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This dissertation examines the risks of masstige operations for luxury brands in the sectors
of ready-to-wear, shoes and fashionaccessories. Masstige is a new marketing term born
in 2OO4. It means the association of a prestige brand with a consumer brand. The aim
of masstige is to democratize luxury. That means it offers luxury products at affordable
prices for the masses during punctual events. Any luxury brand can go into partnership
with any consumer brand. Findings of the literature review shows that luxury market and
mass market are two universes totally opposed and even paradoxical. Indeed, they do
not respond to the same codes and they are not aimed at the same customs. Thus,
these codes have been studied through two surveys directed at two custom categories
between 18 and 4O years: occasional and traditional luxury consumers. The results
have been analyzed with the SPSS software. They showed that effectively masstige
operations present some big risks like the loss of trust and credibility from traditional
luxury consumers in luxury brands participating, the degradation of their image and
more important the loss of interest in these luxury brands.

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