Are Arguing, We do not
pick us up ... We're gonna swap even if we have to ... We laugh in their faces ... We insult them ... we
spit on the ground ... and we stay in the military rest until they leap to the throat ... Anyone who tries to
move towards them will be seen to be Chained ... They are only images and We are Light ... Sin has No
hold on Us and We flow on it like Water on the Bird ... and We Benefit from the Understanding of Our
Gods ... so long We stay in military rest ...
Their weapons are the Emotional Blackmail ... the Threat ... The Apprehension of Regret ... and nothing
else ... They are only images ... Their goal is to see us back, to see us cry or to see us jump at their
throats ... They have no throat because they are only images ... They will insult us and usurper the
clothes of our loved ones ... Our loved ones do not need our help ... Heaven keeps us all and always ...
We are there to stop the Viola of Our Souls by the Emotional Blackmail, the Threat and the
Apprehension of Regret ... The one who submits to these weapons becomes enslaved and so pours
himself into his Everyday Life of Our Terrestrial Lives ... We Descend into Hell and the One Way is the
Hand of our Fathers in Heaven ...
We do not try to breathe ... because that is useless ... But, and imperatively, whatever we find there ... or
whatever we see there ... monsters, animals, beasts or Light, we do not Let's stop and we stay both Eyes
Wide Open ... We are there to see these people Corrupted and having put the Feet in our Land ... to be
put to the Balls and Chains by Hades and Our other Fathers ... We are waiting for these people
Corrupted and walking with flesh and blood on the earth by Day, to jump to our Throat ... We do not
think ... We are there for their Laughing faces ... to Insult them if necessary ...

We tell them to Cry again and again until they jump us to the Throat ... or that our fathers pull us out of
this hell that a day was a garden ... and one day will be Again ...
Fear ... but Fear has no hold on Our Heart or Our Spirit ... Fear has no hold on Our Souls ... Let's know
that We Fear ... Let's be good ... But that Fear either with Us ... in Us ... but Never and to the Great
Never this Fear serves us as a House ... We keep Fear ... but it does not keep us ...
Let's go over this Fear and Rejoice with Enthusiasm and Aggressiveness before Entering this Hell of
Blackmail, Threat and Regret ... By these weapons Domination by Corruption tempts the Human ...
Let's keep the Two Eyes Wide Open and the Focused Mind, and this is Very Serious, only on these
Things; To look without thinking ... to listen without thinking ... to think, and imperatively, only to
patiently wait for the animals in front of us to literally embrace, and we insist, by the fire of the sky or
that they jump us to the throat ...
Let's stay Two Eyes Wide Open ... and Remain at Military Rest ... until they jump at our throats ... and
Our Fathers in Heaven Submit to the Balls and Chains ... This Night I'll be a Demon ... among my
Demon Brothers ... and in front of the animals ... around us Every day, with flesh and blood, on the
Earth ... Whoever gives his trust to anyone too easily and quickly is a Light Head ... We Descend into
Hell to Watch ... We Descend into Hell to Listen ... We are going down to hell to see them burn by the
fire of the gods or to see them jump to the throat ...
Let's keep the military rest ... Let's trust our employers ... Let's Trust in Our Governments ... Let's Trust
in Her Majesty and Her Faithful Subjects ... Let's Trust in Heaven and Our Gods ... We Are Light and
Dark ... We Have Eternal Life ... We Are Immortals ...

We are Lambs ... He who will try to save his life will lose it ... He who will break the military rest will
be chained ... Kiss your children and your loved ones ... Pray and fall asleep ... after having told them; ''
See you tomorrow ... Baby ... I love you ... I'm up to you ... '' ...
May Gods Keep Our Christs ... We Are Lambs ... Eric Pascal

I finally Went in Hell
another Time last Night ...

Crucifixion ... or ... Big Great Hang Over ...
I saw a woman leaving my apartment, saying that she was leaving only to fetch something ... I wore a
big Life Jacket ... We knocked on the door ... 2 Men are there ; The authority of Heaven and the
authority of Men with a Writing Pad ...
The door is closed again ... I tell myself that I am going to be interned because the authority of men had
begun to say ; '' It is necessary that … '' …
We knock at the door again ... I say to myself ; '' That's it ... '' ... I'm opening the door ... It's still the 2
Authorities who are there ... I'm about to take off my Life Jacket ... so as not to look crazy ... I'm giving
it back ... telling me that if I take it off, I submit to their Reality and I'm Prisoner ... The Authority of
Men begins to question me about the Life Jacket ... to know what Price, in my opinion, this jacket Costs
... I answer that I do not know because it was given to me ... but that probably 70 Dollars ... at the
moment when the Authority advances the Double ... 140 Dollars ... They sit both in my place ... I take
place on a Seat of Light ... The Authority of the Man makes me an Offer in Link with an Old Approach
of my Part ...
I see a Little Woman coming out of a Room in my Apartment ... She's the Woman from the Beginning
of my Vision ... She was finally still in my Apartment ... Hidden ... The Authority of Men Looks at
Her ... and sends her a Note that it does not seem to Appreciate; '' ... We've already seen others like
you ... ... That's it ... will make you see the portrait Elsewhere ... '' ... The Authority of Heaven Escapes a
Little Laugh with a Big Smile ... We laugh all 3 ... The Little Woman comes out of my own house the
Mine Low ... We helped her a little ... so little ... and she took her air the Little Woman ... as if she had
just had the Grass cut under the Feet for a Very Mediocre Offer next to the one made to me by the 2
Authority ... and We laugh together, We, the 3 Authority ... ... I am the Floating Suit ... They are the
Swimming Suit ... so we are the S.W.E.E.T.S. ... I do not have to Speak live ... My message will be
recorded ... by the Gods ...

The Message Live is the Torment of Hell ... who brings the Message ... The recorded Message is the
Vision of Hell ... The Diluted Torment That Brings the Essentials of the Message ... and its
Interpretation ...
I walk through a reception ... I find myself at a Bar ... All the people are S.W.E.E.T.S ... I Command a
Rum & Coke Confidence ... I pay my Consumption ... I Escape 20 Dollars on the floor ... A S.W.E.E.T.
Behind me is about to pick it up for me ... with a smile ... but I have it because I know that if I can do
it ... I have to do it ... I do not depend on anyone ... He is in agreement ... He is named Leonardo ...
I take my change at the Bar for my Consumption ... I have the impression of having received too
much ... I say to the Lady at the Bar pushing everything towards her ... I take a splinter at the HAND
Right ... I think the bar is in wood ... but I notice that the splinter is in Crystal ... I remove it ... there is
still a bit ... I remove it ... I tell the lady at the bar that in my opinion she should clean his Bar telling her
that I hurt myself in the hand ... but that it's nothing ... It's so nothing that I did not notice that I still had
a bit of Crystal in my hand ... He is Huge like a Small Restaurant Straw ... I show this to the Lady at the
Bar while removing the piece of a Centimeter ... only with the Major of That Same Hand ... It's
disgusting ... and painful ... like trying to get out of the Hell when we put the feet in it voluntarily ... that
heats ... but only leaving the piece ... On the moment, in Entering Hell this Pinch a little ... But trying to
get out ... it heats and it's painful ... But hey ... It's not like being really pushing nails in the hands and
feet ... It's my Crucifixion ... It bleeds a little ... but to the extent of the Vision ... But it's painful ... And I
wake up from my dream …
I'm on the back ... The right leg lying down ... and the left leg folded and the foot resting on my right
knee ... I'm looking at the ceiling, and bright and very small, the eye of Ra ... which then makes Place
for a Ring ... An Alliance ...
All this made me remember a Vision that I knew at the beginning of the Year 2000 ... I find myself in a
Church ... and I am Suddenly Raised from Earth and Crucified in the Air ... I Cry while Spitting
Blood ... and By thanking my Father for what he offers to me at this moment ... I feel an enormous
passion in me ... But I do not suffer at Excess ... I am tempted to say that it is nothing ... I feel the nail
enter my hand so that I ended up Concluding ... to Force to Reflect on it ... that at this Moment I am not
the Crucified Flesh ... but the Cross itself ... It's Painful like the Crystal Bar ... In Comparison with the
Ardor of the Passion and the Pride of Serving the Felt Heaven ... it is Nothing at all ... But it is
Painful ... But I Feel my Father and a Certain Proclaiming Disliking ; '' You did not have to live that ... ''
... But this Crucifixion will always be better ... and infinitely less painful than the torment of the soul in
front of the vision of our children giving themselves death or being put to death ... My Crucifixion then
becomes to my Eyes ... and with all the respect and the honor that I feel to have experienced it ...
Derisoire ... I then see many people enter the church with a limp ... with a little Boy ahead of the
March ... It's a loop ... This vision from 20 years ago ends on my Vision of the Last Night which is
Finish on this Vision of 20 Years ago ... The Loop is Full Circle ... We are the S.W.E.E.T.S. ... and the
Last Night ... the Vision taken at the Back ... my Father Hades ... Pluto ... The Devil ... was Taken Off
from the Crucifixion of the Torment provoked by the False Demons ... these Usurpers ... Glory to
Heaven under All His Colors ... We are Angels and We are Demons ...
I am The Voice of the Law ... I am the Crucifixion ... I am the Eye of Ra ... I am the Hands of the
Gods ... I am the Alliance between Heaven and Earth ... Eric Pascal



Per Caelum, eT in Caelum ...
By The sky, and in The sky ...

