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Date : 30/05/2018


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Green Energy, Energy Efficiency & Smart Grids

The key area “Green Energy & Smart Grids” is structured into the following value chain elements:




& Efficiency


They include for example technologies in the following fields: smart energy solutions, renewable
energy from hydro power, solar, biomass and biofuels, etc.

Market Environment & Trends
 Great Demand: China, as one of the main growing
economies, has a strong urge for energy to support the
fast-growing industries. And China’s original energy
structure is mainly based on coal, it is unsustainable and
easy to create other pollutions, thus, China has
dedicated to development green energy for decades.
 Strong Call for Advanced Technologies: Green energy
generation in China has decades of history, in this niche
market, China has formed mature market chain. But for
other parts, such as energy storage, long distance
transmission and smart grid, still have technical
barriers, foreign companies, especially those equipped
with advanced technologies, will have a great potential
in these niche markets.

Market Volume (in €)




<5 bil.$

5-20 bil.$

>20 bil.$

Market growth




 Sharp Growth: By 2017, the green energy is 14.3% of total energy, to accomplish the goal of
15% in 2020 and 50% in 2030, China will still experience a sharp increase in the 10-30 years
(national plan). China’s green energy investment in 2017 was record-breaking €114.6 bn, while
the total investment globally was €288.2 bn.
 The market has primarily formed industrial chain, some leading companies has already
occupied certain market share, but due to the technical barriers in energy storage and longdistance distribution, foreign companies, especially those equipped with advanced technology
in niche market will have a great chance to enter China.

Market Participants
In China energy generation is mainly state owned and the market is not as big as compared to other
sectors. Thus, the following market participants are mainly based in the field of energy storage and
smart grid:
ZTT Group, Distributed Energy Storage
 Energy products manufacturer, including power cable, conductor, Li Battery, energy storage
system, etc.
Narada, Green Energy Storage

This project was funded by the European Union´s COSME Programme (2014-2020).