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The Customer registers and transmits their personal data to ART & ME through the

The User Client selects the Art Work

A summary, including the selection of the User Customer and the price of the common
ownership share of the Art Work acquired, allows the User Customer to check the
details of their order

The User Customer can then, subject to having previously accepted these Terms of
Use, validate their order

The purchase contract is then validly concluded

The payment of the share price of the common ownership of the Art Work that the
Customer User has ordered is made directly at the time of the order, by communication
of their credit card number by means of a secure payment system. The Customer User
therefore authorises ART & ME to charge the purchase price on their credit card. In the
event that the payment turns out to be irregular, incomplete or non-existent, for a
reason attributable to them, the sale will be cancelled, the resulting costs being
exclusively the responsibility of the User Customer;

ART & ME transmits to the User Customer, as soon as possible and by e-mail, the
confirmation of their order containing the essential elements such as the identification
of their share of common ownership of the Art Work as well as the price.

Absence of right of withdrawal
The User Customer acknowledges and agrees that the purchase of a share of the common
ownership of the ART & ME Artwork is fully executed upon validation of the order, and that
there is no withdrawal period.
The prices indicated in the Application are expressed in USD and include, where applicable,
VAT. They do not include any additional taxes that may be required by applicable foreign law,
including the law of the country of domicile of the User Customer.
The User Customer understands and agrees that part of the price paid for the acquisition of a
common ownership share of the Art Work will be used to remunerate Affiliate Programme
participants as described in these Terms and Conditions of use, and therefore does not reflect
the intrinsic value of the common ownership share of the Art Work as such.
Absence of transfer right
The User Customer is not authorised to sell or assign or transmit in any other way either the
Art Work itself, or their common ownership share acquired on the Art Work. The release of
common ownership is reserved, in accordance with the section of these Terms of Use devoted
Likewise, they have no claim to dissolve the community or share common ownership over the
Art Work.

Rights and duties of the User Customer in connection with the Art Work