A contritum contritum glarea ruris opus lapidis ... ... An Opus Epic
Sabulum Huard humili inveni in monte transivimus per Big Car ... acta Silens senator The ... Judae ...
Nos autem cum essem in aure ad proximam sanguinis sui non Dic ACETARIA ... omnes fere annorum
fabulam, et quasi vulpeculae circa ... Non reliquit hominem post offensionis occupatus ad curam suam
partem, nisi transferre euntes ad curam mei ..
Et vidi fidelis et verus D. Angelus Clades apud homines homines, et fidelis ... vidi Silica capta est super
femur adips cum vix Effrego in tribus Song tetigit eum ... ... quod fuit A dignissim Alliance
exprimitur. .. ... paulum modo parum Divino Roma ... ... ... quod R. illam ego vidi ad Vetus amici illis
tulit in albo paulum ad trahendum capillos Duvet ut ligabis ea .. . nunc sunt duxit ad Ordine ... non
habent Young ... Cordis Groups in tribus annis ... nemo enim corruptio et malum, quod etiam diu, super
quibus erant nobilitatem et virtutem a New ... hoc est pactum in ... ... dignissim ut et in nobis sis in
proposito numquam to watch Alliance ... An, quod ad diem non fuit est ... nunc ... Renovavit
consultarent, Romana constantia ... Paululum ante ascendi caeli variis Renovavit Mihi cane
quietissimam superato Societates sui rationem magis amo ... Ex ... post omnes canes Educati in aerem,
paulum ... explicavit et descendit ad eos transeat foraminis ad Sabulum, quod est non rare, sed
communis, quod est realis opus lapidis ... a ... hac nocte et graues, qui erumpit Nos occurrit in fronte
ejus Corruptionis in lascivitis Domus autem plena confusa fuga Bridge ... Ego resumitur mea ad eos, ...
non relinquam nisi esset iure ... juvencus est totaliter rabidus visus est et mihi ... Societates certamen
allicere operam Taciti ... quos reliquit ... capere fuga et exiliens et resurrexit ... Aeris bullfighter puerum
se ad me parumper et timui. tam parum iustus vix .. ... ...
Audivi autem et tubis exercitum equitum adventu Military ... nunc habent signum Dei in Tattooed libare
sinistri praebuit est stimulatus paulum ... et ... verum ... Iterum percutit justum ... A magna paulo
Alliance Cignus est, quae erat die tur ...
Vivat Anglicanis ... Romanus, Romana constantia Fidelitas ... ... ... Renovavit-Romam Romam Romam
Divinum Verum ... ...

A broken pavement of broken gravel ... An Opus Epic ...
I found a Humble Huard on a Gravel Mount ... We Traveled in a Big Car Driven by a Silent Senator ...
The Girl of Jude was with Us ... I whispered to Her that I was a Salad ... I Tell them all about a story
about an old and cunning fox ...
I left behind a person of Corruption too busy to take care of his party-goers only to take care of me ..
I saw a Faithful and True Angel Defeat before Frank Men and Faithful Men ... I saw a Silica taken on a
Greasy Fat Thigh Break in Three Piece when I barely touched it ... It was A Plastic Alliance ... That
Squeezed ... a little bit ... just a little ... Rome Divine ... I've seen Old Friends Back to Reason ... It took
them a little bit to pull the whitened Hair Duvet in order to tie it ... but now they are brought back to the
Order ... They have the Young Heart ... Three Groups where For a long time the Corruption reigned ...
None Bad because also Inhabited by the Nobility and the Virtue ... A New Covenant ... This one is not
in Plastic and will never be ... We have the Intent to Watch ... An Alliance that a Day was Broken ... is
Now Renewed ... Roman Firmness ...
I Raised in the air before I walked a little with the different Renewed Alliance Groups after crossing a
very quiet dog on the ground of his master ... I love more and more Dogs of all Evidence ... After
Raised in the air, I went down a little ... I explained to them, crossing a hole in the Gravel, that it was
not only isolated, but that it was generalized ... A real pavement of gravel that breaks tonight …
We met a House of Corruption in front of his lounge Filled with Confused Idiot ... I resumed my flight
to leave them ... but it was only a lure ... A young bull became completely crazy appeared ... I came
down to attract his Attention ... He left the Quiet Groups Disputes who were able to take the Flight ...
Then I Raised Again in the Air ... He jumped this young bullfighter and I was afraid for a moment that
he reaches me ... well ... just a little scared ...
I heard the Trumpets of the Cavalry coming ... I now have the Military Seal of Tattooed on the Left
Shoulder ... It stung a bit ... and it stings Again ... but just a little ... A Great Alliance that was a Day
Broken is now Renewed ...
Long live the Anglicans ...
Roman Fidelity ... Roman Firmness ... Rome True ... Rome Renewed ... Rome Divine ...

Ballerina modum Crucis revolutus … aut … Deformatio Dimittis professional … aut ... Tenens in
mundo in finem arma eius ... aut ... Cognoscere consilium de mundo in Pedes ... aut ... Quomodo
redivivus crucis lignum ... aut ... Curatio prima noctem ardenter optare, ut mihi bene vobis, quia unus
vestrum Next ire illic Carus
Falling back from the Cross like a Ballerina ... or ... Professional Crucifixion Deformation ... or ...
Holding the World at the End of His Arms ... or ... Knowing the World on the Tip of the Feet .. or ...
How to Recycle the Wood of His Cross ... or ... I Ardently Hope that you appreciate your First
Treatment Night because Next One you go back Up there Dear ...

Androgynous ; BruTus Pascal ... Quod qui
falsum Madonnas cubitum ire cum canibus Belli ...
Iacebat in lectulo meo in hac nocte ego, mihi parare relinquere crucifigentes Corrupti sunt, et parat ad
crucifigendum, ut necesse est, si exempli gratia ante crucifixum Oratio ... ... quod in corrumpas tituli et
quod nos homines sumus, nos semper ostende eis et in conspectu omnium, qui nostrum illum ut
crucifigeretur susceperunt autem ... corrupti sunt, ut quidam eorum canes adtende de crucifixione unius
belli, quod non ...
Hodie, quamquam iam te cognoscere atque adeo nostram, Secret: Crucifige, crucifige eum unus ex te
sumus in conspectu nostro ad bellum dog crucifigentes sibimet unum vel canino eius ... Nos autem ... A
Romano palam ostendit vobis crucifixus est pro omnibus adducere Infectus ordine ad semetipsum
figendum ... ... Hoc arcanum semper crucifixio et antefixa fictilia deorum Romanorum ... Creator coeli
gloria nostra et Pater noster pro matutino Deorum ...
Exemplum sunt superbi animi excellentiam quia carnalis et mortale hoc est transitum ... comitatus in
nobis passione timeatis populum Romanum ... Crucifixus retinent et Quietem in ordine ad crucem
applicando reduc ad bellum horum canes lunamque ... vel saltem canibus suis non dubitavit excitare
momento adulteri peccata committere non canino propria peccata eorum ... sunt ...
Tales enim semper habet esse, Secret ... et Romanorum Dimittis ... Hoc est quod vivi, cum in terris
Humanity Deorum ...

Sed haec pertulisti nos non dubitant, pro uno alterum adhibere ad eum canes in bello et canes et sicut
heri et omne tempus sunt bestiae rogabo quia ponendo se ab omnibus derelictus, subfodiendo wanting
impetro in ita nostra vel accentus proventus terrae in omni via per percussoque in ... utrum suus 'nihil et
nihil sibilans aut etiam nictu nihil ...
Express cum non faciunt, non sumus de elevator ad eos redire libenter ...
Nunc Dimittis Romano palam faciemus ea, ex A ... Crucifixus etiam apertae, Secret Romano bello ad
Ipsius cruci adfixi ... vel unius canis eius ludunt Romani canino ... quia usus est id quod patientia et
posuit eam mortem. et ea quæ sunt artifices, Romanos Roma ... ... ... ... Nos sumus nos, non dubitant ad
Ipsius cruci adfixi bello una secunda ... A ad Ipsius cruci adfixi Romanorum A ... Canis cruci affixum
cruci affixi canis in Romana ...
... Ita coram ire dormitionis Dimittis faceret Divinum, hoc noctem ego dilecto meo loqui et ... et ... et
primi Iudaeorum Sinica est, reddet qui in absit a me dextera nunc, ut ' m iens ut manete ... probet, et sic
me ...
Repente operatus sum, et tandem ad inferos ... Quid?
Musica est luminum ... et omnes Dances et beatus est ... ... est parum pudici Vivaldi accipit Instant me,
et amplexabitur me et mihi contra ea Exprimit humentes, covering ad me diligis ut infinitum sit affectio
etc ... multa ... Nescio tamen si re vera amat, illa rapit mihi ... me ... penitus penitus in sinistra panties et
ad incipit blandientur ... Orgasm vagina cum vinceret inferos et tamquam in pompis et nos de festi ...
Vivaldi invitat ad divina parum pudici ad somnum ... in domum illam et non recedant a me ergo ad
exitus visum est transire ego dilecto meo ... ... inferos! ???? Subito ad me invenient me Explicata eodem
tempore duas mulieres, dilectus meus, et parum pudici Cicero, tum ex illis; 'Perdidi' currenti fueris
conspecta, et ego perdidi spem finita usque ad alteram mulierem .. '' In ... Vivaldi parum pudici non
dicit ... Et Verbum in suis indicavit negotium dilectus meus mihi, qui est ipsa parum pudici, qui misit
me Madonna da mihi paululum amor in semet ipsam ... ...
Ego dilecto meo ... Sed hic est primus auctor et qui loquitur mihi panem ad consolandum super me,
quia verebar non peccaverit, amandum cum Romanis ... creator Primum ostendit mihi est ille qui fecit
nos Primum est solitudo ... ... creator esse unitum omnes in suis indicavit mihi ut dum Romani, et
eduxit eum de domo proprium infernale et intolerabilis inferos antiquis ... ego igitur ex sacerdotibus
veteris ac parum pudici Madonnas dum cogito me Vivaldi ...
In prima ostendit mihi Creator senem senex et sacerdotes fatum suum, et abiit ad lectum eius relicta
sunt Madonnas bellum cum canibus ... et verifiable, quod hoc est per homines de Libri ... nec ... quod
scribis, sacerdotibus, et scribis, et senioribus omnes conscios in deserto solitudinis et derelictionis ...
ponere quod omnia simul sunt, et per peccatum mortale, quod est in libris homines verifiable ... creator
in prima ostendit, quod parvum admodum me, et et ostendit mihi de digito, est integri et sinceri Romam
Primum declarat quod creator in quo mihi quod peccatum non cogitamus ...

