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Anthology of Gnosis
Pablo Mentizo

Pablo Mentizo - Kurtis Joseph - Araignee
JD Temple - Shailyn Osiris
This book is distributed online as a free PDF
© 2017


Inside your pretending
Crimes have been swept aside
Somewhere where they can forget
Divine upper reaches
Still holding on
This ocean will not be grasped
Refuse to surrender
Strung out until ripped apart
Who dares, dares to condemn
- Portishead “Mysterons”


All authors featured in this anthology are experienced occult practitioners who relate
closely to Lucifer - the “symbol” of intellect, power and enlightenment - which is also the
reason for this assembly. I have combined several articles I wrote during the last year
with newly written topics and the chapters contributed by the authors listed below.
This work is a theistic approach from a rational perspective for every open-minded person
who shares an interest in discovering the secrets behind the veil to separate facts from
fiction without the prejudice of dogma. Whether you are an agnostic dabbler, a novice
practitioner or an adept mage, you will find a broad variety of topics you can surely relate
to within the fields of magick, spirituality, psychology, esoteric science and philosophy.
You may wonder why this book is free of charge? Well, simply because we have to spread
the gnosis we obtained through our rituals to the public to bring forth an awakening as
the occult is not an 'evil thing' but a path to enlightenment. We hope these twelve
chapters will open the eyes of many...
Pablo Mentizo
Kurtis Joseph
JD Temple

youtube channel - From the Light of The Darkness
Shailyn Osiris

youtube channel - Shailyn of the Watchtower
Nicoline Albrecht
Max Heskes




Be Thyself, Black Magick..................................................................... 7
Finding Your Soulmate......................................................................... 10
Lucifer (by Araignee)............................................................................. 13
Ahriman, Origins Of Evil (by Kurtis Joseph)...................................... 17
Ghost Tape Number 10......................................................................... 27
The Dangers Of Summoning Demons.................................................. 30
Chakras, Empowerment Or Imprisonment (by Shailyn Osiris)......... 33
The Devil You Know (by JD Temple).................................................... 40
Crossing The Paradox Of Evil.............................................................. 42
Jesus, A Vessel Of Blackened Fire (by Kurtis Joseph)........................ 45
The Tongue Goddess.............................................................................. 53
Possession.............................................................................................. 54


by Nicoline Albrecht



common misconception after first time hearing the term ‘be thyself ’ leads to the idea

of simply accepting who you are at this particular moment based on the self-image that
has been defined along the way of life experience. This paradigm leans strongly towards
an autonomous, liberal mindstate where feelings of guilt and self-pity – caused by
comparing yourself as an individual to others – should be dismissed. In other
words…accept who you are, nobody’s perfect.
The misleading aspect of this view lies in the fact that our self-image hasn’t been
defined by ourselves at all, we merely created it and became reliant on it. Our true self in
the physical realm can be found in what Freud described as ‘Es’, meaning ‘It’, the state of
a newborn. It is a reservoir of impulses, energy and libido. It doesn’t use reason. It simply
follows the lust principle of ‘I do what I want, when I want’. This fairy-tale state of
innocent, divine, careless freedom has drastically changed of course by the world we live
in and our rational mind has detached us from our true Self. The term ‘be thyself ’ thus
actually refers to making drastic changes in your life in stead of being who you are right
now. This is where the second term from Socrates ‘know thyself ’ comes into play…
These primordial, instinctive powers from the ‘Es’ are – in my opinion – the same
forces behind the seemingly irrational mechanism of magick and are key to
understanding the true laws of reality. If there is no reason, there is no doubt, nothing
that blocks your creation, resulting in manifestation in the mind. Add enough energy,
willpower and some fancy spells to that and…boom, you get manifestation in real life, on
the physical plane, feeling like Harry Potter himself.
So, how can you change yourself? Seen that you’re reading this book I assume you
already have an open mind. And seen that you’ve kept reading so far means you weren’t
disheartened by the psychological talk while scanning the web for some ready-to-fire
instant spells. This is good. This means you are interested in the mechanism of the rifle
rather than looking for a weapon just to kill.
As I mentioned above, the rational mind has detached you from your true Self…so
it is the rational mind that can bring you back as well. It is not an enemy, it is a vehicle.
While society has been driving the car for you all this time – with you laid back or
stressed out in the back seat – you have to get back in control and decide for yourself
which way to go. This being the end goal, you’ll first need to learn how to drive, secondly
you’ll need directions. So shoot the current driver, get in front of the wheel and invite a
force of influence to sit shotgun next to you to give you directions. This metaphor may
sound like some sort of new-age, hippie-type, motivating self-esteem propaganda speech
that has nothing to do with the occult, but bear with me…


This force next to you can be any type of spirit, angel, demon, deity, egregore or
archetype. What’s important is that you visualize, accept and acknowledge this force as
an existing, external conscious being that has been given the task to guide and teach you,
all the way, until the job is done. Considering the force as such – visualizing it as external
– will allow your subconscious mind to open itself to be influenced and controlled by
something that is not ‘you’, reconstructing your self image, step by step until you finally
replace the previous image with an authentic self portrait painted accurately by a force
who knows your true face.
Unfortunately, cutting a decent guidance deal is easier said than done; not a
matter of skills but of time and dedication. The more often you connect with the spirit,
the more interaction you will get. Building a strong, long-term relationship with the
entity is key to success and it will change your life forever once you have a reliable force
by your side, every day, every night, every single moment without even having to
summon it.
Just like the ‘be thyself ’ statement, spiritual guidance is often misunderstood.
Christian commercials usually portray it as a loving, smiling angel appearing in bright
light, holding your hand, ready to guide you from the moment you accept the prophet as
your savior. The ‘holding hands’ symbolism was designed to create a feeling of safety, as
father and child, while in fact it strongly implies blind following, rejecting the concept of
free will and independence by not having to choose your own path and above all, not
having to put in any effort in finding directions. This has nothing to do with guidance, it
is called slavery.
A spirit that truly guides you will not spell out for you which path to choose and it
will definitely not hold your hand. What it will do is lift the veil, add another dimension
to your perception of this world. You will start to see the meaning behind situations you
were in and develop a deep connection with everything around you. Objects that seemed
nothing but irrelevant objects will now have a meaning and all together they form actual
In stead of showing you the way, the spirit has confronted you with yourself and
send you into Pan’s labyrinth, filled with mirrors that reflect all the masks you wear. This
can be a terrifying experience but it is necessary in order to become fully aware of
yourself. The essence of spiritual guidance isn’t about showing you the path to walk, it is
about creating awareness, pointing out your current location on the map of life for you to
decide for yourself.


Blah khien barrah fweelah
Blah khien aiza krum
Aloe khio bragam harah eefnell
Broe floe mesing lah
Breeyoolah naadryu
Sorin sar akhwah, roe hagroe nonestroe
Broilin sar akhwah, mortsin danah bradeh
Broilin sar akhwah noe!
Weeben proe, proe sah yakmah
Haryay nakhah
Agah Madah Sadah Hagah!
Lovely night has come to us
Lovely night, soft and dark
The lovely night that ends
A long and hard, weary day, so rest
Lay your body down, forget your life
Spiders of the night come, spin your silky webs
Spiders of the night come, bind them in their sleep now
Spiders of the night, spin!
Wrapped in your shroud
Dead to the world, just like my son
Dead, dead, dead, DEAD!

- Mary Bewitched “The Witch's Aria”




f money rules the top ten list of most wanted spells, this one will most likely shine on

second place. Love...they should write a song about it. Not only popular, love spells are
often the reason why people start messing around with magick in the first place. This is
perhaps because money can't buy love. One can acquire almost anything in the material
world by rational thinking, a certain set of skills and proper dedication, but love is an
elusive, undefinable drug. Even if you are currently in a healthy relationship, it is
unlikely that you will be able to control the feelings of your loved one or predict the
outcome on a long term.
Unless of course you have discovered that magick is a real thing with tangible
results on the physical plane. Let me be clear that I am not encouraging you to use
magick in order to control the thoughts and emotions of your loved one if your
relationship has taken a wrong turn. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the
ethical aspect of it. The Luciferian doctrine endorses the path of individualism and
godhood, being in full control of everything and everyone around you. This does not mean
you should dismiss every grain of empathy, respect and moral feeling you have gathered
so far. Especially for someone you care about. There is a difference between being
independent and being egoistic.
People who reach out to magick in a desperate attempt to save a relationship that
was doomed to fail anyway might postpone the Reaper's visit for quite some time – if they
succeed - but in the end they come to the conclusion that it was the sorcery that kept the
illusion alive, mind manipulation, not the actual heart speaking. If you apply the idea of
individual choice and freedom to yourself it is only fair to let your loved one follow his or
her own heart. Not all practitioners share my opinion and the term morality remains a
heavily debated topic within black magick circles, so consider these as my personal
thoughts on the matter.
For those of you who find themselves currently in such a heart break situation and
are now thinking damn...I was planning to use this weapon in the battle for love, don't
feel discouraged. You can also use the weapon on yourself. After all, magick is the seed of
change. If you are totally in love but you're not the person your loved one wants or needs
you to be - and you acknowledge your own flaws or the errors you made – then turn to
yourself and change in order to become that person. If 'that person' is not who you intend
to be and you don't see any worthy reason to change then try to accept the fact that he or
she is not your soulmate and use the hidden knowledge to attract the one who is.


