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Dear Sir / Madam / Dear Partners,
The ACFA régionale of Calgary is honored to invite you to the official launching ceremony
of the Bilingual Volunteer Project to be held on May 29, 2018 at the Atrium of the City of
It is a privilege for the ACFA-C and its team, its board of directors and the Bilingual
Volunteer Strategic Committee to welcome you and introduce you to the New virtual
portal, website and project data base.
We are counting on your presence from 11h 30 am according to the program attached. To
encourage conviviality among our guests, lunch will be served at ACFA's conference room
located on 3rd floor at 840 7th Avenue SW at 1 pm after the ceremony.
Thank you for confirming your presence before May 22, 2018 for organizational and
logistical purposes.
We hope to see you at the ceremony and at the reception. Kindly accept, Sir / Madam /
Dear partners, the expression of my sincere consideration.

Dr Awah Mfossi Sidjeck
Coordonnatrice Projet Bénévolat Bilingue
Bilingual Volunteer Project Coordinator
ACFA régionale de Calgary
840 7e Avenue S.O. Suite 1601
T2P 3G2
Tel: 403-532-8576 x 228

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