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Satanic Values

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Values as Statements
● Treat all living things with respect and kindness, until they prove themselves unworthy.
○ Examples of being proven unworthy would include violating (or blatantly
expressing a desire to violate) the rights of others, or creating a scenario in which
self-defense is necessary. The human instinct is for self-preservation, so acting
against this in self-defense would not be considered hypocritical.
● One should strive to enact justice to the best of their ability.
○ This should not be interpreted as justification for vigilantism, or for violating local
laws that would lead to harm to others. “To the best of their ability” would typically
include “within the law”, unless the law in question is unjust and violates basic
● The personal will should be respected, so long as it does not violate the rights of
○ This includes the right to bodily autonomy. Abortion does not violate the rights of
another, because with the current scientific understanding there is no reason to
consider a fetus a human being with rights, or with more rights than the woman
carrying the fetus.
○ Personal identities fall into this category as well, including sexual, gender, and
neurodiverse identities. Though the identities themselves may not be a choice,
and thus not necessarily fall into the category of a “personal will”, a very brave
choice is made when one publicly shares that identity, and that choice should be
respected for the strength it shows.
● One should constantly strive for intellectual and personal enlightenment.
○ Logic and reason are key here. If something has not been proven, then the
logical thing to do is to deny that it is true. This includes the existence of the
supernatural. As there is no scientific proof of the existence of the supernatural,
an intellectually honest observer cannot claim that any supernatural phenomena
○ This includes Satanic organizations themselves. As Satanists, we should always
strive to advance ourselves, and each other. This leaves room for growth and
advancement as an organization.
● One should never forget that they are an individual, and should feel free to express their
own identity.
○ Satanism, at its core, is a religion of the individual. Without being true to and
empowering themself, a person will not have the personal strength to

acknowledge that they are a Satanist at all, let alone be strong enough to
espouse the other values of a Satanist.
In my initial brainstorming of these, I left this one out, probably because I simply
forgot to write it down considering how self-explanatory it feels to me.

Things I feel go without saying:

Satanism is a non-theistic religion. As pertaining to the idea of intellectual advancement
and honesty, a belief in something supernatural like a god doesn’t follow from the current
known scientific premises, and thus is irrational.
LaVeyan Satanists are not the only Satanists, and you don’t need to be a member of the
Church of Satan to be a Satanist. They may claim otherwise, but despite the work done
by LaVey to bring modern Satanism into the light for many people, he did not invent any
of the ideas he presented, with much of his work being derived from other authors and
from Randian Objectivism. Ideas of the values of the Satan character have existed for
centuries, and drawing from those rather than from LaVey does not make one less of a
Activist Satanists are not just “trolls”. While this organization will not be activism-focused,
I can understand the importance of Satanic activism in the grand scheme and support
attempts to fight for our religious freedoms.

Original Brainstorming Post:
Hello folks! I’m just throwing some thoughts around and felt like this, as a Satanic
forum, would be a good place to do so. So first of all, many of you know about the issues
that arose between myself and TST, and more specifically TST Dallas. I’m not going to go
into detail about that here, because what’s important is what that led to for me and not
what it involved.
Feeling ousted from a community I love led to some serious introspection, and the first
thing I had to come to terms with was “am I really still a Satanist after all of this?” So the
first thing I did was do a quick refresher on my own values. I listed what I feel are my
most important values, and came up with justice, reason, honesty, empathy,
compassion, and knowledge.
After this, I decided to compare and contrast those with Right Hand Path values and
then Satanic ones. For RHP values, I worked on my memory of what I was taught to
value when I was a Baptist. Those values were obedience, faith, love (in a distorted

sense), and ignorance (in that looking for evidence of things is considered questioning
God, and thus would violate the obedience part).
Next, I took a step back and re-read what I consider to be key books in understanding
the Satan character. Note that I’m looking at the core of the character, so I immediately
skipped over The Satanic Bible, because when one looks at it objectively there are very
few references or sources that explore the identity of Satan throughout history in
literature. I looked at stories of the revolt in heaven, such as the Revolt of the Angels
and Paradise Lost, and at all parts of the Christian bible that are considered today to be
referencing Satan, such as the book of Genesis. In these, in addition to historical views
of what is “satanic”, I found four key, repeating values. Those were empathy (such as
when, in the Revolt of the Angels, Satan discusses how his suffering himself has allowed
him to appreciate the suffering of others), scientific literacy (with scientific
advancement being deemed Satanic throughout history, as well as being the key to
revitalizing the war in heaven in ROtA), Altruism (examples include providing humanity
with the ability to discern good and evil in the Garden of Eden and rising up to fight for
all angels, rather than just himself), and Justice (the two previous examples also apply
When I compared my values to my list, I understood that my values still much more
closely aligned with Satanic values, and thus I was comfortable still calling myself a
But where did this realization lead me? Well, it’s led me to thinking about starting
something new. When I went public with what happened to me in Dallas, I received
several private messages of support. In these messages, many people expressed similar
concerns, those being that there isn’t really a Satanic organization in the vein of TST’s
romantic Satanism that’s focused primarily on the religion and philosophy of Satanism. I
also heard many complaints about things like transparency and accountability within
religious organizations. I took these to heart, and now I’d like to announce something
that I’m working on.
I’m going to be starting, as soon as I feel my dive into the history and philosophy of
modern Satanism is complete, a new organization. I don’t even have a working title for it
yet, but I have a general concept for it. The idea will be to give people a place to hear
and discuss Satanic ideals and philosophy, while allowing other organizations to focus
on activism. In that vein, I’ve been talking to Satanic Temple International about acting
as a pair of complementary groups, where this group I’m founding can focus on religious
activities, such as ritual design, philosophical discourse, and ordination services, while
they and other groups provide local and international activism opportunities.
Whatever I decide to do with it, the organization will have the above core values, as well
as the additional value of transparency, which I feel is necessary in order for the

“justice” value to be met. To meet that value of transparency, any decisions will be
explained in depth, and discussed with members before they are enacted. It will make
things a bit slower, which is why this sort of organization can’t really focus on activism as
much as the others, but I feel it is necessary to truly embody justice as a group.
These are just my rambling thoughts, though, and I’d love input.

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