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Blue and green biotechnologies

Creation of a software company making tools for private or public organizations involved in
plant (first step) or animal (later) breeding.
- GenoScore is innovative because unlike the competition it does not require any
learning or parameterization and is independent of SNP genotyping system (Illumina,
LGC, Kaspar etc)
- BackScore has no competitors identified yet. It will enable breeders to become more
efficient in choosing plants to be fertilized and in the number of manipulations to be

Service providers, technology providers in the field of plant breeding. There are also public
bodies active in this field, active entities in animal breeding and acting in the field of genetics.

Customer problem
Improve accurracy of genetic analysis for crop selection.

Business model
Software licensing

Patent / Traction / Validation
The two brands will be filed with the National Institute of Intellectual Property and the World
Intellectual Property Organization. The calculation cores will be filed with the APP.

Conctact :
Mobile : 06 32 74 36 07
Email :

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