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First Published in 2015

Copyright © 2015 by Arioch
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be
reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical, including
photocopying, recording, or by any information storage
and retrieval system, without permission in writing
from Arioch. Reviewers may quote brief passages.


List of Illustrations

The Summa Diabologica
A Chaosophical work which explores the
foundational concepts of the Chaos-Gnostic
tradition, and sheds a new dark Light on old
knowledge, thus producing Gnosis…5
Tiamat the Writhing ∵ Tiamat the Slain ∵ Tannin
the Slumbering ∵ The God of the God ∵ On the
Nature of Suffering ∵ The Afterlife ∵ Sitra Ahra –
the Other Side ∵ Theathanatos – Lady of Death ∵
Manifestations of the Anti-God ∵ The Black Earth
∵ Concerning Black Magick ∵ On Symbols ∵
Concerning Gnosis ∵ Defining Chaosophy ∵
Suicide as Satanic Grace ∵ Illuminism ∵
A Final Word on Misanthropy


Sefer Iqqesh
A re-working of the Hermetic Qabalah used to
produce deeper Sinister Gnosis and the return to
Chaos. Along with a new interpretation of Qabalah,
a new Tree of Death glyph is introduced which
better assists the Black Adept in the search for
Qabbalah: The Tree of Death ∵ A New Tree ∵
Tehom: Devouring Gimel and Teth ∵ Three
Forms of Nothing ∵ The 11 Mansions of the Sitra
Ahra ∵ The Broken Star Glyph ∵ The Abyss ∵ The
Twenty Coils of Apophis ∵ The Four Qabbalistic
Anti-Worlds ∵ Dragons of the Anti-Worlds ∵ The
Four Rivers of Hell ∵ The Seven Earths and
Infernal Habitations ∵ The Order of Disorder ∵
The Three Palaces of Satan ∵ The Black Zodiac ∵
How to Use the Qabbalah ∵ Black Earth
Meditation ∵ The Five Accursed Nations ∵
A Final Word


Ra’a: The Language of Demons
An introduction to the magickal use of the voice,
followed by a treatise on the language of demons
and how the Adept might use such a language to
further arrive at True Gnosis…161
The Magickal Use of the Voice ∵ The Alphabet in
Western Script ∵ Consonants ∵ Vowels ∵
Diphthongs ∵ Gematria and the Numbering
System ∵ The Ra’aian Script ∵ Coding Words and
Names ∵ The Occult Properties of the Letters ∵
The Alphabet of Perfumes ∵ Diacritics ∵ Sigils ∵
Charging Sigils ∵ A Final Word on Magickal

Ater Astrologia
An introduction to the concept of “Black Astrology,”
which is based in the study of the Black Luminaries
– empty mathematical points in space…217
The Black Sun ∵ The Black Zodiac ∵ Demons of
the Black Zodiac ∵ The Six Infernal Planets ∵ The
Planetary Rulers ∵ The Planetary Sigils ∵ The
Planetary Days ∵ The Planetary Hours ∵ Sigils of
the Planetary Hours ∵ The Tridecagram ∵ The

Black Sabbath ∵ The Black Earth ∵ Priapus ∵ The
Diamond ∵ A Final Note

Zara: Book of the Younger Lilith
A short treatise on the Art and Science of
Divination, exposing the various flaws in today’s
practices, and revealing two new systems of
Divination by which the Adept may arrive at
On Time ∵ The Enquiry ∵ Naamah – Mother of
Divination ∵ Preliminary Notes ∵ The Meditation
∵ Method 1: Full-body Possession ∵ Method 2:
Zara ∵ Designing the Zara Blocks ∵ Casting the
Zara ∵ Interpreting the Zara ∵ A Final Word on

Demonic Names Translated into Ra’a


List of Illustrations

Broken Pentagram…70
Sigil of Cathariel…87
Sigil of Thaumiel…90
Sigil of Chaigidel…93
Sigil of Satariel…95
Sigil of Gash’khalah…97
Sigil of Golachab…99
Sigil of Tagiriron…102
Sigil of A’arab Zaraq…104
Sigil of Samael…107
Sigil of Gamaliel…110
Sigil of Nahemoth…113
Tree of Death (Hebrew Names)…115
Tree of Death (Sigils)…116
Coils of Apophis…123


