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Date : 30/05/2018

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I. Cleantech Key Areas for European SMEs
The European Cleantech Internationalisation Initiative (EC2i) integrates the goals and strategies of five
leading European cleantech clusters with capabilities spanning value chains emerging at the
intersection of environmental technology and digitalization. The main objective of this initiative is to
implement a joint internationalisation strategy to help SMEs exploit the opportunities for collaboration
presented by the complementary capabilities of businesses in all five clusters and capitalize on their
world-leading technologies to tap into demand for smart and sustainable solutions in China.
Therefore, the following value-chain-based key areas have been defined according to the areas of
strength of the SMEs represented in the project consortium and according to current business
opportunities within environmental technologies and digitalisation:

Smart City & Urban Technologies
Green Energy & Smart Grids
Waste Management & Recycling
Resource Management (Water, Air, Soil, etc.)
Digitalisation & Efficiency (as cross sectoral topics in the 4 defined focus areas above)

For each of these key areas a template for collecting the most important market information (market
environment & trends; market participants; legal framework; business opportunities for European
SME, strategic partners & contact points for market entry) and success factors and challenges for
European Cleantech SME for the Chinese market entry were developed and sent out to strategic
partner in China.
The aim of the Business Intelligence is to generate a two-pager as a kind of DashBoard for each key
area which can be send to interested SMEs in preparation for the Matchmaking Mission to Shanghai
and Nanjing on November 13th till 16th of 2018. Furthermore, a webinar will be held on the 12th of
September 2018, where the results of the business Intelligence collected will be presented to the SME
participating in the Matchmaking Mission.
Therefore, the following templates were filled out based on the input and feedback from strategic
partners in the target market (special thanks to Umore Consulting and Advantage Austria) in order to
provide the participating SME with a summary of the latest market information and potential business
opportunities. The presented Business Intelligence make no claim to completeness but are instead
intended to give an overview of the current market developments. A focus was put on Shanghai and
surrounding, as the first Matchmaking Mission takes place in combination with the CleanConnect
Conference in November 2018.
In the following the results are presented for each Cleantech Key Area.

This project was funded by the European Union´s COSME Programme (2014-2020).