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Route  to  Cal  Peguera  

Coming  from  Andorra  &  
La  Seu  d’Urgell  

Cal  Peguera  

La  Costa  

Coming  from  Col  de  

La  Serra  

Route  to  Cal  Peguera  
Coming  from  Andorra  and  /  or  La  Seu  d’Urgell  and  following  the  C-­‐14  you  will  enter  Organya  from  the  north  side.  After  passing  the  
petrol  station  (on  your  left  hand)  the  road  (C-­‐14)  will  make  a  90  degree  turn  to  the  right.  In  that  turn  is  a  little  exit  which  you  have  to  
take.  After  about  100  mtr  this  road  will  make  a  180  degree  turn.  Just  follow  the  road  and  it  will  bring  you  to  Figols  I  Alinya  (Figols)  to  the  
point  indicated  in  the  map  with  1.  
Coming  from  Col  de  Nargo  you  do  not  need  to  go  all  the  way  to  Organya.  When  you  leave  Col  the  Nargo  the  road  (C-­‐14)  will  make  a  slow  
right  hand  bend  and  then  turn  back  to  the  left.  After  1  to  1,5  km  you  will  see  a  bridge  crossing  the  river  Segre.  Take  that  bridge  to  cross  
the  river  and  immediately  after  the  bridge  take  the  road  leading  you  left.  This  road  will  also  lead  you  into  Figols  I  Alinya  (Figols).  
Entering  Figols  you  will  need  to  pass  the  small  church  on  your  left  hand  side  and  continue  the  road  for  approximately  100  meters  to  
reach  the  point  indicated  in  the  map  with  1.  
From  1.  
Take  the  road  which  is  indicated  by  the  roadsign  ‘Forn,  Voloriu  and  Romanins’,  basically  this  means  follow  the  road.  Do  not  go  to  the  
right  after  aproximately  100  meters  as  then  you  will  get  to  to  the  central  place  of  Figols,  follow  the  road  which  after  approximately  150  
meters  will  take  a  turn  to  the  left.  On  your  left  hand  side  you  will  pass  the  well  that  delivers  water  to  Figols.  Often  you  will  see  elderly  
village  people  sit  here.  
Continue  following  the  road  which  will  now  start  to  climb.  Before  entering  Romanins  you  will  see  a  road  leading  Left  (towards  Forn  and  
Voloriu),  do  not  take  that  road.  A  couple  of  meters  further  you  will  enter  Romanins,    follow  the  road  here  too.  This  means  keeping  left,  if  
you  take  the  entrance,  on  the  right  you  will  enter  the  village  square  of  Romanins.  The  last  part  through  Romanins  the  road  will  rise  
pretty  sharp  and  the  road  goes  through  a  narrow  alley.  Do  not  worry  about  this,  any  car  can  go  through  there  in  first  gear.  
After  the  alley,  you  will  hit  the  last  part  of  concrete  road  (approxiamatey  100  /  150  mtr),  whereafter  the  road  will  turn  into  “pista”.  From  
here  on  it  is  about  3  km  to  go.  The  “pista”  can  also  be  done  by  any  car,  no  off  road  or  4  x  4  required  although  some  people  initially  think  
different.  Just  go  “tranquilo”  in  2nd  and  first  gear.  
In  the  begining  the  road  will  climb  somewhat  and  there  are  some  bends,  thereafter  it  will  stabilize  on  one  level.  At  the  first  scission,  keep  
right.  This  means  that  you  will  descend  from  here  and  after  a  couple  of  hundred  meters  you  will  see  the  house  “La  Costa”  on  your  right  
hand  side.  Approximately  100  mtr  after  “La  Costa”  the  road  will  take  a  turn  to  the  right  and  starts  rising  again.    

Route to Cal Peguera
After a couple of hundred meters of climbing the road will level out again to horizontal. Just before point 2 on the map, you reach a concrete
road part, take the left hand side road which again is a concrete road part and will lead you to turn to the right which is climbing somewhat. If
you look up here you may notice the ruins of the “Castel de Boadella). If you happen to take the wrong exit you will notice that the road descends
and you will end up at the local sheperd and his goats after 200 to 300 meters. No harm done, just turn the car and get back on track.
Follow the road untill you reach point 3 on the map. The road will be slowly climbing towards that point and you will be able to see the farm “La
Serra” on your right hand side. At 3 the road makes a 180 degree turn to the left and will climb (for 10 meters) sharply. As long as you are in first
gear, any car can go up there. For approximately 5 to 10 meters your visibility will be reduced to the sky in front of you and the mountain on the
right hand side. Just go easy and things will level out.
From here on you have another 600 to 700 meters to go of first some climbing whereafter the road will level out again. You will pass through
some almond orchards, pass through some trees again and after that you will be able to see the field where we keep our goats with it’s fence. 100
meters further you will see the gate of Cal Peguera.

Welcome  to  your  holiday  place,  Enjoy….  

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