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With our new roasting line, we learnt how to transform beans to turn them into chocolate. Hence we are now able to work
from the bean to the bar.
We look for the best and it starts with the quality of the cocoa beans. We carefully select them to make you taste all the
diversity of the cocoa flavors.
We propose a gourmet trip around the world to discover varied soils and subtle and delicate flavors

From bean to bar

The cocoa beans are harvested
in familiar farms of small
scale (average 3-10 ha) which
are located in the Central
Amazonian region of Peru.

Cocoa from Peru makes a
soft and smoothy chocolate
with delicate floral
flavours. It has a very
fine bitterness provided by
the famous Criollo beans.

Saveurs et Nature is
increasingly involved with
farmers. The “Plantación Del
Eden“ is the first plantation
funded by Saveurs et Nature
with the financing of a drying
tunnel, a fermentation shed and
solar panels.

This chocolate is a dark
powerful chocolate combining
together a note of acidity
from grilled cocoa and the
warmth of the Earth.