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LSC 2019
A special syllabus at ISEL
Université Le Havre - Normandie

Presentation & Application
ISEL (Institut Supérieur d'Etudes logistiques) offers a special syllabus in English,
taught by experienced teachers and designed for foreign students (3 years of further
studies) wishing to spend a spring semester (from March to June) in our Graduate
School of Logistics  in Le Havre, Normandy. 
All topics are taught in English. 

For students hoping to achieve 30 ECTS (or more) in order to validate his/her
semester (according to the European scheme) 
IMPORTANT : in order to work in good conditions, the number of students is limited
up to 15 students. The syllabus opens if a minimum of 5 students apply to it. 

2019 session will start on March 1st (integration week) and end on June 29th
(For more practical info, see last page)

Settling in
The "tutor" system : because coming to a foreign country can be both exciting and a little bit difficult !
In order to get some practical help and get to know student life, each international student will receive
help from a "tuteur". This fellow student from ISEL will be his/her guide especially during the very first
weeks of the stay (opening a bank account, for example) but also before. 
Once officially enrolled (see application deadline) in the international program "LSC @ ISEL 2019"
international students will be in touch with their "tuteurs"  so they can start knowing each other. 

The ISEL survival kit (optional, but strongly advised) :
In addition to the "tuteur" system, at our student union our goal is to make sure you'll
feel good among us 
Student life is important ! Therefore, the BDE has decided that it's membership is free to
all the international students of the program, including a cheaper price for all the
activities we organize (parties, laser game ...) and the access to our cafeteria. 
We offer to the foreign students a helpful hand with a pack that contains kitchen tools,
cooking tools etc ... It is a rental kit that costs around 15 euros for the whole length of
your stay, plus a deposit.  Easy : you get this kit at your arrival, and return it at your
Never hesitate to come and see us in the "K'Fet", we are here to help !
See you soon !
- The ISEL Bureau of Students (BDE) 

LSC @ ISEL 2019 Syllabus
Logistics & Witness Simulation Tool
(4 ECTS) 

Production Logistics @ SILKE
Company Game (1,5 ECTS)

- understanding of the modelling and
simulating processes ; 

- Industrial logistics

- using a software to answer problems
& optimising the solutions. 

- Logistics planning & processes
- Material Flow Systems ...

Lean Management (1,5 ECTS)

VALVER Business Case (2 ECTS)

An introduction to modern
approaches of problem-solving in
operations, supply-chain
management, and the " Supply Chain
Matrix"  & "Lean and Six Sigma". 

Study of a business case conducted
by ISEL students, building a solid and
profitable glass-collecting network 
for the company Renault. 

Business Policies (1,5 ECTS)
- Competition policy in Europe,
- Strategic diagnosis method &
- Corporate strategy,
- Creating competitive advantage. 

Retail Management & Logistics 
(3 ECTS) 
An introduction to retail
management and its implications
on logistics, study of those
European and worldwide-scale
logistics orgnizations. 

LSC @ ISEL 2019 Syllabus
International Business, SCM &
Shipping Logistics (3,5 ECTS)
The role of a port in economy :
introduction to international
business, exportation, fret rates,
shipping ... 

Cross-Cultural Management 
(1,5 ECTS) 
- The ability to negociate with
international partners,
- Accomplishing successful
negociations with foreigners.

Logistics Engineering 
(3 ECTS)

Introduction to Robotics (1,5

- flows in supply-chains, 

Special focus on robotics for
logistic applications : history of
robotics, societal & ethical issues
of modern robotics. 

- the role of inventory,
- sales and operations planning ...
French as a foreign language (5,5
The study, in a small group to
stimulate conversation, of the
French language is approached
through real-life documents and
topics of interest. 

Logistics @ Renault Car Factory &
Company Game (3,5 ECTS)
On-site visit, presentation of the
importance of logistics in the
making of the Traffic van,
decision-making game. 

LSC @ ISEL 2019 Syllabus
French Culture & History (3,5 ECTS) 
- History of France & the normandy
region, its world famous sites,
- Presentation of modern-day challenges
for France and comparison to other
Cultural field trips included !

Be a chef, Master Classes
 (0,5 ECTS) 
Dedicated master classes where
students will learn how to cook
typical French recipes (yummy!) 

Useful info & contact
Application rules and forms : A tuition waver will be granted, under conditions, to the students from
universities or schools we have a bilateral agreement with ("EXCHANGE STUDENTS").
In such a case, their parent university must officially nominate the exchange students. 
For students from universities for which no signed agreement exists ("DIRECT ENTRY STUDENTS"), tuition
fees are to be paid. 

2019 forms : available at
2019 application deadline : December 1st, 2018

Contact : 
For any further info :
International office of the university :
ISEL website :
University of Le Havre website :
City of Le Havre website :

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