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Contest Rules
Little Life
Petit Fernand

ARTICLE 1 – ORGANISATION OF THE COMPETITION (hereinafter the "organiser"), registered in France under company
number 752 873 455 000 14, whose head office is located at 13 rue Georges Barres Cidex 396 - 33083 Bordeaux Cedex – France
Organized from August 13rd (12:00) to August 20th (12:00), a free contest with no
obligation to purchase entitled: "BACK TO SHCOOL GIVEAWAY" (hereinafter « the
contest"), according to the terms described in these contest rules.
This operation is carried out in partnership with the company Little Life registered in
England and Wales under company number 02531239, whose head office is located
at Units 1 & 8, Bacchus House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire, RG7 8EN, and
whose VAT number is 573 0142 67.
This operation is not organised nor sponsored by Facebook, Google, Apple, or

This free competition is open to anyone aged over 18, with an Internet connection and
a valid e-mail address, resident of the United Kingdom, except for the company’s
employees and their families, as well as anyone who participated in the creation of the
The contest is subjected to the laws and regulations applicable to competition currently
in force in the United Kingdom.
Participants aged under 18 must obtain the prior authorisation of one of the two parents
-or of a legal tutor- in order to enter the competition.
The organiser can ask the underage participants to provide said authorisation. In the
case of unfulfillment of the request, the organiser reserves the right to disqualify the
The organiser can ask winners to provide said authorisation. The organiser reserves
the right to draw another winner in the case of unfulfillment of the request.
Participation in this contest constitutes a full and unconditional acceptance of, and
agreement to be legally bound by, these contest rules.

This contest takes place exclusively on the Facebook platform during the dates
specified in article 1.
The participation to the contest implies commenting a post shared on both Petit
Fernand and Little Life Facebook pages by giving the right answer to a calculation.
Each participant can answer on both page but one answer on one of the two pages is
enough to participate.
Draw and winner selection: Monday 20th of August 2018 during the day.
Although the contest takes place on the Facebook platform, Facebook will not be held
responsible in any case in case of dispute linked to the contest. Facebook does not
organise nor sponsor this operation.

One winner will be drawn on each page (Petit Fernand and Little Life) the last day of
the contest among the participants who fulfilled the conditions of participation. And a
third winner will be drawn on the page that received the most comments.
The winners will be contacted within the two following days, with the confirmation of
the prize won and how to reclaim it. If a winner does not reply within 5 days from
notification, it will be considered a renounce and another winner will be drawn.

The contest implies the attribution of three units of the following prize:
-1 School pack of labels, of the value of 30£,
-1 schoolbag to choose from the collections character and animal, of the value of
19,99£ to 26,99£.
For total value between 49,99£ and 56,99£
Each winner will receive one unit.
The organiser reserves the right to verify the winner’s age before the attribution of the
prize. The prize cannot be exchanged for its value in cash or in other products. The
organiser will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of the prize by the winners.
In case of force majeure, the organiser reserves the right to substitute the prize with
another of similar nature and value.


The participants authorise the verification of their identity.
The non-compliance with these rules, as well as any attempt to cheat or fraud will be
penalised with the author’s elimination from the contest.

The contest participants accept in full the rules described in this document. A copy can
be asked to the organiser, specified in the article 1, anytime during the contest period.
Contest participation is free, and participants are eligible to claim a flat-rate
reimbursement for the average time of Internet connection to enter the contest (i.e.
£0.41 for 5 minutes of connection).

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