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French Northern
Team Tournament - Kings of War

Dourges - Nord
29th & 30th June 2019

Date & Location
Salle Briquet
Rue Hoche, 62119 Dourges, Hauts de France, France
June 29th & 30th, 2019
The Event:
Kings of War Tournament, Teams of 4 players
Maximum welcome capacity : 96 players (24 teams)
Kings of War / 6 Games / Swiss System
Contact :
As long-time Wargaming enthusiasts, our Club “Myreille Strategic Tournaments” has developed a
growing interest in Kings of Wars, since the second version of the game. We have hosted several
regional-sized tournaments and would like to present an international event for all players sharing
our interest in Kings of War.
Our goal is to entertain as many Wargamers as possible. Thanks to a partnership with the city of
Dourges, we are granted the opportunity to welcome many people, without compromising on
comfort. We hope to welcome a lot of player, so everyone can share his passion for the game !
The Tournament will take place on the 29th & 30th of June 2019
The « Briquet » Hall, is a gym hall, hosting a basketball club, it is 720 square feet wide (600 m²) and
can fit 96 players with ease.
The Building is located 30 km away from Lille, and is 5 km away from « Auchan Noyelles Godault »,
a commercial area where hotels, restaurants and malls are available.
Our Event planning team is used to host such events, gathering many members around a dynamic
drive, built other the years. Events welcoming 24 to 48 players are commonly hosted in or around
Lille. We wish for this tournament to gather teams from all corners of France as much as players
coming from other countries. Today, on the 7th of Novembre, already 11 teams have begun their
inscription !

Schedule of the week-end


9h  10h

8h  8h20

Welcome Word
10h  10h20

Round 4

Round 1
10h20  13h
13h  14h

Round 2
14h  16h40

8h20  11h

Round 5
11h20  14h
14h  15h

Round 6
15h  17h40

Round 3
17h00  19h40

18h  18h15

Announce Round 4

Modelism Awards
20h00  Midnight
The Hall will remain open after the first 3 rounds so everyone can enjoy a drink, chat, and have a
good time. We will then reveal the pairings of Round N°4 and the most beautiful army awards around
A “Northern” Meal, consisting in regional specialties, will also be served, please see the next section
for more details.
Saturday and Sunday Lunches will be served with additional courses, fruits and chocolates so
everyone is sure to be well prepared for the battles to come !
Breakfast are also available (see Inscription Sheet), There will be hot beverages (coffee/tea), fruit
juices and croissants.
For Saturday dinner, we will serve a ch’ti meal (regional cheeses, local-made breads, salads,
dessert, coffee/tea, chocolates, 1 Belgian Trappist Beer 33cl).
Meals are optional and must be booked while completing the Inscription Sheet.
For any Vegan or special diet please let us know while you book your meals.

We ask that each team make one and only payment, via pay check (to: MyreilleST to the address :
Tanguy Pussacq, 100 Rue Barthélémy Delespaul, 59000 Lille, France). The Deadline for inscription
Is May 27th 2019.
We also accept PayPal (please state you name, nickname and team name, and use the non-taxed
option) to: MyreilleST@
The Inscription Sheets can be sent to:
We will not refund inscription fees in the event of a team cancelling its participation.
To be valid, an Inscription will need: the completed inscription sheet, the payment and the 4 players
registered on T3 here :
Odd numbers of players / teams
In the event of an odd number of teams, what we will try to avoid of cours, the last team (rankingwise) will be given a 50-30 victory. No team will be able to benefit from this free round twice
In the event of a team unable to present 4 players, any unplayed match will count as a 0-20 defeat.
The tournament rules will follow:

Kings of War V2, by Mantic,
Errata, Q&A et FAQ released by Mantic at the tournament date,
Modifications released by Mantic, via CoK 2019.

Modifications from CoK 2017 & CoK 2018 and formations from campaign supplements will NOT be
Each team will be able to build lists from « Uncharted Empires », « Clash of Kings 2019 », « Edge
of the Abyss », « Twilight Kin ». Historical army will also be allowed. The armies cannot exceed
2000 point and must be built according to the COK 2019 army composition rules.
The 4 armies must be from different factions, a faction can only be chosen once as main force or as
allies (it is not possible to play Orc with Ogres allies AND Ogre with elves allies for example). For
Historical armies, the Mythological units will be allowed, but will follow the same rules as Allies.
Those limitations are subject to change to best fit the CoK19 recommendations.
Each team must come with their lists printed thrice in order to allow a quick review of each
opponent lists before the pairing process. One of the copies will be handle to the judge
before round 1. The second copy will be available for the opponent during the game. The
third copy is for the player himself.
For the lists, you must use this builder :
A team unable to handle his printed lists will receive penalties, penalties will also be given if
a team fail to deliver the printed lists to je judge before round 1.

