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With the introduction and advancement of technologies resulting many developments, one of
them is mode of transport like air transport after industrial revolution. Now a day mode of
travel become swifter & now people can travel one corner to another very easily on the same
day because now people have more expending power.

Travel for leisure or business is popular and tourist visit various places all over the world. The
mode of transportation they select varies according to the availability need, but if it is a long
distance journey people preferred to travel by airlines. With the advancement of airlines
business now this industry demands lots of skilled full employees to run this gorgeous industry
Now the main question is where we can get trained employee and a quick prompt answer is
from a good air hostess training center. Now a days there are lots of colleges in delhi offering
different types of Air hostess course in Delhi, among them The Hotel School can be a good
choice for those who are aspiring to make their career in aviation, travel or hospitality industry.
The best colleges offering Air hostess course in Delhi help a fresher student to choose a right
pathway towards a prosperous journey as a trained airline professional.

Major airline Hub
Even before one decade ago if we want fly from one place to another there was only few choice
for the traveler, but now a days as demand increases to fulfil that lot of other companies also
launches different private airlines, but routes of the airlines depend on the types of airline, the
direction of the travel and majorly the network with their hubs. Normally airlines touch their
hub before proceeding to the destination but some airlines have more than one hub.
Airfare depend on many factors such as the route of airline, demand traffic etc. The class of
travel and types of fare denoted by an alphabet like Y stands for economy class cheap rate, J
denoted for business class for those people who have more expanding power.

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