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If you are in Malaga for a few hours or days and your interests are:
 knowing more about the Spanish culture,
 seeing the main emblematic spots in the city-centre and
 having a few tips for cheap/free activities

a basic 3 hour-visit could include, for example the following steps:

Meeting point

Plaza de la Marina, Malaga (next to the fountain).

Main spots (for the example visit)

During your stroll in the old town, the local will tell you stories and curiosities about Malaga,
its traditions and customs. As the visit is just for you don’t hesitate to ask him all your

You will pass by these main emblematic spots:


Calle Larios (Larios Street): The 5th most expensive commercial street in Spain and
one of the main arteries of the city centre.


Mercado Atarazanas (Atarazanas Market): An awesome spot to buy fresh products,
enjoy fresh tapas and feel the Spanish spirit, warm and friendly.


Plaza de la Constitution (Constitution Square): One of the main squares in Malaga
and where many important events take place.


Plaza Uncibay (Uncibay Square): A very animated square in the city centre at almost
any time of the day.


Teatro Cervantes (Cervantes Theatre): Where the Malaga Spanish Film Festival
takes place every year.


Plaza de la Merced (Merced Square): Probably the most important square in Malaga,
where the artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born, and where you can enjoy a drink in the
sun, on a terrace of one of the numerous restaurants in this square.


El Teatro Romano (The Roman Theatre): That is still used nowadays as a theatre
some days of the year and as a cinema during some summer days.


La Alcazaba (the Muslim Fortress): from which you can enjoy a great panoramic
view of the city. An elevator is available for those who don’t want to climb it.


Bodega Pimpi (Pimpi Restaurant): Probably the most famous restaurant in Malaga,
great spot to eat and very beautiful place that many great people visited.


La Manquita (Malaga Cathedral): One of the symbols of Malaga with an incredible

A tour just for you

The tour is made just for you. Anytime you need to make a break or stop to take pictures
just tell us. Our objective is that you enjoy your visit.

What is not included?

During the visit we won’t enter any museum, Malaga Cathedral, Alcazaba or Teatro Romano.

Other practical info

In sunny days, don’t forget your bottle of water. If you forget it, don’t worry we’ll stop for you
to buy one.
In rainy days, don’t forget your umbrella. And yes, if you forget it, we’ll stop in a shop for you
to buy one 

Any question?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question. We’re here to help.

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