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May 2018

Pennsylvania Railroad
Road Number PRR 84916

Union Pacific
Road Number UP 2240

This 70’ heavyweight mail baggage car is grey with white and black lettering and runs on 6-wheel
passenger trucks. Built for Union Pacific in 1912 as number 1310, it was renumbered and was later
repainted into the postwar two-tone grey scheme until 1953. It continued to serve for Union Pacific until
1957 when it was retired.

UP is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

This 50’ standard box car with 8’ double sliding doors, no roofwalk and short ladders is Tuscan Red with white
lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. Rebuilt in the mid-1960s from older box cars, this X41H double-door
box car had its running boards and side-sill reinforcements removed. It continued to serve through the 1970s
and early 1980s.

#182 00 080...$24.25

#148 00 190...$34.90

Department of Defense
Road Number DODX 14332

Union Pacific
Road Number TTGX 980001

This 56’ general service tank car is aluminum with black lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks.
Built for the Department of Defense in 1976 by American Car & Foundry, this 20,000-gallon tank car was
used to transport jet fuel to military air bases across the country.

#110 00 380...$29.95

UP is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

#111 00 280...$49.95



This 50’ troop sleeper is dark green and runs on Allied Full Cushion trucks. During WWII, Union Pacific produced a
variety of morale-boosting posters that depicted the railroad’s involvement in supporting the war. The car features
a B-17 bomber plane flown by Colin Kelly, in the days following the Pearl Harbor attack. He was honored as an
American hero after ordering his crew to bail just before being shot down.




Road Number 312

Union Pacific
Road Number USAX 19414

UP is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

This 89’ tri-level closed autorack is yellow with UP shield and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks.
This enclosed autorack design became the universal standard for most railroads by the mid-1970s, as
it prevented vandalism and pilferage and helped to protect vehicles from the elements. It is commonly
used to this day.

#118 00 140...$25.95

This 36’ wood sheathed ice reefer with truss rods is brown with decorated sides and runs on Arch Bar trucks.
The H.J. Heinz Company was founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz, first manufacturing horseradish. By
the early 1900s, Heinz was manufacturing over 60 food products and relied heavily on their fleet of over
700 colorful billboard boxcars to distribute their products across the country.


The Heinz trademarks are owned by
H.J. Heinz US Brands LLC and
Kraft Heinz Canada ULC and are
used under license.

#058 00 340...$28.95

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