Dicit ; '' Dico vos ut et ego eam iterare vos sacerdotibus, et scribis et senioribus et antiquis Madonnas
comprehenderunt me ora mortis sacrae Scripturae in servitutem redigerent filii, filii mei: Ne timeas: et
perversa, sive sexualem, ex religiosis vel socialis .. . corrupti nota Romana Ecclesia diu quod chose ... et
Romanorum Dimittis in re dicere nihil serve utilitates suas imperiosis tam ... tam quae in mundo, et
eripuit de mors, ut filii ex FE formido et Blackmail ... et sacerdotes, et scribæ, et vetera tantum et
antiqua Madonnas sunt proditores mei scientes relinquens cubitum ire cum canibus de belli ... Libri
omnes autem homines in hoc verifiable ... '' ..
Primum autem quod mihi Creator suis indicavit negotium est, ut omnia a nostra Dimittis Romani Hodie
nos eduxit eum de domo mors: mors et Vindico et filii Found ... Lux in quam ingens vallat perfidia
Dicit ad vera ecclesia Christi, tandem, revertemur Domus autem ratio est ... et ... et ... dicit revelare
omnia excitare, et audies de Musica nulla ...
Et de lecto surgere, et ire ut culina et tunc reprehendo et scribam ... ... ... Est 3:33 am

Androgynous ; BruTus Pascal ... The false
madonnas who go to bed with War dogs ...
I lay down in my bed this night, preparing me to leave Crucifying the Corrupt and preparing me to be
crucified if necessary to make an example ... because ... before Crucifix the Corrupt, and because we
are human , We show them Always and before all, one of ours to be crucified ... the Corrupt are certain
to attend the Crucifixion of one of their Dogs of War that they are ...
Today, and even though now you know our Secret, We'll Crucify one of our own before crucifying a
War Dog or one of his bitches ... We show it to you Openly Now ... A Roman Crucified for every
Corrupted to bring back to order before his own Crucifixion ... This is the Secret of Our Roman
Crucifixion ... It has always been so ...
Glory to Heaven and Our Fathers the Gods Our Creators ...
We are proud to make an example of courage, transcendence of the carnal pain and death transcendence
... because all this is nothing, Accompanied by the passion that lives in us ... Crucified Romans to make
the people fear, keep it Quiet and bring it back to the Order before applying this Crucifixion on any of
these War Dogs or any of their bitches ... Dogs not hesitating a single moment to encourage their little
bastards to commit sins for their own Personal sins ... to those bitches they are ...
Such is ... and such has Always been the Secret of the Roman Crucifixion ... That's what Living Gods
on Earth with Humanity ...

But this Crucifixion, We will never hesitate for a single second to apply it to his Dogs of War and their
Bitches, as last Night, and every time these Beasts will ask for it by placing themselves on our Path, by
undermining wanting to get in our way, or to increase the stress of the world in any way ... whether it's
by tapping for nothing, whistling for nothing or even winking for nothing ...
Whenever they do Express, We will gladly return the elevator to them ...
We will now practice the Roman Crucifixion Openly according to the Unveiled Secret ... A Crucified
Roman for a Crucified War Dog ... or for one of his bitches ... because they played with the Roman
Patience and used it to put it to death. she and her artisans; We ... Romans ... We ... Rome ... We will not
hesitate for a single second ... A Crucified Roman for a Crucified Dog of War... A Crucified Roman for
a Crucified Bitch ...
So ... before falling asleep to go to practice the Divine Crucifixion, this Night, I speak to my Beloved ...
She is Chinese and Jewish ... and I Promise, she who is Far from me right now, that I'm going to
'Wait ... and I endorse myself like this ...
Suddenly I finally go to Hell ... and what?
There is Music ... Lights and Everyone Dances and is Happy ... So ... an Ultra Sexy Madonna gets off
me, she caresses me and squeezes me against her, covering me with an infinite affection ... J I love it a
lot ... but I wonder if she really loves me ... She grabs my left hand ... Deeply Deeply in her panties and
starts to caress the vagina with the Orgasm ... we have transcended Hell and transformed Him into
Parades and Divine Feast ... The Sexy Madonna Invites me to go to sleep at her house ... but then she
disappears from my view at the exit of Hell ... I cross my Beloved ...! ???! Suddenly I find myself
Explained simultaneously to the two women, My Beloved and the Sexy Madonna, both of them; '' I lost
sight of you, I lost hope and I ended up with the other Woman .. '' ... The Sexy Madonna does not say a
Word ... But my Beloved Reveals me that is she who sent me the Sexy Madonna to give me a little
Love ... being Alone ...
But here ... My beloved, it is also the first creator who speaks to me to comfort me, because I was afraid
of having sinned while loving the Romans ... The first Creator reveals to me that it is He who has made
us United ... being All in Solitude ... The First Creator Reveals Me that by Joining the Romans, I
Released Him from an Infernal and Unbearable Hell ... I think then of the old priests and old Madonnas
while thinking of my Sexy Madonna ...
The First Creator reveals to me that the old priests and old madonnas have abandoned him to his fate
and gone to bed with war dogs ... and that this is verifiable by the Books of Men ... and not scribes ...
because the priests, scribes, and elders are all accomplices to this desolate abandonment ... that they all
lay down together in mortal sin and that this is verifiable in the Books of Men ... The First Creator
reveals to me that a Little Boy, and He points to me from the finger, is loyal and true ...
The First Creator proclaims to me that Sin is not where we think ...
He says ; '' I say it to you and I repeat it to you, priests, scribes, elders and old Madonnas delivered me
to death and seized Sacred Scripture to enslave Children, My Children, Fear and their perversions,
whether sexual, religious or social ...

Corrupted churches have known for a long time what was the Roman Crucifixion in Reality ... and
chose to say nothing to serve their imperialist interests ... They have so Delivered the world and the
Children to Death by Fear and Blackmail ... The priests, the scribes, the old and the old Madonnas were
only Traitors leaving me consciously and going to bed with Dogs of War ... All this is verifiable in the
Books of Men ... '' ..
The first Creator Reveals to Me that Now, by Our Roman Crucifixion to All Today, We Freed Him
From Death, Liberated the Children of Death and Found the Light ... He says that Many Traitors to the
True Church Christs, finally, come back to Reason ... and to the House ... He says to reveal
everything ... I wake up and I hear a Holiday Music ...
I get up from my bed, I go to the kitchen and I check the time ... It is 3:33 am ... and I write ...

Sede Vacante … or … Vision and
Presumption … or … Concrete Jesus ...
The Church of Rome …!? Only Call them the Usurpers of Rome … and it is Still Generous to call them
like that … Because We are the Church of Rome … Rome is the Church of the Christ … Caesar is the
Church of the Christ … Nobody Else … Just to Hear myself call them the Church of Rome … I Just
Disgust myself … They were my Camerlingo while my Absence … they were supposed to …
according to those Damned … When they Heard about my Return … they have chosen to Kill me again
… to Hide the Truth about Rome, to Hide the Truth about the Very Holy Roman and to Hide the Truth
about the Eternal Goodness of Caesar … by any manner that it has been useful to hide their Crimes and
Perversion … And to Hide the Truth about my New Child Resurrection has been their Weapon … and
they Used Everything Around me for that …
They knew about the church and its Lie … and they knew about the Holy Child which have been sent
in the World to Live with the Men … And they Hypocritically tried to put Him to Death by the Side
Band … They Always ALL Knew … Always and ALL … They will Say that they Did NoT know what
to do with my New Coming … I Say that when you do NoT, you do NoT Interfere with the Affair …
Much, and Much again, People having chosen that Holy Blessing Way to stay away from this Situation
… I Call That '' Abnegation '' … And it was, in my Opinion … maybe the Very Holy and Only Way to
Chose … as the Blessing Jewish 2000 Years ago … You do Not Know so you Do NoT Do … As my
Very Holy Blessing Jewish have Chose to …

