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Warm up (optional )
Do you struggle to find time for a decent workout?
Do you want to work out, but can't find something that doesn't require
the physique of an Olympian ;) ?
Good news !
The 7-minute workout may just be what you need. Leave your heart
(and some serious sweat) on the yogamat, all in the comfort of your
own home during a 7 min total body blast off.
A workout scientifically proven to be very effective and challenging
enough regardless of your personal level.

30" hotfeet

30" high knees running

30" mountain climber

Full body

What more can a girl ask for ?

~~~ Advanced
Move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest at all.
~~ Average
Move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest.
Take a 30" break after the 5th exercise

30" squat + powertwist

30" single deadlift
+ knee up

30" leg raise

30" push ups

30" hip bridges

30" crunches

30" dead bug leg extended
+ arms

30" plank
(+ shoulder tap)

30" burpees

30" windshields
(knee 90°)

30" rainbowwaves

30" wall sit

~ Beginner
Move from one exercise to the next.
Take a 30" breather between each exercise.
Technically your workout will take double of your time,
but push yourself to shorter and fewer rest in between.

Push yourself but don't exaggerate.
If you were not exactly Sporty Spice to begin with you may want
to take things slow at the beginning.
It is more important to exercise correctly than to be fast.
Know the difference between pain and an injury.
If you are working out, your muscles are going to get tired,
tense up and may even get a little lactic.
This is perfectly normal and should go away after your workout.
Even in the next days you may experience soreness.
If you feel a sudden pain during your workout you've probably pushed
yourself too far. If this happens, rest up and start again when
you are fully healed.
Don't train on an empty stomach.
Your body needs fuel to be able to push through the entire workout.
A car doesn't drive on air, neither does your personal engine.
A dehydrated body is not able to perform to the best of its ability.
Set realistic goals.
Sure we all want to look like a supermodel, but instead of obsessing
over the outside, focus on the inside.
Happiness and health aren't always measured by a specific size.
Be the best version of you.
And last but not least...don't forget to enjoy!
But remember: never expect to get more out of it, than you put in!
Consistency is key!

30" dips

30" sprint

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