Ra’aian Alphabet…176
Ra’aian Alphabet (Special Characters)…177
The Letter Bar…181
The Letter Dag…182
The Letter Hem…182
The Letter Uri…184
The Letter Zam…184
The Letter Char…185
The Letter Yam…186
The Letter Kur…186
The Letter Laf…187
The Letter Mal…188
The Letter Nia…189
The Letter Sak…190
The Letter A’ano…190
The Letter Par…191
The Letter Tzu…192
The Letter Qul…192
The Letter Raf…193

The Letter Shal…194
The Letter Than…194
The Letter Cath…196
The Letter Thau…197
The Letter Chai…197
The Letter Sat…198
The Letter Gash…199
The Letter Gol…199
The Letter Tag…200
The Letter A’ara…200
The Letter Sam…201
The Letter Gam…201
The Letter Nah…202
Star of Sigilcraft…210
Sigil of Malkunofat…212
Black Luminaries…223
Sigil of URA’ABAT (Satu234rn)…233
Sigil of MUAV (Uranus)…234
Sigil of NUR (Neptune)…235

Sigil of SUM (Jupiter)…236
Sigil of ETLU (Mars)…237
Sigil of UMA (Venus)…238
Sigil of Shichiriron (3 p.m.)…244
Sigil of Abiriron (4 p.m.)…244
Sigil of Dagdagiron (5 p.m.)…245
Sigil of Nashimiron (6 p.m.)…245
Sigil of En Tannin (7 p.m.)…246
Sigil of Shalbeiron (8 p.m.)…246
Sigil of Tzaphiriron (9 p.m.)…247
Sigil of Bahimiron (10 p.m.)…247
Sigil of Necheshthiron (11 p.m.)…248
Sigil of Tzelilimiron (12 p.m.)…248
Sigil of Adimiron (1 a.m.)…249
Sigil of Nachashiron (2 a.m)…249
Sigil of Beiriron (3 a.m.)…250
The Planetary Tridecagram…251
Block One… 283
Block Two…284

Block Three…285
Block Four…286
Block Five…287


I began writing Wrathful Chaos in early
2011, and while it started out as a personal
grimoire, it quickly grew into the body of
work you now hold in your hands. At first I
was reluctant to publish this work, because
as a personal grimoire it was…personal.
However, heeding the call of my own
demonic Guide, I have finally decided to
make this unique system of Black Magick
available to the Sinister Adept, because the
feeling of attachment I had for this work
was merely an illusion of the Demiurge. For
the only matter of importance is the
returning to Chaos, and the Gnosis
contained within these five books are
designed solely for that purpose.
Every aspect of Wrathful Chaos, from
the obvious to the hidden, is meant to
reflect the ideas of Chaosophy in some way,
and the Adept is encouraged to read this
work twice: first with his eyes and then with
his spirit. Because of this, these five

individual books form one complete
system of advanced Infernal Sorcery, just as
all individual things within Chaos are as
one. And so the Adept should read each
book while keeping in mind the previous
ones, and the ones to come, as each
supports one another.
It is true when I say that this work
teaches an advanced form of Infernal
Sorcery, and so the magician should have a
fair understanding of basic Occult concepts
before putting this work into practice. In
fact, some of the materials required to
practice this form of Magick are deadly and
illegal. The experienced magician should
have no problem properly using these
materials, but nonetheless, neither the
author nor the publisher will take any
responsibility for any damage or harm
caused by the practice of this Art. To know,
to dare, to keep silent.
This work is divided into five books,
those being: The Summa Diabologica, The
Sefer Iqqesh, Ra’a: The Language of
Demons, Ater Astrologia, and Zara: Book of
the Younger Lilith. While some of the terms

and concepts within these five books may
be familiar to the more experienced
practitioner, the perspective from which
these subjects are taught is entirely new.
Rather than being a magickal book telling
you what to do, Wrathful Chaos introduces
ideas and encourages you to learn for
yourself how to employ them, distort them
pervert them, and perfect them. And so
take these five books and build upon them,
knowing that they are a firm a foundation.
I sincerely wish success for the Black
Adept who, having all of creation in his
hand, falls not to the temptation of
personal gain but who instead hurdles the
whole of creation into Wrathful Chaos
before he himself jumps blindly into the
unknown depths of the Grey.
For Chaos,