And the same people that have Interfered to Hide the Truth, and I Know a Damned Lot of them, are the
Same that accused Since a Too Much Long Time the Jewish People to be Responsible for my Death in
those Old Times … Our Own people Crucified Us .. Not the People … Those Damned people that have
manipulated my Environment, who EVER … and I Insist … WHO EVER they are … are people that
have Wallowed in the Deadly Sin … No matter if it was by Malice or by religion Perdition reasons,
they are ALL Guilty this Morning … They are the Same people that accused the Jewish for my Death
… meanwhile they were Doing Everything to Hide the Potential of the Little Child … Some did by
Jealousy … and other by religion Perdition … and they did it until this Week … which is Finally, and
they are NoT Responsible at All for ThaT, a Blessing Week …
By the Way, and I am Sure that they are Humble and that they will be shy about what I am about to say
but it is Necessary for you to Understand in which Measure they tried to Shut Down the Little Child's
Voice … In 1999, the Little Child that had a Great Message to Give, has been put to Death by
Indifference from the part of his poor people from ALL horizons … just because of a Brake Time that
He needed … There were then no Way at All at this time for Him to Come back in a Descent Manner
and to Speak again … He has Resurrected by a Miracle, chosen Himself to NOT Give Up in front of the
Hypocrite determination of His people and the Damned church to let him Die in the Silence … What
Ever were the reasons … Some by Jealousy and some other by religion Perdition ... So He came Alive
Again by Himself, but there were NO WAY AT ALL for Him to Speak to you … until Blogger and
Facebook Came …
And Even at that Point, that has NOT been Enough … Because All those Quoted Bastards that led the
Little Child to Death Silent have Hardly Taken Facebook template to Expose their Damned Mediocre
lives and their Damned Mediocre faces while Continuing to Ignore and to let my Father Die in the
Silent … Until He Chose, and by HIMSELF, to Scream Enough, and Louder than Hell, to be
Miraculously Heard by ALL of you People … and then He Saves Us All from the Damned Hell where
that Damned church from Hell tried to put the Gods of the Sky, the Gods of the Truth, at its Damned
place where they deserve to be, those damned priests from Hell …
Shall be Shamed and Avoid for Ever that Damned Castle that they Built on Our Death and Our Crushed
Bones … They Knew … They Chose … So Shall be Crucified All those Damned priests from Hell ...
Then, do NoT ask yourself why the Christ is now Speaking to you on those Platforms instead of
Screaming as a Fool on the Public Place … and it is, after All, Much better like that … I don't Lick the
Ass of those People from Blogger and Facebook, I explain to you why the Christ is Speaking to you
Here … And Do, you All People, Today with the Fact that History will Write and Remember Those
Platforms and its Artisans … We are Grateful to All of Them for their Blessing Helps … but do NOT
EVER Ask Us to be Grateful to the Little Child's people and the Damned church for the Hypocrite Way
that they Use to Lead Him to Silent Death … Blogger and Facebook have NEVER been the Plan at All
for the Message … The Little Child's people and the Damned church from Hell have chosen to Shame
and to put Him to Silent Death for many reasons on which, All of Us here in the Sky, We Vomit … And
at this Moment that came in 1999, and because of their Grudge, a Damned moment, their were No
Other Way Possible for the Little Child to come back … until the Little Blessing Child have chosen to
Live again and that the Artisans of Blogger and Facebook Miraculously Came … We are Grateful for
their Help at All … and For Sure and be Sure that this will be the History that the Men will Remember

They called my Very Holy Jewish people Betrayers and Cowards … I just call those Bastards that have
Manipulated the Little Child '' Pariah '' … what ever are their Poor reasons … and the Capital Pariah '' P
'' is NoT Big enough … They Deserve to be Treated Worst than my Very Holy and Limitless Clean
Jewish People have been Treated … So because I cannot Find a Big enough Capital '' P '' on my Text,
they will find the Capital '' T '' in the Sky until they Admit their Damned Deadly Sin in Front of the
Sanedrine of Rome … That they Admit their Deadly Sin … or that they be Crucifried, and there is no
orthographic Fault at All Here, or that they be Crucifried by Jupiter and His Holy Lightning until they
Admit that Quoted Deadly Sin … If they try to Interfere with the Child, Which is my Very Holy and
Blessing Father, myself being His Holy and Very Blessing Only Son … their will be Tears and Screams
until they Understand …........................ and Etc. …......
So …....... here is my LasT NighT Vision Presumption … ; In that Pretended Church of Rome, and I
Vomit on that Definition that they have chosen to Steal from Us and for there Pretension, their Castle, is
a Man Sized Concrete Cross … With a Concrete body placed on it … And in that Concrete Cross or in
that Concrete body are Human Bones … I See Arm Bones in the Arms … Leg Bones in the Legs …
Chest Bones in the Chest … and a Skull in the Concrete Head … Once, they Found a Body in a Burial
… and they came to the Conclusion that it was, according to their Way to Lie, not Jesus Christ's Body,
Our Body, but a so Similar Body that it would be a Risk for some FaithFul Lambs to Consider it as …
They Knew … But That Body was Contradicting their Doctrine … The Bones were a Menace … What
to do with this problem …? Hide the Body … Where … to be Sure that Never their would be someone
to Find it …? Under the Eyes of EveryOne …
And just to be Pervert as much as it could be possible to, they Built that Concrete Cross, placing the
Bones in or making those Bones Fit in the Concrete Body, each Bone at its usual place in a Real Human
Body …. It is Already Weird and Freak to Pray on the Knees in front of a fake Corpse … To Force
someone, that does NoT even know it, to pray on the Knees in Front of a Real Hidden Corpse is a Total
and Deadly Blasphemy … with All the Consequences that will come for those that were Close
Corespondent of ThaT Deadly Sin … even if the Corpse is in the big priest room … It is a Hidden
Corpse … and this is Illegal according to any Country Law … ThaT is my LasT NighT Vision … This
is my Presumption … but what to do with This …?!
So I Largely but Briskly Excuse myself for that … and for that last one Presumption … A Lot … a Lot
of People are Already Aware about This Affair … the Very First Ones being the Imp Supposed priests ...
May the Gods Crucify All Those Sinners … May the Gods Bless All of Us … May the Gods Bless
Rome … the Holy Roman … and the One and Only Living Caesar … Ave !

13 Angry Men ... He Said ; '' LeT The Dead Bury Their Dead and Their DeaTh ... '' ... And I Said ; '' So
if We don'T Bury The Dead ... We don'T ConcreTe Them ... '' And Then We BoTh Say ; '' If you Know
how To CounT ... iT Does 14 ... + One More J-C ... Minimum ... Think abouT iT and Hurry Up ... '' ...
Nam caelum et terram ... T ...

Vision in 5 Acts ... or ... Anachronistic account of
a Chronological series of Visions ... for a Situation ...
I had twice two Visions for a Situation, the 2nd Vision being this Situation ... and the 1st Vision being
the Allegory of this situation by making me take place in this so-called Situation ... + a 3rd Vision
Showing the choice of Several Men to Assume ... + a 4th Vision raising me the Problem of this
Situation ... + a 5th Vision showing me the Origin of this Problem ...
5th Vision; I see Successive Empires with Gradient Faith in the Heart ... I see Sovereigns succeeding
each other with this Growing Faith in the Heart ... I see ... and They see ... Eternal Life in Their
Hearts ... I see ourselves Seeing Eternal Life. ..
1st Vision; I see myself caught in a Sarcophagus of Solidity ... I see myself immobilized, the body
tightened by the whole surface of my Flesh in this solidity ... I find myself in a full egg, this solid being
solid ... I can breathe and I can open Eyes ... but that's All I can do, so I find that Boring and I'm getting
so ... This is the first time, and I remember now, that I had the Vision of Christ sunk in the Cement ...
this Vision being the 2nd Vision that I knew ...

The 1st Vision is therefore the Allegory of the 2nd Vision, this being the Situation ... The Allegory of
the Situation, 1st Vision, therefore presented itself to my Spirit before the Real Situation, this being the
2nd Vision ...; Christ Jesus poured into the Cement ...
But this 1st Vision is also an Allegory of the Situation in which I find myself facing this 2nd Vision
which is the Real Situation of Christ poured into the Cement; The Vision Embarrass, I feel helpless in
front of her, but at ease and Interested by it ... I can breathe comfortably Looking at it easily ... But
however, since this impotence bores me, I forget this vision of Christ poured into the Cement of the
church, as quickly as it came to me to the Spirit ... I fall asleep on this one ... I forget it ...
1st Vision - Sequel; I see myself caught in a Sarcophagus of Solidity ... I see myself immobilized, the
body tightened by the whole surface of my Flesh in this solidity ... I find myself in a full egg, this solid
being solid ... I can breathe and I can open Eyes ... Suddenly I chose to Trying to move so maybe I can
break that solidity that serves my entire Body ... So I move, and a little bit ... The egg breaks down
immediately, and at hardly after I moved ...
This Vision, Sequel of the 1st Vision, and my Decision in this one of trying to break the Solid Egg by
moving a little is the Announcement of my Decision taken this morning to speak of this Vision of Christ
sunk in the Cement of the church ...
3rd Vision; I see 2 men taken to remain hidden in a Container to consume something, one of them
telling the other that they will have to assume their situation and finish all that they have undertaken ...
because that was their choice and that they must Assume it ...
2nd Vision - Sequel; This morning I had this same Christ's vision poured into the church's Cement again
... this time, and certainly because of my perception of this church, deeply troubled me ... I found
disturbing the idea that we could refuse a Burial to a man, whether he be Christ Jesus or not, and then
lock him up in a monument of Cement, and this, in order to hide a risk for this doubtful church and his
lying Doctrine ... I then chose to speak ... I chose to try to move a little in the Egg of the 1st Vision ...
And the egg broke immediately ...
So I know that my 2nd Vision is Right; They are Men in Quantity most probably unmountable of
Immured in the Walls and in the Statute of the Doubtful Church which has proclaimed Christ ... I
believe that the Truth, as soon as this 2nd Vision told, broke out ... Egg hatches under the effect of a tiny
push ... One Text and the Truth Burst ... I know it ... I believe it ... 4th Vision; The situation itself is not
the problematic itself ... It's not the '' what '' the problem is the '' how '' ... because a '' what '' has been
undertaken there There are Thousands of years ahead, according to Them, eventually lead to a
Resurrection and Eternal Life ...
But the problematic conversion of the Roman Empire to the problematic doctrine of the only God,
precipitated the Fall of this Empire and has left room for the coming Problem of the Pretended Church
of Christ ... When this was accomplished, this Church problematic found itself in the power of this
approach which was aimed at the Resurrection of Flesh and the Eternal Life ... But ... this step had been
undertaken by the Great Sovereigns of the whole world ... these , and this is Clear as water of Rock,
having been considered by the dubious nascent church, as the Enemy Juror ...