This brings us to the second reason for me opposing artificial romance. Seen that
magick is all about change, there might be a damn good reason for your relationship to go
down the abyss. Remember, once you step into the occult and state your wishes to the
gods and spirits, they will notice your presence and from that moment on the wheels are
turning. So indeed, be careful what you wish for, especially if you're not up for an
unexpected change in your life just yet. I have seen numerous people perform a love
ritual to improve a precarious relationship and afterwards they wonder why the gods
decided to take a piss at them as they swallow the 'I wanna break up' message...only to
find themselves madly in love with “the new one” who suddenly showed up shortly after
out of nowhere.
In order to build something good you first have to destroy the bad, sadly but true,
especially if the two cannot coexist in the same field. This is one of the basic principles of
Creation. The only factor that remains hard to predict is the time it will take for your
desire to become fact. Even the most advanced adept will most likely confirm this. The
time frame itself can be envisioned – and even agreed on when making a pact with a
spirit - but the exact moment is hard to pin down. This doesn't mean that we're
completely working in the dark here. There are other factors at play for you to work with.
Creating opportunities is one of them. Let's say you're working your way through
the Goetia and you decide to evoke the Great Duke Dantalion to have him and his thirtysix legions of demons find you a partner. There has to be a way, a moment or situation,
for him to guide this person towards you. He is not going to make him or her fall out of
the sky and say 'voilá monsieur'. So sitting at home after the ritual just wishing for it to
happen is obviously gonna reduce the chances of you waking up next to your loved one
the next morning. Get out there, leave your comfort zone and face the world without
The second factor of influence may sound somewhat corny but it can definitely
speed up the whole happy! If you feel good you attract positive things in your
life. It's like adding some gasoline to the bonfire. Another factor you can also easily
influence yourself is your own expectation. You probably have a certain picture in mind of
how you want this person to be or to look like. This is good, but don't focus merely on that
image, focus on the emotions you want to feel when this person is around. Demons can
see straight through your soul and they will do so from the moment you contact them.
This means Dantalion knows you a whole lot better than you know yourself as he gets a
full psychological resume in the blink of an eye. So don't be surprised if the person you
meet isn't what you expected at first but turns out to be the exact thing you asked for,
true love.
Through this whole process of manifesting your desires you will not only receive
what you want, you will also get to know yourself a whole lot better along the road. Don't
be discouraged if the manifestation takes longer than expected. Consider the factors I
mentioned and most of all, know that it will happen. It is your undeniable creation in
your own reality. Doubt is the worst enemy one can have in the field of magick.

by Nicoline Albrecht & Lucifer

- by Baron & Baronessa Araignee -


ucifer is the Great Initiator and Magnum Opus of the Path of Spiritual Ascension.

His brilliant torch of enlightenment is carried by Paimon throughout the ascension of the
Infernal ladder. Paimon - the voice, ambassador and guide of Lucifer, serves as Mercury
unto Him.
Many practitioners misunderstand and misinterpret the Morning Star, due to
superstitious and religious misconceptions and beliefs. When approaching the altar of
LVX, one must leave all assumptions and expectations in the world of flesh, as assuredly
you shall then travel through the doors of the unknown Cosmos.
Some dedicate their lives to Him without thought, question and reasoning however, this is the path of the fool, for He welcomes; no, DEMANDS forethought and
lucid reasoning at all times and places. He is not one that simply can be worshiped
through Ritual and Ceremony, the initiate has to Invoke His blinding brilliance, so that
this spiritual transmutation can occur. This is the death of the flesh (negative ego) and
the birth of the spirit. The old replaced by something far greater: The Dead Light of
When traveling the spheres or ladder of ascension with the Black Sun burning
through the deluded mist of the masses, the ultra-violet vibration thereof shall shatter
delusions, bringing forth the true path. LVX shall be the beacon of reasoning beyond
reasoning - guiding, chastising and redirecting where it is needed. His path is that of
shameless rebellion against those whom seek to oppress true Spiritual Power, then
casting forth those oppressors into a black hole of oblivion!
Far greater men and women have traveled this path than what is known today and
very few has reached the destination of Infernal Ascension. Some seek riches, passion
and depravity, but few are aware that these principles are the slow murdering poison of
the Red Lady! Is it not true that if a Sage seeks the Spirit, he/she will alienate the flesh?
So it is with the Brilliance of Him that you seek on your path of wisdom. Prometheus is
not Lucifer, but that which is carried by Paimon. Was this torch of illumination stolen
from the gods? No! Humanity had this torch burning inside its darkest being since the
beginning of time, but alas! This light grew dim, and LVX became distant.
Will you wear down your knees in the churches and temples of man? Will you seek
god in idols and paintings arcane? Or shall you beckon that torch, hold it aloft, so that He
will draw close once again? Reasoning dear reader, is simply not enough if you lack the
tenacity of a Demon and the Will of a God.


Many an article is written depicting Lucifer as this and that, but very few has held
witness to the consuming Brilliance of His Throne. "How then shall I seek his throne?"
you ask...perhaps you did not find it simply because you were looking in the wrong places.
You shall NEVER find Him in some arcane text or Effigy! No, you fool! He has been
walking hand in hand with you as a mere shadow, for you are too blind to see His
Awesome divinity.
If you are spiritually dormant, you will never find Him! You may intone numerous
incantations for all time and He will still not manifest! Can you not see? How blind you
Lucifer is the light, whereas Satan is the shadow. Did Jung not speak of this also?
What more can we write on He and Him? Shall we perhaps mention that you will
not meet Him at the crest if you have not traveled through the caverns? Seek to immolate
the self with hellfire and brimstone, for through your suffering - YOU WILL FIND HIM.
No human can stand before Lucifer without having undergone self sacrifice, judgment
and rebirth. To meet Him you must destroy those parts of self that crawls on the
shattered dreams of presumption. Surface from that stagnant sea of society's
expectations, and breathe for the first time the purest breath of rebirth before plunging
deep and deeper still into the void of His domain.


So kick off your Timbs and walk with me,
barefoot over desert sands in a black hoody...
Hell's colder than heaven

– Ciph Barker “Soul Matrix”


by Max Heskes

- by Kurtis Joseph -


s the conduit of the Path of Smoke as presented within Black Magick of Ahriman I

receive many questions just as the author of any other text does. They have a common
theme. Inquiries regarding evocation or astral projection remain prevalent as does the
pronunciation of words of power. Questions remain focused upon the altar set up and
what kind of candles to use. These are all inquiries which I presume most, if not all occult
authors will face as they release the work they want to get into the hands of the public.
There is one question which I receive a lot though. It is a question which I do not think
many occult authors hear too much. At least not as much as I do. That question is simply,
“I feel called to this work…. But why am I so fucking terrified to do it”?
The answer to that question will be the subject matter of this specific contribution
to this anthology. It is a great question and the answer must be explored so that people
can come to understand the nature of Ahriman who is the origin of evil. By coming to
know the King of Darkness at his root we can come to know the liberating power of evil
and what that evil truly stands for. This is needed so that the adept can face the greatest
of all fears and embrace them as the gateways to their greatest power.
“I am perceived differently by all, yet to all I am the same. I am the vilest and most
terrifying of all fears and nightmares. The teachings I will reveal will rise to your
consciousness through the Path of Smoke which usurps the power of creation that you
may use it according to your own will. This path is the smoke which ascends beyond the
Holy Flame of Zarathustra. Upon walking this path; however, it is the cold heat of
Arezura's flames of damnation which is the fuel of your ascent. To become Divinity, you
must stop observing it. You must be entirely cut off from God. You must embrace your
damnation”. —Ahriman
Those words have layers which should be contemplated, however I will simply
explain the details which remained hidden between the lines for the sake of the reader
who has yet to get their hands on Black Magick of Ahriman. Ahriman’s statement began
with “I am perceived differently by all, yet to all I am the same. I am the vilest and most
terrifying of all fears and nightmares”.
Everyone’s fears are subjective, yet they all have the same effect upon us. We begin
to perceive them, and we seek to turn our back upon them so that we can continue within
our state of comfort without being bothered. Though the fears themselves will differ from
individual to individual the effect and control of that fear has upon us remains the same
for the most part. Fear is something which holds sway over everyone. It is a majestic
throne of darkness before which we fall prostrate trembling. The cushions of this throne
glow as if made with leather composed of the skins of Gods and the seat of power itself is

