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participation in the Affiliate Programme. Any liability of ART & ME is excluded in this regard.
Likewise, it is up to the User Customer to check with the competent authorities, in particular
those of their place of residence, as to the possible tax consequences of holding a common
ownership share in the Art Work and of their participation in the Affiliate Programme.
Except in the case of fraud or gross negligence, ART & ME is not liable in the event of loss,
theft, destruction, deterioration or any other event that must diminish or completely eliminate
the market value of the Art Work.
ART & ME is not responsible for any risks or damages whether directly or indirectly related to
the Art Work.
In any case, the amount of the liability of ART & ME is strictly limited (i) to direct material
damage, any liability for indirect damage (including loss of income, etc.), consequential,
punitive, intangible damage (loss of data) as well as for damages relating to the person
(physical damage) and those suffered by third parties being expressly excluded, and (ii) the
sum actually paid by the User Customer in the last twelve months preceding the event giving
rise to liability.
Use of the Application and e-mails; connection data
When the User Customer communicates with ART & ME by e-mail or through the Application,
they must take into account that the protection of messages transmitted over the Internet is
not guaranteed. Therefore, by sending important or non-encrypted messages via e-mail or
through the Application, the User Customer accepts the risks of this uncertainty.
Each User Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their User Account
number and/or password, if applicable. They are responsible for all uses of their User Account,
whether or not they have actually or expressly authorised them.
Status of the User Customer
The User Customer acknowledges that they are neither an employee nor an agent of ART &
ME; nothing in these Terms of Conditions of Use gives them such a position.
The User Customer has no power to bind ART & ME to third parties under a contract or other
commitments. They must not give the appearance of being able to do or say anything in the
name and on behalf of ART & ME, nor to allow such powers to be attributed to them.
Data Protection
As part of the collection and processing of personal data, ART & ME is subject to data
protection legislation and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more
information, please see our Privacy Policy which is an integral part of these Terms and
Conditions of Use and available here.
The trademarks or products and logos displayed on this site or on the Application are the
property of ART & ME or third parties. The use of these trademarks or logos without the prior
written consent of the owner of the trademarks or logos is prohibited.
Modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use