If needed, some decisions will be submitted to vote, each team captain is allowed to vote.
Miniatures & Gaming supplies
Painted and flocked miniatures are mandatory, and will not be considered in the tournament scores.
However, dedicated prizes will be given. Modification, use of non-Mantic products and multi-basing
are allowed, the unit must be clearly identifiable. Each player must bring his own gaming supplies
(dices, token, clock, etc...) and accept that they may be controlled.
Each Round will last 2h and 40 min (1h per player +15 min of break + 15 min of preparation + 5 min
of Time Out by team). We will be very strict regarding the schedule to ensure everyone’s comfort.
Any Match Score Sheet not delivered on time to the judge’s table will cause for both team a result
of 30 matches points for this round (Total Defeat) and 0 Goal Average points.
Once per round, the captain of a team can summon a Time Out for 5 min, the 4 clocks must then
be paused until the Time Out is over, the captain and his teammates are then allowed to gather and
be given instructions. The opposing team is not allowed to participate or to try to hear their
conversation in any manner and must stay at the table. Outside a Time Out, no precise directions
can be given to teammates, it is however allied to exchange “global advices” (Play
offensive/defensive, do not give point away, go and fetch me a beer, surrender and get yourself a
beer, ...).
The use of the clock is mandatory, and no other pause will be allowed.
If a player reaches the end of his playing time, he can finish his last shooting/moving/melee action
and the associated nerve roll(s) and must then put his dice down. This player is not allowed to play
anymore during the match. His opponent can still play if his playing time is not over.
1) The 2 Captains secretly throw one army and reveal them simultaneously.
2) They then secretly respond with 2 armies as possible opponents and reveal them simultaneously.
3) The captains choose between those two choices and reveal their choice simultaneously. The
non-chosen army will play versus the army that as now yet been thrown on the table.
4) The tables are then chosen randomly
The tables will be set up by the event planning Team, using our “Myreille Map Pack”, which will be
available for consultation before the event, a map of each table will be available to ensure that every
piece of terrain is correctly installed.

A scenario will be chosen randomly at the beginning of each round, no scenario will be played twice
during the event.
We will use the CoK ranking method and will detail it once the documents are available. More info
is available throught the Annex.
Gift Packs
For those who wish to bring back something home from their visit to the North of France some
“souvenirs” will be available, they must be booked on inscription :
Trappist Pack (40€) : 12 assorted Trappist Beers (labelled « Authentic Trappist Product ») Perfect
for beer enthusiasts.
WAF Pack (20€) : 6 assorted Belgian Beers & a box of Belgian Waffles. The perfect gift for those
waiting you at home or for anyone who like waffles !
We hope to see many of you during the event, we’ll be available for further information, you can join
us via e-mail :
You can drop a comment or a private message via facebook : Myreille Strategic Tournaments

APPENDIX 1 : Inscription Sheet
Inscription Sheet
Team’s Name


Cost per person


24 €
14 €






Cost per














Trappist Pack


WAF Pack


Comments / Allergies / Special Diets

Coach info
First Name « Pseudo » Last



All meals must be ordered at the inscription and are optional.


APPENDIX 2: Quick Guide for communication
Français / French / Frances
Oui / Non
Cette Unité
Je ne comprends pas
Il faut un arbitre
Lire c’est fort
A ton tour
Lance un dé
Attends / Stop

Anglais / English / Inglès
Yes / No
This unit
I don’t understand
We need a referee
Reading is strong
Your turn
Roll a dice
Wait / Stop

Espagnol/ Spanish / Espanol
Si / No
Esta unidad
No entiendo
Necessitamos a un àrbitro
Leer esta fuerte
Tu turno
Lanza un dado
Espera / Stop

Marche Forcée
Charge génée
Changement d’orientation
Je suis un brillant stratège !

March / at the double
Hindered Charge
Change Facing
I am so French!

Marca Forcéa
Carga molestada
Cambio de orientacion
Me parezco tanto a Napoléòn!
Contra carga

Boule de feu / Eclair
T’es qu’un gros Chatard !
Mélopée du Fléau
Soin / Déferlement
Force dévastatrice / Perforant
Vol / Agile
Indépendant / Motivant
Volonté de fer
Deux bières biloute!
Eclaireur / Tout-terrain

Fireball / Lightning Bolt
You are so French !
Bane Chant
Heal / Surge
Crushing Strenght / Piercing
Fly / Nimbre
Individual / Inspiring
Iron Resolve
Two beers please!
Pathfinder / Strider

Bola de fuego / Relampago
Te pareces a Paco !
Melopea de la Plaga
Cuidado / Mareada
Fuerza devastadora / Perforando
Vuelo / Agil
Independente / Incitativo
Voluntad de hierro
Dos cervezas por favor!
Explorador / Todo Terreno

Front / Flanc / Dos
Je vois / ligne de vue
Position du chef
Double As!

Front / Flanck / Back
I see / line of sight
Leader Point
Snake Eyes!

Frente / Costado / Espalda
Veo / lire ea de vista
Posicion del jefe
Doble Tienes!

Infanterie / Cavalerie
Machine de guerre
Grande Taille
Tu joues ma némésis!
Monstre / Héros

Infantry / Cavalry
War Engine
Large Size
You play my nemesis!
Monster / Hero

Infanteria / Caballeria
Maquina de guerra
Grande Talla
Juegas mi némésis!
Monstruo / Heroe

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