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Following the integration of Eurofins Eichrom into its network, in last April, Eurofins becomes a key player in
radioactivity analysis for the nuclear industry worldwide.
Eurofins Nuclear brand is created, in order to support majors actors of nuclear industry’s projects, and having as its Competence Centre
based in France (Rennes-35): Eurofins-Eichrom.
Eurofins Eichrom performs radiological, chemical and asbestos analyses on various matrices such as water, foodstuffs, soil, plants,
concretes, plastics, metals, smears, mixes, materials and filters.
You are specialised in polluted sites and soils, hydrology, food, industry, hospital hygiene, Eurofins Eichrom support you in determining
your needs and objectives in terms of analysis on potentially radioactive samples or radioactivity analysis.

Drinking Water
Monitoring of tap water for more than 18
million European citizens (Sanitary control
of water – 98/83 European Directive).


Analysis in accordance with international
regulations, importation/exportation rules.

Environmental matrices
Around nuclear plants in France. Water, soil,
bio indicators (fish, plants, milk...),
gas and air.

Analysis of all types of materials in the
field of dismantling: concrete, metals,
technological waste (plastic)

Radioprotection / hospital
Smears and waste
water analyses.

The quality at the heart of our processes
15 years
of experience in
the nuclear

On-time test


Audits ISO 17025
(COFRAC) and


Inter laboratory

Within Eurofins, some labs have already developed a partnership with us:
Environment : Eurofins Environment Testing Poland, Eurofins Environment Testing France,
Eurofins Water & Contaminated Sites Sweden, Eurofins Environment Testing Belgium
Consumer Product Testing : Eurofins Product Testing Thailand
Food : Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Spain, Eurofins Food & Feed Testing France, Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Italy

Waiting for the deployment of ComLIMS to be deployed at Eurofins Eichrom, you can contact us directly.
The sales team is at your service:
Céline Vilmain
Sales Manager
+33 (0)2 23 50 15 87

Marina Tortelier
Account Manager – In charge of ICO
+33 (2) 23 50 13 83

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