built with the collective fears of all of mankind. It moves and breathes, and it reeks of
putrid menses. This seat of power is the subconscious mind of the collective brought into
singularity so that the individual sorcerers approaching it can tap into this collective
power and harness it toward the cause of Counter Creation.
Many people read the first chapter of Black Magick of Ahriman and they get pulled
into the vision and see it with their own spiritual eyes and they witness its power from
their own perspective. This is mainly because it is a vision shared by us all. Though it is
perceived differently by all, to all it is the same. I am going to share with you now exactly
what the throne of Ahriman truly is and through that process offer you insight as to why
it is indeed a throne you should seek to approach for the sake of personal alchemical
This throne and the merciless dark God who sits upon it dwells upon the event
horizon of the deepest depths of your subconscious mind. This dark God known as
Ahriman or Angra Mainyu (meaning evil inspiration) represents dormant power and
potential that dwells within you and permeates all that is. Ahriman is a God who was
brought into being by a false prophet named Zarathustra during the stone age. It was at
this time that the technologies of war began to develop. As a result, citizens were coming
into power as they were obtaining the ability to defend their tribes and peoples.
Society in general was also coming into being during this time and this was the
cradle of civilization as we know it today. Citizens who are able to defend themselves
from tyranny cannot effectively serve the state. They are a danger to the state in fact, as
well as the ruling class in general so something had to be done. That something was the
creation of monotheistic plague bent on controlling the masses through controlling the
mind. That plague has been evolving and taking root since then. The root of the
monotheistic plague is called Zarathustrianism. It has aided in the development of all
Abrahamic faiths, while also influencing the way Buddhism, Taoism and Zen along with
Yogic traditions are taught in more modern times. That is especially the case here in the
This Zarathustra fellow essentially stated that the Gods of old who represented
power such as war and storms or antinomian thought were considered to be the Gods of
bad decision and that they were of Angra Mainyu which is the evil inspiration previously
mentioned. He said there was only one true God and he was Lord of ALL wisdom. He said
his name was Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazda was known as Spenta Mainyu or “good
inspiration”. What is most interesting to note here however is that Mazda is an ancient
adjective which can be translated to mean “he who puts everything into one’s mind”.
That alone surely sets the stage in presenting with this religion was about. If
someone is putting everything in our minds, I would call that mind control. This spiritual
movement was not spiritual in any way. It was political control guised as a spiritual
movement and it was the beginning of the political war machine that still exists today. It
is the father of all religions meant to constrain and stifle the potential of the majority by

placing the power of the collective potential of humanity into the hands of the few. In this
way the few could benefit from the fruits of our labor. This is the father of all modern
religions and it is the beginning of the one false God we now know as Government.
Since that can be traced back and perceived as fact through study and research we
must then through backward understanding seek that which was demonized by this false
prophet. This must be done so that we can come to find the origins of the power which we
were programmed to shun. You see Zarathustra was not originally a worshipper of Ahura
Mazda anymore than Jesus was a Christian. During the time and region in which he
lived he was likely a priest of the Vedas. It was many of the Vedic Gods which he
demonized, and this was done because they represented powers which could be harnessed
to gain sovereignty within the life experience. Shiva the destroyer was called Sovar the
commander of Div’s. Indra the Lord of Thunder and war became known as Andar the Div
of rebellion. The kundalini force which these yogic traditions sought to raise for the
empowerment of the individuals was also demonized. Kundalini or serpent power was
called Kunda which meant “man turned devil”.
The twin serpents of the Kundalini were called DoMar and DeHak and they were
said to devour the brains of young men and children because of the amount of wisdom
you had as a result of raising this serpent power. The ruler of this serpent wisdom
became known as Akomanah or evil mind and he was known as the gateway to Ahriman
the first Devil known to mankind.
Some would say it would be wiser and more efficient to simply move back before
the doctrine of Zarathustra then. Why not simply work with the Gods of the Vedas
instead of dwelling on these ancient forces of darkness? The answer to that is very
simple. You see the Vedic Gods though still representing raw primal powers within
mankind and within nature were attempts of early man to idealize these primal forces.
Though still potent in an archetypal sense they are still very much influenced and shaped
by the finite minds of man. Zarathustra however did these Gods a great favor even if
unknowingly in that he presented them in a way which was unbound from the idealized
nature of the Gods of man. It is for this reason that they are unbound by the religious
rules created by this man.
The kinks were being worked out of the religious template while being formed to
control the masses and so these beings were not seen as angels created by some God of
absolute light who rebelled and were cast out of some celestial paradise. No this is not the
case at all. In fact Ahriman was seen as a God to Zarathustra. Ahriman was the creator
of all that opposed the God of false light. He sought to destroy the light and to consume it
to fuel his own expansion and becoming. He sought to devour it to fuel the Blackened Fire
of will within himself. Was this because Ahriman was malign or was it because he was
trying to take back what was already his? Through my experience perceiving the Shadow
of Bundahishn (Bundahishn being the Zarathustrian Creation story) that was the true
cause of this spiritual war. It was a matter of reconsolidating power.


by Max Heskes


“Angra Mainyu gazed deep into my spiritual eyes as if projecting a vision, and it
was a vision which I received. I watched as the hubris and attachment of the ego of
Ahura Mazda/Ohrmazd became aware of the opposing force of Ahriman start to develop
as a result of the limits imposed by the creation of false light. I observed it myself as
Ahura Mazda looked backward toward the void watching counter creation take form on
the other side as a reflection of the hubris of the imposed limits of creation. At first that
was all the evil forces were meant to do. They served as an obsidian mirror which enabled
the Lord of false light to reflect upon his own tyranny. Any actions they took were just
that. Mere or mirror reflections of tyrannical action. The Ahrimanian forces were the
passive effect brought forth from the cause. The dark emanations were a response to the
created cages being built by the Lord of Light and limitation. They were not dark until
the imposed dual nature of light came into being. They simply were. They came into
being by default because whenever a cage is built a space outside of that cage comes into
being as a result.
These forces were at rest for 3,000 years until the consciousness which was born
into the cage through human beings began to question the existence of that which exists
beyond of the bars of the prison. This was the ignition of the Blackened Fire of Sol or
“soul” within mankind and it is the origin of the process of human evolution. This
occurred as Ahrimans other half Az-Jahi began to take anthropomorphic form in
response to the separation of the colors of the light spectrum becoming too dense.
Ohrmazd/Ahura Mazda refused to reflect upon the obsidian mirror to see the defect of his
desire to isolate and wield the vast possibility of the void toward his own ends. By
attempting to wield the power of the void his power actually became even more limited.
Unlimited possibility became more compartmentalized and dense. As a result, Az-Jahi
stirred Ahriman and awakened him from his passive slumber enticing his essence into a
conscious state of awareness which would have the intention to directly oppose Ahura
Upon Ahriman’s awakening the obsidian mirror of the void then broke and the
various shards of the obsidian mirror awakened mankind as they fell by piercing the life
experience with avenues of rebellion and sin which caused suffering in the form of Divs.
This suffering was not intended for the sake of suffering alone. It was forced into reality
to offer points of focus which would coerce mankind into individual expansion and
evolution making there limited existence align more with unlimited possibility. These
shards of the analogous obsidian mirror were to be picked up by mankind so that they
could reflect upon their own limitations. The very same limitations Ahura Mazda refused
to see within himself. It was Ahrimans way of infiltrating stasis to create movement
which could be harnessed by man to usurp the throne of God and choke him out of
existence. This reason for this occurrence was made more clear as I heard the ninth
The evil spirit, on account of backward knowledge, was not aware of the existence
of Ohrmazd; and, afterward, he arose from the abyss, and came in unto the light which
he saw. Ahriman was at rest and passive. He was unaware because the possibility of

