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SKIP technical sheet & rider
This specification sheet is part of the contract; Thank’s to respect it to preserve
concert quality. If you have any questions, please contact us at the following
address: - +32497171858
1. Diego DI VITO – Guitar
2. Florian BOULARD – Keyboard
3. Baptiste BAILY – Electric bass
4. Davy PALUMBO – Drums
5. DYnamic – Vocal
6. Sara MOONEN – Vocal
7. ---- – BACKING Vocal

1. Provide balance period of one hour from the time the instruments and
microphones are installed and wired.
2. Provide backstage and a meal before or after the concert (3 vegetarian
3. 3. On stage, provide a towel per musician and a big bottle of water a
4. 4. In back stage, provide some fruits, juices, softs drinks, beers and
5. 5. Provide free tickets for the group (free drinks all the evening).
Technical info:
Drums: 2 overhead mics, 3 snare drum mics, 1 bassdrum mic, 1 hihat mic.
Lead vocals: 3 lead vocal mics - Neumann KMS 105.
Electric guitar: 1 amp mic.
Keyboards: 3 DI box
Electric bass: 1 DI box + 1 amp mic.
One monitor per musician.
One black box to raise guitar amp.
Stage lighting will be pluged on different line than sound.
Drums and backing vocals on 40 cm stages.

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