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Education and Disability

The paper concludes with some key recommendations to improve the evidence base for future
analytical work and for policy guidance in support of efforts to achieve SDG 4.

A comprehensive inventory of currently available data should be undertaken to establish
national baselines for SDG 4 monitoring with regard to disability.

Data collection on disability must be increased to fill gaps in current data coverage.

To ensure that data on disability are comparable across countries and between years, all
surveys and censuses should use the sets of question developed by the Washington Group
on Disability Statistics and UNICEF.

If possible, the sample sizes of household surveys should be increased so that the collected
data can be more representative of small sub-groups of the population, including persons
with disabilities.

Censuses, which are not subject to sampling error and can provide detailed information about
small population groups, should always include questions on disability.

Administrative data on disability should be improved.

To allow periodic monitoring of progress towards SDG 4 as well as other national and
international goals, data collection must be undertaken on a regular basis.

National statistical capacity for disability measurement must be strengthened, in particular in
developing countries.

The availability of internationally-comparable data on disability, education and other areas
must be improved (for example in the database of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics), through
the compilation and standardization of data collected in past and future surveys, following
internationally-agreed standards.

Analysis of the indicators must take into account the limitations of available data and all
findings should be carefully documented to avoid misinterpretation.

Coordination of activities by national and international agencies in the area of disability
statistics should be improved.

Funding by international donors and foundations for collection and analysis of data on
disability must be increased.