light stolen from unlimited possibility by Ahura Mazda so he could gain creative power
had yet to become dense enough to break the passive and reflective nature of Divine
Darkness called the void. However as Ahura Mazda drew these blackened fires further
and further away from the unity of darkness the colors of the false light spectrum took
form and they began to become dense taking the form of gross matter. As a result, the
corporeal plane came into existence. The dense matter which came into being was then
dense enough to shatter the reflective surface of the Ahrimanian essence which at first
came to be in order to show Ohrmazd the error of his ways. As the shards fell the
antinomian mind within the collective consciousness of mankind awakened and so the
sentient consciousness of Ahriman awakened as well. I then saw how the consciousness
of man and Ahri-man are intricately and intimately linked.
This occurrence was a weak link in the chain of creation formed by Ahura Mazda
himself. He is unaware of it because he is blinded by his own light. This weak link was
the key which enabled Ahriman to come into the cage of creation to destroy its
limitations. The dark energy of the void and the dark matter which came from the void is
the very clay of Ahura Mazda’s creations. You can sculpt clay all you want in order to
make it represent whatever you like. You can paint it. In the end it is still clay. We are
still darkness and our power and potential has been unjustly taken and shaped within a
mold of slavery.” - Black Magick Of Ahriman/Kurtis Joseph/BALG
This evil personage terrifies most people even though it is a force which allows one
to counter create. Where Ahura Mazda created the plains of the field Ahriman brought
mountains to climb. When Ahura Mazda created the Ox and Cow Ahriman created the
beasts of the field. When Ahura Mazda created the Dove, Ahriman created the Vulture.
The darkness of the Path of Smoke and the intensity of the work is a lot for many people
to bear. What must be understood is that Ahriman is the original divine blueprint. His
darkness stems not from his nature but rather it stems from a ruling class swaying the
masses to believe that a force such as this is evil.
Ahriman truly represents the dormant potential that remains asleep within us all.
Ahriman is the one who Counter Creates and as simple as that sounds, the term Counter
Creation embodies the essence of magick and the very reason we as Black Magickians
seek to wield its power. It is a liberating force which we are programmed to fear and shun
through religious, social, and political programming. Ahriman is the potential of every
individual awakened and fulfilled. He remains the Lord of Darkness because he is the
beginning of Adversarial lore and his power is shrouded and hidden from mankind
because if it was not, then we could not be governed.
If Ahura Mazda represents the Sun and the power of it which maintains life here
on earth via the limits of the false light spectrum, then Ahriman is the Black Sun. If the
Sun Ahura Mazda is responsible for all the chemical processes that maintain the dense
stasis of this corporeal plane, then Ahriman is the one responsible for the alchemical
transmutation and evolution of all things. Ahura Mazda shines light on physical matter
which equates to a mere 4% of the totality of the universe according to the standard

model of the universe presented by science today. Ahriman would then be the light of
Blackened Fire which shines its light upon that which is on the other side of the veil. Him
and his emanations of dark power would be anti-matter which makes up 23% of the
cosmos and this is the very clay which the sorcerer molds and shapes to shift the dense
corporeal plane of Ahura Mazda. This anti-matter is not only a direct reflection or
antithesis of physical matter, but it has 19% more potential to harness for the cause of
Counter Creation through sorcery.
The 73% of all existence I seemed to have left out is the unlimited potential of the
void. It is the no-thing which permeates all things. The Zanda or Apostle of Ahriman
seeks to use dark alchemy to transmute themselves in such a way that the mind becomes
a microcosmic representation of this void. This is to become a potent vessel of what some
may call the thoughtless light. It removes the hindrance of thought which is attached to
the illusion of the linear timeline. The empty mind as a microcosmic emanation of the
void simply knows. It is the platform of logos leading to gnosis. It is logic which leads to
simply knowing unbound and unfettered by thought. The Chinese call this Wu-shin or
As one begins to empty the mind the tap deeper and deeper into the depth of the
subconscious until the dreaming and waking reality start to merge. You become more
lucid in your observation of reality and things are perceived beyond the imposed ideas
forced upon us. Instead of constant chatter born of ego the unlimited possibility starts to
be perceived as one’s consciousness begins to expand with the universe. This is mainly
because we stop projecting less and begin to receive more. The mind becomes a cell within
the cosmic womb of the void which can now be filled with forbidden wisdom. The psychic
faculties awaken more and more, and the adept realizes that humanity itself is but an
illusion. We are far from human at least in a potential sense. We are vessels of unlimited
potential who deserve much more than to be governed in any way.


by Max Heskes

As a part of this contribution I have decided to gift the readers with a spiritual
exercise I presented within Black Magick of Ahriman. I received this exercise after
working with the Div of the evil eye called Aighash. It will help one to align more with
the unlimited potential of the void. It will help you to become more of a receiver than a
projector. It will allow the light within to ignite through thoughtlessness instead of being
snuffed out by the limits of mundane thought. This will lead to simply knowing.
I received this exercise from a demon or Div known as Aighash. Aighash is known
as the Div of the Evil Eye. He said, “To enable yourself to see through the veil of the
physical plane and behold spiritual realities you must first learn to NOT see the creation
of Ahura Mazda. It blinds mankind from the totality of existence. Will yourself to bring
down the dense veil of illusion and limitation. Consume it with the Blackened Fire of
becoming. When this veil is consumed by the antinomian inferno we will be found waiting
in the shadows”. - AIGASH
“After working with this specific exercise for months on end I discovered that it
was essentially a means to peer into one of the five realms of hell known as Drugaskan by
removing the dense limitations of this plane for sorcerous purposes. Though only more
advanced practitioners should attempt to enter Drugaskan all can peer into it for
practical reasons. Through this exercise it is less of a place and more of a state of
consciousness to be reached for effective operations of an occult nature. It is a realm that
represents the darkness of all that is unknown, but also the realm of infinite possibility
which can be molded and shaped according to will. It is unlimited and therefore it cannot
be known through current human perception. Within the context of this exercise
Drugaskan is a state of mind and a state of becoming, not to be confused with a state of
being. The state of becoming embraces and embodies evolution and transmutation, while
being is a product of stasis, enslavement, and limitation. This exercise is a powerful tool
and it should be explored as its use expands through the application of it.
Begin this by sitting upright in a chair and focus on your breathing. As you inhale
expand your energy body more and more with each breath and as you exhale fall deeper
and deeper into your subconscious mind. Keep doing this until you feel like you have
expanded yourself to the very limits of the cosmos and have also fallen to the very depths
of the abyss. This is to perceive above and below and within and without simultaneously.
Keep this up until you can perceive no beginning or end to your cycle of breath and you
are the celestial heights and abysmal depths at the same time. You will feel an odd
disconnection with reality in the trance attained by doing this. Your physical perception
will begin to blur, and your mind gently opens. At this point begin to perceive reality as it
is around you. Visualize the particles within matter ignite with the Blackened Fire of Sol.
Observe the aethyric body of your surroundings engulfed with this Blackened Fire. The
light of this Blackened Fire gives off a purple hue.


As this fire ignites all of creation observe the limitations and physical nature of
these particles separate and fall to ashes. This is the false light and energy of creation
being consumed by the power of will. Breathe the remaining energy of these flaming
particles inward as their limits fall to ash and allow them to fuel your subtle energy
bodies. Do this slowly and with intent until all you perceive before you are the shadows of
eternal darkness merging to form the infinite void. All you should hear is the sound of
silence. In fact, the point here is to shut off the physical senses altogether if at all
possible. Allow your body to be consumed by darkness until it goes numb and you lose
sense of tactile perception. Smell nothing and taste nothing including the sound and taste
of nothingness.
Start by attempting to maintain this for three minutes, and increase it little by
little until the state of nothingness can be maintained for 20 minutes or longer. Take
record of any visions you may receive or messages you may hear during this experience of
outer darkness. This exercise is meant to enable you to become a perceiver of spiritual
vision and insight found outside of this world of gross limitation and stasis. Remember
that in theory reality cannot exist outside of the observer. Therefore, to erase it from
perception is to weaken it and make it more malleable. The more people do this exercise
the less hold the limits of this world may have upon us as a collective. It is a powerful
dynamic. One can perform this by itself throughout the day, and over time you will be
surprised at the results attained.
This exercise has many benefits. It strengthens the aura. It fuels the subtle energy
bodies by usurping the light of creation and bringing it inward. In this way it can be
compelled outward to not only counter create but also defile the will of the false concept of
creator God. It also exercises your ability to perceive the spiritual realms which is useful
in just about all occult practice. When doing low magick, this can be applied so that the
vision of the desire you seek can be imposed upon this outer darkness to plant the seed of
manifestation.” - Black Magick of Ahriman/Kurtis Joseph/BALG




eople's thoughts and believes on the afterlife have always had a significant impact

on how they appraise their own actions and how they perceive the world subjectively to
the critical point where it becomes a perpetual mindstate and an objective reality to
them. Religious extremists tend to defend their doctrine beyond the limits of reason as to
them it has already been proven as the one and only philosophical truth. Within the
Abrahamic traditions – just as an example, not to hate - there is no room for worshiping
other beings and it is considered a sin to even consider the idea of polytheism. This lack
of mental freedom automatically rules out the option of studying other believe systems or
different cultures to compare their spiritual ideas to their own believes in order to better
understand the true meaning behind spiritual ascension.
These followers are consequently forced to keep their brain inside a box that has
been given to them through the word of men. An orthodox extremist would say that it is
the one and only truth simply because it has been said so by the prophet. An occultist
would respond to that with arguments such as 'If the holy book is the divine truth, how
come it is forbidden to contact other gods or spirits to get a confirmation of this? How can
a god expect me to live my life according to a scripture that was created in my absence by
a debatable – and to me completely unknown - source and state that questioning its
authenticity will not reward my good intended research but in stead will result in eternal
Sure, you could say it's a test of faith. You could also say it's an insult to our
intelligence. To me personally it sounds more like a manipulative scam created by the
ones in power to control others by the use of fear because honestly I don't believe the
Abrahamic god is such a jealous, cruel and unreasonable deity. These are human
characteristics at play that have poisoned his image and seen that we use the rational
brain the Creator has given us in the first place, it doesn't add up in my opinion. Anyway,
let me get to the topic of this chapter...
The undeniable gospel of extremists reaches out to all infidels who dare question
their believes from within the core of their being and has shattered all their doubts as it
has become part of their own identity. Questioning their own faith at this point would be
the same as denying the essence of their own existence, in other words it would be mental
suicide. The poisonous but powerful effect of indoctrination has become the seed of
psychological warfare and has been deployed as a tactical weapon by numerous military
forces for decades throughout history.


