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Come join ScubaTech and dive the beautiful waters of the
Emerald Coast. The most popular SCUBA diving begins just a
few miles from the Destin East Pass.

The Sea Cobra
Dive Boat
The “Sea Cobra” is the fastest,
most comfortable dive boat in
Destin. She is 45 of diving
pleasure. The “Sea Cobra”
has a spacious deck with
bench seats, tank racks and
two fantastic drop down
ladders for easy access getting
back on board the vessel.

Learn to Dive

The PADI Online Open Water
Diver Course is a beginner
SCUBA course which is great
for those wanting to take their
first breath underwater. Start
the online course, then come
complete your open water
training dives with us!
Sign up today!

The Mongoose
Snorkel Boat
Have you ever wondered what
it’s like to breath underwater?
The Try SCUBA program
allows you to experience the
thrill of diving without all the
work. Join us on the “Mongoose” snorkel boat to try
diving or snorkel the Destin