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Date : 30/05/2018

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Legal Frameworks
 10+ national promoting policies from 2012 covering national smart city trail plan (2012),
national development plan (2014), digital city to smart city plan (2015), smart city assessment
system and standards (2015, 2016), smart traffic development plan (2017), etc.
 500+ cities have integrated ‘smart city’ into government action plans (e.g.: Hong Kong 2030+)
 The legal frameworks have gradually been completed in the past 5 years. The political certainty
and stability will last to the 14th 5-year plan.
 The project opportunities in specific cities will be highly determined by local plans and economic

Business Opportunities for European SME
Great demand for advanced technologies/products/solutions from foreign companies.
International activities/fairs/conferences/forums provide stages and opportunities for European
SMEs (e.g. Shanghai International Smart City Exposition, Asia-Pacific Smart Cities Summit and
Forum, and the China Smart City Expo)
Hong Kong: pilot projects to test innovative Smart City technologies [Advantage Austria, 2018]
The "Energizing Kowloon East Office" is to test the use of advanced smart city / IT technologies and
make the experience gained available to the wider public on the basis of the Kowloon-East area
(region around the former Kai Tak airport) ("Proof of Concept Trials") At present, the office is
working on the trial implementation of solutions for
 Smart Waste Bin System
 Kerbside Loading/Unloading Bay Monitoring System
 Real Time Roadworks Information
 Structural Integrity/Detection of Infrastructure
 Sensing Infrastructure
 Water Quality Alert System
More information can be found here: Kowloon East Proof of Concept Trials und Smart City Kowloon

Strategic Partners & Contact Points for market entry
Leading companies with international cooperation experience:
 H3C - leading company provides a full range of Compute, Storage, Networking and Security
under the H3C digital solutions infrastructure and to provide a complete, one-stop digital
platform solutions that include Cloud Computing, Big Data, Big Interconnectivity, Big Security,
Big Surveillance, Edge Computing, AI and Block chain.
 DC Holdings – a listed company that doing ‘Internet Plus Smart City’ business.
Product distributor
 KERNTECH - Distributor of B&R, Advantech in China market.
Consulting firm
 Umore Consulting – a professional consulting firm that provides Softlanding service that
specifically help foreign clean tech companies enter China market.
State-owned Organization that promote cross-border cooperation.
 FECO – The Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) is an institution affiliated to the
Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.

This project was funded by the European Union´s COSME Programme (2014-2020).