One of the most macabre examples of these so-called PsyOps is Operation
Wandering Soul - also known as 'Ghost Tape Number 10' - applied by the US military
during the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese soldiers believed that when they died,
their remains would have to be buried in ancestral burial ground or else they would
wander around forever as a lost soul. The US troops efficiently used these Buddhist
believes against them and created an audio which they played on loudspeakers deep
down in the jungle in the middle of the night.
This spine-shivering recording containing ghost sounds, traditional funeral music
and a North Vietnamese “dead soldier” desperately calling out to his loved ones reminded
the Vietcong communists that getting killed far from home would mean damnation
forever, thus suggesting them to retreat or surrender. The interesting thing is that every
time they played the tape, they had to make sure their South Vietnamese allies – who
shared the same religion - were at a far distance so they couldn't hear the tape as it had
the same psychological effect on them. Even though they were aware that it was nothing
but a military tactic, it lit up their fears and scared the living crap out of them. You can
find the audio on Youtube. This is the text they used...

Daddy, daddy, come home with me, come home, daddy, daddy!
Who is that? Who is calling me? My daughter? My wife?
Your father is back home with me, my daughter.
Your husband is back home with you, my wife.
But my body is gone, I am dead, my family. tragic.
My friends, I come back to let you know that I am dead...I am dead.
I am in Hell...just Hell.
It was a senseless death. How senseless.
But when I realized the truth it was too late...too late.
Friends...while you are still alive...
There is still a chance that you can be reunited with your loved ones.
Do you hear what I say?
Go home...go home friends...hurry, if not you will end up like me.
Go home my friends before it is too late.
Go home...go home friends!
Ve di ban!
“The damn reverb effect of the recording is eerie. I saw and picked up leaflets and
once heard Funeral Music played over the valleys around Landing Zone Mary Ann. A Kit
Carson Scout told me what the music was. This was a ghostly sound. Hell, listening to
that made me want to Chieu Hoi myself. It must have been effective as hell in the jungle
at night.” - 1st Infantry Division Sergeant 1968 – 1970.


Lucifer is the hero of the Bible, and the most misunderstood
being in its narrative
He is not Satan, but the Light Bearer
- J. Adam Snyder




very practitioner has most likely stumbled upon this question at some point on their

road to enlightenment and came to the conclusion that it’s…well…it’s bullshit. The ‘good
vs evil’ paradigm has been forced upon many ever since religions parked their expensive,
fancy cars on the astral parking lot. Simply to maintain power and control, to bring fear
to those who are tempted by the snares of the devil. Why? Well, what would happen if
everyone would find out they are in control of their own lives, that they are the gods of
creation in their own reality, that they have been given godlike powers since birth to
manifest their Will? What if everyone would use their magickal powers to influence
reality? There would be chaos and no more control whatsoever, which means no more
money for the malicious community, not to mention the small percentage that is actually
ruling the world.
A common argument coming from Abrahamic, orthodox circles would be something
in the line of “well yeah, that’s exactly what the devil does, he tries to persuade you and
to tempt you, to lead you away from God”. How can one argue with an indoctrinated
mind, poisoned by fear, on a level of reason and include personal experience if that’s all
they ever learned from their trusted community? It’s a hard task to say the least. I don’t
judge people, nor do I disrespect those who choose to follow a certain religion in order to
bring hope and joy into their lives. Everyone should have something to believe in, heck,
even the placebo effect itself creates enough vibrations to activate the Law Of Attraction
in order to manifest beautiful things in your life. What I do oppose is the way it’s done,
the way it’s processed in an irrational fashion and the human ignorance that comes to
It doesn’t matter how strong your faith is, based on influences from your childhood
or accepted indoctrination coming from your surroundings, people have the ability – and
the moral duty – to question things and to use reason. The simple fact that we are not
fully aware of our origins begs the same question and stimulates a healthy mind to start
doing some research. In a spiritual context this means trying to make contact with the
spiritual realm in stead of blind faith, doing prayers without any actual interaction with
the deity.
The ones that have had the courage to raise their hand and ask for philosophical
wisdom from these so-called demons, those are the ones who are truly putting in effort to
learn and experience what’s hidden behind the veil of the occult, eradicating poisonous
prejudice. This is our ultimate goal. If you study the Goetia, you will learn that most of
these demons are actually old, pagan gods who were demonized by religion in order to

cause fear. They have inspired, guided and taught mankind incredible things throughout
history, ever since the human race existed. Remember that the currently accepted
religions are merely a couple of thousand years old. Where did all the people that existed
before that time go when they died? Exactly…our current time frame is irrelevant when
it comes to spirituality and religious concepts of afterlife.
When you contact these demonic beings you will come across something beautiful
and inspiring that has nothing to do with evil or damnation. Quite the opposite. They
represent numerous aspects of human nature and through invocation, evocation and
channeling they provide a way for us to communicate with our inner self via an external
projection of the human psyche.
Does this mean these demons are merely figments of our imagination? Well, this is
the main question an occult practitioner should be asking himself along the way for sure.
Although, from a subjective reality point of view this is rather irrelevant. If a desired
result is achieved by means of exploring the mind, by facing the shadow self and the
instinctive desire to ‘know thyself ’, fear should be embraced and explored, as it has been
done by millions of generations before us. In the words of Bael…be something beautiful.
In the words of Lucifer…be thyself.


by Max Heskes


- by Shaylin Osiris -


he word 'Chakra' is derived from the Ancient Indic Sanskrit meaning 'wheel' or in

Hindu 'wheel of spinning energy'. The Chakra Ideology and understanding has become a
recent focal point for spiritual awareness. Even though the ideas and philosophies of
Chakras is based on ancient study and practice, it has resurfaced to be worshiped by new
age principal movements, and is ever present in today’s society.
Upon further analysis of this Chakra system, one can discover that the Chakras
themselves are essentially multiple energy centers requiring constant need to be cleared
and balanced to be fully effective. Which in turn, can make meditative work and ritual
practices possibly unnerving, if not downright difficult for both the beginner and even the
advanced practitioner. This energetic mindful attention into the meditative Chakra
practice is capable of taking energy from the person, this can be best expressed by the
phrase energy flows where intention goes. These internal energy devices can also get
etheric blockages that prevent natural harmonic flows of 'universal energy' within the
human fields of existence.
Through this system there are seven main Chakras within the human body, and I
will be addressing them by their Sanskrit and English names.
 Muladhara; the first Chakra located in the genital region it associates with the
color red. This Chakra also known as the root Chakra, is said to govern the sense
of security, primal instinct, and can be said to be the cornerstone of the Chakra
 Swadishthana; is the second Chakra located below the naval, above the pubic bone.
This energy center is associated with the color orange. Also known as the Sacral
Chakra. It is said to govern sexuality, desire, as well as creativity and selfexpression.
 Manipura; is the third on our list of Chakras is located under the sternum and
corresponds with the color yellow. This energy center is aligned with the solar
plexus of the body. The Manipura has aspects of self-acceptance and personal
 Anahata; the fourth Energy center is located within your chest, with three above
and three below, it is said to be the 'center' Chakra and associates with the color
green. It is known to be the heart Chakra. In this Chakra is where the physical
and spiritual meet and can be an internal hub for love and compassion.
 Vishuddi; the fifth Chakra is predominantly located within your jaw, mouth and
larynx. It is associated with the color blue, and is known as the throat Chakra. It
can be said to be your outer voice of harmony and frequency. The Vishuddi governs