Summa Diabologica
Foundations of

To speak of Chaos is to speak of Nothingness, but Nothingness is not
empty. For within Chaos there is light and darkness, good and evil,
beauty and ugliness, law and lawlessness, virginity and whoredom,
being and non-being. To genuinely speak of Chaos is to speak of
blended opposites, or rather, to speak of a thing and its privation.
Chaos consists of being and non-being in perfect blend, and
therefore it is impossible to say anything rational about the Void. The
thinker must resort to mysticism in order to ponder upon the union
of being and non-being (logic perceiving of only two states: Is and Is
not, either of which must exist separately from its opposite). But this
is the nature of the Abyss – form and formlessness in copulation.
Allow me then, to give discourse on the nature of Chaos and to
divulge the subtlety of her Knowledge (Chaosophy), only to show
that one cannot properly convey its Mysteries.

Tiamat the Writhing
Chaos is finite and infinite, hot and cold, light and dark, place and no
place, and within it all things are blended together and yet separate.
Chaos is like the great writhing dragon Tiamat of myth and each of
her various parts are comprised of smaller dragons, and ad in

finitum, each working towards both individual benefit and benefit of
the whole. As the scales of Tiamat are many serpents each
maintaining their individual purpose and expression within
Because Chaos exists and does not exist, being itself a mixture
of existence and non-existence, we may rightly call it the Pool of
Potentiality, meaning that Nothingness contains the potential to
exist but nothing has come into existence (made to be distinct).

Tiamat the Slain
Consider now what it means to exist. The coalesced nature of Chaos
must be divided in order to produce the required separation of
qualities resulting in existence – the state which we identify as reality.
While Chaos is a mixture of potentials, reality is the realization of
those potentials. Reality, also referred to as the Cosmos within the
Chaos-Gnostic tradition, is the Nothing which has become
Something. While in Chaos light and darkness were as one, within
the Cosmos light and darkness are two. The Cosmos is the division of
Chaos, but how did Something come from Nothing?
Something, or rather all things, came forth from Chaos in a
single instance simply because the potential for such an event
happened to be realized. We should not, however, assume that
existence has been vomited from the Mouth of the Abyss, and that
this event is over. Instead, the Great Creation is continuously taking
place – the Lord has not yet even finished speaking “Let there be
Light” – as the act of creation is continuously taking place.
Chaos has been cleaved in twain, thus allowing for the
sustained existence of creation. This may be symbolized by the
dragon Tiamat being cut in half by the god Marduk, and whose body

was used to fashion the Universe. And so we have the Cosmos – a
reality of have and have not, and various levels of thereof.


Sefer Iqqesh
Book of the Perverse Qabbalah

The Qlippothic Qabalah as it is currently being taught and practiced
by Sinister Magicians is the product of the Golden Dawn’s system of
Qabalah as it is presented in both The Book of the Black Serpent and
Liber 231 (Aleister Crowley). The Golden Dawn’s system of Qabalah
is itself a mixture of mostly Lurianic Kabbalah and Western
occultism, and has been re-packaged nearly verbatim by most
schools of Chaosophic thought. One major flaw with this
reproduction is context. The context of the Hermetic Qabalah is
union with Source, or God. The demons of the Qlippoth are simply
wasteful products left-over from creation, and they exist only
according to the Will of God. The Satanic entities are matters to
overcome and advance beyond, for the Qlippoth exist as the vice of
each Sephira, and belong to the Sephira, and must be experienced
even by the White Adept. Unfortunately, this context remains in the
Left-Handed interpretation of Qabalah even if it isn’t immediately
Qlippothic Sorcery as it exists now exalts the Demiurge because
it places the Qlippoth as being parts of the Sephiroth1, when in fact
they are entirely separate from them. The error is the idea that the
Qlippoth have been in some way produced or caused by the
Sephiroth, because if this is the case, then the God who controls the

