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Blue and green biotechnologies

The aim of this project is to develop and provide innovative solutions for the prevention and
control against pests and pathogens in agricultural field without the use of chemicals by
exploiting the potential of enzymes and microorganisms. The aim of the project is to create
an adapted structure allowing the research, the development and the production of a wide
range of enzyme-based products and microorganisms, providing the ecological and
economical responses to the challenges to control and prevent the risks of pests and

Target markets are :
- Agriculture
- Aquaculture
- The food industry

Customer problem
The agricultural, aquaculture or food industries must meet quality criteria. The negative
impact on the environment, loss of nutritional and economic quality of crops and human
health professionals to turn to healthy, ecological and economic solutions: biocontrol.

Business model
Production and commercialization of products based of enzymes for biocontrol.

Patent / Traction / Validation
Research of more than four years has already been done to prove the effectiveness of the
product and to develop the final product. The innovative products developed by Innova
Biocontrole will be protected by patent application and filing.

Conctact :
Mobile : +33 6 38 83 84 96
email :

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