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Future scenario our solar system
I completely agree with the hypothesis that comets are born within the cloud of Oort (here
ing the thickness of the current comet belt, it will spread more and more with the tendency to
And I say that these scattered comets will weld together and form a compact ice r a future sphere
with two mouths (which 'black holes' are used for the attraction of hydrogen by the sun to
maintain its combustion. the inner planets are trapped within this sphere, the heat will increase to
their level until reducing them to ashes that are pushed by the breath will stick to the inner part of
the ice sphere to form another layer of solid matter .
These two black holes or mouths will shrink even more and the sun's attraction is so great that it
absorbs everything that approaches both of them (maybe even the outer planets of the present
solar system).
Once these two holes completely closed by the ice and the material, it will form a sphere of ice
(shell of the egg), the sun (yellow of the egg) uses its remaining hydrogen, the heat will increase
still and at the same time the internal pressure and if the pressure force will be stronger than the
resistance of the 2 layers of matter and ice, There will be an explosion, the sun is reborn, maybe it
will be even bigger than the current one because he will have made a lot of material during all this
embryonic time.

1 comet belt

2 ice ring

3 ice sphere

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