“The Palace of Darkness which contains Malkuth and Yesod enthrones the demons called the Gamaliel…” Scales
of the Black Serpent, pg 39, Michael W. Ford


Sephirotic forces would also by proxy control the Qlippothic, and
returning to Chaos would be entirely impossible because the God
would simply be too powerful.
If Qlippothic sorcery in its current form is flawed have we as
Black Magicians wasted our time in its practice? No. Even flawed
practice can work wonders, and has even made it possible for a more
Sinister Tree to take root and grow. Our practice only becomes
flawed once we become aware of the flaw, and now having been
made aware of the flaw, those willing may correct their practice and
thereby evolve as Ministers of Darkness. But before we can correct
our Qabalistic practice, we must end our Qabalistic practice. We
must think in new ways – creating new algorithms and distorting old
ones. This is the goal of Rising on the Planes.
There is no need to create entirely from scratch, or re-invent
the Fiery Wheel. Qabalah as a type of Occult filing cabinet and
magickal system is perfect, but Qabalah as a means of first selfdeification and then self-destruction is lacking in its current form. A
new Qabalah is required – one that can be used both by the magician
who means to perfect Black Magick, and the mystic who yearns to
return to Chaos. This new system, built upon the corpses of the old,
changes both the Tree of Life glyph and the basic principles of
Qabalah. And while it originates from Qabalah we cannot rightly call
this new system of Black Magick “Qabalah,” because it adheres to
neither Jewish nor Hermetic standards. A new name is required for
our new weapon.

Qabbalah: The Tree of Death
The name given to this new Qlippothic Qabalah is QABBALAH, an
obvious play on the word Qabalah. But there is esoteric meaning.

The additional B symbolizes the injecting of Samael’s venom into the
system of Qabalah, as the letter B or Bet in Hebrew maintains the
numerical value of 2 – the number of adversity. Further, we may
examine the mathematics and note that the Hebrew for the word
Qabalah is comprised of the letters Qoph, Bet, Lemedh, and Hey,
giving the word the gematric value of 137. In Sinister gematria, this
number is the least of the Satanic numbers, because while its
individual parts combined totals 11, these same parts individually
exalt the God. The 1 represents the Unity of God, the 3 his Trinity,
and the 7 symbolizes the wholeness of his creation. Only in adding
these individual numbers together can we arrive at 11, because the
final outcome of God’s creation will be destruction and the return to
Chaos. However, with the addition of the second Bet, we create the
sum of 139 which totals 13. 13 is the Qlippothic 11 plus the
adversarial 2 of Samael, which is the formula by which the Qlippoth
manifest themselves to us with some type of form or physical
sensation: The non-physical Sitra Ahra (11) desires to manifest to
physical man (2) and does achieve physical manifestation through
the influence of Black Astrology (13), most notably through the Black
What is curious about Qabbalah, aside from the number games,
is that it may be divided into two additional Hebrew words: Qab and
Balah. Qab means “something hollowed out” and referred to a unit
of both dry and wet liquid (about 2 quarts). The second word, Balah,
means “wasted away, decaying.” Qab and Balah: that which is
hollowed out and decaying – the Tree of Death. So while Qabalah
means to receive knowledge by eating from the Tree of Life,
Qabbalah means to receive Knowledge by eating from the Tree of


Death, because while the God feeds the good man2, the evil man
must pluck those apples for himself3.


Matthew 6:26
Genesis 3:17


The Language of Demons

The Magickal Use of the Voice
Man is made distinct from the other animals of the Earth by two
things: culture and speech. While other animals do indeed possess
types culture and communication systems, man has perfected these
two qualities, and with them has made himself the Lord of the Earth.
Here we shall concern ourselves with speech, which leads to culture.

The human voice is perhaps the greatest creation of the God,
for while he intended man to employ it in his praise, with it we are
also capable of expressing our Sinister Will. Speech is the first way in
which the concepts of Chaosophy are manifested outside of the
Chaosophist, and so we may say that the voice is the foundation of
Black Magick, which itself is an expression of Chaosophy. The voice
is the lantern carrying the Illuminating Light of Lucifer.

