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ART & ME reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time and
will notify User Customers of this by e-mail. If within 15 business days the User Customer has
not objected by e-mail or through the Application, the new Terms and Conditions of Use will
be deemed accepted and will take effect immediately upon the expiry of this period.
If the User Customer does not accept the new Terms and Conditions of Use. They will be
excluded from any participation in the Affiliate Programme.
ART & ME expressly reserves the right to not contract or to terminate the contractual
relationship with the User Customer at any time, particularly in the event of violations of these
Terms and Conditions of Use. In this case, the User Account of this User Customer will be
deleted. If a User Account is deleted, all the information related to the profile will be deleted
without ART & ME being held responsible for the consequences of this deletion.
ART & ME reserves the right, if the circumstances warrant it, to cancel or modify the Affiliate
Programme at any time without liability being incurred as a result.
Jurisdiction and applicable law
In the event of any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these Terms and
Conditions of Use or the contracts (sales contract and participation contract to the Affiliate
Programme) that they govern, the courts having jurisdiction over the ART & ME registered
office are exclusively competent.
English law is applicable, with the exception of the United Nations Convention on Contracts
for the International Sale of Goods.
ART & ME is an English company headquartered at 77 New Cavendish Street, The Harley
Building, London W1W 6XB, United Kingdom. Its contact details are as follows: