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Day 2 :

We woke up at six o’clock then we prepared for a new day in Ireland. Once
ready, we left our hostel at seven o’clock and we took our coach in the
direction of the capital of Waterford in south-eastern Waterford County which
is well known for its gigantic harbour. After a little less than an hour of travel
we arrived at destination. We went to the heart of the city. Waterford has a
reputation for excellence in its crystal. The House of Waterford Crystal is a
museum where the finest crystal pieces of Ireland are made. We discovered all
the secrets of crystal made as well as the ancestral methods to work this
exceptional material.
Then at 9.30AM, we walked in the centre of the city where there is the famous
Reginald Tower, a medieval tower from the 13 th century. It is part of the
defensive structures of the city. It served as a hotel, a prison and military
barracks. Today, it is a museum. The programme of the visit: a complete
exhibition about the history of Waterford at the time of the Vikings.
The tower is perfectly renovated. It is a beautiful vestige of time. If you have
the opportunity, take the time to stop there: you will not be disappointed!
Around 11Am we took the bus and went for a 2 hours drive in a good
atmosphere with our 3 teachers. We stopped at 12.30 for a lunch break in a
typical Irish restaurant, the O’Neill’s Bistro. It is open from midday to 9PM from
Wednesday to Saturday and from midday to 7Pm on Sundays. Then we left
again for the rest of the journey.
We arrived in Limerick at around 2.30PM. It is in the South West of Ireland, by
the River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland. King John’s Castle is a very
large castle in the centre of Limerick, on the shore of the Shannon. Each year,
thousands of visitors come to discover this place. The visit was quite nice and
lasted one hour. It is a safe bet that a movie could be filmed here, because
there is a lot of space. A historical movie or maybe an action film.
Then we went to St Munchin’s Church on King’s Island. It was built in 1825 and
it is names after St Munchin, the first bishop of Limerick. It is rather beautiful
with its bell tower and small cemetery. This small bell tower could be used for
a suspense movie. You can visit it but you must be discreet because the church
is often used for religious ceremonies.

We finally left Limerick at 5.15PM, exhausted with our day. It was late when we
discovered our new hostel for the night in Tullamore. It had 20 rooms and
offered breakfast.

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