your Spiritual authentic self. This Chakra works in alignment with the first four
Chakra systems.
 Ajna; is the sixth, and quite possibly the most known Chakra of the seven. The
Ajna, is best described as the third eye. Its color in the visual spectrum associates
with indigo, and governs inner spiritual sight, and even Spiritual consciousness
 Sahasrara; The last of the seven Chakra systems, is associated with a bright pearlessence color and is known as the crown Chakra. The crown is said to be the
connection between the physical and spiritual realms, as well as the link to your
divine self.
In the ancient Taoist tradition, similar to the known Chakra system there exists a
central channel within the human body, it is composed of multiple energy centers that
store Universal energy. These are referred to as the Dantain. The Dantain is notably used
in meditation practices, energy work, traditional herbal medicine, as well as qigong and
the art of tai chi. From the Dantain there are channels that move throughout the body.
Bai Hui which is located at the crown or the top of your head, connects all the way to the
Hui Yin which is at the root, or your genital region. This is very similar to the Chakra
system mentioned and described above.
During this journey the energy (chi, prana, manna) travels and flows through the
body, these two points congregate in channels through the upper Dan Tian, middle Dan
Tian and the lower Dan Tian, this energy transfer is passed through the central channel.
Chakra is defined as an “Astral energy center closely associated with regional nerves,
glands, and organs”. When these centers become out of alignment or are not balanced
properly they affect our physical, mental and emotional bodies in a variety of ways, based
on the individual and earthly circumstances involved. I for one can personally attest to
this, due to a prominent personal experience when I was in my early teens.
Every couple of months I would get these intense, painful and energy depleting
tonsil flares. These “flares” we will call them, where sporadic and seemed to baffle and
confuse doctors. Upon strict review of the symptoms, the tests conducted and provided,
never came back positive for strep, mono, nor any other modern diagnose able throat
related disease or aliment. These flares would continue to come back quite regularly
throughout my early adolescence. Though the doctors made attempts to convince me to
get my tonsils removed, being the “only” option. I strongly objected, even when my body
started to create a massive tolerance to many of the antibiotics I was prescribed. I now
find years later, that this situation seems more then a little redundant considering the
issue I was having was not understood in the medical community I was involved with at
the time.
I recall the last and worst tonsil flare that I endured was about roughly six years
ago, when my flare turned into an abscess. The medical team advised me that if I did not
respond to the newest antibiotic cocktail I was being administered that they would have
no choice but to lacerate the abscess, and the medical process of doing so at the time

seemed anything less than pleasant. Needless to say, after many dissuaded attempts to
pressure me to have the surgery, I did not thankfully, have to undergo the painful
procedure. Even though many nights I remember lying awake in pure terror attempting
to find a way out of this little predicament. I became obsessed in pursuit for a viable
solution. Something inside was telling me there was another way. I just needed a sign. I
needed a solution. Most importantly I needed answers. After some time and much selfreflection, it clicked. It clicked in sort of a way that made immediate sense to me. A selfrealization that can only be made when one looks deep within themselves. I felt a
profound strangeness over take my essence. Now it all makes sense. Now I understand.
For the first time since having these ignorable flares in the back of my throat. I
finally figured out why. All of this was due to my silence. All this pain was a physical
manifestation of the angst I placed on myself. Unable to speak my mind. Unable to stand
up for myself. Unable to be me. I built so many walls around who I was. Walls of disbelief.
Fragile walls of protection. I sacrificed a small part of myself to others, being unable to
use my voice and speak my mind. Living in Silence. To simplify the grandeur of my
awakening. I assessed it to be an imbalance of my throat Chakra. A “physical” blockage
created by a lack of being honest with myself.
So, I have a theory on these Chakras: The energy fields of children are wide open,
hence why they can see things that we can no longer see. Now, they say that the Chakras,
although present, are not fully developed until you are in your early 20’s. Which makes
me question something... If children can see, hear and communicate with spirits, and
other entities when these energy centers are not fully developed, and the children seem to
have the capability to see them more clearly, and more frequently than adults, with said
more developed or anchored energy centers could this lead one to conclude that there's a
chance that the Chakras affect our abilities, and with the help of the social programming
they can dampen our abilities? And by only constantly giving energy and power over to
these centers to balance and/or unblock them is how we can hear, see and travel again.
An endless battle. This to me does not sound like a divine organic structure but more as
an implanted tool used to divert amounts of our true essence but at the same time giving
us this false illusion that it will lead us to enlightenment in the long run. These Chakras
are said to be a vortex of energy, to whom or to what does this vortex transmute this
energy to? Clearly not ourselves if we need to constantly feed energy into it to get limited
and temporary results.
The Chakras as we all know are a system, a system used to induce Spiritual
Awakening some may say. Or a system made in attempt to distinguish the spiritual
energetic balances that make up the consciousness of the ethereal realm, some may also
say. Though vast in its capabilities, it can also be a prison. A prison in the context of selflimitation in the nature of our human ignorance. I realize this is debatable on both sides.
Only through self-awareness and self-experience can we come to a rational conclusion.
Through my personal journeys I have found removal, yes, I said removal of the Chakra
system, can allow oneself infinite possibilities.


There is much knowledge to learn from this Ancient doorway of the seven energy
centers. Most take its principles for granted, and a lot of the true knowledge has been
distorted, lost or has been perceived though a different lens then our ancestors. So how
would one go about removing these Chakra centers? Though this is something that I am
still striving towards to fully interpret the way that I have found thus far is to push past
these centers. By pushing past the Chakras and by doing so removing the belief of
containment and segregated limitation you open yourself up to these limitless
possibilities of self.
The visualization technique that I have adopted goes as follows: Sit or stand and
drop mind, breath fully and deeply and focus on your being. Start from your Mudulahara
or your root chakra and visualize a ball of energy, I personally use a ball of dark energy
due to darkness being all colors of the light spectrum. Keep enhancing this ball of energy
and feel it, feel it grow and gain power until it bleeds into the next center / Chakra. One
by one enhance and combine these balls of energy until it encompasses your entire being
and spews out the top of your head. Feel the energy harnessed all pulse together as one
then expand this even further to engulf this entire realm, then push past this realm into
the cosmos or the void; or whichever term you'd prefer. Continue to do this meditation
daily or when it comes to mind and keep track of the changes that will begin to take place
within yourself.
To further summarize Chakras and their system, let us not be confined. All is one
and one is all. We are not a hive mind, we are secular. We are individuals on a quest for
understanding and a hunger for becoming, each with his and her parts to play towards
liberation. Our beliefs are constantly changing, the more you understand, the less you
seem to know. Question everything.


Most people are other people.
Their thoughts are someone else's opinions,
their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation
The books that the world calls immoral
are books that show the world its own shame
- Oscar Wilde


by Nicoline Albrecht & King Paimon – 1/2


by Nicoline Albrecht & King Paimon – 2/2


- by JD Temple -


do not consciously remember the day that darkness found me, just as I do not

recall the details of my birth into this unforgiving world of dense physical reality. The one
thing that I am certain of however, is that both of these events took place on that same
day, at the exact same moment. We are all born into this chaos, ripped from the safe
confines of our mother’s womb. From the moment our eyes first open, and we inhale this
planes polluted air into our delicate lungs, our course has been set for a lifetime of trials
and tribulation. There shall not only be blood, but there shall also be reckoning, from this
day until our very last.
From a very young age we are led to believe that we are but powerless bystanders,
or what most would consider victims of circumstance. From the days of our youth we are
programed to believe that our place in this world has all but been decided for us. Much
like a ship without sails, we have been set adrift out into a vast ocean of abysmal waters,
and that wherever that vicious current takes us is where we must inevitably go.
Ingrained in us all is the notion that we have no real semblance of control over the events
that transpire from cradle to grave, that this “God”, our supposed creator, has already
predetermined our destiny. Much like a puppet on a string, we are to be pulled along and
completely manipulated by this invisible master that demands nothing less than
complete supplication. For most of us poor unfortunate souls, the notion that our lives
could be lived in any other manner is nothing short of sacrilege, heresy, or what most
would consider an utter abomination. Coming from the perspective of a mere mortal, it is
this aspect of our lives, that has all but been impressed upon each of us, that is the one
and only true evil in this world. This dear friends, is in fact, the devil you know.
I find it absolutely ridiculous, and might I say, rather comical, that we have
allowed this vile darkness to corrupt the very fabric of almost every civilization on record
over the course of these last few thousand years. This supposed “God” is not a divine
being, nor is it a cosmic force that has been in existence long before man’s sinuous foot
took its first steps onto the earthen rock in which we are now held prisoner. This
“spiritual” creature was derived from nothing more than the mysterious minds of man, an
egregore in the highest degree, who’s very nature have we created by design. This
tyrannical thought form has surrounded our very being with bars much stronger than
steal, as these entrap and bind our very souls. It should be of no surprise that variations
of this creature can be found within the rotten bowels of nearly every organized religion,
spanning the totality of this planetary holding cell. Unbeknownst to the majority of the
populous is the fact that we have most certainly created a monster. And so it shall be
stated once again, this is the devil you know.


