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These Terms of Use apply to all services offered by ART & ME Limited (hereinafter "ART &
The purchase of a common ownership share of the Art Work as well as the participation in the
Affiliate Programme are reserved for the User Customers who have read and accepted these
Terms of Use in their entirety, prior to each order.
By placing an order via the ART & ME mobile application (hereinafter the "Application"), the
User Customer acknowledges having read, understood and accepted, without any reservation,
the Terms of Use. In case of disagreement with the Terms of Use, the User Customer will
refrain from placing an order via the Application and participating in the Affiliate Programme.
By using the Application, any User Customer agrees to comply with the Terms of Use, and in
particular to pay all amounts due and to accept the rules governing common ownership and
the conditions and limitations of liability of ART & ME .
The User Customer declares that they have the full legal capacity to engage under these
Terms of Use.
The purchase, the holding and the sale of a part of common ownership of the Art Work through
the Application are governed by these Terms of Use.
By their order, the User Customer acquires a share of common ownership in the Art Work,
alongside other User Customers who have acquired a similar share of common ownership on
the same Art Work. Common ownership derives from the Community Agreement, to which the
User Customer declares to adhere, created and governed by these Terms of Use. The User
Customer understands and accepts that this right of ownership is thus shared with other User
Customers, whether they have already acquired this right at the time of acquisition by the User
Customers or whether this right is acquired later.
The User Customer understands and agrees that the number of Customer Users who hold
common ownership rights in the Art Work cannot be known or limited in advance.
The Customer User understands and agrees that the Art Work is not intended to be sold and
therefore has no expectation of receiving any product from the sale of the Art Work.
If necessary, these Terms of Use serve as community rules applicable between ART & ME
and all holders of common ownership shares.
Purchasing process
The procedure for ordering a share of common ownership in the Art Work comprises at least
the following steps:

The User Customer downloads the Application