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Equimov prod by
Two medias partnering to bring the best digital solutions together.
Exclusive equestrian video content. Choose your
target through all possibilities !

Quantitative / Reportages, streamings, lives,
exclusivities, interviews, video production

Qualitative / A unique editorial approach
putting relations with horses at the heart of

Without Taxes

Preroll Creation 5 seconds

From 320,00 €

Ambassador Excusive Content

On Demand

Let’s make the content of your dreams. Use it as you wish!

Compositing Advertising Spot 30s’

From 990,00 €

Based on photos and/or videos, 1 language / Voice Over + Music
All languages available

Advertising Spot Creation 30s’

From 3940,00 €

Filming + Production + Voice Over 1 language + Music

Product Test or Comparison 3mn

From 2340,00 €

Test by a Professional Rider + Filming + Voice Over 1 language + Music

Short Video Coverage

From 2940,00 €

<10mn after production + Voix off + Interviews

Long Video Coverage

From 7940,00 €

30/45mn after production + Voix off + Interviews

Web TV Serie Creation – Highlight your activity

On Demand

Broadcasting by Equideo TV Included – Frequency to be defined

Increase your brand visibility thanks to


Need advertising through the best equestrian web TV?

Contact us for a custom made TV campain !
Full time logo diffusion, Pre roll, Ambassador content
and ITW, TV Spot diffusion, Product Placements...

140K Subscribers
30 Millions Views
75% French Audience