Throughout our history man has continuously pushed the envelope, conquering
every last frontier as we know it here on this earth. Our overwhelming desire to break
free of the chains of limitation has now granted us access to realms beyond the heavens,
and into the dark recesses of the solar system where we now rub elbows with the stars
that we once worshiped. Gripped with our nagging addiction to progress, we strive to
become greater than that which holds us down, and to expose the many lies that have
greatly limited our full potential. There are those of us that have realized the many
truths that have been hidden from view, swallowed by this “false light”. Our true
Godhood has been stripped away, and the power found within that aspect of ourselves fed
to a mere figment of our own limitless imaginations.
After tens of thousands of years, our time has finally come. The true Bringers of
Light now walk this planet, in the ways in which our very creation so intended, to live
and breathe as Gods amongst men. Equipped with the very knowledge and power that
has been so scandalously withheld from man in a cowardly effort to do nothing more than
control him. Armed with the greatest weapon this world could ever know, our brilliant
minds, we wield the supernatural forces of our magick.
There shall come a day when not only those whom live their lives in ignorant
slumber shall fall at our feet, but also shall the very substance of this fabricated reality
bend to our ultimate will and desire. As we turn our attention away from that which is
not real, away from the warden that oversees this prison of our own creation, and instead
focus our energies inward, empowering ourselves as the true Gods of creation, we can
once and for all break free of our shackles of limitation, and rise up from the depths!
As more magicians awaken, and the might of their magick realized, the truth shall
become undeniably apparent. No longer will we settle for the status quo, or allow
ourselves to be just another number in a vast sea of billions of other feeder fish species,
but instead we boldly stand tall, and like a beacon we shine our light brightly for all to
see! We help others who want to help themselves and assist them in discovering these
truths, opening their eyes to the deceit that has eternally plagued us. As we all bring
forth our own magick, creating true beauty from the ugliness that has shrouded our
existence, it is then that we can truly say that we live! For we are all the God you know,
and therefore we are all the devil you know. We are everything, we are nothing, we are
that we are.




fter having tried to bury the monotheistic assumptions in the sixth chapter, I might

want to shed some light on the matter from a practical black magick perspective in
situations where the darkness does tend to take control of the practitioner in ways that
could not have been foreseen. As I mentioned before, the “demonic” should not be
interpreted from a Christian angle, however one must take into consideration the level of
impact it can have on the Self. Even though the negative connotation carried by the term
'evil' can be sedated by philosophical meds, the effect of a demonic interaction is still
defined by the correlation between the neuropsychological impact and the practitioner's
If we simplify the concept of a demon based on how it is generally perceived and
applied in ritual work, we can state that invoking such a force is usually associated with
intentions of challenging the Self, expanding one's limitations and facing obstacles to
grow spiritually and to obtain gnosis. Neophytes who still suffer from religious
programming often tend to justify their first steps into the occult by waving the 'white
magick' flag, claiming they are using magick merely to brighten up their own lives in a
positive way or simply to protect themselves, assuming that God will not condemn their
forbidden practices if that's their only motive.
So what exactly is white magick I ask then... If you use magick to make changes in
your life – even if these alterations seem good and harmless - aren't you defying 'God's
Divine Plan' by intervening on your own behalf? White magick...white as in angelic,
divine, protective light? I'm sorry to break your bubble but if you are causing changes in
reality you are dealing with black magick, hardcore like a motherfucker. Once novices
acknowledge this fact they start to confront the Self and seek out to challenge their
human characteristics by visualizing them as external opponents. This is the point where
they realize most of these demons actually represent certain facets of human instinct and
that they are not to be feared but to be faced.
Crossing this point of fear, the human mind tends to reach out to the divine
potential by any means possible. Herein lies the danger of getting consumed by these
intriguing forces of darkness. Darkness as in the Mystical Unknown, not as in evil. After
all, the concept of good and evil leads to a paradox from a monotheistic point of view if
you'd approach it as such. When curiosity becomes fascination the next step to obsession
is usually just a small one, making judgment no longer fall under a rational jurisdiction
thus making the subconscious mind highly perceptive. It is therefore important to
maintain a healthy balance in thoughts and reasoning as these forces can and will
consume you to the point of no return if you let yourself get carried away.


If you decide to work with a specific demonic entity, do your homework before
attempting any contact, calculate the risks of being overwhelmed by its energy so that
you can anticipate on any unexpected situation. The real danger doesn't come from the
demon itself but from your subjective perception. This means presumptions also form a
potential threat to an unstable mindstate as they play a big role in the manifestation.
I'm not trying to discourage anyone to work with these forces, but note that it can
be an intense experience if you are not prepared for it. Of course it also depends on your
level of ascension. A novice practitioner who just made the first steps on the Left Hand
Path should probably not pop his cherry by evoking Belial, as an example. This Demonic
King is usually perceived by beginners as a very intimidating demon, one who demands
full dedication, one who does not appreciate dabblers contacting him just for the fun of it.
Heck, one should not even attempt to evoke any demon for that matter if you're new to
this path.
If you follow a western system of magick, I advice the following order: elemental
spirits, olympic spirits, angels, demons. If you choose to neglect this advice – as most
occultists are fearless rebels, which I understand, it makes perfect sense – and you want
to go hardcore straight away, a suitable demon to start with would be Vassago or Marbas
as they are very friendly and helpful. I do strongly advice you to evoke Lucifer into your
temple before you attempt to summon a demonic entity as He is the great initiator, guide
and protector on the infernal path.


by Nicoline Albrecht


- by Kurtis Joseph -


he subject matter of this article will no doubt cause controversy between black

magickian’s and disturb the thought patterns prevalent within what we would call Left
Hand Path ideology. As much as I would hate to crush anyone’s world view it is
unfortunately time to awaken from the slumber of infants and the comfort of ideologies
that confine the spirit of man within this day in age. You see what humanity fails to
realize is that the division of Christianity, Islam, Satanism and Luciferian doctrine,
whether one sits on the left side of the fence or the right is part of the demiurgic system.
This remains true within the confines of doctrines mentioned as well as those not
mentioned. The demiurgic strategy is conveyed through the tale of the Tower of Babel
where essentially the bloodline of Cain had learned to not only survive beyond the rule of
the demiurge but thrive through the development of civilization.
As the bloodline of Cain began to use the stumbling block of exile as a stepping
stone which began to reach into the celestial heights of the heavens leading to the throne
of God, the Elohim or demiurgic emanations took notice and saw a threat begin to
develop upon the face of the earth. We all know that this threat was dismantled by the
Archonic slave driver and he dispersed the nucleus of human potential to create
confusion and separation. This was done to keep mankind from working together to fulfill
their potential, so they could be liberated from the shackles of creation. As a result, what
was once a unified means of becoming based upon the logos of Black Light was shattered
and scattered like a mirror so that the face of true divinity could not be reflected upon to
expand in consciousness and break the clay of the limitations of human golem’s.
Within the Bible we see that there were Seven generations that belonged to Cain
and each generation was a means to counter the seven days of creation which limited the
limitless spirit of Black Fire. After those seven generations however, we see no
continuance of Cain’s bloodline. Had his bloodline and the creative power and potential
thereof died off suddenly? No. That is not the case at all. It continues till this day. The
masses would believe that it is in fact the elite who have the blood of the Lord of Death
flowing through their veins. That is not the case either. Those who are of Cain are the
worlds outcasts and though most of these outcasts may be called Black Magickian’s they
are usually more Christ like than most devout Christians. There is a most logical reason
behind this which has been largely unexplored and neglected. The reason is social bias.
This article is a sneak peek into my upcoming work which explores Jesus as a
vessel of the Black Light of Lucifer who opposed the demiurgic impulse. This is not the
Jesus spoken of in Churches across the world. The Jesus I am going to speak about was a
master alchemist and black magickian. He was a necromancer who received vision and
prophecy from the Drakonian wisdom of the other side. This Jesus is the one who did

indeed make way for redemption, but not by dying for our sins. To follow in the footsteps
of this Jesus is to walk the path of Nod which is the path of lawlessness and
transgression. This Jesus is the true Jesus not defiled by political agenda or religious
constraint. This thesis though it may indeed cover many points is at this stage of its
development rather unrefined. In all actuality I seek to publish the mere idea now. I
would not only like to hear of the response the article will bring forth, but also allow
people to see how the idea will evolve from this article up until the finished work. I have
yet to even scratch the surface.
Though this article is a brief synopsis regarding this work it is without a doubt a
key which will unlock the potential of alternate thought. It will help to consolidate
potential power and bridge the gap between people and religious division bringing forth
the power of spirit which can unite mankind and the seeds of true divinity within us all.
We will explore some of the Biblical scriptures which point to Jesus being Lucifer as those
are enough to prove the possibility of such an argument. Though I do not have the space
to cover them all I will provide some. Then we will go into some of the teaching of the
other divinity of Nachash, the serpent who planted the seed of antinomian becoming
upon this side of the veil through the first tiller and killer Cain. This teaching is indeed
reserved for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I will then present some of
the gnosis I received from calling upon the descendants of Cain to open up the possibility
of even more enlightenment via the spirit of Lucifer himself.
We must first come to know that Lucifer originates from the word “Heylel” which
sounds very close to the place feared by all Christians because it is considered to be a
place of damnation. Heylel has many words associated with it as can be seen within any
Biblical concordance. “Morning Star” is one which Jesus the transgressor claimed to be in
the Book of Revelation 22:16. He simply states, I am the bright Morning Star”.
The word for morning in the Hebrew language is Shacar which means dawn.
Matthew 4:16 states “On those who sat in the shadow of death, light has dawned”. Here
we see a connection to death or Daath or death and the light of Lucifer. This very well
could be an indication of the connection of the Saint of Death known as Cain and the seed
of divinity which willingly broke his clay vessel for the sake of allowing the divine logos of
Lucifer to enter the world. According to personal gnosis this logos was sealed as Judas
hung upon the tree allowing the Kliffothic forces to reach into the world through the tree
of knowledge made manifest outside of the confines of Eden by the death of Jesus. The
roots of this tree ignited the Dragon lines and began an alchemical process which has
been working for thousands of years. We are now leaving the age of the world’s “Sol
Negredo”. We are now entering the age of Revelation of the light of Lucifer and his power
which has been shrouded in the darkness of apostacy.
We must also know that the Hebrew word for serpent is Nachash. When this word
is used as a verb instead of a noun it means shining one. Jesus by claiming to be the
morning star is also proclaiming his serpent bloodline. Even John 3:14 states “As Moses
lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man (or Jesus) be lifted up”.

