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The Satanic Creed
I acknowledge Satan, the god of the
raging Chaos as my King and Father, and
submit myself to his only law-which is
total lawlessness.
I believe in the truth which is beyond
all forms, and in one word that will
destroy the lie: that word is Wisdom.
I believe in the battle and the cause,
which is the bringing forth of the dark
aeon, and I am therefore prepared to
sacrifice my enemies and if necessary my
own blood to hasten the return of the Dark
I believe in courage, strength and
power and therefore despise pity, mercy
and cowardliness, which are the shackles
of the old aeon that hold the weak
I believe in discipline and loyalty.
For to achieve the goal which is Chaos,
order must first reign in our own ranks.
I believe in the formula of the endless
dark aeon which is Chao ab Ordo and look
forward to the dissolution of the
prevalent cosmic Order.

I believe in essence without form and
power without end, and I am therefore
prepared to sacrifice all upon the
bloodstained altar of freedom.
I believe in Chaos, the origin and end
of all things, and declare its avenger and
messenger, Satan, as the outer aspect of
the inner might.
Therefore I Praise the Dark Lord with
all my heart and Soul and wait for the final
war, victory and triumph that shall come.

Hail Satan! Hail Victory!
Hail Chaos!

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