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Speaker nomination form

What is TEDxGEM?
In order to spread new ideas, TED created a new program in 2009 labelled TEDx. TEDx is a program gathering independently organized
conferences aiming to share local people’s ideas thanks to a similar format. Our event is named TEDxGEM and will represent one of the most
prestigious business schools in France, Grenoble Ecole de Management
On D-day, several speakers will spread their personal idea in front an
audience in addition to a projection of minimum 2 TED conferences in order to build intellectual emulation. TED gave us the right to build a TEDx
event by attributing us a TEDx license back in march 2018. As of that
date, we are an independently organized TED but still under a degree of
TED control. Indeed, specific rules need to be respected before, during
and after the event (speakers, communication…).
We are looking for speakers capable of showcasing new, original
and innovative ideas!

Key words related to our theme:



Physical barriers

The utopia

The dream


Questioning the Status quo

Exploration To surpass
Mental barriers
The unknown Rupture

Date of the event: 3rd of October 2018

Grenoble’s WTC, where the event will take place.

We are looking for: never-before-seen presentations, from people
who have changed the world in terms of Technology, Entertainment,
Design. (T.E.D.).
Our audience is not interested in:advice or “coaching” about how to
live differently, causes or charities looking for support, professional
or semi-pro “public speakers” who have given the same talk many
times, or personal observations from an individual who is not famous.
Our audience attends to meet and learn directly from inventors,designers and creators. We are conscious that preparing a TEDx talk
requires a big amount of time and effort and that’s why we will hire a
personal coach specialized in the TEDx format and gather the best
conditions possible to assure the quality of the event.
Please also be sure you are available for this event. Sending us your
application means you are fully committed to our project!

Please answer those questions below in order to know
you better (no word limit!)

Your profile:
Your full name *
Date of birth *
Living city *
E-mail address *
Phone number *
Your current work / activity *
Your Linkedin profile

Your ideas / project
Could you briefly describe yourself? What are your occupations in life? What’s your purpose?
What distinguishes you from the others? *

In what way have you contributed or are you contributing to a significative change within society? Have you ever had or do you have unconventional ideas on any specific subject? *

Have you ever done a TEDx talk? If you have, please briefly describe your experience and the
subject(s) mentioned *

Have you ever performed public speaking? If you have, please give further details (venue, subjects…). Describe your experience(s)

How would you describe yourself while speaking in front of an audience? Are you at ease?
What’s your speaking style? What could be improved?

What subject would you like to talk about during your talk (Title / Why do you want this
idea to be featured ? / Structure / sources…)*

Links of web videos (talks, conferences) or any useful elements

Other subjects you might find relevant to mention

Please note that it absolutely isn’t mandatory to have performed a TEDx talk before. We want to value the idea you want
to talk about first!
Please send us your application before the 3rd of June at
this address:
You will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your
motivation if your application is selected.
We will contact you back as soon as possible.
Thanking you a lot for your application

2018 TEDxGEM’s Team, from left to right : Vianney, Etienne, Arnaud, Elodie, Emma, Aurélie, Kenny, Gabriel et Florian.

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