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2018 UEC BMX
European Championships & European Challenge
Sarrians (France), 13-15 July 2018

General information
Get more information on the Euro finals website www.bmx-sarrians.fr or on the Facebook event
https://www.facebook.com/events/410128042769306/ called “Challenges et Championnats Europe
2018 BMX Race”

UEC Contacts
UEC Event Responsable: Jolanda Polkamp:
UEC Registration:


FFC Contacts
FFC coordinator : Jonathan Noyant - j.noyant@ffc.fr

About Sarrians
Sarrians is a little town in Provence at the foot of the “Mont Ventoux”, well known with cycling lovers
for the Tour de France.
Its inhabitants are called “Sarriannais”, they are around 6.000 to live in the city.
Sarrians is a sunny and nice place for tourism with good Old Provencal towns, wine cellars or lots of
touristic places like “Dentelles de Montmirail”, “Mont Ventoux” etc.
The BMX Club was born in 1991 and it has grown up step by step. Stephane Garcia was appointed
president of the club 3 years ago. One year later, new coaches arrived as well (Simon Lukie and
Estefania Gomez) as employees. The club organized its first national race in March 2017 and created
its own team (National Division). BMX Sarrians was crowned French champion for its first year of
existence in second division and will race the first one in 2018. The club can’t wait to welcome you in
July and we really hope to be able to organize other big races in the years to come.

Sarrians BMX facts
BMX Track
The brand new track is located in the sports complex of the town, recently rebuilt to host the
competition. This big track was built by MY TRACKS, a new French company with a lot of experience
like his famous co-founder Yann BONICI who also shaped world famous tracks like Zolder, Baku, and
so on.
The track features a pro section on the 2nd straight and a 5 meters start hill for all classes. It also has
between 3 and 4 meters high asphalt corners.

Club and track information and location
BMX Track address
Avenue Agricol Perdiguier
Zone de la Sainte Croix

BMX Sarrians
Stéphane GARCIA
Tel +33 6 35 26 44 47

Simon LUKIE s.lukie@bmx-sarrians.fr