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Burlington Northern
Road Name ‘Yellowstone River’

Swift Refrigerator Line
Road Numbers 1944/18792

This modernized heavyweight business car is green with a white band and runs on 6-wheel Commonwealth trucks. Originally built for Northern Pacific in 1955, it was named “Yellowstone River.” In 1971
the car received the Burlington Northern two-tone green scheme, and a year later was painted in the
green and white “Hockey Stick” scheme which lasted until 1995.

These 40’ wood reefers are brown with yellow sides and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built in July 1931,
this wood-sheathed ice reefer was used well into the 1950s. Gustavus P. Swift was an influential figure
in the development of the refrigerator car for shipping dressed meat. Before the mechanical reefer, wood
construction was preferred over steel because wood was a better natural insulator and would not rust
from melting ice.

#518 00 581 (rd#1944)...$25.40
#518 00 582 (rd#18792)...$25.40

#556 00 030...$29.95

Road Number 312

Norfolk Southern and Undec SD40-2 Locos
Road Numbers 3414/3416


This 40’ wood reefer is brown with decorated sides and runs on Arch Bar trucks. The H.J. Heinz Company
was founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz, first manufacturing horseradish. By the early 1900s, Heinz
was manufacturing over 60 food products and relied heavily on their fleet of over 700 colorful billboard
boxcars to distribute their products across the country.


Norfolk Southern
Rd# 3414...#970 01 211...$195.95
Rd# 3416...#970 01 212...$195.95

The Heinz trademarks are owned by
H.J. Heinz US Brands LLC and
Kraft Heinz Canada ULC and are
used under license.

#518 00 540...$28.95

#970 01 000...$175.95
Pre-orders were taken for these in June 2017

B&O® Coach Passenger Car 4-pack


Z Baltimore & Ohio


83’ Lightweight Smoothside Coach Car
Rd#5501, 5503, 5505, 5507
Pre-orders were taken for this in December 2017

#994 00 106…$119.95