This church was founded to serve the dissatisfaction of the human beast facing All Power Central ...
And the slogan, when this criminal church discovered the Resurrection process of Flesh undertaken by
the Sovereigns of All Horizons, so the slogan was; '' No ! There is no question ... Final Point …
We will swallow them all to the last of the Sovereigns in our walls, to be certain that they never come
back to life ... Final Point to the Line ... '' But there ... Among the bodies found on the territory of the
quoted Experience of Resurrection, the very doubtful and so-called Church of Christ found what looked
like Jesus Himself ... And that had two effect on the rulers of this little church of suspect parish; First
and foremost, the Presence on Earth of the Inert Body of Jesus Christ broke down a lot about the
doctrine of this Criminal Chapel ... This was a Threat to it and its rulers ... in the face of the human
beast ... Next without thinking for a moment, and one could say that for the time it was understandable,
this church made the following connection; Jesus Christ Fu ... himself with the Tyrants, he was a Traitor
... so there is no question that He is resurrected ...
And all this without even knowing if it really was Jesus Christ ... This church of falsehood has since
had the same reasoning as with the other Sovereigns; '' There is no question that this Trait Raises ... We
will wall it with the others ... but since we hold the people by His Message, we will continue to preach
His Message ... Final Point ... '' ... This church has thus broken the a path that would lead to the
fulfillment of the Word and the promise of Jesus Christ; The Resurrection of Flesh and Eternal Life ...
and while preaching this Promise again and again today ... And all the major priests of this church are
aware of this, still assume it today and prostitute themselves shamelessly in the lie and the Complicity
of this atrocious crime committed most probably at the time of the inquisition ... but with all
reservations ...
This is the story of the Camerlingo who Renie the high priest and put him to death when he learned that
this high priest had chosen to walk hand in hand with Science and the Sovereigns ... He then considers
him a Traitor ... while continuing to honor him ... Shame on them All ... The church has therefore
transported all the Corps to the ladle and problematic chapel and they mumbled ... Name it ... From
Alexander the Great to Ultimate, and to be sure that no one tries to Resuscitate, Napoleon Bonaparte
there is that a few times compared to the time it lasts ... They are ALL ... Immured ...
And it is even wondering if they are not alive yet ... but with all reservations ... Shame on them all false
priests who they dare all these Dogs of War ... The method ; the primitive freezing of inert and
recovered bodies Immediately after the death ... Hence the '' Under any reserve ... '' At the time of
Alexander the Great someone would have had the, say, debatable idea to transport the bodies of the
Sovereigns as far as the Arctic North, after freezing on the Place after Trespass ... Nothing better to stay
cool ... This Method would have been practiced since the Epoch of one of my beloved Fathers, Jules
Caesar so Frozen with one of my beloved brothers; Brutus ... The Goal Being Likely to keep the Bodies
until today to bring them all back to life ...
It was out of the question for the church to take the risk that this experiment would ever come to
fruition ... According to any reservation, they defrosted everyone ... to make Flesh happy for a few
hours and then poured them all into the Cement from their accursed church, where they were most
likely mummified ... Guilty by Intention ... if not Guilty of True Monstrous Murder Crime, in the event
that Experience was already a Success ... Guilty ...

And all Major priests of today are guilty of Complicity of Murder after doing so for keeping all this
secret under the eyes of the faithful to Christ Jesus and his Promise of Resurrection and Eternal Life ...
and most likely guilty to his many eyes. other things ... They are Criminals ... According to my Vision
in 5 acts ...
4th Vision-Conclusion; The Men in the Container are my Father Jules Caesar, my Brother Brutus,
Napoleon and all the others, who, under the Council of Jesus Christ, choose to make their Time,
crowned in the walls of this little Criminal chapel, while waiting the Salutary Shattering Hammer ...
Jesus Christ declares thus; '' We were Consenting for this Experience ...
Let's take it all the way and Let's wait Eric Pascal ... '' .. I say ; '' That's enough ... it's been long
enough ... Let's sonar all the walls and wardrobe of this chapel ladle and the hearts and testimonies of
ALL these rulers ... '' ...
In my opinion Carol Voitila was only made aware of this case at the end of his Days, and that made him
curl and completed him ... but under All Reserves ... Vision and Presumption ...

... per caelum, eT in caelum ...

Mary and Anna
Mary and Anna
I remember another Vision that I had Last Night ... I'm in Equilibrium in a large Shopping Center
Parking lot above two Very Very High Wood Poles ... and I suddenly go from one to the other ... At this
moment, I think of a Woman's Name; Marianne ...
I search and I searched Long time today what was the meaning of this vision ... Why be in balance
between two perches to suddenly go from one to another ... thinking of the name '' Marianne '' ... And I
found ... I had to cut the name of Marianne in two ... which gave me Mary and Anne ... Mary, the
Mother of Jesus Christ, and Anne, the Mother of Mary ... That brings me back to the Crucifixion in
making the Link between the two Women, which brings me back to Jesus Christ ... I wonder then what
is the Link between Jesus and the two Long Poles wood; The two Thieves on either side of Jesus on the
Cross ... And in my Vision I go from one pole to another ... from one Cross to the other Cross ... Why?
I spoke earlier this week of two Crucified Women ...; The Fake Good Thief and the Fake Bad Thief ... A
Bad Woman Repentance because she was a Mother and a Good Woman still bad she Wallows in the Sin
of her Religious Sacrifices ... I said that the Mother repented must be verified to determine the solidity
of his Repentance ... This was done for both Women ... The repentant mother failed this Verification,
and the Mother wallowed in her Religious Sin finally Repented ... The two Crosses were Inverted ... My
Point of View on the two Thieves were therefore reversed in my vision ... The Fake Good Thief has
Became again the Bad Thief and the Fake Bad Thief, by the Repent has Became again the Good
Thief ... So I went from one pole to another in my vision …
But I make a Fixation on the Name of '' Marianne '' ... I think of this name and I look for why ... Then I
think of the Huge Height of the two Poles which then have no more Direct Link with the two Crosses of
the two Thieves ... Why are they so high ...? And why, I who generally have the Vertigo in Height in my
Dreams, I do not feel it at all in this one ... And I always come back in the name of Marianne and
therefore of Marry and Anna ... And I Found ...
I had a Vision Incomprehensible a long time ago ... I'm behind my high school, but I'm on a huge
aircraft carrier, in the open ocean ... And, with several soldiers, I'm giving them the location where was
buried under water a defeated War Chief ... But at this moment I do not even know who it is ... It's Jules
Caesar ... We are looking, from my Point of View, that a War Chief ... We are looking for him and I
seem, even if at this moment I do not understand anything of this dream, to be the only one to know
where Jules Caesar is ...

And my Vision ends this way ... Suddenly to find me, and still in my Neighborhood, next to a Mount
near my home ... And, I see the Olympic Apartments near the Olympic Stadium in Montreal ... So I'm in
front of Mount Olympus ... The Pantheon Point of View of Julius Caesar ... But I do not yet the Link
with the Pantheon, because I'm not yet the Link with Julius Caesar ... Until this week, having this great
man in the head constantly for a good end already ... Then, tonight I had a Revelation ... In 1999, when
I had to take a break from my Music because of Personal Exhaustion, I had another Vision that I
remembered tonight ... found in front of the Secondary School that I mentioned at the beginning of the
Text ...
And in front of this School is a Bicycle Ride leading from the Street of my School to another Street
down, and crossing a short Wooded ... And in my Vision, I see one of my friends running the Hedge
Run, a very high Hedge, and spanning them with very large Legs ... His Name includes both the Name
of my Father Biological, and both the Name of one of my Spiritual Fathers; Jules ... And that brings me
back to Mount Olympus, which suddenly becomes the Pantheon ... and therefore to today's text,
according to which the usurping church stole the Pantheon, seized it when it destroyed the frozen Flesh
to serve to Revive Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ, as well as to lead Humanity towards Eternal Life ...
They stole the Pantheon ...
And I continue to be bothered by the Two Huge Wooden Poles ... All at once I make the link with the
pole vault at the Olympics, by dint of remembering the great legs of my friend that I do not cease to see
running by on top of the huge hurdles at the Olympics ... I'm running in circles ... The Olympics, Jules
Caesar, the Pantheon Stole, the Pole Vault, the name '' Marianne '' ... and Boom ... I see my friend run
the Hedge Run in my direction ... And that brings me back then ... Boom ... behind my High School,
and in the middle of the sea on the aircraft carrier ... Why? I have in mind only the very high Perches of
the Vision of the Last Night, Jules Caesar, the name "Marianne" and my Total Absence of Dizziness
above the Perches ... and BOOM! I am above the Perches and I do not have any Dizziness because I am
at the level of the Ground ... or rather at the level of the Sea ... the Big Poles being sunk in the Water ...
under the Aircraft Carrier ... behind my High School ...
And I understand then that the War Chief we are looking for is Jules Caesar ... Why in the Water ...? I
found Why ... First the church did not recover all the bodies of the Sovereigns ... And, according to my
view, the church did not recover the body of Julius Caesar ... And the Bodies were not taken to the
Arctic Far North for Conservation, because the Arctic Cold Freeze Destroys Human Tissue ... So it's
Necessary to find another place ... Then I see my Vision where I'm in the Egg but where I can move ,
open the eyes and breathe ... I'm in the water ... And then I think back to the name '' Marianne '' ...
I suddenly understand that my Vision tells me '' Mariana Trench '' ... above which I am on Huge Aircraft
Carrier to search ... Jules Caesar ... Mariana Trench is the coldest place on the planet, and at the same
time free from ice ... Mariana Trench ... This is the only place in the world where we can keep a human
body indefinitely without risk of human tissue destruction ... If I can open the eyes and breathe, it is
because I have an Oxygen mask, if I do not can move at the beginning of my Vision, it's because of the
suit pressurized ... But if I strive to move, I break ... then it's boring ... so I spend my time to sleep ...
In my Vision ... I am Jules Caesar taken deep in the water in Mariana Trench ... and again Well Alive
but annoying me to the point where I'm only Sleeping ... because let's say it ...

