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“Soft skills” is a term used by organization to describe the personality traits and
interpersonal skills required of employees to succeed in almost any job. In recent
years, they have become more and more important to a successful professional
career and recently have become a popular talking point in the Hotel Management
Courses in Delhi. The hotel school i.e. one of the best institutes in Delhi also focuses
on the art of soft skills.

“It is not good grades, but a “grounding in soft skills” that give students a superior
image. ”Even most of the hotel management courses in Delhi provide cornerstone
to the soft skills, and make aware, by pushing students to develop their social and
communication skills, as that combined with their experience and knowledge can
propel their career to its desired heights.The Hotel School, improves the skills of
students by lectures and through practical project the students get this imbibed in
➢ Adaptability
Being able to adapt to new developments and achieve goals.

➢ Intercultural Competence
The Hotel School runs those hotel management courses through which students get
to travel overseas that will expose them to new cultures & provides an opportunity
how people in other countries are living and what challenges they face on a day-today basis, which make them, more competent.
➢ Empathy
By partaking in Service Learning projects, students will be exposed to different
cultures and people that live very different lives. This exposure creates empathy as
they start to relate to other people problems and circumstances.
➢ Communication
An important skill of working in a team is being able to communicate. During
project, students will need to communicate ideas and explain their thought process
when presenting a possible solution to a problem.
➢ Problem Solving
The ability to collect data, analyze, interpret and explain the results to solve a
problem or suggest the next steps that should be taken, which make their
intellectual level more well established.
➢ Direction
During a Learning project, students will need to show leadership even if they aren’t
in an authoritative position. They will need to motivate themselves and others and
show that they can manage a project from beginning to end.

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