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Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary - Wildlife, the Fort and Pavilions of Palpur and the evocative ruins of
the city of Shivpuri.

Maikal Hills, Chhattisgarh - Colorful tribal markets in Baiga and visits to its hamlets, cultural
exhibitions and insights into tribal life, walks in the wooded hills of the eastern Maikal Hills.

Kalinjar Fort - A day to explore the remains of this historic fort. Walks around nature, geology and
local life ; Ajaigarh Fort and the surrounding gorges and canyons.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve - An unexplored and unspoilt part of the Terraï forest has been transformed
into a wildlife paradise after it was declared a tiger reserve. Safaris - Tigers - Exclusive wildlife
experiences - Bird watching - Walks - a real wilderness experience

The camp operates from November to February in the above sites.


4 tents with small terrace and quality bedding (one tent minimum, 4 maximum). The camp is
always private
Electricity: Emergency generator, common solar and battery powered charging area
Meals: Mix of Indian and continental cuisine
Specialist quality guides and local guides.
A beautifully furnished and weatherproof dining tent.
Handmade dishes and cutlery.
Classic showers
Environmentally friendly dry toilets
Handcrafted toiletries

Faune sauvage, le Fort et les Pavillons de Palpur et les ruines évocatrices de la ville de Shivpuri.


All meals
Alcoholic beverages
Tea / Coffee all day long
Transfers to and from the nearest airport or
Vehicle available all day long
All activities
Specialized guides/local guides


-All travel / medical insurance
-Flight and visa fees
Any other services not mentioned above

Day 1
Arrival by road in time for lunch and evening walk in the park. Return to the camp to enjoy the sunset on the edge of a forest
canal, drinks and dinner.
Day 2
Safari day in Pilibhit, accessing the two areas of the park. Between two walks, guests can choose to return to the camp or have
lunch in a watchtower next to a water point in the park.
Day 3
A short morning walk in the park followed by a walk to the Sharda Sagar Dam to observe birds and crocodiles. Breakfast will be
served on the terrace of the dam. Back to the camp. Lunch at the camp. In the afternoon, we head to the park for a last safari.
Day 4
Check-out after your breakfast at the camp or choose to take it with you on the way and cross the Nandhaur sanctuary to the
Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Day 1 : Arrival in Delhi
Day 2 : Transfer to Jaagir Lodge, in Dudhwa National Park. Evening in the park if the weather permits.
Day 3 : Morning elephant safari in Dudhwa National Park.
Day 4 : Full day in Katerniaghat with picnic lunches.
Day 5 : Full day at Jaagir Lodge - optional activities include a walk in the park, and bird watching around the lodge.
Day 6 : Full day in Kishanpu with picnic lunches.
Day 7 : Transfer to Kaafila Camp, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (2h30). Arrival at the camp for lunch followed by a safari.
Day 8 : Safari in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.
Day 9 : Safari in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.
Day 10 : Early morning transfer to Nandhaur Sanctuary at Ghairal Forest Rest House within the Corbett Tiger Reserve (4-5
hours). Night walk in the Corbett tiger reserve
Day 11 : Full day in the Corbett tiger reserve.
Day 12 : After your morning walk, get out of the park and head to your next hotel:
Option a) Jim's Jungle Retreat (walks and safaris in Jhirna and Dela)
Option b) Vanghat (experiments on foot along the Ramgangariver)
Day 13 : Free day at your hotel to enjoy the activities offered
Day 14 : Train back to Delhi - Departure from Ramnagar (7 hours)
Day 15 : Return flight

For any requests or information, you can contact our Indian manager Mr. Vinay DHALL :

+ 91 11 4600 1600

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