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e-mail address as well as their bank details. This data is covered by the ART & ME Privacy
Policy available here.
The User Account is made available free of charge to any User Customer. The User Account
remains the property of ART & ME.
Remuneration of the User Customer
An amount of USD 1.00 will be allocated to the User Customer concerned:

for any purchase of a common ownership share on the Art Work by one of their
acquaintances to whom they have introduced the ART & ME concept (the "Friend");

for any purchase on the one hand of a common ownership share of the Art Work by
another person themselves introduced by the Friend, until the tenth generation of
participants concerning them (the Friend of a User Customer representing the first

In each of the cases described above, the remuneration will be due to the User Customer only
to the extent that the purchaser of a common ownership share in the Art Work is not already a
User Customer at the time of their order.
This amount of USD 1.00 is per newly acquired and paid share. It will be paid on a monthly
basis to the bank account communicated by the User Customer in their User Account.
No promise is given by ART & ME as to the minimum remuneration, or even the absence of
remuneration, that could be charged to the User Customer in this respect.
Duties of the User Customer
If they receive a fee, the User Customer agrees to pay taxes, fees, royalties and contributions
of any kind related to this remuneration that are associated with them, particularly in their
country of residence. No liability can be attributed to ART & ME as such.
The User Customer undertakes to provide accurate and truthful information. ART & ME cannot
be held responsible for any use that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use
and/or fraudulent profiles, including the use of false profiles or identity theft.
Guarantees; restriction and exclusion of liability
Although ART & ME endeavours to inform the User Customer in the most complete and faithful
way possible, the photos, videos and texts illustrating and describing the Art Work are noncontractual and are provided for information only . They are in no way an offer from ART & ME
(which does not guarantee its accuracy) and cannot in any way be qualified as guarantees or
promised qualities.
In general, ART & ME makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on [its
website and] its Application is accurate and complete. ART & ME, however, rejects any
responsibility if this should not be the case. The User Customer agrees that it is their
responsibility to keep abreast of any changes to the content of the Application.
It is up to the User Customer to check with the competent authorities, in particular those of
their place of residence, as to any restrictions regarding the acquisition of an Art Work or their