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Argos Soditic
Argos Wityu
Dear Business Partners and Friends,
From May 31st, 2018 we are renaming our firm from Argos Soditic to Argos Wityu
Argos Soditic was founded almost 30 years ago in Geneva in cooperation with Maurice Dwek, the founder
of the bank Soditic. Mr. Dwek held a small and friendly minority stake in our firm. Since the loss of Maurice
Dwek, we have separated from the Soditic path, and decided to rebrand to Argos Wityu.
“Argos”, which is most probably recognisable to you as it evokes the heart of our brand is retained, to which
we add “Wityu” as a synonym for “with you” reflecting our core values as supportive, reliable, constructive
and trustworthy partners for our professional relationships. We deeply believe that our business is about
people, not financial tactics, and we wish to highlight in our brand name how important being “with you” is
to us.
As Argos Wityu we will remain the independent pan-European private equity firm which you know well, with
our 47 people and 6 offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Luxembourg, Milan, and Paris. Today, Argos
Wityu manages about €1 billion. We will continue to focus on equity investments in companies with
enterprise values between €25 to 200 million. And we will stick to our well-identified “Argos strategy”, where
value creation largely comes from business transformation, growth acceleration, innovation boosts and
bringing solutions to complex situations.
We would like to invite you to visit our website for further details. Our new email
addresses will be '' with the xxx being, in general, the first name initial and the 2 first letters
of the last name of your Argos Wityu contact; all other contact details are unchanged – the new contact list
of our Investor Relations team is appended.
The whole team of Argos Wityu will pursue its passionate practice of sound and respectful private equity
and hopes to continue to do business for many more years… with you!

Kind regards,

The partners of Argos Wityu

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