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Date : 30/05/2018


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Smart City & Digitalisation

The key area “Smart City & Digitalisation” is structured into the following value chain elements:
Equipment &

Data Collection
& Storage

Data Analytics


They include for example technologies in the following fields: intelligent bicycle logistic, efficient
lightning, energy facades, mobility solutions, etc.

Market Environment & Trends
 China’s urbanization progress and the national plan:
increasing the national urbanization rate from 57% to Market Volume (in €)
60% in the 13th 5-year plan (2016-2020)
 276 Smart City Trial Cities (by the end of 2016), 500+
Small Medium
cities have made regional smart city plans.
<5 bil.$
5-20 bil.$
>20 bil.$
 China’s ’ internet+’ movement
 Intense competition between Chinese cities. (Relating
to human resources and investment attractiveness...)
Market growth
 China's buildings account for 28 % of the country's total
energy use. This is an increase of eight percentage
points in ten years, which is primarily attributable to
the rapid increase in housing construction. Chinese
Weak Medium
residential buildings usually have a short lifespan, are
poorly insulated and often have a lack of quality, based
on construction technology and building material, for
cost reasons. There is a huge demand for modern and
sustainable construction materials and methods to reduce the energy consumption of the
buildings and ensure a longer usage. [Advantage Austria, 2016]

Market Participants
 Lead or Spatial Information Technology Corporation - provides big data and operations services
for smart cities.
 eGOVA - a smart cities application and information provider.
 E-hualu - uses technologies including cloud computing, the Internet of Things and big data to
develop smart city infrastructure, public safety, and public health.
 Enjoyor Co., Ltd. - uses cloud computing, Internet of Things, and big data technologies to
develop smart transportation, smart healthcare, and smart cities.
 Taiji - provides software and IT services, including industry solutions and related services, and
can provide consulting and design for information systems.

This project was funded by the European Union´s COSME Programme (2014-2020).