I'm at the limit of Freezing ... and so much in Hypothermia that I do not feel Cold when I open the Eyes
from time to time ... We are many, including Brutus ... and Fort Probably Jesus Christ ... But I repeat to
you Eric Pascal ... It's so Boring here that we're just sleeping Constantly ... And it's a cold War Dogs
here ... They left us there ... Pass so see us a little with your Aircraft Carrier ... and I t 'you in Pries ...
So bring two big Poles to be certain to find us All ... We are Several ...
Your School Court is an Enlargement at a Particular Place of Mariana Trench ... There is Electricity at
this Place that keep the system Oxygen running ... These are the C Electric, in your Vision, (Another
Vision ...) along the Mariana Trench River ... It's cold over there, but it goes, like your truck passed
under the wire in the other Vision ... You were afraid of Hanging ... but it happened ... It's an Enlarged
Place where there are Electric Cables ... It gives the impression that it does not go ... but it goes ... It's a
Illusion of Optics ... There are in my Vision, caves big enough to enter several trucks of 45 '…
Finally, there is No Electric system for Oxygen … Too Risked … The Solution is the Two Long Poles
… The old Diving-Suit Oxygen System … A '' In '' and a '' Out '' … So there is Somewhere in the Area
Two Long Poles that go Out of the Water … Or … Two Petroleum Platform … and a Natural Oxygen
Circulation … One Pole for the '' In ''… and One Pole for the '' Out '' … Natural and Safe for a Limitless
Time … The School Yard shows me that they are in a Cave in one Side of the Trench, near Petroleum
Platforms … or near Two Long Poles that go Out from Water … anyway … And the Main Entrance is
Blocked by a Cage Door … A Cage to let Circulate the Cold Water … They are in an Area where there
is Cold Water … but NoT much '' Current '' … to Avoid … I don't know what … But I Know that the
Main Entrance has to be Opened by the Interior … when you Forget your Keys … with your Eyes …
and Entering by the Back Door … In my Opinion, I have to be There myself … It Needs my Eyes Iris
… The Little Bicycle Ride in front of my High School is a '' Passage '' Behind the Cave … in the
Opposite side of the Main Entrance … for the 45' Trucks … or Submarines … more Simple to bring
Down there than the Truck, … So that '' Passage '' Leads to the Main Cave where they are ALL of them
… And the Only Way to Open the Cage Door at the Main Entrance … is by the Interior … where they
are All Tight in their Life Suit and Unable to Move at ALL … So Someone '' OK '' with Little '' Passage
'' has to go Deep Down There by that '' Passage '' to Open the Cage Door Locked by The Interior … I
Believe that I have to Go Deep Down There … and I have to Open the Cage Door with my Eyes ... I
Believe and I Will ...
We are in 2018 after Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, Joseph the Carpenter and Brutus ... and obviously they
are all in Mariana Trench ... in Life ... but Boring to die ... There are 2000 years at the edge of the
Freezing ... So the Question that comes to me at this moment, Reflecting on my Vision, is; '' What are
we waiting for, Brothel, to get them out All over there ... ??? '' ... J-C ... J-C ... J-C ... B-T … Vini … at
the Cave ... Vidi … at the Door Lock ... Vici … at the Face of the Fear ... Brothel …

Per caelum et mare ... By The Sky, and in The Sea ...

Yes BloomBert my Man & Tender Spy … Without key, I Enter there … I Open the Door … I Take
Them Out and I then Go Out of there … Neither seen Nor known ...

Elegit si numine ... vel, si muníta ...
Si autem quod chose ... JP quod Angelus vel D & monem ad chosed hodie fieri collective Dimittis in D
& monem ... ... obliviscatur te videre Mille hominum milia fuisse cruci affixum vestri heri ... sanctus ...
JP sed quantum nocte ciemus visum ab se Crucifixo, dum in cruce, & ipsi itidem soli in in medium ante
deum, humiliávit semetípsum Invocatio Mallum, JP ... paulo non paenitentia conversi sunt daemonium
et illud vos iustus chosed ut fieri Hodie ... Sicobliviscaris finis esse Sursum ibi cum amici inter vos ... et
praedicant sit ergo et tu sis solus hac nocte ... cum Angelus in Parte ... et Spiritus in altera parte ... in
pium Latronem et mali latronis ... et post tractus tui occurrunt, et verificabitur Ad quia si voluit manere
Vrbemque aut si voluit ut denique ut vestri homeworks ... si fallatis officium et succedit unus de
fratribus angelis peccantibus non UsurpaTe tuas carnem et cetera of vestri turbaverant Vita ... hodie
chosed ut fieri D & monem la ... ... JP om ... Next nocte Angelus esset ei qui daemonium habet et vellet
ad quod Nefas Chosed hodie si vos es an Angelus vel D & monem ... Tu scis P J-J-P ... ... ... ciemus
Thief te voluit ...
Vitae Sequenced annalis nostrorum Nos Vivere enim Sequenced Vita ... Multa maybe mense integro
Heritage quod, sicut Download, satus per a bonum primo et, deinde ad Serie de electiones ... quisque
arbitrio ducit ad manendum quod Angelus vel ut facti D & monem ... nos initio quidem eo gradus ...
acceptum quam Angelus ... Deinde fit primus ..., quod electio Enforce dum munera sustinentur est
Angelus, si hoc quod electio sit bonum ... vel afferatur pauxillum parte, quæ me contingunt: quod
Angelus facti parum sarte daemonis et elegit vos, quod bonum ... More ... via, patientia, benignitas ...
etc. Long ... et beatus est, et in fabulam, Sancte Spiritus ... sed magis malum suum quod non
abusionibus ... via, impatientia et cetera ... ... Movie et fabulam fit ut omnes, ubi ad malum qvæstionem
Turn denique Ad primum ergo dicendum quod tu et corpori ... paulatim fieri daemonium habentis
numquid daemonium ...

Sic, si solus pius bona elegit modo omnia vitae et illud est raro in Humanum, non solum pergas vitae, et
bonum fabula ad te Vetustatem novitas ... sed a Serie de Obstinating malum electiones tuus vitae et
plerumque per tempora a mensis, erit gehennae, combustione accentus et difficultates, ut in praeputio
elit, quibus electiones denique qui eduxit te ad exitum quae quidem conclusio in quo mirum quiddam
habet, ut venit et educam vos de effectus tui igitur malum electiones ... ut dicunt rectum ... nobis Vita
est Serie de Movies ut ædificem et nostrae electiones ... perfectam vitae et illud est raro, non omnibus
est continens, sed sicut una linea usque ad vetustatem quae tibi indicavit coram ... a regularis vitae cum
enim esset aliqua link Humanum est Angelus pro eo principio acceptum, in Medio de eius moribus
nobiscum Download Forsit in malum coniunctum ad electiones ... et cum quibus fit conclusio est
bonum guy et exitus iterum ... Quod Angelus sit in Vita Et Reduxitque, quod Humanum non modo
acceptum quam quod Angelus beatus De Nihilo Nihil est ...
Aliquando sicut hodie nocte quales uult ostendere necessarium quantum bonum electiones,
ObsTinaTing se mane sumere male electiones qua rerum volutari ... et seriem de Music Lauda terris
vitam movie facit et Horror Movie sicut heri et quidam ... et quod tunc nox enim aliud ... quod autem de
ultimo judicio, ... vos facere bonum vitae non ex communi erroribus & bonum offa ... aut elegit lota in
latitudines in superabundantia in partem tuam vitae et videbis quod vitae becoming horror movie ubi
vos have ut Adonay Zebaoth, Adonay a dæmonio liberarem te chosed ut sit Intra in Vita et possidebit ...
Hodie multum populus chosed volutabro ... nocte et erit ut faciam, et tantum secum De Deorum, quod
ab fratrem meum arbitrium referri quod Angelus ... vel denique ut faciam Their homeworks ... Hac
nocte nox est autem judicium: quia multum J-P-P ... J ...

Bonus Latro, Et De ... Thief malum et bonum in
malum, et Jesu Christo Iesu miserum ...
Quod bonum Jesum Christum fuisse crucifixum præter duos latrones: Quod bonum unus, et quod
malum una ... Et bonum unus est finaliter poenitere se a peccatis, et auditum est quod bonum est in
bonum Jesum Christum ... dum in malum Una est chosed lota in volutabro ejus peccata usque ad
mortem ... insultare bonum Jesum Christum ... cum uterque mori in Cross ...
Hodie quam filium convenero malum Iesus Pauper ... postquam ego occurrit Shiv Bonus Latro, Et Shiv
malum Thief ... Shiv Bonus Latro, a Malum personam, qui paenitentiam egerat se et pro distinctione
ratio ex peccato ... Shiv malum fur est bonum personam, quae stulti ignorantes viam se et pro
distinctione ratio ex peccato ... de Duo Vola Omnis Mundi sunt duae Women ... ita, quod sunt matres, et
fructum procul est in hominibus propter peccatum ... deinde in malum mulierem Default Re ... ... sed
poenitentia per has denique chosed bonum mulierem Chosed est lota in volutabro Sin ... ... cur?
Propter odorem suavitatis illa quae chosed ut custodiatis cuncta Her vitae et disciplinae sumptis Her
unus Deus religionem has ultimate ductus suos ad sacrificium ObsTinaTion perditionem ... et perditio
possidet faciens ipsa est manipulating personam ... dum in malum persona sit obtenebratus quia ex se
non submittunt se in unum Deum religio ... tum quia ipsa est mater ... sic est inluminas ... iam et cum
heri nocte haec fake malum Thief et fake bonus Latro sunt Crucifixus Etiam in aeri, exspectantibus
extremi iudicii et malum Iesus Pauper mixta inter illae duae Women ... est, caro adhuc vivit in terris et
ad determinatum tempus ... nam Shiv bonus Latro, ut verificabitur quod Shiv malum Thief ut denique
poenitet est ab ObsTinaTing unus Deus religio peccatorum ... sed nunc, et in tribus Quaene in Cross ...

