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Código de expediente / Case number :
Listen to me. You reject the fault on Vueling. BUT... I booked a flight
Bilbao-Paris (the 5th of November) with your company ! With Iberia. Not
with Vueling. You're an adept of overbooking ? It's not my business. So,
this delay is YOUR responsability !
I paid for a direct flight Bilbao-Paris. I paid for arriving at 16:35 in Paris
Charles-De-Gaulle because I had to work at 19:00. And you changed my
plan. Without complacency. As if your passengers were cattle. I didn't
pay to arrive five hours later in... the Orly airport ! I did not pay for
arriving at 21:30 with a connection in... Barcelona, where I had to wait
more than two hours in the airport. I did not paid for that.
So I demand a reimbursement as stipulated by the law. Your
overbooking caused me a delay of more than four hours on arrival. So I
demand 250€. It's the law. You don't have the choice. I will not give up. If
you don't want, I'll go to court and I know I'll win. I know your methods
and I know that I am in my right to demand a reimbursement. I am a
journalist so I can mediatize this affair. In newspapers, on TV too. It
would be a bad publicity for your company. So contact me to fix this
Best regards,
Christopher Le Caër

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