Traditionally, Hebrew has been the language which
Chaosophists have resorted to in order to uncover the Mysteries of
Chaos, because the system which is used to illustrate these ideas is

taken from the Jewish Mystery Tradition of Kabbalah. And while this
method is proven reliable, it is also limited to the language of
Hebrew, and so in turn the Gnosis attained by the use of this system
is limited by the Jewish spiritual culture of Kabbalah and its

The use of Hebrew or some other language in place of one’s
own native tongue is an often error, and with Abramelin we must
agree, that one’s own native tongue is sufficient for communicating
the Mysteries of Satan. Why, then, do we feel compelled to use alien
tongues such as Hebrew, Greek, and Latin? The answer is relatively
simple: We relate the experience of mystery with our spirituality. We
love the mysterious, and the more foreign than the mundane, the
better. But while Hebrew indeed gives insights into Chaosophy from
the perspective of Qabalah, the goal is to transcend these many
perspectives, which leads to the arrival of pure or True Gnosis.

The problem, therefore, is that as humans we require a sense of
mystery, especially in our spiritual life, but our parent tongue is far
too mundane to express the teachings of Chaos, in that it is used in
every-day speech and has lost its sense of deeper mystery. The
solution is the creating of an encoded language – one that is based in
a person’s native tongue, but given structure and sounds which
cause the mind to fall into the meditation of Silence. Because English
is the most widely used language, I have (with the help of my own
Demonic Guide), arrived at an encoded form of English suitable for
the rites of Black Magick. This language, which is a perversion of
English and should be manipulated to reflect one’s own comfortable
tongue, is called Ra’a.


Ater Astrologia
Book of the Black Luminaries

Let us not fall into error as those before us have done, but instead let
us attain a deeper understanding regarding the Celestial bodies,
which the astrologers claim determines the character of a man, and
from which the White Adepts draw their power.
It is true when I say the White Adepts draw their power from the
Heavenly abode, as I shall show, though I find no reason to believe
one’s character is governed by the stars. Every serious student must
have the ability to separate the Occult Arts from the superstitious,
thereby eliminating what does not work and indulging in what does.
So we shall discuss the nature of the planets in relation to
magickal and occult operations and divine whether or not traditional
planetary magick is of any use to the Chaos-Gnostic practitioner.
And as we explore the astrological ideas of men such as Don
Néroman and Jean Carteret, we shall come to the knowledge of this
new astro-magickal system, whose only purpose is the ushering forth
of anti-cosmic influence into our reality.
Saturn, Venus, Mars and the other Celestial Mansions within
our Solar system are, as all physical things are, manifestations of the
God. While our physicality is also part of Source, we possess a
consciousness which the planets do not. Though all things share in
consciousness according to their portion, on Earth man alone has
Willfull Consciousness, meaning that we are active participants in the
creation of reality and may, according to our Will, shape reality on

the whole. While other self-aware creatures can indeed alter their
personal reality, only man (as far as we now know), can alter reality
on a grand scale. And so we must wonder then, if man is governed by
his own agent (his Will), then what agent governs the planets and the
other conscious forms which lack this type of consciousness? What
force sustains them and causes them to execute their functions? And
from where do they draw their power – the very same power that the
magician’s call down?
Whatsoever thing lacks Willful Intelligence is governed over by
the God, for all things which cannot rebel are naturally servants of
the Demiurge, which he uses to sustain his separation from
Nothingness – that being the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, as all
things which cannot escape this cycle through rebellion merely assist
in the continuation of Source. We may say that the physical planets
contain only the power which the Demiurge has allotted them, and
that they possess no supernatural power of their own, being unable
to change their own natures or to even stir themselves to change. The
physical planets, therefore, only possess Demiurgic Grace and their
power can only, in the end, sustain the God. The Black Adept will not
prosper from evoking the various planets or even observing their
movements, but because of complacency and a love for tradition,
many have fallen into this trap set by the Lord of the Heavens, but we
shall be wiser.
Do not think that because we have said that the planets can
only serve the God by whom they are empowered, being themselves
founts of Cosmic False Light, that we should ignore them entirely, for
we would fall into an even greater error. All things are corruptible,
and it is within corruption that we shall find acosmic power. But
there is greater power in the absence of these bodies. Consider first
the privation of the physical Sun, the body which the astrologers


have made their foundation, and we shall find for ourselves the Black
Sun – the Foundation of our Sinister Art.


