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Northern Pacific
Road Number NP 14173

Western Pacific
Road Number WP 220084

This 36’ wood sheathed ice reefer with truss rods is brown with yellow sides and runs on Arch Bar trucks. Northern Pacific was formed in 1864, and by 1883 had over 6,000 miles of track across the Northwestern United
States from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean.

#058 00 390...$27.40

This 40’ standard box car with single door is pullman green with yellow lettering and runs on Bettendorf
trucks. Built in 1937, it was later converted by Western Pacific in 1941 into a less-than-carload express
boxcar. It was renumbered into the 220071-220194 series, and equipped with wood running boards,
steam lines, and friction bearing trucks.

WP is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Baltimore & Ohio
Road Number B&O 186675

#020 00 097...$29.85

Canadian National
Road Number 79157


This 100-ton 3-bay open hopper with rib sides is black with yellow lettering and runs on Barber Roller
Bearing trucks. It was temporarily converted into a covered hopper with the addition of a bright yellow
fiberglass “Hopper Topper.” These cars essentially became grain hoppers, and were implemented by
Chessie System, Conrail and other roads in the 1970s to help meet demand during seasonal increases in
agricultural production and other commodities.

This 34’ wood sheathed caboose with straight cupola is Morency Orange with Mineral Brown roof
and runs on Bettendorf Swing Motion trucks. Built in 1943 through the conversion of a 30-ton wood
sheathed boxcar, it received the green maple leaf logo in 1955 and served through the early 1980s.


Note: Hopper cover decals and roofwalk
shown are included but not applied.

Production Delay
Shipping with orders placed after May 7th

#108 00 240...$27.80

#051 00 130...$32.90

Allied Containers
Road Numbers AVLU 280073/280172

D&RGW® 4-pack


These 48’ rib side containers are orange with black and yellow diagonal bands. Founded in 1928, Allied
Van Lines was a cooperative non-profit owned by member agents. In 1968, it became a standard public
company, and in the late 1990s was merged with North American Van Lines and rebranded as Allied

N Denver & Rio Grande Western


#468 00 101...$16.95
#468 00 102...$16.95

Pre-orders were taken for this in December 2017

DRGW is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

40’ Drop Bottom Gondola
Rd#46404, 46409, 46446, 46490

#993 00 140…$89.95