Now I cannot give too much information here regarding the God of Moses. I will suggest
that the initiate look into the fact that Moses was once artistically depicted as having
horns. I will also say that the old testament contains the actions of two different divine
forces. One divine force is a God of Slaves, while the other is a divine potential trying to
lead to the liberation from enslavement. I will touch on that more in a moment to point
out the connection to Moses and the Adversary through Cain. First, I must mention that
God in Genesis does not create light. He simply lets it be.
In fact, the entire account of “creation” does not seem to be creating. The demiurgic
impulse is simply allowing potential to take form by “letting” it be. He then names it as if
it is his creation alone, but we know it is not his alone. If it was, the word Elohim would
have not been used within Genesis as it implies multiple divine forces. Regardless this
light is not the light of the physical Sun as the Sun was not yet created. That does not
occur until verse 16. Revelation 21:23 states “The city had no need of the sun or of the
moon to shine in it, for the glory of god (the other God) illuminated it”. Now we can
assume according to how Christian doctrine is taught today that this is a celestial
heaven. However, it also sounds a lot like the Kingdom ruled over by Nebuchadnezzar
who was a King of Babylon. Babylon is referred to as the Golden city in Isaiah 14:4.
When the demiurge divorced his people he sent them there in exile. “I gave faithless
Israel her certificate of divorce and sent her away” Jere 3:8. Babylon was the empire built
by Cain and it was his bloodline that gave birth to civilization as we know it today.
Through my research and study, I have traced Cain to a historical figure known as
the King of Kings. He was King Sorgon. Like the tale of Cain, King Sorgon named a city
after his son. The name of this city was Unuk which is synonymous with Enoch. This is
what King Sargon said about himself in a historical transcription. This is what ties the
serpent God of Moses to the bloodline of Cain. Keep in mind this legend would have been
separated and isolated in the Bible for political reasons. This is the same reason the two
divine sources have been merged within the Abrahamic creation story. It simply serves an
agenda and attributes certain legends to specific characters to uphold an ideology which
serves the state.
“My mother was a high priestess, my father I knew not. The brother of my father
loved the hills. (Sorgon or Cain may be speaking of YHVH as the brother of his father)
My city is Azupiranu, which is situated on the banks of the Euphrates. My high priestess
mother conceived me, in secret she bore me. She set me in a basket of rushes, with
bitumen she sealed my lid. She cast me into a river which rose over me. The river bore
me up and carried me to Akki, the drawer of water. Akki the drawer of water, appointed
me as his gardener. (Cain the first tiller) While I was a gardener Ishtar (an early epithet
of Lucifer) granted me her love (the Mark of Cain) and for four and (unknown) years I
exercised Kingship”.
This is very interesting to note because it takes the fairy tales of the Bible and
brings them into a real-world context through historically recorded persons. We can also
see how the story of Moses is connected to Cain meaning their God was not the demiurge

but Ishtar/Innana/ or Lucifer. When you start to connect these fantastical tales to
historical figures and begin to connect the dots what comes forth is an obvious political
agenda which the masses are oblivious to because they do not “study to show themselves
We all know why Lucifer fell from Heaven. Isa 14:12 says “How you are fallen from
Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the Morning”! Lucifer is said to have fallen from grace for
aspiring to take the throne of YHVH and usurp his authority. Isa 14:13 states “For you,
(Lucifer) have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven” Compare that with the words
of Jesus in the Gospel of John 6:62. “What then if you should see the son of man ascend
where he was before”? Before the fall?
I could go on forever providing scriptural references as well as material beyond the
Bible such as the Talmud and other gnostic texts outside of cannon. I could bring up how
in the Gnostic texts Jesus often appears as a child. This child like appearance
corresponds with the appearance of Lucifer in many medieval grimoires as well. That is
yet another coincidence which by itself may not mean much. However, when looked at
through the scriptural lens already presented it becomes much more difficult to deny that
it is yet another supporting factor. This becomes even more true when we look at the
totality of all Abrahamic texts, which cannot be done within the confines of this specific
Anthology contribution.
So, if Jesus was Lucifer and we understand that the tale of Babel was the
demiurges attempt to disperse and confuse the potential of the bloodline of Cain or
Nachash we can come to a very logical conclusion regarding the missing 18 years of Jesus
life. These years are not mentioned within the Bible, but we have historical records of
this man all over the ancient world. Lucifer through Jesus essentially travelled to gather
the ancient teachings of spiritual becoming which were scattered throughout the world at
Babel. The question is, “What were some of these teachings and how do we get to know
what they are”?
I will begin with one very specific verse that deals directly with the spirit of
Nachash or the serpent Samael. Mathew 6:22 KJV “The light of the body is the eye: If
therefore thine eye be single; thy whole body shall be full of light.” This scripture is
obviously speaking of the Ajna chakra which opens through the raising of the serpent
force. It is the third eye which also symbolizes the jewel from Lucifer’s crown which fell to
the earth after the war in the heavens. This is not necessarily literal but symbolic in that
the level of consciousness falls to the deepest depths when religious ideologies seek to
bind our spiritual potential.
We all as Black Magickians tend to associate Jesus with Abrahamic religion but
John 8:58 says “Before Abraham was, I AM”. It is therefore obvious that the true Jesus
was not a product of any Abrahamic religion. The way the Abrahamic faiths present the
Adversarial forces also make these forces out to be something they are not. By doing so it
makes it harder for mankind to connect to these Adversarial forces and currents in a

genuine and authentic way. Regardless the second coming of Christ is indeed nigh, and
he will not come forth on the physical clouds. He will come forth through Christ
Consciousness or the light of Lucifer which will begin to shine forth from within mankind
in this age of Revelation. This light is the light of the chakras bound together through the
yoke of the serpent. Revelations 1:20 states “The seven candlesticks which thou sawest
are the seven churches” These are descriptions of the seven chakras. Seven seals, seven
lamps, seven candle sticks, seven stars, etc. These all represent the teaching and
methodology of the Naga or Nachash the serpent known as Samael who is father of Cain.
We must also not neglect the concept of the yoke. In this modern era much
attention is given to the individual chakras and the activation thereof. However,
activation of individual chakras in and of itself does nothing. The yoke is something
which bridles and binds together, and this concept though covered within my recent
grimoire Black Magick of Ahriman, is essentially not taught in any practical way in these
modern times.
Until the seven layers of consciousness are united you are trapped within the
sufferings of the world and the 5 senses and limitations of the demiurge. You have no
spirit. You are Clayborn yet not born again. The second birth occurs when the spark of
divine Black Light moves upward through the yoni on top of the head. This is why John
3:3 states “Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again he cannot see the
Kingdom of God”. Until we break the clay or kelim of the flesh we can only see and
perceive through the five senses and we can only perceive that which is of the 5 elements.
These are also represented by the Stigmata or the 5 wounds of Christ.
We find further connection to Christ and Cain in the gospel of James. This gospel
says, “Therefore become seekers for death, just as the dead who seek for life”. It continues
by stating “When you turn yourselves towards death, it will make known to you election.
In truth I say to you none of those who are afraid of death will be saved”. Now in the
context of this teaching we can apply this toward the death of the flesh but because of
Jesus/Lucifer’s way of teaching through parable and analogy we can also assume he was
also speaking of Daath or the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
We must come to see death as a gateway of transfiguration. We all will fall before
the throne of Cain the Lord of Death. Modern currents such as 2182 who have also
tapped into very ancient sources of information which have led to profound gnosis also
see Cain as a Lord of the cemetery and his current delves deeply into necromantic arts.
We also cannot deny Jesus/Lucifer raising Lazarus from the dead. In fact, the Crown of
thorns is one thing which Jesus and Cain have in common. While beginning to delve into
this current of magick I decided I too was going to delve into necromancy. I was not going
to do this by conjuring shades from the local boneyard. No, I was going to conjure my
spiritual ancestors of the serpent blood. I called upon Judas, and this is a bit of what he


by Max Heskes


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