Book of the Younger Lilith

Of all the magickal practices, Divination is the most widely accepted
and used. If one cannot change their situation, then perhaps one can
at least look into the future and foresee upset before it arrives. There
are, however, various errors in our divinatory systems and, more
rightly, in our use of them. The Tarot cards, Runes, Ouija Board, and
every other means of attaining future insight acts as blindfolds
obscuring the Light of Luciferic Knowledge. Like a mountain, our
common divinatory practices block our view from extending beyond
ourselves and into eternity. This work, the Book of the Younger Lilith,
is a short treatise on Divination whose aim is twofold: to dispel the
errors as they are practiced by Diviners of the Left-Hand Path, and to
present two new methods of divination by which the magician may
attain true insight.

On Time
Divination implies the existence of time – “I shall look into my crystal
ball and see the future.” Or perhaps the seer wishes to behold the
past, or to answer a question regarding some present situation.
Traditional divination has always had its foundation in time, causing
divination to be flawed from the beginning.
As normal humans who exist within the confines time, it is
logical to perceive time and its affects and to therefore conclude its
reality. But time, like distinction, is a function and illusion of the

Demiurge. Rather than viewing time as being our conjoined twin,
know that time is entirely separate from us, and is imposed upon us
by our physicality. But time is a thing which can be distorted,
twisted, and eventually escaped. The goal of true Divination is to
escape the illusion of time, which the God maintains in order to
strengthen division. Glimpses of the “future” and the receiving of
personal insight is a secondary function of Divination, though most
have made this its first.
When I ask the Runes a question about the future, it is asked
with the assumption that the future has yet to take place. But the
future has already blossomed and has become the past. Again, when
I ask the Ouija board a question about my past, it is asked assuming
that the past no longer exists. But the past is simply the future
distorted. What does it mean then to exist within the present, as we
assume that we do? It means to exist within the unfurling of the
future which is the furled past.
All time is illusory, and all events which have happened and will
happen, are already happening and have happened. This is the
meaning to the phrase, “There is nothing new under the Sun.”4
Because of this, a person will only ask for insight regarding the future
or the past due to ignorance and a lack of the mystical understanding
required to genuinely know that time is just a cheap conjurer’s trick.

The Enquiry
The fool occupies his time asking about this mundane matter and
that, hoping some Celestial Spirit with infinite Knowledge is just as
bored as he, and in that boredom, willing to answer his petty
questions. We who carry Lucifer’s Black Flame upon the Torch of
Radiance Abounding must not count ourselves amongst the fools,

Ecclesiastes 1:9


nor imitate their fallacies. In proper Sinister Divination we must only
enquire of two things: Matters of our Individual Sinister Will, and
matters of the Universal Sinister Will.
In regards to your Individual Sinister Will, this is your Will as it
applies to how you are personally and uniquely fighting against the
God and his powers. The Universal Sinister Will is the collective
strategy of the Sitra Ahra. So, rather than busying oneself over
matters of finances and love, through the use of Divination the
magician may gain knowledge regarding his own purpose in this life,
the secret knowledge regarding the God and Cosmos, the Mysteries
of the Sitra Ahra, and insight into Chaosophy. And of course many
more, even innumerable, secrets are revealed through its practice.
The planet Mercury is the traditional ruler of arts such as
Alchemy, Divination, and Magick. Of course, this planet is symbolic
for Hermes Trismegistus – author of the Hermetic Corpus, and Father
of Hermeticism5. We lack the planet Mercury in Black Astrology, as
Mercury/Hermes represents the Arts being used to benefit the whole
of God (White Magick). In place of Mercury and the Son of White
Magick, we have Uranus – the planet of the Abiriron, which is ruled by
Naamah – the Daughter of Black Magick.


To further study Hermeticism, please see Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a
new translation with notes and introduction, by Brian P. Copenhaven (Editor)


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