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China Mission: 13-16 November 2018

Practical Information



The China Mission will take place at the CleanCon-

In conjunction with the European

The CleanConnect Conference is an

nect Conference in Nanjing the 15-16 Novem-

Cleantech Internationalization Initia-

annual event focusing on international

tive (EC2I), members of TENERRDIS

cooperation for global cleantech com-

are cordially invited to take part in a

panies and organizations. By offering

matchmaking mission to Nanjing in

exclusive, prearranged matchmaking

with other European technology providers and a

China on 15-16 November 2018 at the

with potential partners and investors,

clear follow-up process. Different packages suiting

CleanConnect Conference. The objec-

CleanConnect offers a good oppor-

your company needs from all-inclusive arrange-

tive is to match French and other Eu-

tunity to match solution providers with

ments (EUR2.200 includes flight, 2 nights hotel,

ropean companies with Chinese part-

buyers. In 2017, more than 232

transportation to the venue, CleanConnect confer-

ners to export European cleantech

matchmaking meetings took place,

technology to the Chinese market.

with an average of 20 business meet-

Special focus will be on:

ings for the overseas companies dur-

VOCs Treatment

ing the two-day conference.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Waste to Value


tation to the venue, CleanConnect conference,

Industrial Wastewater

The EC2I initiative consists of five

matchmaking event and follow-up process).

Monitoring and Smart Solutions

cluster partners from Denmark, Aus-

ber 2018. Based on your needs and preferences,
we will facilitate tailor-made meetings with relevant
partners and Chinese investors. You will be part of
the European EC2I initiative, including networking

ence, matchmaking event and follow-up process) to
minimal booking (EUR400 for the matchmaking
event) are organized. The event also envisages site
visits to a Yixing Industrial Park and a meeting with
the EU Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for
EUR2.800 (includes flight, 3 nights hotel, transpor-

tria, Belgium, France and Sweden who

How to join?
To verify interest from China for your company and


are members of the International

Due to rapid industrialization and ur-

Cleantech Network and are financially

banization, China has experienced en-

supported by the European Commis-

vironmental degradation. In response,

sion. All participants will be supported

the Chinese government has imple-

by the clusters as well as a profes-

mented policies to accelerate the de-

sional matchmaking company (Umore

For more information on the EC2I China Mission,

ployment of environmental technolo-

Group) connecting European compa-

the program and opportunities in China, please con-

gies in fields ranging from water treat-

nies with relevant Chinese project


ment, clean energy, and air pollution

owners and investors.

to soil remediation. Because of this

plan relevant meetings, we need your tentative confirmation by email Ingrid Milcent at ingrid.milcent@tenerrdis.fr, at the earliest convenience or before 31st August 2018.

Ingrid Milcent, Innovation Project Manager
T: + 33 679 38 60 02
E: ingrid.milcent@tenerrdis.fr

policy push, the Chinese cleantech

Ben Jorgensen, Sustainable Business Hub (Strategic

market will reach EUR2.28 trillion by

Partnerships leader of EC2I)


T: +46 725 1791 722
E: ben.jorgensen@sbhub.se
Lin Dong, Umore Group (China Business partner)
E: lin.dong@umoregroup.com
T: +45 4272 3212

This project has received funding from the European Union's Cosme programme under grant agreement No 783403