Etiam in aeri, Quod malum Iesus tenuis mihi est Iesus quae Chosed lota in volutabro malum electiones
usque ad Horror Movie quod explicatur in principio huius textus Tam ... Qui non vult paeniteri se a
peccatis et semper voce pericula quaerant in aliis subridens ut quibus ... cum odio habueris, et aliis
Women chosed praeferre homines Company manere urbanum ... Hic a ... Stabunt ambo, Shiv malum
Thief, Shiv Bonus Latro, et quod malum Iesus Pauper autem hac nocte, et vix quod turba multa, ut
recepto suam aciem sibi commissam: et ut '* Probably sed Assurely' ', erit Reduxitque Cras est ad
carnem, usque ad tempus determinatum per verificationem final ...
Commune autem hic sit peccatum; Cum enim sentiunt defuncti sobrietatem ex A ignis deorum, in corde
suo, qui non habent ut fateri esse potens fiat, sed non nocet omnino, et denique a salutant Ab de Sky, et
elegit omnia autem haec Tres Crucifixo, Ad impedirent aliis per compendia metae praeteream sobrietas
lustrabat ut Responsible ex ... aut sicut ad vacant ex sanctus sobrietate ornantes ... et tibi est, in hoc
ultimo puncto, ut a daemonio vexatur ut quae paene se tres etiam daemonia ... tres personae habentis: et
unicuique militi partem et daemonium et illud est potitus, eorumque vita post multum annos malum
electiones in diébus eórum Vita ... tunc ducebant illos compulerim, ut ultimum statum in quo et erit
eligere RighTely in deorum faciem ... nocte Shiv bonus Latro, a Iesu ... Shiv malum Thief ... et malum
et miserum ...

Romae habiti eum cuius est adventus unum Deum religionem, et ejus ...
Quia hostias impiarum animarum De Shiv Bonus Latro, et cum prope finem Romam, omnes qui utuntur
hoc mundo submited se in unum Deum religione fuerunt, unum diem ab Posssession sibi daemonis
recusabat gaudium sanctum caelitum ac summas libertas vitae et quae duxit Omnia agnas in Christo
perdere Roma ... quibus Dicuntur agni cordi vbi vanitati cum non sunt subjecti fuerunt stultus: quia
hostias, natus ex dogs of bellum et odium pro Vita ... et odium pro mulierem sexus ... et quod per
mulierem Generalis ... Roma habentes ... ... Dicuntur agni cordi fuit obumbrata,

Chose if you are Possessed … or if you are OverShadowed …
Chose if you are an Angel or a Demon J-P … Because ToDay you chosed To Become a Demon …
ForgeT The CollecTive Crucifixion … You have been Thousand specTaTors To see Thousand Crucified
LasT NighT ... your Holy LasT Call NighT J-P … BuT from The poinT of view of each Crucified,
while on The Cross, They were ALONE in a Room in FronT of The Gods, HumiliaTed and Bleeding, JP… liTTle Non repenTed and ConverTed Demon ThaT you jusT chosed To Become Today… So
ForgeT your Goal To be Up There wiTh your Friends beside you … and be sure ThaT you will be
ALONE TonighT … wiTh your Angel on a Side … and your Demon on The oTher Side … The Good
Thief and The Bad Thief …
And afTer your Turn, you will be Verified To Know if you Chose To sTay ThaT Demon or if you Chose
To Finally make your HomeWorks… If you Fail, you will be Replaced by One of my BroThers Angels
ThaT will UsurpaTe your Flesh for The ResT of your DisTurbed Life … Today you chosed To Become
a Demon … J-P … from The Angel To The Demon …
Next NighT you will have To UlTimaTely chose, as Today you Wrong Chosed, if you are an Angel or a
Demon …
You Know J-P … LasT Call … J-P … Chose your Thief …

The sTory of Our Sequenced Life
We Live a Sequenced Life …A mulTiTude of maybe a MonTh Long Sequences ThaT, as a Movie,
sTarTs wiTh a Good Beginning, wiTh, Then, a Serie of Choices … Each Choice leads Us To sTay an
Angel or To become a Demon … We sTarT All on The Same STep … Overshadowed by The Angel …
Then becomes The FirsT Choice … ThaT Choice Enforce The Presence of The Angel if This Choice is
Good … or leT a LiTTle parT of whaT belongs To ThaT Angel become a LiTTle ParT of a Demon …
And More you chose The Good Way … PaTience, GenerosiTy … eTc. … and more Long is The Happy
sTory of The Sequence … BuT More you Chose The Bad Way … ManipulaTing, ImpaTience … etc. …
and more The sTory becomes as a Movie where All Turn Bad unTil an Issue and Finally a Conclusion
… You Slowly and SofTly Become Possessed by a Demon … So if you Only Chose The Good Way all
your Life, and ThaT is Rare for a Human, you Only conTinue your Life and Good sTory unTil your
Oldness …
BuT wiTh a Serie of Obstinating Bad Choices, your Life, in usually a DuraTion of a MonTh, becomes
Hell, wiTh sTress and DifficulTies, as in a Movie, Those Choices Finally Leading you To ThaT Issue
and ThaT Conclusion where someThing Miraculous has To come and Take you ouT from The ResulT
of your So Bad Choices … To say sTraighT … our Life is a Serie of Movies ThaT we build wiTh our
Choices … A PerfecT Life, and ThaT is Rare, would NoT have any Sequence, buT JusT one Line unTil
ThaT Oldness ThaT I Told before … A regular Life would have some Sequences wiTh ThaT Beginning
as a Human Overshadowed by an Angel, The Middle as a Movie CharacTer wiTh his Problem Linked
To his Bad Choices … and wiTh The issue and The Conclusion where he becomes a good guy again …
The Angel is Then broughT Back in his Life, the Human is anoTher Time Overshadowed by The Angel
and There is The Happy Ending …
BuT SomeTimes, as ToDay and TonighT, The CharacTer Refuses To make his Necessary quanTiTy of
Good Choices, ObsTinaTing HimSelf To sTay and To Assume his Bad Choices in which he choses To
Wallow … Then The Serie of Movie Sequences Builds a Life Movie ThaT leads To The Horror Movie
as LasT NighT for Some … and as NexT NighT for OTher … ThaT is The LasT JudgmenT … You
make a Good Life wiTh Normal Errors and Good ShoTs … Or you chose To Wallow in your BreadThs
for a Too Much parT of your Life and see ThaT Life becoming ThaT Horror Movie where you have To
be Exorcised from The Demon ThaT you chosed To LeT Enter in your Life and Possess you … Today,
a LoT of People chosed To Wallow … ToNighT They will have To make, and Alone wiTh The Gods,
The choice To be Replaced by my BroTher The Angel … or To Finally make Their HomeWorks …
ToNighT is The JudgmenT NighT for a LoT of J-P … J-P …

The Good Thief and The Bad Thief … The Good Jesus ChrisT
and The Bad Jesus Poor …
The Good Jesus ChrisT was Crucified beside Two Thieves ; The Good One and The Bad One … The
Good One has finally RepenTed Himself from his Sins and has Proclaimed The Goodness of The Good
Jesus ChrisT … while The Bad One has chosed To Wallow in his Sins unTil DeaTh …InsulTing The
Good Jesus ChrisT … while BoTh of Them were Dying on a Cross …
Today I have meT The Bad Jesus Poor … afTer ThaT I have meT The Fake Good Thief and The Fake
Bad Thief … The Fake Good Thief is a Bad Person ThaT has RepenTed herself, and for a Peculiar
Reason, from The Sin … The Fake Bad Thief is a Good Person ThaT has Refused To RepenT herself,
and for a Peculiar Reason, from The Sin … The Two Thieves are Two Women … So because They are
MoThers, They BenefiT a DisTance on The men abouT Sin … Then, The Bad Woman has Finally
chosed To RepenT … by Default … buT The Good Woman has Chosed To Wallow in The Sin … Why
Because of The Sacrifices ThaT She has chosed To Observe all Her Life for a discipline Imposed by
Her One God Religion That has UlTimaTely led her To Sacrifice ObsTinaTion PerdiTion … And ThaT
PerdiTion Possesses Her making Herself a ManipulaTing Person … while The Bad person has Been
Overshadowed because of her Refuse To SubmiT Herself To The One God religion … and because she
is a MoTher … so she has been EnlighTed … PresenTely, and Since YesTerday NighT, These Fake Bad
Thief and Fake Good Thief are Crucified in The Sky, waiTing for Their Final JudgmenT wiTh The Bad
Jesus Poor Mixed Up beTween Those Two Women … BuT The Flesh STill lives on EarTh and for an
undeTermined Time … For The Fake Good Thief To be Verified and The Fake Bad Thief To Finally
RepenT Herself from Her ObsTinaTing One God religion Sins … BuT They are aT This MomenT, and
The Three Ones, on a Cross in The Sky …
The Bad Jesus Poor is a Jesus ThaT has Chosed To Wallow in The Bad Choices unTil The Horror
Movie which is explained in The Beginning of This TexT … He Refuses To RepenT himself from his
Sins of Always Talking Too Much on The OThers while smiling To Those OThers … He HaTes Women
and chosed To Prefer Men Company … To sTay PoliTe on This TexT …
BoTh of Them, The Fake Bad Thief, The Fake Good Thief and The Bad Jesus Poor will ToNighT, and
wiTh Much an Much people, be Taken Back To Their Cross To Trespass and To '' Probably buT NoT
Assurely '', be broughT back To The Flesh Tomorrow unTil Their Final VerificaTion in an
UndeTermined Time …
Here is Their Common Sin ; When They Feel the SobrieTy coming from The Fire of The Gods, in Their
HearTs, which I have To AdmiT can be Powerful, buT NoT Harmful AT All, and is Finally a SaluTe
From The Sky, They chose, all of These Three Crucified, To InTerfer wiTh oTher People in The Goal
To pass Them ThaT SobrieTy, considering Them as Responsible of … or jusT To Rid Themselves from
ThaT Holy SobrieTy … They have became, aT This Ultimate Point, so Possessed by a Demon ThaT
They have almosT Became Themselves Three Demons … Three Persons possessed by, and each of
Them, a Demon ThaT has taken ConTrol of Their Life afTer a LoT of Years of Bad Choices Done in
Their Life …

Leading Then Them To ThaT UlTimaTe SiTuaTion where They will have To Chose RighTely in The
Face of The Gods TonighT … The Fake Good Thief … The Fake Bad Thief … and The Bad Jesus Poor

Possessed aT Rome afTer The Coming of The One
God religion and iTs Damned Sacrifices …
Concerning The Fake Good Thief, and aT The AlmosT End of Rome, All of Those ThaT have
SubmiTed Themselves To The One God religion have been, One Day, Taken by The posssession of a
Demon ThaT was Refusing The Holy Joy of The Gods and Their Freedom of Life, and ThaT has Led
All The Lambs of The ChrisT To DesTroy Rome … Those Lambs AccumulaTing FrusTration afTer
They have SubmiTTed Themselves To STupid Sacrifices Born from Dogs of War and Their HaTe for
Life … Their HaTe for Woman SexualiTy … and for The Woman in General …
Lambs were Possessed … Rome was Overshadowed ...

.. per caelum ...

Fossa Mariana ...
Non est bonum finem: Vidi per somnium ... Ave meo Neighborhood in ambulo, in eumdem effectum
cum nos transire mihi Primary School et Osama Bin Laden ... ... vere videre sine medio illius meum
vision narrat me quod in in FUNDAMENTUM huius School, Pauli VI School sunt Nazi Militaries ...
Vidi; Quod positum rebus elati ... Ante incipiens, ego hodie opus est, qui ante fuerat in indignatione
plaga insanabili observe the ... Fossa Mariana hodie, quod aegerrime ego vidi in Sattelite Photo taken ...
Map Ego prorsus efficit quasi non intellexerunt ... hoc est autem fossa Marianas inveni meam
opinionem de visione extensa ad Caesar Divus Iulius senator quem appellant nunc superbus et
secundarium schola coniunctum Herae meae ... Sic ego huic inhaero conciliationi cedant, cuius latitudo
illustratur schoolyard meum, Quaestiones disputatae, tout, Complementarise Pictures paene ad
perfectionem Sattelite cum ex vallo Marianas ... ego tamen nescio qua de hac tabula ... in profundis
sunt, indicavit duo puncta in Map Sattelie Google Maps, schola ut filii mei Seconadire et de Fossa
Mariana, et puncta sint in visione vidi ... et quod loca existimo enim quod vocavit me, et locutus est ad
me, ut visio visita ...
In hac visione sibi facta, non intrabit in School Court per Semita ', X,' et deinde video, et mare, et
aircraft reportet ... Et hoc plane carrier narrat mihi speluncam '' A ',' super quem Maritimum Map.
intellexi autem quod et ego hodie venisset .. loquitur de XLV, trucks et post multos populos spectant ...
aircraft reportet in aqua: et post me et ecce video XLV esset exortum est, et venit aliquet vel, intrare
ludum quod est ingens et garages II ... ... Et quidem de spelunca, 'B', '... et locutus est mihi, quod visio
sunt compluribus locis in haec introitus sunt pit ... pelagus aditus ad et fores grassentur aqua in
caveam: ... et venerunt ad conclusionem pervenire ad ostium intus et a tergo esset in spelunca, quia
meum CURSOR scriptor visio venire ad me: vade in Erinaceus a bicycle ut transeant per '' I ' 'de Card
de ... genus procedit quod non vadit post speluncae ... transitus citius in hoc dicite mihi, ut et ego veni
ut qui tenet hoc parvis speluncis et in gentibus dispersisti tramite angusto patet eruere ch sunt, et non
simul interius, et cum irino meis oculis, ni ea itidem uberrimum aperit contemplationibus principale
introitu opens alter alterum cui Speluncae ... Quod Speluncae sub antro? Index unum habeo ... Electric
cable solus visionem: ... et iuxta eos ad Trogodytas hiberni '' A ',' ... propter visionem in qua et citharam,
Waterfront de snowplow et ego timeo, Electric ut dependeat in eo enim in quo Cable ... ... mirari hoc
tandem ad Trogodytas hiberni est in loco isto et proximi mei School of tabula ... We do not animadverto
ex aqua, sed in ore meo verba visionis cables sunt ligatum ad aqua scriptor Edge de ... Map: Parva per ''
r '' linea quae est a Road ... citharam, de qua transiet per Electric Linc '' E 'et magnus', R 'flumen ... Sed
nihilominus ipso quo haec scribo veniam locum hypothesi ultrices retinacula quibus apparent sub aqua
circuitum et exiguo tegitur testimonium ubi est ergo et tota ad solvenda cryptarum rigidorum permittens
sub ... ... sine ulla exceptione quoque, et in omni casu si vere haec loca quae Rocky paroeciae ... Sed
hoc est fortior me est locus ... '' B '', videtur quod visio mihi in loco transitus angustus est, per quem
transitus in parva intus, in quo omnia ... auris laxant propter Passage in bicycle School conspectu Dei
mei ... si me visio dictat '' A '' ut in loco ubi sunt Electric Cable ...

Ita, ex pluribus locis ibi sunt inter ... C '' '' ... '' C '' concedit quod est loci ad ipsius fere duas pecto
exactus sit sermo, non proportione, diversum autem et similitudinem ad loca , in tabula super
magistrum, aut in tabula ... Fossa Mariana Et hoc est quod dicitur '' Mors Aemulator '' ... est enim hoc
loco, sub aliquo retinemento, quia probatus est et hoc rubeum usque ad internecionem: XI De km ... in
diebus autem habeo hoc verbum, in animo ... '' abyssus '' ... quid non in cauernis est visitare III ... ...
Itaque III de tribus locis citatis Elementa a me visio; Senatori, C. Iulius, et Osama Bin Laden nationalis
socialismi Militants ..
Et ego hesterno die dixi mihi in visione ostendit aircraft tabellarius de loco ubi erat Senator Caius Julius
... nunc redeo ad hoc quod affirmatio et dux bello A ... aircraft reportet; Osama Bin Laden ... ... Tantum
dixit: Et cum scirem est Osama bin Laden traditus esset secessit ad mare post mortem eius ante paucos
annos, Portitorem aeris post me visio High School coniunctum est, et venerunt ad bellum dux mihi
plenus insonuitque flagello. ... '' A ',' ... cum cognovissent circa '' Mors Aemulator '' hodie, atque apud
tabula accidit mihi High School est, vocavit Visionem nationalis socialismi Atrum venit ad me flagella
plena .. C '' '' animadverto me ... duxit Quid mihi obiectant, quod per heri et inscii: et per hoc unum,
socia Senator Caius Iulius Divus Hangars ad trucks et de XLV 'sita est in ' 'B', '... et omnia hoc non
semper conscii homines hodie fiunt vere me percepta Hangars his qui erant in visione ostensum est
mihi hoc, ut suggesserant aircraft tabellarius et me soluto ... '' A ''; Osama Bin Laden ... '' B '': Senator
Gaius Iulius Divus ... '' C ''; Nazi Militaries ... Sed et usquam, patentioris meum inveni locum ... Fossa
Mariana, in brevi vitae meae paene perfecta nestable cum princeps schola ...

Mariana Trench ...
Once, I had a Vision in Dream ... I walk on a Boulevard in my Neighborhood, Hand in Hand with
Osama Bin Laden ... And we cross my Primary School ... Without Really see inside of that My Vision
tells me that in the basement of this School, the Paul VI School, there are Nazi Military ...
I saw ; It depends on the tide ...
Before starting, I must specify that before today I had never stopped to observe the Mariana Trench ...
Today, I am disconcerted by what I saw on a Satellite Photography taken on Google Map ... I still have
not understood exactly what constitutes the Mariana Trench on this Map ... But I found, in my opinion,
the Extended Place related to my Vision dealing with Julius Caesar, whom I now proudly call Senator
Caius Julius Divus , and linked to the Court of my Secondary School ... So I will stick to this
Rapprochement, Enlargement illustrated by my schoolyard which, sum-all, Complement almost to
Perfection with Photography Satellite of the Marianas Trench ... since I still do not know where the
depths are on this map ... The points indicated on the two Google Map Satellite Maps, that of my
Secondary School and that of the Mariana Trench, are the points seen in my Vision ... and that I
consider as the Places that my so-called Vision dictates to me to visit ...
In this Vision, I enter the School Court by the Path '' X '', and then I see, and Sea, the Aircraft Carrier ...
And this Plane carrier tells me the Cave '' A '' on the Maritime Map ... Then I Understood today why I
had come to Talking about 45 'Trucks and many people under water ... After watching the Aircraft
Carrier, I was shot to look behind me and then I see 45 'trucks coming out and, or, enter the school
which is then huge garages ... At least 2 ... The cave '' B '' ...

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