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Fact Sheet: M/T Camila, Galapagos

 Deluxe trimaran.
 Built in 2018.
 8 cabins for 16 guests.
 Crew of 10 plus bilingual Naturalist
Guide and Cruise Manager.
 Less fuel consume, resulting into a
more sustainable operation.

Room Details
 8 double cabins.
 Temperature control.
 Private bathrooms.
 Private shower and hair dryer.
 Tempered water.
 Private balcony.

Location Facts
 Galápagos – 600 miles from mainland.
 Travel time from Baltra Airport to dock:
10 minutes.

Contact Details
Address: Galapagos, Ecuador
Tel through A&K: +593 2 450 7750
Fax through A&K: +593 2 450 7495

 Trimaran (3 hulls) stability.
 Faster navigation.
 Sundeck.
 Jacuzzi.
 Shaded outdoor deck areas.
 Al-fresco dining.
 Indoor dining room.
 Kayaks, snorkeling gear and wetsuits
available for guests’ use.

A&K’s Recommendation
A totally new vessel concept has arrived
in Galapagos, with the M/T Camila, a
trimaran that joins the mostly classiclooking fleet of the “Enchanted Islands”,
with a fresher appearance and modern
design. However, the Camila isn’t just
about the look but about the comfort it
offers, thanks to its wide spaces, facilities
and indulgent staff, eager to attend to any
needs guests may have.
The vessel is ideal for families, friends
and couples eager to enjoy the Islands
elegantly and exclusively, onboard a
sophisticated and different boat- stable at
sea and sustainable.

Cabin Descriptions
The M/T Camila offers eight staterooms in
four different sizes, which will allow guests
to enjoy an even more personalized
Galapagos experience, depending on their
deck and accommodation preferences.
With this in mind, guests may pick from
two 20 m2 (215 ft2) staterooms, two 23 m2
(247 ft2) staterooms, two 24 m2 (258 ft2)
staterooms and two 25 m2 (269 ft2)
Main Deck
Guests who prefer the Main Deck, may
choose from one of the 4 staterooms that
range between 23m2 and 25m2. Two of
them have only one bed, and the other 2
can be arranged with 2 beds, making them
ideal for couples or for sharing separately.

Upper Deck
Guests on the Upper Deck, on the other
hand, may pick from 4 standard cabins
between 20m2 and 24m2, making them
perfect for couples or for those who enjoy
a wider space for themselves.

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